My Little Lover – Minami Kun No Koibito


source: Viki

My Little Lover is a newer drama based off of manga series called Minami kun no Koibito that came out in the late 80s . There are 10 episodes all with a run time of 30 minutes. I really struggled with this was a short drama or not, I decided t pose this like a full drama series.

It follows Shunichi Minami (Taishi Nakagawa), a good looking and intelligent high schooler who has trouble trusting people, and Chiyomi Horikiri (Maika Yamamoto), a cheerful good who loves to dance. They were once good friends but then suddenly in middle school Minami cut Horikiri out of his life.

The series begins with Horikiri getting into a fight with her parents and running away. That evening something happens and she turns into a mini version of herself. Minami finds out that she didn’t go home the night before and goes to their old hide away and finds mini her. He’s now stuck trying to help her turn back to normal and not let her parents find out what really happened.

It’s a cute drama, though the CGI is a little wonky. It’s definitely a cute drama to watch, but don’t expect there to me much of a plot but if you like a ridiculous rom com this is for you.


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