My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 25 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking into the mystery behind the dorman body but also the recent crimes around Jing Zhi. Chen figures out that Ling Qiao is the dormant body but promised Jing Zhi not to tell anyone. We find out that Shi Guang is Ling Qiao’s enemy and he’s using his blood to keep young. Ling Qiao left a laptop with Dong Dong to decrypt, while he and Jing Zhi go to the woods on a little vacation.

Xuan Xuan is at the apartment, worried since she just saw Shi Guang had just entered into the apartment and when she calls his phone she hears it ring in the apartment. We see Shi Guang crawl and faint in the foyer. Xuan Xuan is worried that something happened to Shi Guang since his assistant told her he wasn’t feeling well so she calls Yan Zhi. She tells him his suspicion and he tells her he’s on his way.

Jing Zhi comes in with a small number of branches, she complains that she tried really hard since there aren’t many dry branches. Ling Qiao asks if she’s hungry, she tells him that she is and wondered if she came just to make a fool of herself. Ling Qiao tells her that they can get more wood after they eat, and asks if she brought anything to eat. She tells him she does if barbeque sauce counts. He smirks and gets up, he tells her to wait there until he gets back. Ling Qiao goes around picking berries (that look suspiciously like cherry tomatoes), before returning to the cave. While Jing Zhi is alone she realizes how boring and sad it is to live in a place where you can’t speak with anyone. She hugs her knees to herself, the sad realization sinking in. Ling Qiao comes back and tells her to not worry since it’s just a passing cloud. Jing Zhi springs up and hugs him forcibly from behind. She apologize for the fact that because Chen found out he will be forced to live alone without human interactions. She promises that she will never leave him alone for as long as she lives. Ling Qiao turns around and hugs her tightly in his arms. He finds that her words resonated deep within his soul because he had said those same words millions of times over the last 500 years, and now he finally has received a response.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 12.47.44

We’re back at Shi Guang’s apartment, and Xuan Xuan is pacing in the hallway when Yan Zhi arrives. Xuan Xuan tells him that there is still no response from inside the apartment. Yan Zhi tells her not to worry, the department lockpick starts work on the lock and the ambulance is already on their way. Right as the ambulance arrives, the door is opened and they enter. They find Shi Guang laying face down on the floor. They take him away and Yan Zhi tells Xuan Xuan that he has to return to the office. Xuan Xuan tells him that she’ll be ok she just needs to contact Shi Guang’s assistant.

After everyone leave, Xuan Xuan calls his assistant and notices some sweat and crawl marks on the ground. She follows the trail to the ornamental pots on the entrance way table. She turns the lid of one of them and a secret door opens. She walks in and finds a room with a fridge on the wall containing vials of blood and an empty vial on the ground.

Shi Guang’s phone starts beeping in his pocket while he’s in the ambulance. The ambulance attendants are confused but they go to pull out the phone but Shi Guang wakes up and grabs her wrists. He takes the phone and sits up, which shocks him. He remembers arriving home and being disorientated. He managed to crawl to the secret door and get into his blood supply. He chugged a vial and falls unconscious briefly. When he came to he heard them coming in so he splayed himself on the ground. Shi Guang looks to his phone and watched Xuan Xuan go into his vault and take a vial of blood.

Xuan Xuan leaves and tries to call Chen, however he is currently teaching.

Next morning, Ling Qiao and Jing Zhi are in bed, and Ling Qiao is watching her sleep. He brushes hair away from her face and she shifts in her sleep. Once she settles again he starts playing with her hand until she rolls over. He smiles down at her before getting out of bed.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 13.03.51

Jing Zhi wakes up and looks out at the beautiful view and closes her eyes again thinking that she is having a wonderful dream. She realizes that she isn’t dreaming and she gets out of bed and takes in the view.She looks down at her clothes and notice she isn’t wearing what she was wearing last night, and she smiles thinking that Ling Qiao helped her change into the clothes. She walks back in and walks straight into Ling Qiao. She tells him that it’s good that she isn’t any other actress or else her implants. Ling Qiao checks her nose and tells her it’s all good.

