Love Detective Sherlock K


source: dramafever

This short drama has 9 episodes and 1 special episode and each episode has a run time between 10 – 15 minutes so it’ll take you less than 2 hours to watch the entire series.

The basic premise of the show is that the main character Da Hae (Nam Bo Ra) has a persona known as Sherlock K. She can read people’s micro expressions and tell what they are actually thinking. Though everyone thinks that Sherlock is a man, which I don’t understand because Nam Bo Ra is a very pretty woman. Obviously, if there is a Sherlock there is a Watson, Geum Kang San (Jung Jin Young) is Da Hae friend and business partner. He drives her to and from the television studio and pretends to be Sherlock when they get home. For the entire season is about Da Hae looking into Yoo Na (Yoo Bo Mi) on the request of Do Min Woo (Park Min Woo).

I really like this drama, but then again I am a fan of gender bending dramas. The interactions between Da Hae and Geum Kang San is also very cute, but this really isn’t a romance for the main characters. This is a very cute drama and I would suggest it to everyone who wants a quick drama to watch.


One thought on “Love Detective Sherlock K

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I agree; gender benders are good (even if it’s not really a romance). It looks interesting and is tempting because it’s a shorter drama.

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