Vampire Detective Episode 8 recap



Here’s a not so quick recap of the story so far! While looking into Han Gyo Min (Jae Hee) disappearance, San (Lee Joon), Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-se) stumble across a vampire bar. After a shootout San got inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what, and turns him into something similar to a vampire. Later the trio was hired to protect the newscaster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-hyun), and while figuring out that case San uncovers more information out about the vampire bar and how they obtain their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-hye) being part of an illegal organization. San later gets a call from an old cop acquaintance, Choi Seon Yeong, and he help her get into her father’s safe where they find pictures of Yoo Jin and Kang Tae-Woo (Jo Bok Rae) that her father, Jang Tae Shik (Choi Gwi Hwa), would have used to make fake ID’s. The trio is hired to clear Moon Gyeong Ho of murder charges, which they do, however their client isn’t who they say they were but in fact a woman by the name of Yo Na (Lee Chung Ah) who seems to have a connection to Yoo Jin. After meeting with Yo Na twice we, the audience, starts to understanding more about Yo Na and how she became the way she is now. Now on to this episode!

Gyeo Wool confronts San about his activities during their night at the club, and San tells her that he had somethings to do and he doesn’t need to explain himself to her.  She tells San that next time he should make sure to bring them with him since they are a team.

Tae Woo gets told by his colleague that Joo Young Kwang won’t tell them where an item is, though they don’t say what It is. Tae Woo tells that to make sure that they tell them the information.

A woman is wandering the street barefoot and she seemed lost. We are then cut to Dr Kwang Jae Gook sketching a tattoo and Goo Hyung arriving with food. Goo Hyung is sad that Se Ra wasn’t in, and Jae Gook tells him that Se Ra was at cooking school. Goo Hyung tells him that she doesn’t need to go to school because she has a chef right there who could teach her like family. Jae Gook laughs and tells him that he knows what his intentions are toward Se Ra. Jae Gook receives a text message and when Goo Hyung asks who it was he mentions it’s from Se Ra. Goo Hyung wishes that she would text him. Jae Gook tells him that it’s rare the Se Ra texts first unless it’s too a person she likes.

Jae Gook gets a call from someone and rushes to the hospital. The woman from before is Jae Yoon, his younger sister. While Jae Gook is checking on Jae Yoon the doctor tells Goo Hyung that she was wandering and had not memories of what happened before she was picked up. When Jae Gook asks her about what happened and she confirms that she doesn’t know.

Jae Gook tells her that he’ll take her home, but she tells him that she doesn’t want to. He asks if it’s because of their mother which she confirms as the truth. Jae Gook decided to bring her home, but Goo Hyung pulls him aside and told him that he’s not sure a tattoo shop would be a good idea.

Gyeo Wool thinks that Goo Hyung is crazy for bringing Jae Yoon home. Goo Hyung tells her that he couldn’t exactly turn her away.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 11.06.48.png

Jae Gook pushes and asks her if something has happened and she tells him that their mum wants to get married to Priest Seol. All of a sudden Jae Yoon starts freaking out and tells him that she can hear their father’s voice.

Their mother comes in and starts asking Jae Gook what he’s doing, and how dare he not bring her home. She claims that Jae Yoon is simply going through some spiritual confusion and needs to be healed by her priest. Jae Gook tells her that she is in need of a doctor and not a priest. His mother asks if he wants to kill Jae Yoon like he killed his father.

There was a flash back to when Jae Gook’s father was brought in to the hospital because he had difficulty breathing. Jae Yoon tells him that their mother had been performing an exorcism on their father, and Jae Gook flips. He asks how she could perform one while he was in this condition.

Jae Gook tells his mother that he can’t have Jae Yoon. Just them Priest Seol comes in and claims that Jae Yoon has been taken hold of by a spirit and it must be exorcised immediately. They are determined to do the exorcism at that house and they leave.

San asks Jae Gook about what happened before his father’s death. Jae Gook explains that at first her mother started going to the church to pray for her family but soon she would believe Priest Seol no matter what he said. When his father was diagnosis with cancer, she had refused to let him treat him at all. He wonders what would have happened if he had actually listened to her. San tells him that had he been in the same situation he would have done the same. Gyeo Wool asks what he wants to do about his sister, and he tells her that he wants to protect her. Jae Gook asks them to look into everything for him, and though everyone is uncertain San agrees.  Jae Yoon freaks and starts chugging water complaining that she’s burning.

The trio has no idea where to start and Goo Hyung has an idea to call in Dong II who is a monk who is possessed by a spirit. Dong II comes and chants over Jae Yoon and when she starts muttering to herself he leans closer and she bites his ear. Jae Yoon tells Jae Gook that he looks so sad, and she apologies about making him so sad, and then she falls limp again. Dong II can’t confirm or deny that she is possessed are not, but he can confirms that she is not normal

Priest Seol and their mother return with everything required for an exorcism. San checks the room that they were preparing, san starts to poke around and Priest Seol tells him that there are so few people in this world have healthy souls and demon latch on to those people. Priest Seol mentions that the higher the risk the more he needs to perform. San asks if the compensation for the more dangerous the job the higher compensation. Priest Seol take offense in that and asks if he doesn’t believe in compassion.

