My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 23 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao start living together and falling in love. Ling Qiao is getting closer to finding his enemy after bugging Detective Zhang’s phone. After Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi get stuck in a freezer together they seem to be getting closer. However when Jing Zhi finds out that Yan Zhi has cancer her constant pestering drives a rift between them. Ling Qiao finally agrees to save Yan Zhi, however what will this cost the couple?

Ling Qiao decides that if he is going to leave he best leave quickly, and get some help.

Jing Zhi looks in the mirror and sees her dark circles and wonders how she’s going to be able to film looking the way she looks. She tells herself that she has to stop acting like this and she has to live her life to the fullest. She squeezes the toothpaste onto the toothbrush and pauses briefly remembering Ling Qiao. She absent mindedly wonders if Ling Qiao has brushed his teeth over the last few days.

Detective Zhang  gets a new phone and thinks back to his encounter at the tea house. The second man came in and showed him the telephone number. Zhang pulls out his address book and compares the number to Ling Qiao’s and realizes that he was followed. Zhang calls Lai Bao and tells him he has received a new phone and explains that he must have been bugged when he was knocked out.

Yan Zhi goes to Chen’s lab and starts reading his lab reports, and Chen admits that he didn’t think that he would be back. Yan Zhi admits that he came to get some inspiration. Chen asks if Yan Zhi can even understand his lab reports, which he admits that he can’t but the t the scientific method is still valid way of investigating. Yan Zhi puts down the report to go to the washroom, and Chen asks if he got his inspiration which he confirms he did. What Yan Zhi is out of the room, Chen goes through Yan Zhi’s papers and starts reading his reports and Yan Zhi’s mad when he comes back to see that. He tells him he’s not suppose to read that and it’s still confidential. Chen tries to pull the fact that he’s Jing Zhi’s ex-boyfriend  so he has the right to know. Yan Zhi take the file that Chen was reading when he came into the room, but Chen picks up another one and starts leafing through it. Yan Zhi tries to get it back from him, but Chen plays keep away.

They are in an awkward position (see below) when Xuan Xuan comes in. She is slightly shocked, but clears her throat and they jump apart when they notice her. Chen starts to explain it’s not what she thinks, but she tells him she hasn’t said anything. Yan Zhi asks why she’s there and she tells them that they had to re shoot some scenes on campus so she thought she should come visit. She mentions that Jing Zhi is also there and if Yan Zhi has time maybe he could go console her since she’s heart broken. The two men are shocked to hear she’s heart broken and Xuan Xuan realized that she shouldn’t have said anything.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 14.16.01

Jing Zhi is sitting in her van trying to figure out what to text Ling Qiao. She cycles through concern for his oral hygiene, to being mad about him not texting her, to thinking of tricking him that her father has come to visit. She is so caught up that she simply grabs the coffee that is handed to her and doesn’t look up even with the bumpy start. She tells Dong Dong that they shouLd go out drinking. Yan Zhi answers that if she wants to go to a bar he’ll go with her. Jing Zhi looks up surprised and asked where Dong Dong was. He admits that he sent him away at the campus. Yan Zhi mentions that she wanted to go to a bar so which one does she want to go to. She tells him she would prefer to go home, since she just said that she wanted to go to the bar haphazardly.

Ling Qiao goes to the house and finds it empty, so he wanders around. Ling Qiao cleans up some tissues that had fallen on the ground in the living room. He wanders into his room and notices that Jing Zhi’s posters have been switched out to Xuan Xuan’s. Ling Qiao hears Yan Zhi and Jing Zhi enter the house and he stays hidden, listening to their conversation.

Yan Zhi gets Jing Zhi a glass of water and asks if she’s ok. She turns to him and asks if something seems off because she’s fine. Yan Zhi tells her that even if Ling Qiao is gone, he will still protect her. Even when he was sick he always tried to protect her and even if she won’t come back to him, he’ll still protect her. They both hear a noise coming from Ling Qiao’s room and Yan Zhi wants to take a look but Jing Zhi stops him saying it’s probably a stray cat, so she’d rather go. When she checks she’s shocked to find Ling Qiao standing there, she calls back that it’s nothing and heads back out. She tells Yan Zhi not to worry, it was just a cold hearted cat that has already left. She asks Yan Zhi to leave so she can take a bath and a nap and practically pushes him out the door.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 14.30.59

