My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 17 Recap



Ok… So I’ve decided to move me posts to the day before the episode airs. I’m sorry but I can’t keep up with the recaps. Love you guys though *hearts*4910_MyAmazingBoyfriend_Nowplay_Small

Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Lin Qiao start living together even though she tries to get rid of him. She is determined to get him out of her house so she agrees to help him track down his enemy so she can go back living her peaceful life. She gets Ling Qiao a job as a taekwondo teacher so that he can make some money, and he got cast in her drama to play the main villain. Meanwhile Ling Qiao continues attempting to track down his enemy, while trying to keep Jing Zhi out of the mix. Professor Li is getting closer and closer to the truth behind the Ling Qiao, while Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi’s relationship gets closer and emotions are starting to affect their relationship which is making Ling Qiao worried.

We revisit the balcony scene where Jing Zhi is baring her heart to Ling Qiao, and we get to see how much the word, I don’t need you anymore hurt Ling Qiao. Ling Qiao gives Jing Zhi a kiss to feed her blood. However, the kiss lasts longer than it really needs to, and I felt the love that he has for her through the screen. His lips starting moving against her and he links their fingers and squeezes her hand tightly.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 11.56.47

Shi Guang and the same reporter as last time are getting ready for an interview. The report apologizes for the delay, and Shi Guang tells her not to worry about it. The reporter tells him that they were very happy to receive his response since she is sure that he receives a lot of requests. Shi Guang tells her that he admires her hard work, and it’s why he always deals with her. The camera man tells them that they are ready to roll and they get into position.

Jing Zhi wakes up the next morning and goes into Ling Qiao’s room to find that he is already gone. She looks despondent and mutters about no one caring about her. She goes to the kitchen and calls Dong Dong and tells him to go drinking with him that night. Dong Dong tells her to not be like that and since she drank so much the night before she must feel sick. Jing Zhi starts telling him how high a heart broken woman’s alcohol tolerance is and then she stops. She tells Dong Dong to wait a second as she puts down the phone and checks her elbows. She finds that she is completely healed and she smiles knowing what happened. When she picks back up the phone Dong Dong tells her to not be so heartbroken and if she really wants to go out drinking he’ll go with her. Jing Zhi tears into him being a bad manager and encouraging her to drink.

This shot is framed to focus only on Jing Zhi, and she is having a conversation with an imaginary Ling Qiao. (Admit it we’ve all had imaginary conversations. She tears into him inquiring why he gave her treatment, and understanding that she was in a bad place but that isn’t a reason. She inquires why he didn’t do it when she was more conscience of the situation. She teases him about liking her, and then the camera pans out and she’s a lone.

Ling Qiao has an insurance policy written up and he meets with the broker at a coffee shop. He notices that Yan Zhi is also there, and he ease drops on Yan Zhi conversation. Yan Zhi signs the up-dated policy tells them that her will contact him if there is anything else. The brokers talks amongst themselves how he’s the police officer that rejected Jing Zhi, one thought it was odd that the policy still has her as the beneficiary. His partner tells him that they were childhood sweethearts and his policies always have her as the beneficiary. Ling Qiao signs off on his policy and he too names Jing Qiao as him beneficiary.

Jing Zhi comes out with a packet of flyers for butler and bodyguard companies. She mutters how she can’t believe that he thought of this to keep her away. Dong Dong mentions it and she tells him to mind his own business. She contemplates about Ling Qiao being serendipity, and how at the beginning it was selfish but after a while people naturally develop feelings for each other. She tells Dong Dong that there are only 2 things that are equal in life, death and time, and neither of them applies to him. Dong Dong tells Jing Zhi that she should stop trying to follow the like because she’ll simply find a mirage and sink even further. She tells him that she’s already drowning and she’s grasping a straw to see if there is a boat. Dong Dong wishes her luck though he’s not certain that she’s ever had any. She hits him with a pillow and asks when he learnt to talk back to her.

Ling Qiao is walking with his student and his mother and they were talking about him leaving. The mother is certain that a lot of people will be sad to see him go and she could never thank him for all he’s done to take care of them. He tells her not to take it to heart; his student tells his mom that she should hug Ling Qiao like she hugs him. Which leads to the most awkward hug ever.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 12.17.29

Jing Zhi notices Ling Qiao and the mother walking and she tells Dong Dong to stop. She gets out with a hat and sunglasses and walks towards him. Ling Qiao sees her and asks if she’s following him again. She tells him that she didn’t know he owned the street. She tells him that his tastes are odd if he likes women with children. He warns her, but the mother doesn’t seem to mind but she starts placing her, and Jing Zhi leaves.  Ling Qiao apologizes for what happens however the mother is still trying to place her.

Dong Dong asks if Jing Zhi got the answer she wanted. She confirmed that she did, she claims that Ling Qiao is like a siren, he has a beautiful voice but if you get too close then he’ll eat you up. Dong Dong mentions that he won’t even eat her, and she tells him to drive.