Se Ra arrives and treats Dong II’s ear, he tries to hit on him but Goo Hyung stops him. Jae Gook’s mother calls them rude; she also tells him that she is certain that her priest will save Jae Yoon. Jea Gook tells her that he is impressed by her blind faith in him, and mentions that’s probably why she wants to marry him. She tells him that since he has been working in a rough environment his tongue has also gotten rough. He tells her that he has inherited his tongue from her.

Priest Seol calls and tells them that the room is ready for the ceremony and Jae Gook tells her that he doesn’t want her to perform the ceremony. However, she threatens to kill herself if he tries to stop her. Jae Gook carries Jae Yoon into the room and lays her on the bed. He decides to stay during the ceremony to keep an eye on him.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 11.48.04.png

Gyeo Wool can’t find anything on Priest Seol, and commends him on living a very secure life. Goo Hyung tells her it’s a secretive life more than a secure one.  Goo Hyung mulls aloud how the priest knew that he wasn’t the owner of the house. Dong II tells him it’s obvious because of his uncle’s photos. He asks about how he knew about San and Dong II reminds him that more private investigators started off cops. Dong II tells him that all medians have ways of reading people and he offers to introduce them to a few colleagues.

When the exorcism begins Seol places a talisman rope on Jae Yoon’s arm and she starts to scream. She starts asking that since he has already killed her once, that he is trying to kill him again along with Jae Yoon.  Seol tells the ‘spirit’ that it needs to leave Jae Yoon’s body and instead he tries to strangle him. Jae Gook pulls Jae Yoon off of Seol and tries to calm her down.

San wants to go and check but everyone tells him not to go. Goo Hyung thinks that they should get some background on Seol, and how he might do it. Se Ra is going to stay at home to keep them abreast of the situation there.

Back in the exorcism, there is more screaming coming from Jae Yoon and Seol commands the spirit to show their true identity. She tells him that he should know who he is because he killed him. Seol picks up the whip and starts whipping her, Jae Gook’s mother tries to stop him but instead he breaks free and stops Seol. Jae Yoon asks if it’ll take her daughter’s own body being torn apart to understand what is happening.

The gang walks outside and San notices Seol’s car. He notices some blood on the rim and sees that it is from a hit and run with an unknown man. San mentions that Seol has a nice care, and Shi Guang mutters that business must be good. San stops the bickering and they head out to see the Virgin monk.

When they get there the seer gives them very vague and widely accurate reading and explains to them that if they give them something that is true for a lot of people then the clients will start opening up and they will have more idea what to say or promise them. Goo Hyung asks if that’s how Soel does it and San is sure that it is.

Once coming out, San suggests they split up to cover more ground. San and Gyeo Wool were going to look into Seol’s past clients and Goo Hyung is going to look into the theatre that Jae Yoon use to act with. San notices someone who might be following them.

San and Gyeo Wool find out that he never conned anyone, he’s cleaner than they thought and his bank account looked nice. Gyeo Wool wonders if she should get into the spirit catching business. San tells her that it would suit her. She is confused because it sounded like a compliment but she feels offended. San tells her that it’s a compliment because everything suits her. San asks about the victim and they go see Park Young Soo, whose family had paid a large sum of money to Seol. Yan Picks but the tail again.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 12.13.09

San and Gyeo Wool go to the hospital to talk with Young Soo’s family. His mother explains that once he was diagnosed with terminal cancer she was devastated. She had paid Seol a large amount of money to  cure him of his cancer. Seol had told them that they needed to get rid of the spirit entangled on him or else bad things could happen. Young Soo refused adamantly and a few days late he was hit in a hit and run.

Gyeo wool was certain that something was odd and it seemed off that he got into an accident for refusing an exorcist. She notices San looking somewhere else, and she asks why he keeps zoning out. He asks if he sees the same person in 3 different places it’s odd right, she agrees. San turns her around and tells her to look at her one o’clock and the guy starts to move. Gyeo Wool and San follow him into the stairwell and San cuts off part way. Right outside they box him in and he tries to punch his way out but San stops him and they find out that he is a private investigator.

Goo Hyung goes to the theatre and talks with a girl. The girl tells him that she has been worried about Jae Yoon because she started acting weird. She would stare off into space, talk to herself and cry. A few days ago she confided in her that she heard her father’s voice telling her that the Priest killed him. Goo Hyung asks what he normally says about Seol. She explains that he tells her that he walks around like a snake, and she felt bad that Jae Yoon’s mother fell for him. Seol had been against her father’s treatment after he was diagnosed with cancer, and he had told them that if Jae Gook treated him something bad would happen to the family. Also, ever since Seol told her mother that acting wasn’t in Jae Yoon’s future her mother had started putting pressure on her to stop.

