My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 21 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Lin Qiao start living together even though she tries to get rid of him. She is determined to get him out of her house so she agrees to help him track down his enemy so she can go back living her peaceful life. She gets Ling Qiao a job as a taekwondo teacher so that he can make some money, and he got cast in her drama to play the main villain. Meanwhile Ling Qiao has found a concrete clue to the identity of his enemy, while trying to keep Jing Zhi and his feelings out of the mix. Ling Qiao moves in with Dong Dong to distance himself from Jing Zhi. Professor Li found out the truth behind Ling Qiao and trapped Jing Zhi and he in a freezer to force him into stasis, thankfully Yan Zhi saved them. Now there relationship is closer than ever.

We’re back at the sorting factory where Yan Zhi’s group is preparing their undercover operation to find that person who is going to try and steal the photograph. A pair of workers worker bring some of the books up in an elevator and are followed by a poisonous snake. There was several snakes released into the factory and starting biting workers. They were forced to evacuate the factory. Once everyone is gone, Yan Zhi notices a person dressed as a mailman with a mask on looking for the photograph. Yan Zhi tells his team about the suspicious person and he runs to the floor. He starts looking for the person however his lung cancer starts acting up. Yan Zhi sees that the package is gone and notices that the culprit took the stairs. He follows up the stairs and starts having even more trouble breathing so he stops and lets off a shot which tags the culprit. He managed to make one more flight of stairs before collapse and starts to cough up blood. He manages to tell his team about the suspect being shot in the right leg before losing consciousness.

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Ling Qiao is waiting outside of the factory when he notices Detective Zhang leave the building, and he follows. Ling Qiao asks him where he’s going, and Detective Zhang tries to remind him that he is a detective and he’s leaving to investigate the break in, he also mentions that the police officers are looking for someone with a gunshot wound and he is uninjured. Ling Qiao pushes him to the ground and pulls the envelope from his jacket and told him that he is going to the police. Detective Zhang tells Ling Qiao that if he goes to the police he will tell them everything and he’ll be exposed and then they would hurt Jing Zhi. Ling Qiao warns him that if they hurt Jing Zhi then he will really die. He knocks him out and leaves.

Xuan Xuan and Chen are at the hospital sitting next to Yan Zhi who is still out. Xuan Xuan asks how Chen couldn’t have told her about his cancer if he already knew. Chen tells her that Yan Zhi didn’t want them to treat him like a patient. Xuan Xuan understands that Yan Zhi broke up with Jing Zhi because of the cancer to protect her. Chen tells her that there isn’t much that they can do for him anymore except take care of him and his family as well as live their life to the fullest like he wants them to. They link their hands and looked lovingly at each other.

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Jing Zhi waits for Ling Qiao in the hospital lobby near the elevator. He asks her what Yan Zhi’s condition is currently. She tells him she’ll explain later, but on a previous mission he was exposed to radiation and now he has cancer and she needs him to feed him some blood to save him. Ling Qiao tells her that he can’t save Yan Zhi. Jing Zhi tells him that this isn’t the time to be petty because if he doesn’t give him blood he will die.Jing Zhi pulls him to the corner and asks him why he won’t save him. Jing Zhi explains that they grew up together and Yan Zhi’s parents are her godparents and she can’t stand them having to watch their son die. Ling Qiao tells he that nature dictates that ageing, sickness and death are part of being human. He already went against the rules by saving her, and he doesn’t want to keep doing it. Jing Zhi begs him, telling him that she’s not asking him to do it multiple times, just this once. Ling Qiao tries to calm her but she pushes him away, he tells her that he didn’t tell her before because he knew she would be like that. She asks him accusingly about him knowing and he admits it. Jing Zhi breaks down in tears right in front of Ling Qiao. (over the next 2 episodes there is a lot of tears and feels.)

Detective Zhang wakes up and cals Lai Bao and tells him that there wasn’t a photo and it was just a police tap. Lai Bao knew that already and that was why he had given him a vial of blood just in case. Lai Bao tells Zhang that he values him. He tells Lai Bao that Ling Qiao didn’t do much to him, but he warns Zhang that though Ling Qiao may be meek, a wolf is a wolf.

Ling Qiao is sitting at home while listening to the call. While Zhang was out Ling Qiao bugged his phone to be able listen in and get his text messages.

The next day Chen comes over to Jing Zhi’s house and asked where Ling Qiao was. Jing Zhi was looking blankly down at her album, and she tells him that she nearly threw out the album. Chen tells her that Yan Zhi kept it a secret so that they wouldn’t be sad, and if she’s sad than his actions would be in vain. Jing Zhi tells Chen that Yan Zhi has always been stubborn and when he made up his mind he follows through no matter what. Yan Zhi never explained himself and even when there was a misunderstanding. Chen mentions that’s why Yan Zhi had a crush on her for so long and waited until she had 6 boyfriend before he spoke up. Jing Zhi admits that she’s always seen him as a brother which makes he slow, just like now. She asks if there really nothing they can do about his cancer, and Chen confirms that there isn’t anything they can do. Chen suggests that if they could find the monster who saved her, they could save him. Jing Zhi tells her that even if they found the monster there is no guarantee that it would help.

