My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 18 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Lin Qiao start living together even though she tries to get rid of him. She is determined to get him out of her house so she agrees to help him track down his enemy so she can go back living her peaceful life. She gets Ling Qiao a job as a taekwondo teacher so that he can make some money, and he got cast in her drama to play the main villain. Meanwhile Ling Qiao has found a concrete clue to the identity of his enemy, while trying to keep Jing Zhi and his feelings out of the mix. Ling Qiao moves in with Dong Dong to distance himself from Jing Zhi, and Professor Li has found out the truth behind Ling Qiao.

We’re back at the café where Jing Zhi and Xuan Xuan are talking about Chen. Jing Zhi steals Xuan Xuan’s phone and right when she notices Xuan Xuan freaks a little. Jing Zhi sends Chen a text to confirm a meet up at the café at 10pm. Xuan Xuan gets mad at her but Jing Zhi tells her that she should refuse him in person. Fast forward to Chen at work at 8:20 still working.

Shi Guang is driving Ling Qiao home, while he holds the jade plaque that he has been searching for. Shi Guang ask if Ling Qiao’s ancestors were distinguished, and he admit that they were actually scholars. Ling Qiao thanks him for taking the time out of his schedule to vouch for him. Shi Guang tells him not to worry about it, since he takes such good care of him at the Dojang he feels as if they are friends. Something clicks in Ling Qiao at those words and he brings up the interview that he saw and mentions that Shi Long and he look a lot alike. Shi Guang admits that he may have only seen Shi Long once but there is no denying the family resemblance. Ling Qiao asks if he’s heard from him lately, which Shi Guang admits that he has not.

Jing Zhi tells Xuan Xuan she’s leaving because all of her scenes have wrapped for the day. Xuan Xuan confirms that she has one more scene to film and then she too will be done for the day. After Jing Zhi leave Xuan Xuan checks her phone to find no reply from Chen.

Chen is leaving the lab when he runs into Professor Li, who mentions that he’s still in the lab late. Chen mentions that he got caught up and his phone died. Professor Li tells him that he needs to ask him to take over his petri dishes because he’ll be gone for an extended period of time. He tells him that his office key is also in there. Chen asks if his absence is because of Annie, which he replies that she has gotten worst. Chen tells him not to worry about the lab; he’ll take care of it. Professor Li apologies to Chen telling him that Annie is really sick, and Chen tells him not to worry about anything.

Xuan Xuan is waiting for Chen at the café but he still hasn’t answered her. Chen plugs in his phone to a portable battery and tries to call her but with not success so he rushes over to the café. He is told once he arrives that he just missed her.

Chen calls Jing Zhi while she’s doing yoga, and explains the situation. Jing Zhi mentions that she doesn’t believe that Xuan Xuan has waited in vain for anyone before, but she promises to explain the situation. Once she hangs up she complains that even though she is heartbroken she is trying her hardest to get them together and they should put some effort in.

Jing Zhi gets a phone call from her father, who tells her that he and her mother are at her door. Jing Zhi’s father asks why no one is answering the door and she explains that Ling Qiao is showering. Before she lets her parents in she calls Ling Qiao and informs him of the lie. Ling Qiao tells Dong Dong that he would be going out that night and would probably not return.

Jing Zhi lets her parents in, and they have used the excuse that Pineapple, the cat, misses her, Her mother picks up that Ling Qiao’s shows are missing in the entrance way, and that there are only things set up for one person to eat/drink. They tells her that they’ll wait for Ling Qiao to be finished with his shower, and Jing Zhi tries to explain that he takes long showers. He parents tell her that they are in no rush and Jing Zhi tells them that she’ll tell him to hurry, which she then proceeds to run upstairs. She tries calling again while running water in the bathroom but Ling Qiao doesn’t pick up.

