My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 20 Recap


Sorry this post is a little late, due to somethings that came up at work I was unable to work on it before now.


Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Lin Qiao start living together even though she tries to get rid of him. She is determined to get him out of her house so she agrees to help him track down his enemy so she can go back living her peaceful life. She gets Ling Qiao a job as a taekwondo teacher so that he can make some money, and he got cast in her drama to play the main villain. Meanwhile Ling Qiao has found a concrete clue to the identity of his enemy, while trying to keep Jing Zhi and his feelings out of the mix. Ling Qiao moves in with Dong Dong to distance himself from Jing Zhi. Professor Li found out the truth behind Ling Qiao and trapped Jing Zhi and he in a freezer to force him into stasis, thankfully Yan Zhi saved them. Now there relationship is closer than ever.

We go back to the house when Ling Qiao gets the phone call from Yan Zhi to meet him at the Cafe. They meet and Yan Zhi starts telling him that they had discovered a photograph was removed from the crime scene. Ling Qiao asks him why he’s telling him that, and he tells him the Ms. Kan told him that one of his colleagues had gone and asked her about the photographer. He remarks that it is illegal to pretend to be an officer. Ling Qiao asks cockily if he was going to arrest him in the coffee shop. He then goes to explain that he had gone to ask her about the jade plaque and happened upon the conversation about the photograph, and him telling her he’s a cop was just to make her feel at ease. Ling Qiao reminds him that he has always wanted to buy the jade plaque. Yan Zhi tells him that the person in the photograph was the person who pawned it, and it could be his ancestor. Ling Qiao stipulates it could be the thief as well.

Yan Zhi confirms that he no longer believes that Ling Qiao is the murderer even though he has not been cleared of the murders; however this piece of information makes him want to find the truth out even more. Ling Qiao agrees that it has also made him curious. Ling Qiao tells Yan Zhi that he has an idea but it really depends on him

Yan Zhi goes to see the Chief to ask his approval for the plan. The chief doesn’t look thrilled about it and he reminds him that he doesn’t have long left. He asks when he was planning it and he tells him they would like to do it the following afternoon.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 14.30.13

Jing Zhi is snapping selfies with Ling Qiao in the background when she notices something is off. She asks him if Yan Zhi bullied him and he said he did and then teased her and asked if she would avenge him. She tells him that she doesn’t believe him and she should be happy that he didn’t bully Yan Zhi. Ling Qiao asks if she’s worried about Yan Zhi and she asks why should she be since they are no longer together

She asks Ling Qiao if he’s jealous, but she tells him not to worry because she currently infatuated with a cynical, awkward, super rich healer monster. Ling Qiao reminds her to no fantasize too much because he may be rich but his money has nothing to do with her. He tells her he’s heading to work.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 14.30.15

Ling Qiao goes back the seas and starts mulling over life and life expediencies. He mentions that decades pass quickly and there is a lot of pain to the ones who are left behind. It takes a lot of courage to get into a relationship knowing you will be left behind.

Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi are at home watching the press conference. The police Chief explains that the person who committed the murders at the villa was very meticulous and left no clues behind. However there has been a breakthrough in the case and the lead investigator, Yan Zhi, will explain the details. Yan Zhi steps forward and explains that there was a 100 year old photo missing from the couple’s house and they believe that the guise of a robbery was to take that photo. All of the reports are appalled at the concept that this crime could be committed for a picture. Yan Zhi goes on to explain that they had contacted the daughter and she thankfully had a copy of the photo and it would be in transit and should be arriving in 2 days’ time.

Jing Zhi turns to Ling Qiao and asks if this is the plan that he had discussed with Yan Zhi. He confirms that it is. She mentions that she thought that the person that wanted her dead was also the person who killed the couple so the case was closed. He reminds that the assassin was killed; however that person who hired the assassin is his enemy and will try and stop him from getting a copy of the picture. However what they don’t know is that he already has a copy of the picture. She briefly wonders if his enemy will fall for it but Ling Qiao is certain. Jing Zhi asks him if he would consider getting his revenge after her death, and he gets up to make some juice.

