My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 19 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Lin Qiao start living together even though she tries to get rid of him. She is determined to get him out of her house so she agrees to help him track down his enemy so she can go back living her peaceful life. She gets Ling Qiao a job as a taekwondo teacher so that he can make some money, and he got cast in her drama to play the main villain. Meanwhile Ling Qiao has found a concrete clue to the identity of his enemy, while trying to keep Jing Zhi and his feelings out of the mix. Ling Qiao moves in with Dong Dong to distance himself from Jing Zhi. Professor Li found out the truth behind Ling Qiao and trapped Jing Zhi and he in a freezer to force him into stasis, thankfully Yan Zhi saved them.

We’re back to the lab where Yan Zhi and Chen are talking, and when Yan Zhi who the sponsor of the lab is, Chen admits that he doesn’t know but the donations comes every year via international transfer. Yan Zhi agree to look into it for some clues. He gets a phone calls telling him that he had sent a team to Professor Li’s house but someone had gotten there before them. His private lab got burnt to the ground by the time they got there. Yan Zhi suggests that they not discuss their theory in public because it might but the dormant body in danger.

At the hospital Jing Zhi wakes up cuddled into Ling Qiao’s lap, it takes her a second to place herself. Ling Qiao was reading when she wakes up and asks if she’s hungry and she tells him she’s not. He moves to get up to get something to eat, he tells her that if she doesn’t eat her stomach will start to rebel. She asks if she can hold him like this later and he agrees.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 13.58.06

Ling Qiao comes back with a porridge and feed it to her, as per her request. She asks if he will do anything for her, and he asks if there is something weirder than feeding her. She thinks and suddenly she asks if they can sher a foot bath. She leans into him as they share to foot bath, and she tells him that with him experiencing everything is so much better. She mentions that he is being really kind, and he inquires if he normally has a bad temper. She tells him he doesn’t but it’s almost like he’s glowing. He wonders if she’s gone nuts from the cold and she tells him she thinks she like him even more now. Ling Qiao tells her he’ll get some hot water for the foot bath and when he steps out of the room his heart starts beating quicker. Jing Zhi called Xuan Xuan to tell her that she’s awake.

Liao Bao get’s really mad at Professor Li about nearly ruining his plans, he reminds Professor Li that he is not in a position to go against his decisions. Professor Li admits that he is worried that Annie won’t live long enough for him finish his research and hoped that kidnapping Ling Qiao would solve everything. Liao Bao tells him that he has set up a lab for him, and he will provide him one more vial of the monsters blood, and he needs to find a way to kill him, or else he will kill him and his family.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 14.08.34

Jing Zhi is cuddled on Ling Qiao lap again and he starts worrying about why everyone was going after Ling Qiao. He wonders if Professor Li went after Jing Zhi to find out more of his weaknesses. He starts stroking her hair and smiles down at her. (Ooohhh! Love is a blossoming more evidently)

The next day Ling Qiao comes to the hospital and tells Jing Zhi that he has told her parents not to come back early from their trip. Jing Zhi tells him that her mother would kill her if they had to come home early, and she wondered if they hadn’t brought home the wrong baby. Ling Qiao told her that if that was the case then her mother was far more unlucky than her. He reminds her that she was being check out that morning, he was going to the police station and giving his statement. Since she should be getting a clean bill of health she should be released and he will pick her up to take her home.

Crystal takes Ling Qiao’s statement which he signs. She thanks him for his cooperation, and he tells her since this affects Jing Zhi safety he will help in whatever way he can, and he hopes that they find the culprit quickly. When he’s about to leave Yan Zhi meets with Ling Qiao and asks if he can talk with him.

They go for tea and Ling Qiao tells him that if it’s about the investigation then he can read his statement. Yan Zhi tells him that he’s worried about all of the incidents surrounding Jing Zhi and he’s worried. He also mentions that he hasn’t been cleared of the suspicion of murder of the couple but he wonders if that murder is also linked to Jing Zhi. Ling Qiao apologizes and tells him that he doesn’t have the answers, and Yan Zhi admits to not expecting any. Yan Zhi admits that he was biased against him before because he doesn’t want Jing Zhi hurt. However, when they opened the freezer and saw him clinging on to her, trying to protect her his opinion changed. He ask Ling Qiao if he loves Jing Zhi, which he confirms. Yan Zhi explains that he and Jing Zhi grew up with their parents grooming them to be a certain way but they both rebelled. Yan Zhi asks that he doesn’t hurt her and protects her not matter what.