When Jing Zhi comes out of the bathroom the power goes out and her parents come upstairs. They claim that Ling Qiao couldn’t possibly still be in the shower while the power is out. Her parents try and push their way into the bathroom when Ling Qiao comes out asking why the power is out.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 14.18.32

Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi go downstairs and he notices that the breaker was tripped. Jing Zhi is kinda zoned out and tells him that it has always been this way, and her parents have always tried to butt into her personal life.  Ling Qiao offers to stay incase her parents return, but it doesn’t register with Ling Zhi and she tells him that it’s not their style. Ling Qiao gets angry, which isn’t shown on his face, and mentions that he should go home then, which she agrees to. By the time Jing Zhi realizes what she’s done and calls for him, he’s already gone.

Xuan Xuan shoots that last scene of the drama and the filming is wrapped. Xuan Xuan sees Dong Dong packing up and asks were Jing Zhi’s is.  Dong Dong tells her that Jing Zhi has gone to play a game. He confides in her that Jing Zhi never takes him to any fun places anymore and he’s scared that she might not need him anymore. He confirms that Jing Zhi was supposed to meet them at the wrap up party.

Jing Zhi is sitting in the park and she texts Ling Qiao, she is determined to get her to see her as a woman. We see a hand on her shoulder who she mistakes for Ling Qiao at first but we see a cloth being forced over her mouth and her falling limp.

Ling Qiao is laying on a rock when he her text, he is certain that she wants to play. He is determined not to play and to give her her space because he doesn’t want to hurt her.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 14.28.58

Xuan Xuan starts worrying about Jing Zhi and Dong Dong tells her not to worry. He tells her that though she is very unlucky, it can’t hit all that often and she should be fine.

Ling Qiao follows Jing Zhi’s text anyways and when he arrives to the warehouses he notices that his heart is beating really slowly. It suddenly clicks that this isn’t a game and he goes looking for warehouse number 33.

Dong Dong is waiting outside the event for Jing Zhi and is beginning to worry. Dong Dong mentioned that he risked being yelled at and called however the call couldn’t connect.

Professor Li is in the warehouse getting ready to extract Ling Qiao’s blood.

Ling Qiao arrives at the warehouse, which turns out to be a freezer, and enters in hopes of finding Jing Zhi. As soon as he walks in he starts feeling the effects of the cold on his body. He wanders a little and finally finds Jing Zhi in a meat locker, and as soon as he goes in the door closes behind him.

Dong Dong tries calling again but the call won’t connect. Xuan Xuan suggests calling Ling Qiao in case they are together. Dong Dong tells her that they still haven’t made up, but Xuan Xuan tells him to try anyways. When he does, there is the same result, the call cannot connect.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 14.37.49

Ling Qiao tries to wake Jing Zhi, which after some time he does succeed. Jing Zhi is out of it so when she comes too she asks about where they are and why it’s so cold. Ling Qiao mentions that she was thrown in a freezer like a fish. Jing Zhi tells him that she was lured to the freezer because of him, and he confirms that after being a dormant body alone for so long, he decided that he wanted to be frozen with her. She claims that they will be the best looking frozen couple ever. Ling Qiao sobers up and confirms that they are trapped.

Jing Zhi suddenly remembers the incident where Professor Li abducted him, and she tells him. She confirms that Ling Qiao is actually the goal, and he confirms that Professor Li has found his weakness. Jing Zhi tells him to escape and call the police; however Ling Qiao admits that he is too weak in his current state to open the door. He checks his phone and confirms that there is no reception in the freezer. Professor Li lowers the temperature and Jing Zhi asks if he wants them to freeze to death, which Ling Qiao admits that he wants his blood.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 14.43.33

Xuan Xuan called Yan Zhi about Ling Zhi’s disappearance. She tells him that it is not unheard of that Jing Zhi has turned off her phone; however Ling Qiao would never turn off his phone without a very good reason. She also tells Yan Zhi that they clean up staff from the shoot found Jing Zhi’s sunglasses on the ground near the shoot site.

Yan Zhi, Crystal and Calamary go to the site of ‘the crime’ and look around for any foul play.  Yan Zhi notices something in the tall grass and pulls out a cloth soaked in Diethyl eather.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 14.52.30

Professor Li turns on the intercom and starts walking with Ling Qiao. Ling Qiao tells professor Li that he’s the one that he wants and he should let Jing Zhi go. Professor Li tells him that he is not in the position to negotiate since he is just waiting for his core temperate to drop to -30 so that his book will for into stasis. After that he can simply cut his throat like his enemy did 100 years earlier, but Professor Li makes a promise to make sure that he never wakes up again.