Jing Zhi is at home with Xuan Xuan and while Jing Zhi is shifting around her couch Xuan Xuan is reading a book. Xuan Xuan asks if Jing Zhi invited her over just to tell her that she got into a fight with her boyfriend and he moved out to live with her assistant. Jing Zhi tells her that she actually asked her to come over to gossip and asks why she brought a book. She tells Jing Zhi that she’s working. There is a tv adaptation of the book that she’s auditioning for. Xuan Xuan tells her that the book is called unworthy and she likens it to Jing Zhi’s relationship with Ling Qiao. Jing Zhi agrees that Ling Qiao doesn’t deserve her, and Xuan Xuan comments that she’s not sure what Ling Qiao sees in her.

Ling Zhi asks Xuan Xuan if she thinks that Ling Qiao really likes her. She’s shocked and asks Ling Zhi if she’s been dating Ling Qiao all this time without really knowing, which she nods as answer. Xuan Xuan tells her that a woman should never loose self-confidence because of  a man, but she does believe that he loves her. Jing Zhi’s spirits are lifted and she asks Xuan Xuan if the drama needs a second female lead.

Dong Dong is at home and Ling Qiao knocks on his door. As soon as Ling Qiao arrives, he forces Dong Dong to clean the entire apartment. He tells him that everything must be put back at the same place, and he apologizes but he will need to make do with the couch. Dong Dong asks Ling Qiao how long her plans on staying. Ling Qiao tells Dong Dong that Jing Zhi was trying to get rid of him for months with no success and this time he left on his own. Dong Dong mentions that Jing Zhi didn’t actually want to get rid of him. Jing Zhi texts Dong Dong to be at her house at 7 am the next morning.

The next morning Jing Zhi examines him from top to bottom. She circles him and sniffs around like a dog. When she goes to looking in his clothes Dong Dong asks her what she’s doing. Jing Zhi tells Dong Dong that she was making sure that Ling Qiao hadn’t done anything weird to him. He tells her about the cleaning, about the toothpaste and about him sleeping on the couch. She simple laughs about it. Dong Dong asks when she going to retrieve him and Jing Zhi tells him that he’s not a dog, and since he’s at his house, he’s now his. She turns around and tells him that he is not to have any indecent thoughts about him. Dong Dong is puzzled because she isn’t interested in him anymore, and Jing Zhi tells him that if she can’t have him no one can.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 12.36.31

Jing Zhi tells him that he has to serve milk and fresh juice every morning, and every once in awhile he’ll need to make him some soup to make his life better. She tells him he wants an update about Jing Zhi’s movements and threatens to hurt him is Ling Qiao gets any thinner while at his house.

Xuan Xuan and Shi Guang meets at café and they are both happy that the talk of their wedding has been over showered by the charity event. Shi Guang tells Xuan Xuan about the interview he did and passes his phone over to her to show her the article. He requests that Xuan Xuan shares the article and have Jing Zhi do the same because actresses reach is incredible due to their many fans. She agrees and does so.

Chen and his aunt arrive at the same café and Xuan Xuan chokes on her coffee when she sees him. He tells his aunt to go ahead and states that wednesday must be his lucky day because every time that he goes out on a wednesday he meets up with Xuan Xuan. Chen and Shi Guang introduce themselves and Shi Guang offers Chen to join them. Chen mentions that he might not mind his fiancé sitting with another man, but he minds seeing her sit with another man. He admits to Shi Guang that he likes Xuan Xuan which causes the issue. He excuses himself to return to his aunt. Shi Guang is smiling when Chen is leaving and Shi Guang comments on it. She admits that she likes a man who confronts a problem head on.

Dong Dong ask Ling Qiao if he wants some water, and he confirms that he does. When Dong Dong hands it to him he asks what he did that day, and Jing Zhi tells him is was looking so someone. When he asks why, Dong Dong admits that he wants to help. Ling Qiao asks if there was a way to find someone in a photograph which he confirms that there is. If they post a picture of the person on the photograph within a few hours they could know who they are. Ling Qiao is surprised how quickly he could be out of Jing Zhi’s life. He decides against it saying that the person would find out if they did that.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 12.49.25

Dong Dong texts Jing Zhi and tells her about the photo that Ling Qiao found. She starts getting mad that Ling Qiao hadn’t told her himself. She tells Dong Dong to not help him find the person. Dong Dong mentions that he looks desperate but Jing Zhi doesn’t budge.

Jing Zhi is posting on her social media with Xuan Xuan comes in. Xuan Xuan mentions that she has become active these days, and she tells her that she has to be because he fanbase is growing so slowly. Xuan Xuan mentions that it’s not that she wants her fans to see what she’s doing, but only one specific fan. She reminds Xuan Xuan and Ling Qiao is her Chief bodyguard, and she mentions that she didn’t mention anyone in specific. Xuan Xuan asks where Dong Dong is because she wanted milk tea. Jing Zhi asks to take a selfie with her and stop the rumors of them hating each other and then promises to make her some milk tea.