When Chen leaves Jing Zhi sees Ling Qiao in the kitchen emptying a glass. He walks over and pets her hair. She asks him one more time if he really won’t save Jing Zhi. Ling Qiao sighed and  walks away saying he thought they had finished the conversation the night before. Jing Zhi tells him that even if Yan Zhi gets better she could never going to get back with Yan Zhi. Ling Qiao tells her that it would be herchoice to do that or not. He stresses that he wasn’t not saving Yan Zhi because he’s her ex-boyfriend but because he is not a savior and he doesn’t want to break the nature’s rules again. She tells him that she isn’t asking for many people just Yan Zhi.  He tells her that it’s Yan Zhi now but then it’s her mother, father, Xuan Xuan or Chen. He tells her that humans become addicted to the power of saving people. Jing Zhi complains that there is something that they can to save him and now they are going to stand by and do nothing. Ling Qiao goes to leave and Jing Zhi stops him and swears that this will be the only time. Jing Zhi confirms that humans swear when their hearts are unsure.

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Jing Zhi goes to visit Yan Zhi at the hospital, and tells herself not to cry in front of Yan Zhi and she can do that because she’s an actress. She tells him that his parents should go home they look exhausted. Yan Zhi admits that the one things that he feared as soon as he found out he was sick finally happened. He admits that his co-workers were just there, and Jing Zhi tells him that even though he pushes them away they all want him to get better. She asks him if he finds her annoying and  he tells her she’s not and wishes he could be with her everyday but it’s impossible. Yan Zhi wants everyone to continue to live their lives because his sickness won’t kill him in a few days. Jing Zhi tells him that she won’t let him die and he asks if the god of death is her friend, and when she tells him that she means it he asks for a bowl soup.

Ling Qiao is at the ocean and wonders if it is so hard to understand his principles. In his opinions the desperation of humans is much scarier than a cold blooded monster. He tells whatever he’s been speaking to that even if it was him he wouldn’t save him. Ling Qiao gets a text that Lai Bao and Zhang are going to meet at the golf course.

Xuan Xuan, Yan Zhi and Jing Zhi are taking a walk and Yan Zhi claims to feel like he is on the red carpet. Xuan Xuan tells him that had he entered the entertainment business he would probably be more popular than Jing Zhi. Jing Zhi tells her that they can no longer be friends if she thinks that. Yan Zhi mentions that when he read the article about them being at odd, he wanted to call up the reporter and asked if he really knew what best friends were like. Jing Zhi tells him that Xuan Xuan just wanted to use her to make a hype and Xuan Xuan tells her that she wouldn’t be as popular as she was if it wasn’t for that incident. Yan Zhi tells them that ever since they were kids he always wanted to be together, and Xuan Xuan admits that she knew that he liked Jing Zhi for a long time and always felt like a third wheel. Yan zhi tells her that he’s always liked her, but no in the same way. They notice that Jing Zhi wasn’t next to them and they called to her to hurry up. Yan Zhi suddenly starts coughing up blood and they bring him back in the hospital.

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Ling Qiao is at the gold course when Zhang arrives to meet Lai Bao and Jing Zhi calls and he hangs up. She then texts to find why he isn’t answering. Ling Qiao tells her he’s busy and she texts back inquiring what she needs to do to have him save Yan Zhi, and he doesn’t answer. Zhang goes to have a cigaret but doesn’t have a lighter, so he starts walking towards Ling Qiao but an employee intercepts him and advises him he can’t smoke there. Lia Bao get to the golf course but gets a phone call and gets back in the car. Ling Zhi texts Ling Qiao and tells him to hurry home before she got the milk he loves. When he looks up up Zhang is gone and he checks his phone, Lia Bao had tested that something came up and they’ll have to postpone.

Ling Qiao takes a cab home and asks to make a large detour. Jing Zhi is drinking wine at home replaying the scene of Yan Zhi coughing up blood when Ling Qiao comes home with cheesecake. The set themselves up on the roof and Jing Zhi mentions that since he bought her favourite cheesecake home he passes as her boyfriend. He mentions that he saw it on the way home and bought it. She told him that she also just happened to see the milk which Ling Qiao then mentions that only the farm in the north sells this milk. She admits that she went out of her way for him and wonders if busting her was that only thing that makes him happy. She assures him that she isn’t trying to make him happy to help Yan Zhi.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 11.54.58

She has put something in his milk to knock him out and he notices but he finishes the glass anyways. She looks guilty the entire time, but once he seems to be sleeping she tells him to sleep if he’s sleepy and everything will be ok once he’s awake. She apologies for doing this but she tells him that Yan Zhi is her brother and she can’t stand b and watching him die. She knows what she’s about to do is despicable but she can’t think of anything else. Jing Zhi goes to kiss him and he wake up, and she wonders how that’s possible. He tells her that all drugs and poisons are broken down quickly in his body. She mentions that he was drunk before and it clicks that he was faking it.

He tells her that it’s obvious that she will do anything to save Yan Zhi even if it means that it may expose him. He mentions that she simply see him as medicine to give to Yan Zhi. She is too stunned to talk. Ling Qiao tells her that she can have one more choice, if she must have him save Yan Zhi he will go to the hospital with her but he will leave right after. Jing Zhi is overwhelmed with the choice and tears start to well in her eyes. Ling Qiao gets up and thanks her for her hospitality and goes into the house.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 12.13.15

Jing Zhi is now alone on roof and is faced with the reality that no matter what she does she will be loosing someone that she loves regardless. She breaks down crying on the roof and Ling Qiao listens from his window and you can see that pain in his eyes.

This episode is a roller coaster of emotions, depending on how sensitive you may need tissues. I know I needed them for the next episode.

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