Jing Zhi comes back and Ling Qiao asks if he was interrupting them. She asks why he’s comes and he tells her she’s the one who called him. She asks what he’s talking about and he reminds her that it was only an hour ago, and wonders if she’s losing her memories. She goes to check her phone, and she had accidently sent the text saying that he father had come check on them. She turns around to find him standing right next to her, and she apologizes for the mistake. Ling Qiao tells her if there is nothing then he’ll take his leave. The both call for each other at the same time, Ling Qiao tells her Ladies first, but she fires back Elders first. .

He tells her that he’s placed the dress from the car crash in her room. She mentions that she thought that he had burned it. He tells her that he can’t take something that belongs to someone else, so he tells her to consider it returned and now it a memento. She asks if it’s a memento of the crash or of him. He doesn’t answer but mentions that his offer to protect her still stands, and he tells her that if he needs anything to just ask.

Jing Zhi tells him that she doesn’t need anything from him. She walks toward him and stops within reach. She tells him that she doesn’t need anything except for him to remain by her side. She pulls him down for a kiss which he responds passionately to.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 14.40.04

She snaps out of her day dream and tells him that she won’t bother him anymore as she has a lot of people who want to protect her, just like he saw. She also tells him that in a few decades she’ll be dead and he won’t have to regret anything anymore. Ling Qiao asks if that is all she wanted to say, and she confirms that. Ling Qiao looks hurt but turns to leave anyways. Jing Zhi leans against the back of her couch regretting what she said.

Yan Zhi, Crystal and Calamary are revisiting all of the crimes that revolve around Jing Zhi. Everything regarding the car chase and the assassin don’t seem to be leading anywhere, and there isn’t any evidence linking the assassin to who hired him. Yan Zhi suggests looking at things backwards. He suggests looking at who would want to kill the victims. Calamary and Crystal are splitting up to look if anyone who might want to kill either Jing Zhi or Shi Guang are linked to the assassin.

Chen is at the lab thinking of the case, and how the pieces could be placed together. Since he believes that the person in the photograph who pawned the Jade plaque  is the thief from 100 years ago, he tries to think of what’s the point of stealing the picture. Then it clicks, the only point to steal the picture is because the person in it isn’t dead, and now that the monster is awake he’s scared of revenge. So the person in the picture lived more than 130 years by using the enzymes in the monster’s blood. So not only did he steal the jade plaque but he also slit the monster’s throat. So Chen realizes that the person who lost the Jade plaque is the answer to the riddle, which is Ling Qiao.

Jing Zhi is at home with her mask on looking at her dress from the car crash. She throws the dress on to the other couch and complains that she gave Ling Qiao so much blood and they broke up due to so little. She decides that she is better off not having a boyfriend is better than having one like him. Jing Zhi quickly wonders how Ling Qiao saved Yan Zhi. She imagines him kissing Yan Zhi and she gets the chill, and decides to not think of that ever again.

Screenshot 2016-05-20 15.35.43

Chen calls Jan gzhi and tells her that he know the secret behind her being kidnapped and Yan Zhi’s miraculous recovery. She tells him that it’s because she was saved by the monster. Chen tells her that it’s because Ling Qiao is the monster. His logic made him think that a monster would withdraw from a society that he is  apart from and not interact with people. He never expected him to be so close and pretending to be boyfriend. Yan Zhi flips out and tells at him that he wasn’t pretending to be her boyfriend, he was actually her boyfriend, and he never did anything wrong, he actually stood up for an old lady. Chen tries to calm her but she just keeps yelling. She tells him that he didn’t ask to become immortal, and he wouldn’t have left her if it wasn’t for Chen and Yan Zhi. Ling Qiao senses the increase of Jing Zhi’s heart rate.

Chen tells Jing Zhi that it’s fine to consider it his fault, but she asks him what good would it do if it doesn’t make him come back. Jing Zhi makes Chen promise not to tell which he agrees but he tells her not to blame him if people start figuring it out on their own. Jing Zhi is lying in bed holding her phone close, and Ling Qiao stands on the roof looking at her window. He looks down at his phone where he has a text filled with I’m sorries.

