She and Her Cat – Everything Flows-



She and her cat is a short anime consisting of only 4 episode with a run time of 10ish minutes an episode. It’s also known as Kanojo to Kanojo no Neko: Everything Flow in japanese, it is a retelling of an anime by the same name from 1999.

This anime is cute and out of the box. The story is told by the cat, Daru, as her reflects back on his life with Miyu ever since she was young. The story hits all of the emotions throughout, and hits home for any animal owners. It’s a sweet story that depicts the love that we hope our animals feel for us.

Not only does it show how this cat feels for his owner, but it also shows that difficulty that young people need to go through to find themselves and to try and move forward. There are a lot of obstacles that are put in young peoples way before they can succeed.

Over all I likes this anime, though it’s short, it’s very sweet and powerful.


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