Chen sees the press conference and worries that Yan Zhi doesn’t care for his life. Though it is easy to like dangerously if he doesn’t have long to live. He wonders how long he will keep his sickness hidden for. He calls him and they start talking, Yan Zhi asks what up and he tells him that he was just thinking of him. Yan Zhi Jokes and tells him that he’s fine but it would never work between them, and besides that he would not betray Xuan Xuan. Chen feels better after hearing him joke. Yan Zhi invites Chen and Xuan Xuan to dinner since he heard they had a fight. Chen tells him that he is well informed.

Detective Zhang goes to see Lia Bao and tells him that Xuan Xuan and Jing Zhi have started supporting the police so there are a lot of eyes on the photograph. Detective Zhang assures him that he will get the picture back himself, and Lia Bao tells him that he will wait for his good news.

Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi go to have dinner at her parents’ house. Her father brings the soup to the table. Jing Zhi tells Ling Qiao about her father snoop through her things and eavesdrop on her conversation, but he was always a fantastic cook and quite good looking when he was young. Jing Zhi serves the soup for Ling Qiao who warns her it’s hot. Her father explains that he had to protect her from men which Ling Qiao thanks him for protecting her.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 14.52.25

Her mother is worried that she is suffering side effects from the kidnapping so she hadn’t expected her to be in such good spirits. She tells her that she has been through a car crash, a fire and now a kidnapping and she’s still here and she will be fine. Her mother mentions it’s just because the king of hell won’t take her and they laugh. Jing Zhi tells her mother not to worry because she now has Ling Qiao to protect her. She chastises Ling Qiao to not drink so much because he is driving them home. Her mother tell her that she could just stay there for the evening and Jing Zhi thinks it’s a fantastic idea and fills up his glass. Ling Qiao asks her what is going on and she tells him to just have a good time.

Jing Zhi sneaks into the room that Ling Qiao is sleeping in and watches him sleep. She mutters about him having a low alcohol tolerance and she wonders where he’ll run this evening because once he’s in her grasp he can’t run away. Jing Zhi gets into bed with Ling Qiao and lowers the blankets and starts pulling his shirt up slowly. Ling Qiao just lies there as she slowly lifts his shirt plays with his stomach feeling with it. Eventually he just snaps and spun them, pinning her to the mattress. She starts apologizing and telling him that he wasn’t expecting him to turn into an animal when he was drunk. He stares at her, and then kisses her passionately.  I drooled at this scene and you have to watch it more than once just because it’s perfect.

Screenshot 2016-05-18 15.08.23

The next morning Ling Zhi wakes up, not wearing the same clothes, or a lot less clothes, in the bed next to Ling Qiao. At first she doesn’t get it but after she does she tries to steal the blankets so she could leave the room. At first Ling Qiao doesn’t let her have them and then lets goo and she shuffles out the door. She starts pacing the walk-in trying to figure out what to do and when she’s decided Ling Qiao is waiting at the door. She tries to close it but he forces himself in and pinning her to wall after she tries to escape. (There is a lot of pinning in this show).

Ling Qiao acts mad and tells her that he has only been set up twice, once resulted in his throat being slashed and the other was her. She apologizes for taking advantage of him, but she hadn’t meant to do it. (I’m sorry I groped your abs while you were drunk, my hand had a life of its own. 😛 come on girl own up. ) Jing Zhi promises to do anything to make him forgive her. Ling Qiao tells her that if she pleases him over that day he’ll forgive her.  As he leaves he stifles a laugh and smirks. (You beautiful bastard you.)

Xuan Xuan and Yan Zhi are talking about her new drama, and how she may be playing the second lead to Jing Zhi in the up-coming drama because it requires more talent. Yan Zhi asks if Jing Zhi will really be playing the lead in a drama. She confesses that the direct will look at her popularity after their most recent drama airs before making the decision. Yan Zhi asks her about what is happening between her and Chen, she tells him nothing is but since they’re both single he can pursue her as much as he likes. Chen comes back with wine and asks what they are talking about and Xuan Xuan tells him nothing. Chen goes to help Yan Zhi with the cooking and she takes a picture of them.

