My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 24 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking for the now missing body. Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao start living together and falling in love. Ling Qiao is getting closer to finding his enemy after bugging Detective Zhang’s phone. After Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi get stuck in a freezer together they seem to be getting closer. However when Jing Zhi finds out that Yan Zhi has cancer her constant pestering drives a rift between them. Ling Qiao finally agrees to save Yan Zhi, however what will this cost the couple?

We’re back at the restaurant and Yan Zhi just bared his heart to Jing Zhi telling her that he will wait for her. Jing Zhi apologizes and tells him that though she can’t accept is feelings anymore she can understand him. She knew that it wasn’t going to be possible between her and Ling Qiao but she came up with thousands of excuses to make it work. Even though she knows that it’s over, if she sees even a little hope she grasps on to it. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to be like her, so she wants to change the topic and enjoy dinner.

Ling Qiao is sitting in the room next to them, listening. Yan Zhi gets a phone call telling him that Shi Long was spotted and will be flying out the next day at 5 in the evening.

Shi Long is driving to the airport while Ling Qiao follows. Yan Zhi’s team swarm the airport on the look out for Zhi Long. Once Shi Long parks and gets out of the car, Detective Zhang comes out of the shadows wielding a knife. He manages to stab him, and Ling Qiao pulls him off of him. Zhang, being the coward that he is, runs away and Ling Qiao squats next to the man. Shi Long asks him to save him, but Ling Qiao asks if he remembers him. Will mad he picks the man up by his throat. Though he keeps trying to jog his memory, Shi Long remains adamant of not knowing him. Ling Qiao notices something is wrong.

Screenshot 2016-05-22 22.46.06

Yan Zhi and Cal decide to check the Parking lot, where they find Shi Long on the ground conscience and Ling Qiao is already gone. They rush him to the hospital. The doctor tells Yan Zhi that Shi Long will be just fine however he will not be able to talk to him until they move him to a room. When Yan Zhi can, he does to see Shi Long who thanks him for saving him, but he will not talk until his lawyers arrive. So Yan Zhi does the best thing he can and leave a police officer to guard the door.

That night a fight breaks out further down the hall and a nurse comes to get the policeman for extra strength. Zhang sneaks in with a use of a doctor’s coat, HE goes to kill him again with a rope. Shi Long tries to run away but his injury hurts so he get stuck Zhang catches him. He tries to kill him with a rope when Ling Qiao shows up again to save him. It intrigues him that  Zhang keeps trying to kill Shi Long, and so goes after him. With what little strength that Shi Long has he crawls to the door way where the security guard was.

Ling Qiao re-examines the photo of Shi Long and Jing Zhi’s. Ling Qiao notices the discrepancy in the tiles of the ground. Ling Qiao gets a phone call from Dong Dong and he had sent it to some Photoshop experts and they  deemed that the photo was edited. Sadly Ling Qiao mentions that he already knows that he’s been tricked. Dong Dong tells him that when he finds the person than he needs to decapitate him. Dong Dong asks if he really broke up with Jing Zhi, and Ling Qiao asks if he needed to report to him now. Dong Dong likens his tone to Jing Zhi and mentions that they are perfect together, and Ling Qiao tells him he’s hanging up.

Calamari and Yan Zhi are reviewing the security footage and the find Detective Zhang running away from the room. Yan Zhi goes to get an arrest order for Zhang

Ling Qiao breaks into Zhan’s office and starts looking for clues. He notices a laptop charger, but not the laptop so he starts to look through the drawers and finds it. Right as he does he has he hears the police sirens, so he gets out of there.

Jing Zhi is sitting in Dong Dong’s apartment scrolling through her phone while Dong Dong plays his new video game. The doorbell rings when she goes to get it, she doesn’t look up and starts talking to Ling Qiao as if he is the pizza deliver boy. Ling Qiao asks why she’s here and she finally looks up and is stunned. In a broken sentence she tells him the Dong Dong has a new game. He tells her he’s looking for him and she invites him in. Dong Dong asks if the pizza arrived when Ling Qiao hits him in the head. Dong Dong is happy but he tries to show his loyalty to Jing Zhi while talking back to Ling Qiao which just makes him laugh. Jing Zhi tells him to stop, they are still friends even if they aren’t lovers anymore. Dong Dong perks up with that and clears a place for Ling Qiao to sit and brings tea.

Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi sit awkwardly next to each other and Ling Qiao side glances at her quickly before returning is attention to Dong Dong. He hands him the computer and tells him that he needs to get some files off of it. Dong Dong asks if he wants file recovery or the encrypted files, and Ling Qiao tells him both but to start with the encrypted files first. Dong Dong starts getting excited and then asks if he is going to be arrest for doing this. Ling Qiao tells him to not worry about it since the owner of the laptop is wanted for attempted murder. Dong Dong goes to his desk to open up the computer.