Dong Dong is at home surfing the web when he notices Jing Zhi’s posts. He excuses himself to the bathroom where he calls Jing Zhi. He mentions that she shouldn’t post unless she has something to say, and he mentions that reporters are calling him to find out if her account is hacked. He mentions that Ling Qiao doesn’t even use his computer, while Ling Qiao is using his computer in the other room looking over her feed.

When Dong Dong returns, he finds Ling Qiao back at his spot watching the TV like he never left. Dong Dong clicks on Shi Guang’s interview and listens to him and the report talk about his charity work and how the board of directors feel about it. Dong Dong mentions that he is happy that Ling Qiao was at the banquet or else he might never have seen Jing Zhi ever again. Ling Qiao tells him that once he has his revenge and leaves Jing Zhi will be in a lot less danger. Dong Dong ask if he could really leave both of them.

When Ling Qiao looks over at Dong Dong he notices a reflection on his iris and pushes him to the bed so he can look at the screen. He recognizes Shi Long as the man in the photo he has been looking for.

Xuan Xuan and Jing Zhi were on set filming a scene where Jing Zhi must slap Xuan Xuan. In the scene Jing Zhi’s character tells Xuan Xuan’s character that if she can’t have him not one can. She pulls from her feeling for Ling Qiao again and really slaps Xuan Xuan, but they managed to wrap the scene in only one take. Xuan Xuan complains that had she known how hard Jing Zhi was going to hit her she would have asked for  double. Jing Zhi apologies and takes Xuan Xuan to one of their cars. Xuan Xuan inspects her cheek and keeps an ice pack on when she complains that she still had her audition to go to. Jing Zhi jokes about going to Xuan Xuan’s audition for her, and Xuan Xuan tells her to no even think about it.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 13.06.01

Dong Dong is searching for Shi Long on the web when he mentions that he’s worried that Jing Zhi is acting out of character. Ling Qiao ask him is he wasn’t looking for Shi Long and whether or not his talents were a lie. This riles Dong Dong up, however he calms himself reminding himself that he can’t take Ling Qiao. Dong Dong asks Ling Qiao if he really doesn’t care for Jing Zhi at all and Ling Qiao asks what she has to do with him. Dong Dong gives up and goes to get some instant noodles. Ling Qiao tells him to not to eat that since it’s not good for him and tells him that he made some food for him. Dong Dong is super happy and touched but the food. Ling Qiao tells him he felt bad for imposing on him and he wanted to make it up to him, he also tells him that this is Jing Zhi’s favourite. Dong Dong takes one bite and realizes the mistake, it tastes disgusting but he eat it anyways. Ling Qiao promises to make it when ever he has time.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 13.09.03

When Jing Zhi finds out that Ling Qiao cooked for Dong Dong she asks him how this came about, and she gets mad at Dong Dong for imposing. He breaks down and tells her how bad it tastes and he was forced to eat a large plate and he thought ht was going to die. Jing Zhi tells Dong Dong that Ling Qiao’s kimbap is the only dish he can cook without giving the eater food poisoning. Dong Dong asks if she got it, and she confirms that it was so painful and it felt like her intestines were rotting. She thinks back however to Ling Qiao giving her treatment and smiles. Since Dong Dong doesn’t know what is going on in her head, he thinks she’s weird.

Chen gets a message from Xuan Xuan telling him that she will be getting off work late so to not wait for her. She also sends a follow up telling him to not contact her during the work day. He tries to call but the phone goes right to voice mail.

Professor Li sends an email to Liao Bao and tells him that he was found the monster’s weakness. When Liao Bao calls he tells him that he’s not looking for his weakness, he needs to find a way to kill him. Professor Li tells him that he’s working on it, however he needs another sample. Liao Bao reminds him that he is not in place to negotiate , he also mentions that his daughter might not last long enough for his slow research. Professor Li explains that he doesn’t know what he’s looking for so it takes more time. Liao Bao tells him that he will provide him with 1 more blood sample.

Ling Qiao meets with an antique seller who is questioning if he has the money required to buy the piece. He explains that neither he nor his seller knows about him from the antique circles and he hopes that he can get someone to vouch for him. He asks when he can set up the buy, and is told when ever he has the money ready. Ling Qiao suggests right away. Ling Qiao called Shi Guang to vouch for him.

Jing Zhi asked Xuan Xuan if she fell in love with a 500 year old man would she still love her. Xuan Xuan admits that she would, then she asks Jing Zhi if her best friends ex-boyfriend who is totally her type starts pursuing her would she let them. Jing Zhi admits that she would. It takes a heartbeat but she suddenly understand that Chen is pursuing Xuan Xuan , and Xuan Xuan tells her about the confession in front of Shi Guang, and their plans to meet. Jing Zhi steals Xuan Xuan’s phone while she talking.

What will Jing Zhi text Chen, we’ll see next episode!

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