Ling Qiao asks why Jing Zhi is so agitated, and she tells him that she woke up in a strange room, alone, and not in her own clothes. He tells her that he helped her change last night because her clothes got wet. She asks if that was all, he confirms it. She asks him where they were and he tells her that they are at a mountain resort that can only be accessed by helicopter or by rock climbers. He tells her that if he can’t live in society this is the only type of place that he can live, so far withdrawn from society. Jing Zhi comments that it reminds her of a fairy house.

They are having breakfast and Ling Qiao serves red wine. (Hey it’s vacation, standard rules need not apply) Jing Zhi can’t believe he fooled her, and that she learnt all those survival skills for no reason. Ling Qiao smiles and apologizes for fooling her, but also thanks her for worrying. Jing Zhi is shocked because no matter how much she screamed and yelled previously he never apologized. Ling Qiao gets up from his chair, takes a steps and then kneels in front of Jing Zhi. He admits that he was wrong, she wasn’t terribly unlucky but instead she was his gift from the Gods. She has given him so many fond memories that he will never be able to forget her. He places his forehead on hers, and her eyes start watering. He pulls away and sit back down.

Screenshot 2016-05-23 13.19.27

Jing Zhi has an internal monologue where she wonders if there will be another woman in the future that will be terribly unlucky and end up loving him. She also completes the thought that she mentioned to Ling Qiao in the beach. Immortality is still scary, but for her the idea of leaving Ling Qiao live his life alone scares her far more.

Xuan Xuan arrives at the university determined to talk with Chen. She parks her car and head into the research wing, and… she gets kidnapped. Chen tries to called Xuan Xuan but he phone is off. He briefly wonders why she isn’t answering, but brushes it off to her being busy. Chen’s assistant is arguing with a courier deliver to allow her to sign for the package. Chen arrives, signs for it and finds out that it’s a vial of blood.

Jing Zhi is sitting outside on the swing when Ling Qiao comes out with a cup of coco. Jing Zhi takes a sip and tells him he added salt to the coco. Jing Zhi tells him that it’s funny that his cooking is the absolute worst but she’s willing to eat it because he made it. He recites the saying that you’d be willing to eat arsenic for the person you love. She wonders how many people he’s fed arsenic to over the last 500 years.

Jing Zhi gets serious all of a sudden and starts going through the last 3 relationships. Her 6th boyfriend is in love with her best friend and somehow caught up with her 7th boyfriend. Her 8th boyfriend kissed her 7th boyfriend and is a huge fan of her best friend. She suddenly wants to get struck by lightning. Ling Qiao seems confused and asks when did he kiss Yan Zhi, and Jing Zhi asks if he didn’t save Yan Zhi, and she bit her tongue. Ling Qiao tells her that he used a needle because he gets the most concentrated amount of enzymes that way. Jing Zhi jumps up and ask if he could have saved her without kissing her. He tells her he could have but no one carries a needle around at all times. He admits that funnelling the blood in through his mouth was the most convenient way to pass blood along. Jing Zhi gets mad and storms away, while Ling Qiao is laughing.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 09.03.05

Shi Guang is released from the hospital, and his assistant leaves him with the document that he required. Inside the envelope there is a new passport for him.

Jing Zhi and Ling Qiao are at the river for a peaceful afternoon. Ling Qiao is sitting and reading while Ling Qiao is setting up a trap for some fish. Ling Qiao asks her if she’s depending on that for lunch, and she tells him of course. Ling Qiao jokes that with her luck, even in a mountain she would be eating air and drinking dry water. Jing Zhi asks him to hold off making fun of her for a little while at least until she actually failed. She asks Ling Qiao where he expects to be in the future, because she was planning on expanding her career to hollywood, so she would be travelling all over the work and would love for them to meet up for lunch if they are ever in the same area. Ling Qiao asks why she would want to expand since she is struggling to be a 2nd rate star in China. She tells him that she’s been working hard, and he jokes there are perks to being a wallflower. He tells Jing Zhi that he bought the villa that he was looking at since his old place was turned into a historical site. Jing Zhi tells him that he’s made the right choice. She tells him that she thinks something is off because her eye keeps twitching and Ling Qiao tells her not to give it much thought.