Jing Zhi sees Xuan Xuan’s post with the picture on social media. She gets mad that she’s having dinner with them without inviting her. Ling Qiao notices that she is distracted and starts making her buy a bunch of things that he wants. She reminds herself that she must endure to make him happy. He then takes her to get some cuff links and she ask if she’s paying for that too, and he tells her of course because she’s trying to heal his heart. They have a little shopping spree and when they gets to the ice cream shop she sees him taking selfies and glares at him but acts innocent when he looks over. (Watch this scene and the next scene because OH!!! So cute)

Screenshot 2016-05-18 15.27.47

They go to the movies with the ice cream that Jing Zhi just bought. She trips on a step and Ling Qiao catches her. The make their way to their seats and sit down to watch the movie. Part way through the movie Ling Qiao gets a call from his student’s mother and steps out to take it. Jing Zhi follows and hears that Ling Qiao will be there right away. Ling Qiao tells her to go home because she must be tired, but Jing Zhi tells her that she heard everything and wants to know what is so important that he would go see the mother in a phone call. Ling Qiao assures her nothing is going one, and she tells him that if that is the truth she wants to come along. He tells her that if she doesn’t mind getting a little dirty she can come with him, and they leave to the student’s apartment.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 12.11.01

We pan to the apartment with 2 members of a loan shark gang sitting on the stairs playing games. A underling tells him that she won’t open the door. The boss tells him to go back knocking at the door because they will need to leave eventually, and he tells them not to let them get away again.

Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi arrive at the apartment and while going up the stairs Jing Zhi puts her hand in red paint and steps in it. Ling Qiao stops her and takes her out of the paint. He puts a mask and sunglasses on her face and tells her to wait for him. He goes up and the underling tells the boss that he is the guy who let the mother get away last time. They threaten to kill him but he beats them up instead. Ling Qiao tells Jing Zhi to follow him and they go to the apartment.

The mother brings them tea, and she mentions that she didn’t know that he knew someone like Jing Zhi. She tells her that Ling Qiao is her boyfriend and she explains that she now understands why he was never tempted by any of the woman at the dojang. The mother starts to apologize for getting Ling Qiao wrapped up in her problems. Ling Qiao tells her that she should really take some legal action against her husband who was the one who got into debt, he even offered to help her find a lawyer.

Jing Zhi excuses herself to wash her hands when the son calls her ugly and tells her to stop clinging to coach because he want him as his father. Jing Zhi tells him that his mother will need to find another man because that man is taken by her. The son tells her that the coach tells him that a boy protects girls that he likes. She confirms that it is normally true but there is also a second reason to protect a girl, and that’s because she is weak and needs protect and that is the reason he is protecting his mother. The son kicks her leg and gets into a fighting stance.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 12.28.33

Jing Zhi chastises Ling Qiao for not telling her why he walked them home every day. Ling Qiao reminds her that she never asked and she told him he should have explained anyways.  He tells her that he didn’t do anything wrong so why would he offer and explanation. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve a girlfriend, and he asks her what is she then and she tells him she is a warrior to defeat a monster. She asks Ling Qiao what he’s planning on doing once he finds his enemy. He tells her he’ll probably kill him since he doesn’t have a hobby of torture. She asks if he thought of the problems that would occur if the person he is looking for turns out to be an upstanding citizen and by killing him would cause him to be a fugitive and he wouldn’t be able to live a quiet life like they do now.

She tells him to forget it and walks away and he notices her leg. He asks her what happens and she tells him nothing happened. He fires back that he would tell either if he had been kicked by a kid. She tells him it’s his fault for not teaching them to using minimum force and kicking so precisely. Jing Zhi tells him that she just wants to go home and starts to walk away. Ling Qiao goes a pick him up and carries her home.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 12.35.35

Yan Zhi is setting up the undercover operation at the mail office. Everyone was getting in place and ready for the operation. The floor manager comes in and hands Yan Zhi the list of their employees, not including the temps. He tells everyone that if the target doesn’t arrive by 2 pm they will preform the deliveries as per normal.

I loved this episode and all the cute scenes. *two big thumbs up*

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