My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 22 Recap


I will warn you, this episode recap will be missing a large chuck. This episode contains such a long and touching flashback that pulls on the heartstrings that I feel like watching it would be best and I won’t give the scene any justice. Please enjoy.


Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao start living together and falling in love. Ling Qiao is getting closer to finding his enemy after bugging Detective Zhang’s phone. After Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi get stuck in a freezer together they seem to be getting closer. However when Jing Zhi finds out that Yan Zhi has cancer her constant pestering drives a rift between them.

Ling Qiao looks around his room for what looks like the very last time and we can see the heartbreak in his expression. The next morning Dong Dong is driving Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi to the hospital and the tension in the cab is thick and uncomfortable. When they arrive the doctor is checking on Yan Zhi and tells them that there isn’t anything that they can do for him now except alleviate his pain and letting him sleep. The doctor leaves and Ling Qiao thanks him. He tells Jing Zhi to go out in the hall and not to let anyone in. Jing Zhi leans up against the door heart breaking because of the choice she had to make.

Ling Qiao comes out a little while later and tells her he should be healed soon. He tells her that he will be taking his leave and she thanks him. He side glances at her but then walks away without looking back. The sheer emotions in the scene had me choked up.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 12.22.15

Ling Qiao goes to a bar and drinks a lot, to the point that even the bartender thinks that he can drink. He manages to get a little drunk but that quickly wears off. He then goes for a walk in the rain and bumps into a gang of people who beat him up. Though he could fight back he takes the beating, maybe so he can feel something other than his heart breaking.

Jing Zhi comes home to the empty house and goes to the fridge for some water, but she sees Ling Qiao’s juice and closes the fridge door. She goes to the bathroom to freshen up and catches herself squeezing the toothpaste the right way and remembers the time that Ling Qiao emptied an entire tube to remind her how to squeeze. She goes into his room and looks around but when she gets to his closet and opens it, it hits her that he’s gone. All of his clothes have been removed from the clothes, so she just curls up on the floor and cries. She remembers all of the times that they had together, from there meeting, to her trying to get rid of him, to even the really happy times. This flashback segment is about 20 minutes long, it pulls on all the heartstrings and can’t be described in words.

Yan Zhi is back at work after his miraculous recovery from his cancer. Calamary tells him that he should have taken more time off work to recover, and Crystal tells Calamary he’s only saying that so he can stay leading. Calamary invites the team out to lunch on him, and tell them that no one should try and fight him for the bill. The Chief walks in and asks what the fighting was about and welcomes Yan Zhi back. He mentions he heard Calamary say something about going out to lunch together and told them to put it on his card.

Dong Dong is driving Jing Zhi to Xuan Xuan’s house and he reminds her that once he drops her off he’s going to computer city and so she needs to call him before she wants to leave. She absentmindedly says that’s find and just to make sure to buy milk and  fresh fruit on the way back. Dong Dong asks if Ling Qiao is actually gone, and Jing Zhi asks him if he has received any contacts from him. Dong Dong says that he hasn’t and he asks what they were fighting about. He mentioned that only a few days ago she was making time to spend with him so he doesn’t understand the sudden breakup. He mentions that Ling Qiao is a good guys but he sucks at cooking. Jing Zhi tells him to shut up and ask if he can’t live without Ling Qiao. He mutters about her being the one to bring up milk and fruits and she yells at him that she can drink milk herself.

Jing Zhi asks Xuan Xuan why she was reading a biology book, and she tells her that as an actress it doesn’t hurt to read more. She asks if Chen suggested it and she confirms the suspicion. Xuan Xuan tells Jing Zhi about how it’s interesting and that tortoises live so long because their heart only beats 6 times a minute. Jing Zhi lashes out which makes Xuan Xuan realize that it really is over between Ling Qiao and her. She reminds Jing Zhi that if she doesn’t want it to end than she should fight for it. Though Jing Zhi tells her that he isn’t someone that she can grow old with. Xuan Xuan confesses that she thought that Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao would end up together. She also mentions that since Jing Zhi and Yan Zhi were close to getting married maybe she could try starting it with him again. She tells Xuan Xuan that she only see Yan Zhi as a brother. Xuan Xuan tells her that being cured of cancer is extremely rare, but Jing Zhi just fires back that Yan Zhi is meant to live a prosperous life.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 12.57.16