Chen stays at the lab all night examining and running test on the blood. The next morning he tries to call Xuan Xuan but her phone is still off. His assistant comes in and hands him a cup of coffee. She asks if he’s ok since he didn’t go home the night before. He tells her she’s fine but bounces some ideas off her about the blood. He receives a scam call about winning the lottery and he wonders why people keep trying to trick the same people. He turns off his phone.

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Xuan Xuan’s mother calls Yan Zhi and tells him that Xuan Xuan was kidnapped. Yan Zhi comes over and watches the video that was sent to Xuan Xuan’s mother. The kidnappers are requesting 100 million eun. Yan Zhi asks if she’s already contacted Shi Guang, which she admits it slipped her mind. He tells her he’s probably got a video  too since the ransom was directed to both of the companies. Calamari calls Yan Zhi and tells him that Xuan Xuan was kidnapped and the video was uploaded online.

Shi Guang arrives at his office building and gets swarmed by the media asking about his feelings about Xuan Xuan’s abduction. He tells her that he’s already told his secretary to sell his things at low prices to get the money together. He pleads to a camera to not hurt Xuan Xuan.

Calamari found Xuan Xuan’s car at the university and Yan Zhi automatically thinks that she had gone to see Chen. He asks if Calamari tried to call him and he admits that he did but he didn’t pick up however his assistant told him that he was in the lab all night and had just gone to sleep. Yan Zhi tells Calamari to pull the security footage of Shi Guang’s apartment building.

Jing Zhi is looking at the 2 fish in a fishbowl that she caught. She wonders out loud how they got into her bowl, and Ling Qiao tells her that it’s due to her bad luck. Jing Zhi tells her future boyfriends will thank him for how he’s treated her. Ling Qiao jokes that her boyfriend schedule is busier than her work. Jing Zhi tells him that the best way to get other a current relationship is to hurry into a new one, which she is planning on doing. Ling Qiao tells her not to dare, and Jing Zhi asks if he wants to control her. Ling Qiao laughs and reaches around her to grab the remote to turn on the TV. Jing Zhi places Ling Qiao’s hand on her stomach and jokes about being pregnant with his kid and she’ll have a mini monster running around. He tells her to stop talking nonsense. She gets up and goes to eat when she hears about Xuan Xuan’s abduction.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 09.26.00

Yan Zhi and Calamari are checking the footage of when Xuan Xuan leaves and she acts a little off. She gets off at the 5th floor momentarily and then gets because on. Yan zhi can’t figure out why she would have gotten off on the 5th floor. Calamari suggests that she might have seen someone she knows when she accidently got out the first time.

Jing Zhi calls Yan Zhi as soon as she has reception and tells him that they need to find Xuan Xuan. Yan Zhi tells her not to worry he’s working on it. He tells her that once she gets home she shouldn’t go out along. Jing Zhi agrees with him and tells him she’ll be waiting for his good news.

Jing Zhi starts imagining the worst and Ling Qiao tells her that he believes that Xuan Xuan will be fine. Ling Qiao grabs her hand to give her moral support. Jing Zhi warns Ling Qiao that if Xuan Xuan is seriously injured that she’ll force him to do what he hates doing. She also adds on that he was right, humans are greedy. Ling Qiao tells her that he wouldn’t do it for her, and to remember that he is her biggest fan. Jing Zhi rests her head on Ling Qiao shoulder.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 09.34.48

This episode is a complete roller coaster with the emotions. I still love the chemistry on set.

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