Furiously Happy



There is not going to be a quick summary because that and they review will be one and the same. Furiously Happy is a very funny book about one woman’s experience dealing with a multitude of mental disorders. As another woman who has mental illness I find this book amusing and relatable to an extent.

The book is a collection of essays of her day to day thoughts. This book is hilarious and touching. It can sometimes be hard to follow but that is normal for train of thought essays. Though this book is written with a great sense of humor, it is by no mean degrading or disregarding the seriousness of mental illness. It shows off the importance of taking care of yourself, as well as being ok enough with yourself to seek help. This book strives to eliminate the stigma surrounding mental illness and the people diagnoses with them.

This book is something that I would recommend it for anyone who has dealt with mental illness, or knows someone suffering from mental illness. It demonstrates that even though it feels like everything is against you, there are still people in your life that will put up with your wacky personality and even love you for it.



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