Ling Qiao tells Jing Zhi what happened on the way home and Jing Zhi asks him what he said next. Ling Qiao tells her that he told Yan Zhi to mind his business. Jing Zhi laughs and says that he probably said that of course he will take care of his woman. They laugh a little and the Jing Zhi gets serious all of a sudden and asks Ling Qiao if he thought about what would have happened if the police hadn’t arrived in time. She mentions that they would have freezed and he tells her that she would have freezed not him.She calls him a cockroach and then says that all they would need to do is thaw her out and give her a transfusion of his blood and she would be fine. and he tells her that she’s smart. She asks if Ling Qiao isn’t scared of becoming a dormant body again, and he replies that he would just need to wait for another unlucky person to have a car accident to revive him. Jing Zhi starts laughing and when Ling Qiao asks what about she asks if he could have kissed an ugly person. He asks her what if the dormant body that had kissed her was an ugly person and she got nauseous.

When they get home Ling Qiao is peeling an apple and Jing Zhi is browsing the web and a website likens her life to final destination. She mentions that they don’t know that she has a 1000 year old pet that cures the angel of death. Ling Qiao tells her it’s 500 and something and not to make him sound old. He tells Jing Zhi to eat the apple and he will be leaving. She asks  where he’s going and he says home, she tells him that this is his home and not Dong Dong’s tiny apartment. She tells him that she has already called Dong Dong to bring his things back to her house. Dong Dong arrives with all his things and a bento that Ling Qiao had made, and neither wants to eat it but Ling Qiao suggests that they both eat it to see if his cooking has improved.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 14.36.33

Chen is at the soccer field watching the players and thinks back to the conversation that he had with Professor Li and he wonders how he didn’t see it. Had he known he would have tried to stop it with all of his might. Chen calls Jing Zhi (who is suffering from food poisoning… I think Ling Qiao should leave the cooking to Jing Zhi) and asks if she’s ok now. She confirms that she is fine, and when he apologizes for not going to the hospital she tells him that she’s in the hospital so much that it’s redundant for people to come see her. Jing Zhi thanks him for guessing the passcode, Yan Zhi had told her about it. Chen explains that he was luck Professor likes using anniversaries as passwords. She sarcastically tells him that she should thank him then. Chen tells Jing Zhi that Annie is really sick so he wanted to run some test on her because she was saved by the monster. Jing Zhi tells him that she doesn’t want excuses for criminal actions and hang up.

Jing Zhi takes a photo and messages it to Ling Qiao, she grabs his phone and he asks for it back. She asks if there is something on his phone she shouldn’t see and he tells her that’s not it but she shouldn’t be checking his messages. She tells him to relax because she sent it. She changes his background to the pic she sent him and told him he’s not allowed to change it.

Yan Zhi coughs at work and Calamary offers a vitamin boost that is good for colds. Yan Zhi thanks him but tells him that it will be fine. Yan Zhi asks about the ETA of the international package. The package had been hung up in customs and Calamary had called to tell them it was an evidence in a case and it should be coming in that afternoon. Calamary mentions that Professor Li has dropped off of the face of the earth and there hasnèt been any activity on his cards or sighting. Yan Zhi tells him that if the person who abducted him can find people to take him from the police hiding him won’t be hard. Calamary starts blaming himself for the escape because he didn’t follow in his car. Yan Zhi told him not to worry.

Dong Dong and Jing Zhi are redecorating Ling Qiao’s room and they are putting up 2 of her posters in his room. Dong Dong asks if this is really ok, and Jing Zhi tells him that the one thing she forgot to do is make him feel at home. Dong Dong mentions that Ling Qiao was only staying there temporarily, and she asks him if he doesn’t want to feel at home even if he’s not staying long. Jing Zhi reminds Dong Dong that he had said that Ling Qiao wasn’t in a rush to find his enemy which means he’s grown attached.  Dong Dong tells Jing Zhi that Ling Qiao had an odd expression when he saw Shi Guang’s interview, and she puts it up to him remember that she was stuck in the fire at the charity event.