Ling Qiao mentions that he is a monster so he can’t be tried for any crimes against him however if Jing Zhi dies there will be hell to pay. Professor Li tells Ling Qiao that if Jing Zhi is still alive by that time he goes into stasis he will let her go.


Screenshot 2016-05-12 14.59.40

Jing Zhi throws a loose piece of wood at the security camera and Jing Zhi tells Ling Qiao not to listen because the devil’s words can hold no truth. Ling Qiao admits to that he doesn’t trust Shi Guang. He gathers her tightly in his arms and tries to make sure he doesn’t freeze.

Crystal tracts down, with help of what I’m assuming, of her cellphone and they let Dong Dong know. The police arrive and enter warehouse 33 searching for Jing Zhi.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 14.59.15

Ling Qiao tries to keep Jing Zhi talking and reminds her to not fall asleep to make sure she doesn’t freeze to death. Ling Qiao tells her that the police have come looking for them. Jing Zhi jokes saying that Yan Zhi will beat Professor Li’s face to a pulp when he gets his hands on him. Jing Zhi has something that she has always wanted to tell Ling Qiao, and he encourages her to tell him. She tells him that she always felt a sense of sadness and loneliness whenever she looked at him because it must have been tough watching everyone he cared about pass on while he was left alone. But, she is grateful that he was walked 500 years, walked through history, because it lead him to standing in front of her. He confirms that he has only ever walked in front of her. She tells him that he has to continue to live because there is someone else in the future who is waiting for him to walk in front of her. She is slowly fading and we can see Ling Qiao heartbreak. He tells her that he’s standing right in front of her. He kisses her however we get a close up of her swallowing, so maybe he fed her blood, but his enzymes don’t work in cold temperatures.

Screenshot 2016-05-12 15.00.44

Yan Zhi walks into the office that Professor Li had set up, and while the others arrest him, Yan Zhi notices that they are in the freezer. When the look at the meat locker the notice that there is a lock, which Dong Dong researched and finds out that they have 3 chances before the lock shuts down for 1 hour. Yan Zhi turns off the cooling system to the room and drags Professor Li  in trying to force him into giving them the code. Professor Li fools around but Yan Zhi catches on and calls Chen, however one attempt was already used. He asks Chen what Professor Li normally uses as a password, and Chen tells him to try his daughter’s birthday. Yan Zhi tries it but it’s incorrect. Chen thinks for a bit and tells Yan Zhi to enter in today’s date, because today is the anniversary of the kidnapping. Yan Zhi hesitates because it is the last try, but it opens.

Everyone rushes into the meat freezer and to Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi who were huddled on the palette. Jing Zhi gets pulled from Ling Qiao’s arm, while he sits there numbly. Ling Qiao looks up at Yan Zhi for a long second before Yan Zhi helps him up and out of the freezer.

The cops that were escorting Professor Li get ambushed at a fake accident scene. They get injured and Professor Li gets taken. Yan Zhi gets a call  about this and decided to go to the Professor’s research lab.

They are greeted by Chen who brings them to the lab, and Yan Zhi pulls him aside to talk. Chen tells him the Professor Li knew that the dormant body is awake, and due to the fact that Jing Zhi is the only survivor of the car accident she is the only clue to the monster. Chen also admits that since the body disappeared Professor Li had been acting strange. They both believe that Professor Li was looking for the monster because of the special attributes that the monster is sure to have. Yan Zhi asks if anyone knows about the special attributes and Chen tells him that only he, the Professor and the lab’s sponsor knows about it. Yan Zhi asks for the name of the sponsor.

I loved the freezer scene this episode. On to the next episode.

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  1. Minihaha

    Freezer scene is the best, great way show how much both love each other and willing to die to ensure the other one lives on and be happy, I can tell from this that Xue is too deeply in love with her to leave her now

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