Crystal tells Yan Zhi that there is a package on his desk. Yan Zhi thanks her and opens it. It seems to be a picture of Shi Long and a woman, it also seems to be the picture that was previously stolen. Calamary tells Yan Zhi that Shi Long’s old driver paid for the assassin, and though Shi Long hasn’t been in the country for years, he recently came back. Yan Zhi asks him to contact Shi Long, and Calamary tells him that’s where the issue lies. Even the offices of the Hong Shi corporation doesn’t have contact information for him. Calamary hands the file over to Yan Zhi which contains the pictures of Shi Long which matches perfectly with his photo. Yan Zhi goes to the chief to tell him about the link to Shi Long to the cases.

Dong Dong is invited over to Jing Zhi’s parents house and Jing Zhi’s father asks that if Ling Qiao is on vacation why Jing Zhi didn’t go with him. Dong Dong tells them that Jing Zhi had some scenes to reshoot for the drama. Old Tian is worried that something is happening with Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi’s relationship because he’s been having a twitch in his eye. He goes to call Ling Qiao to warn him, when Dong Dong tells him that he should get himself checked out since it could be a warning sign of a stroke. Old Tian agrees that he needs to be in good health to protect Jing Zhi.

Screenshot 2016-05-21 02.11.49

Ling Qiao goes to the ocean and starts talking the thing…we still don’t know that he’s not crazy yet. He tells it that he’s going to have become accustomed to living a life alone all over again. He wonders if it’s the human genes that pull him to her, but he also called Jing Zhi’s blood tenacious. Jing Zhi comes to the beach and Ling Qiao spots her, he asks how she managed to find him. Ling Qiao also asked why she didn’t call first because he might not have been there. She tells him that she knew he was there because the heartbeat stopped.

Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi sit next to each other on a rock and Jing Zhi hands him some photos. She tells him that it’s better than a bloody dress. She tells him that Chen figured out the secret but she’s made him promise not to tell, but it’s only a matter of time before the rest of them find out. She admits that she realizes how stupid she was.

Ling Qiao tells her to pretend that everything has been a dream, and she’ll realized that it’s impossible that there is a person who doesn’t age or die. She asks him if he’ll be able to forget her like she was a dream, and if not how long he’ll be able to remember her. Ling Qiao couldn’t give an answer, so Jing Zhi gets up and leaves. Ling Qiao follows behind and watches her leave. Jing Zhi is in a taxi and tells herself that if this is a dream she doesn’t want to wake up.

Screenshot 2016-05-21 02.20.11

Ling Qiao rents a car and stacks out the police station. Yan Zhi goes to see Calamary who is getting discouraged because he can’t track down Shi Long. Yan Zhi tells him that even a crafty rabbit has to eventually eat. Calamary asks Yan Zhi who sent him the photo, which he admits he doesn’t know. Even though there is still nothing on Professor Li either Yan Zhi and Calamary feel like they’re close.

Jing Zhi’s mother goes through her house and are sitting in the living room when Jing Zhi and Dong Dong arrive home. She admits that they did break up, but no one cheated on anyone and they just grew apart. Jing Zhi apologizes that she did become a socialite like the had wanted, and she tells her father the she can protect herself now. Her parents decide to leave and Jing Zhi tells Dong Dong to take them home.

Xuan Xuan and Chen go out for dinner and she asks about the hat an sunglasses. She tells him that he should be used to it because of Jing Zhi but remembers she wasn’t that popular at the time. Chen mentions that he’s come to the same restaurant with Jing Zhi and the food was ok. Xuan Xuan mentions that he shouldn’t be talking about his ex and he reminds her it’s her best friend so she forgives him. Xuan Xuan is worried about Jing Zhi’s broken heart and admits she thought that they would end up together, and she found them a good match. Chen tells her that it’s a good opening for Yan Zhi though.

Ling Qiao follows Yan Zhi. Yan Zhi takes Jing Zhi to a fancy restaurant and she tells him to be careful or else people would think that they were back together. Though that type of restaurant was never his style. Yan Zhi apologizes for not being more romantic when they were together. Yan Zhi pulls out a ring and tells her that he had bought that before they started dating because he was sure he was going to marry her. He tells her that she doesn’t have to answer now but he will wait for her.

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