Jing Zhi asks if he found hi enemy yet and he tells her he hasn’t but he is close, and then he asks if she doesn’t want him to. She tell him that it’s more that she doesn’t want him to be in trouble because he helped her a lot. He tells her that this make him very happy because couples come to hate each other, and they had a high possibility of doing that. Ling Qiao requests that they remains friends. Jing Zhi says that Ling Qiao must hate her a little after everything she’s said and done, and for not every really listening. Ling Qiao tells her that he has never hated her, which makes Jing Zhi happy and she tells him that means they can really start over.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 10.01.58

Dong Dong tells the pair that he found an encrypted file and it will take some time to decrypt. So Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi leave the apartment to let him work. They walk to the intersection and we have a little awkward parting with them going their separate ways. Jing Zhi walks a few slow steps after Ling Qiao heads the opposite direction before turning around and Ling qiao is right there. He asks if she’s free to spend some time with him.

Yan Zhi and Crystal go to the hospital and talk with Shi Long. He asks why he isn’t being interviewed at the station, and Yan Zhi tells him he would love to interview him there but his wounds wouldn’t allow it. Shi Long admits to hiring an assassin to kill Shi Guang but as they can see if he doesn’t get rid of Shi Guang, Shi Guang will get rid of him. Yan Zhi starts asks about the fire and the villa murders while Shi Long admits to knowing nothing about it. Yan Zhi tells Shi Long that he has a reason to kill Shi Guang, because he inherited the business over him, but he doesn’t know why Shi Guang would want to kill him. Shi Long tells him that he’s an imposter, and he believes the paternity test was faked. He tried to find the doctor after the test but he had emigrated to australia and then disappeared. He tells them that he will take back what is his.

The previous scene was accompanied with a very slow scene of Shi Guang getting dressed and then Professor Li coming into the room.

Jing Zhi thought that Ling Qiao was going to introduce him to a friend, yet they just went back to the beach where he always goes. She worries about how she looks and wonders if she should have touched up her makeup, though she reminds herself that his friend is probably another monster. Ling Qiao tells her that hi friends has come because the can’t see anyone and accuses him of having an imaginary friend, but Ling Qiao changes her line of sight lower and she sees the turtle. Ling Qiao tells her that he’s over 100 years old and was once his pet, and his name is Oceanic. He was surprised that he was still around and recognized him when he returned. Jing Zhi squats down and introduces herself. She asks the turtle to waive his right leg if he understands her, which he does which shocks Jing Zhi.

Ling Qiao snaps her out of her stupper after pressing a beer can to her cheek. She asks if he saw the same thing she did and he confirmed, she then asks howmuch does so not know about him, and he admits a lot. She compares their lives to 2 classics works. Her’s is Alice in Wonderland, and his is Classic of mountains and seas. Ling Qiao tells her that he likes those books, and she tells him that they are ridiculous. She asks him though that can Alice go back to living a normal life after experiencing Wonderland. She tells him that once he’s gone she’s go back to living her insignificant life full of bad luck. Ling Qiao ask if she thinks her life is boring than other people must live in dead water, though he assures her that living a short, boring, normal life is good. But she pushes back that’s only because he’s immortal that he thinks that. She tells him that being immortal is still scary but there is one thing that scare her more. When he asks what she won’t tell him.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 10.34.18

She turns around and teases him, reminding him that he once said that if anyone found out that he would whisk her away to the forest and it got her excited to fish, and survive off the land. Ling Qiao asks her if she really wants to live a caveman lifestyle and she tells him it’s not that. He’s come to her house so she wants to live where he would eventually live. Jing Zhi tells him to consider it their break up tri and they are going to leave the following day.

Jing Zhi texts Dong Dong and tells him that she will be away in the forest for the next few days so he can take his time decrypting the files.

Xuan Xuan goes to visit Shi Guang at work but finds out that he isn’t in. His secretary tells her that he hasn’t been feeling well lately so anything that needs his signature she drops off at home. She offers to contact him but she tells her to not worry. She tries to call Shi Guang herself but his phone is off, so instead she calls Jing Zhi to have tea with her. Jing Zhi apologizes and tells her that she’s heading to the woods for a few days. They chat and Xuan Xuan tells Jing Zhi about cancelling her engagement which makes Jing Zhi happy. Ling Qiao tells Jing Zhi that she arrives and she disconnect with Xuan Xuan.

When they get off the bus they are in the middle of the forest and she asks Ling Qiao where to next. He asks her if she remembers her flying position, which she is more than happy to get into. He picks her up and brings them to an amazing clearing. Jing Zhi pulls out an umbrella and tells Ling Qiao that she brought swimsuits, and he teases her into treating this like a vacation. She simply smiles and Ling Qiao tells her they need to find shelter, food and wood for fire.  Jing Zhi delegates and they are off to get stuff done.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 10.49.19

Calamari tells Jing Zhi that the doctor they were looking for has infact disappeared. The Doctor got a large sum of money right before doing the paternity test from an international wire. Yan Zhi says that he will put in a request for international help.

Shi Guang is in his car, which is stuck in traffic when Ling Qiao’s blood starts wearing off. He goes to opens his stash to find it empty. Shi Guang is only a block away so he tells his driver that he will walk. Part by Part he starts to revert back to his original form. He stumbles, crawls and claws his way to his apartment. At the same time Xuan Xuan is also making her way to his apartment and arrives just as Shi Guang closes the door. She thinks it’s lucky but as as she tries to get him to answer the door he doesn’t. Xuan Xuan calls him and hears his phone inside which makes her start worrying.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 11.02.52

There are only 4 more recaps 😥 but the show is getting so good!

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