Detective Alice


Source: Dramafever

Detective Alice

This short drama is only 8 episodes long with a run time of approximately 12 minutes apiece.. I’m going to warn you that nothing gets resolved in this drama, so if you want solid ending please look else where. I feeling like they’re aiming for another season of this series.

This drama follows detectives Cheon Yeon Ju (Kim Nam Joo) and Jeong Leo (Jo Dong Hyuk) who both work for the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety. Yeon Ju is a happy go lucky girl who absolutely loves food and believes that anyone who tampers with food can’t be forgiven. Leo on the other hand is completely straight laced and does everything by the book. There is one main ‘bad guy’ called Red Jang through the entire season but you never really find out who he is.

As I stated earlier. nothing really gets resolved and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that there will be another season or two coming out.




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