Dong Dong asks where Ling Qiao is and Jing Zhi has sent him shopping. (I suggest watching his shopping scene it is funny AF) Dong Dong asks if he’s being fired, and Jing Zhi tells him that it’s just to get him used to the idea, but Dong Dong will be better suited to the task. She tells him that she has to go to meet with Xuan Xuan.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 15.01.44

Xuan Xuan and Jing Zhi talk and she admits that she isn’t sure if she should be telling Jing Zhi to make up or break up with Ling Qiao. Jing Zhi reminds her that she told her to persevere, and she reminds her that she’s stubborn. Xuan Xuan tells her that the report was that when everyone open the door they were so touched that they wanted to cry. Jing Zhi tells Xuan Xuan that she should get a real relationship instead of 2 timing 2 men. Xuan Xuan admits that she is trying to find a good time to break off her engagement and when Jing Zhi asks if that means that she prefers Chen, she asks why she is confined to 2 men. Xuan Xuan confirms that Chen hadn’t called since that night he stood her up.

Xuan Xuan gets asked for her autograph and Jing Zhi says that she need to work harder because the guy didn’t even look at her. She also complains that a bunch of companies are asking if she’ll work in a horror movies, and Xuan Xuan tells her that she could be the queen of the horror. Jing Zhi admits that she doesn’t want to scare Ling Qiao away with the horrible make up.

Chen is in the lab when he gets a call from Xuan Xuan. He answers and he goes to apologize and she tells him not to because she got his texts. He asks if it’s the equivilant of them shaking hands and making up and she tells him that they are not to have a cold war over this. She tells him that she asked Jing Zhi why Professor Li did what he did and she told her that she didn’t know so she called him to ask the same question. Chen admits that he doesn’t know. Xuan Xuan tells him that it’s best that they stay away from each other because there is rumor that Jing Zhi was hanging off of him so Professor Li abducted her to stay out of the way of their relationship, and Xuan Xuan disconnects the phone.

Jing Zhi shows Ling Qiao the new decorations in his room, he jokes and tells her that she should have put up pictures of Xuan Xuan instead and Jing Zhi goes to punch him but stops. He thanks her and tells her that he likes it. She tells him to take his shower first because she has another surprise for him.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 15.12.45

They go outside and she tells him to stand in one place and not move. She jumps into his arms and asks him to fly to the roof since she hasn’t flown for a while. He is uncertain but she begs and acts all cutes. He chuckles and smiles at her. He makes sure that there is no one to see them and jumps up to the roof to find a candle light dinner ready for them.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 15.33.37

She tells him it’s a special day and they need to celebrate. He asks if it’s for her birthday and she tells him it’s not, and then she asks if he knows when her birthday is and doesn’t. This makes her mad and she tells him to shut up and to not talk, while she chugs 2 glasses of wine. She tells him that she wants their fake relationship to be over because she likes him too much. She lists several way that they could make it work, which covers everything from how to keep her young to children and even where they could live. She tells him that she use to have rules about dating, but with him all of the rules went out the window. She tells him that he can talk but right before he does she needs another glass of wine. He thanks her for liking him so innocently and catches her after she faints. He asks her if she ever remembers anything. Ling Qiao carries Jing Zhi to their chairs and he sets her down. He sits next to hear and looks over at her fondly and hold her hand.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 15.43.47

Yan Zhi gets the video, and he screenshot every area of the house. He asks Calamary to print the pictures for him, and tells him that he is going to the crime scene and compare them. Calamary tells him that he’s going to come with him. After going through the house they discover that a picture was missing and they will need to contact Ms Kan again.

The next morning Jing Zhi comes down stairs to get water, but she eavesdrops on Ling Qiao’s conversation and finds out that he needs to make the down payment on the villa but the end of the month to keep his priority. He catches Jing Zhi eavesdropping and they go to sit in the living room.

Jing Zhi tells Ling Qiao that Xuan Xuan is filming a new movie where the female and male lead have a large age difference like them. He asks if there is a 500 years age gap, and she tells him that they have a special case. Jing Zhi asks what Ling Qiao had muttered into her ear the night before, and he tells her to forget it if she can’t remember. She tells him he is getting bad habits from watching dramas, and she tells him that if he doesn’t tell her she’ll assume he said yes.

Ling Qiao and Yan Zhi meet up again and tell him that there was a photo from the crime scene that was missing. Ling Qiao asks why Yan Zhi is telling him that and he tells him that he spoke with Ms Kan and she had told him that a colleague of him has already asked about the photo. He mentions that it’s illegal to impersonate a cop, and Ling Qiao asks if he is going to arrest him?

END! Wait what happened… I was swept up with the cuteness of Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi. See you in the next recap!

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