Chen tests Yan Zhi’s blood and finds the same enzymes as in Jin Zhi’s. He’s trying to figure out what monster would heal him. He is refusing to let the hospital do research as to how his was cured and is being Chen’s guinea pig for free. Chen simply tells him that how he can tell what they have is true love, and Yan Zhi tells him that he doesn’t want to compete against Xuan Xuan. Chen starts to ponder why the monster would also save him after saving Jing Zhi and Yan Zhi tells him he needs evidence, not just speculation. Chen asks if he really thinks that the Dormant body was stolen and Yan Zhi tells him that he hasn’t ruled out the possibility yet. Chen admits that he could get frustrated talking to police, and Yan Zhi takes his leave.

Jing Zhi is sitting on the rooftop alone with a glass of wine and across from a glass of milk. She clicks the two glasses together as if to make a toast.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 13.05.22

Yang Zhi doesn’t know who saved him or if he was saved by luck but there is a lot of work to be done.

Lai Bao gets a report and calls Ling Qiao getting bold. He is amazed that he risks being exposed to save Yan Zhi. Zhang tells him that he is scared that he will soon be revealed. They plan to meet to discuss how to catch him.

Ling Qiao is sitting in the tea shop scrolling through his feed and stumbles on Jing Zhi’s photo and pauses. He receives a phone call while his ringer was still on and hung up before turning off his ringer. Zhang is being showed to his room when he hears the phone ringing in the room next to his. Another man arrives and after some time Ling Qiao realizes that something is off. Ling Qiao goes into the other room to find an unknown 3rd party there and threatens him. After the other man calls the a worker comes in with Shi Guang.

Ling Qiao tells Shi Guang that it was just a misunderstanding, though he mentions that if he actually fought him it would have ended poorly. Ling Qiao asks if he goes there often, and he tells him it’s his first time but he was stood up. Ling Qiao asks who would stand him up and asks if it was Xuan Xuan. Shi Guang chuckles but tells him that it was actually his elusive cousin. He had gotten an email to meet for tea and dinner as some things are better said in person. Shi Guang turns the question to him, and asks how Jing Zhi is and Ling Qiao tells him quite fine.

Yan Zhi goes to visit Jin Zhi and she asks him why he didn’t call before coming over. He mentioned that he did but no one answered, and she tells him that she must not have heard her phone. Yan Zhi asks if Jing Zhi is feeling ok, she doesn’t answer but asks him if he wanted something. Yan zhi confirms that he wanted to talk with Ling Qiao and she tells him that Ling Qiao is away on vacation. Yan Zhi asks if Jing Zhi doesn’t want to see him, because the few times they saw each other she seems unhappy. She throws a pillow at him and asks him if she doesn’t want him well, and then grabs her pillow to start crying.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 13.20.00

Ling Qiao is following the unknown man when he feels his heart rate rise. He pulls out his phone and looks at the picture of Jing Zhi that he has as his background and continues to follow the man.

Yan Zhi tries to calm Jing Zhi down by apologizing but she tells him it’s not his fault. Yan Zhi apologizes for not telling her sooner, and tells her how bad he felt breaking her heart in front of everyone. She tells him that it has nothing to do with him and everything that has happened with him happened in the past and is long over. Yan Zhi asks if she hates him, she simply shuffles his hair and asks him how she can hate him, after all he’s her little brother. Jing Zhi asks him to leave so she can go to bed.

Ling Qiao stops the man and asks him who he was. The man does odd job for people. He was hired to calls a specific telephone number at 3:30 pm and then to go to the tea house where he nor the other person could speak and hand him the number. He was also instructed to stay in the room for 30 minutes. It was an odd request but not the weirdest job he’s done. He hands Ling Qiao the number he was forced to call and it was his number.

Ling Qiao goes to the beach one more time and looks at the photo of Lia Bao and his mother and decides that if he is going to leave the sooner the better but he was going to need to get some help.

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