At the hose, Jae Yoon suddenly went quiet and looks to Jae Gook. She tells him not to be sade because he didn’t kill their father, Seol did.

Goo Hyung meets with Detective Park and they meet. Goo Hyung is trying to clear up some confusion that he has, he wonders why the hospital admitted to the mistake so easily and why the doctor had to resign. Detective Park tells him that he may be working as a quack doctor somewhere, and Goo Hyung tells him that he isn’t a quack. Goo Hyung gets a call from San that they were being followed by another PI.

Seol tells his driver that he this family exhausts him, and he wonders that if she is possessed by her father’s spirit if he should do the same thing he did to him to her. He asks if everything is prepared and it is confirmed, and he adds poison to the rise he was munching on.

Se Ra brings Jae Yoon some porridge and tells her that she has a great bother, which she agrees. Jae Yoon admits that she sometimes feels like a burden to him, and Se Ra tells her not to say that. Her brother is so loyal that he will put himself in danger to protect the people he loves. Jae Yoon asks if Se Re likes her brother, and she admits that she has been with so long that she sees him as her own brother. Jae Yoon suddenly snaps back into her other personality.

Downstairs Jae Gook and his mother are talking, and she tries to put all their misfortune on him and his choice of being a doctor. He reminds her that she’s the one who wanted him to be a doctor, and she said that it was before she met Seol. He gets frustrated and tells her that she is always using Seol as an excuse. Seol and some of his colleague came back to preform the last exorcism. While Seol and their mother goes upstairs his colleagues start beating Jae Gook, and while Se Ra is hiding she texts S-V-M to Goo Hyng.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 13.02.58

Goo Hyung meets with the PI who has heard of him. He tries to make a pass at Gyeo Wool calling her a book keeper, so in retaliation she kicks the glass from his hand and it s shatters in his face and when he tries to go after her San kicks him. He sees his blood and can tell that he did a transaction with Seol. He tells him that he had made a deal to follow them. Goo Hyung mentions that he must have client files in the office, and asks Gyeo Wool to open the safe, and in there they find the will of their father which leave his hefty estate to Jae Yoon. Goo Hyung gets Se Ra’s text and is trying to decipher it, and the PI tells him that it stands for saving me and Jae Yoon is probably already dead because they don’t know how evil that man is.

On the way home they pick up Dong II where they tell him they need his act. When they arrive Se Ra and Jae Gook is tied up in the corner and the 5 goons are blocking their way to them. Now obviously a brawl issues breaking a good part of the living room and San dominates it. They untie Se Ra and Jae Gook and prepare to head upstairs.

Seol tells Jae Yoon that he’s going to do the same thing to her that he did to her father. She knows who killed him, and knew what he was doing when it happened so she was an accomplice. Right before he could feed her the rice San stops him and calls him a fake priest. He says he doesn’t know what he’s talking about and Dong II asks if he knows why he chews on flesh, it’s because of all the people he killed are hungry and the people he killed will stay latched onto him until his death. In their father’s voice Dong II asks Seol if after his death he is going to kill his daughter just for his inheritance and forcing his daughter to put on the act.

Seol tries to put the blame on her, but she was trying to save her father from Seol when she poisoned the rice he was eating. Since Seol knew of the poison he used it on her father. Jae Gook threatens to kill him, but San pulls him off. Gyeo Hung mentions Choo Kang the PI that they had talked with, and Gyeo Wool finishes it with putting the too of them together finished the incomplete picture.

Dong II tells Jae Yoon that his life had already been eaten away by cancer and Jae Gook already knew that, that’s why he gave up trying to get the surgery done. He tells Jae Gook that he never meant to hurt either of them so much. He turns to their mother and tells her to let their kids finally go. She tells him that he planned this with Jae Yoon, and he asks if she remembers what he told her when he was diagnosed? He said that for their son’s sake he wants to just rest, which she break down at hearing.

San tells him that it’s over and he can stop. Dong II turns to him and asks if he is even human, or maybe his was brought back to life. He also tells him that he will meet that woman soon. He suddenly seems dazed and nearly falls but San and Goo Hyung hold him up. He seems lost when he came to, and Goo Hyung asked if he was really possessed and it wasn’t just a show.


Screenshot 2016-05-17 13.14.05

Yoo Jin and Tae Woo meet and she asks how the meeting with the president went, and he tells her that it went fine. Yoo Jin stresses that they need to take care of this quickly, Yo Na won’t sit and take it much longer. He tells her that he is well aware, but he mentions that everything he has done, was for her. She tells him not to use her as an excuse. When she is walking away Tae Woo tells her that San is still alive.

Screenshot 2016-05-17 13.18.38

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