My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 26 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking into the mystery behind the dorman body but also the recent crimes around Jing Zhi. Chen figures out that Ling Qiao is the dormant body but promised Jing Zhi not to tell anyone. We find out that Shi Guang is Ling Qiao’s enemy and he’s using his blood to keep young. Ling Qiao left a laptop with Dong Dong to decrypt, while he and Jing Zhi go to the woods on a little vacation which is cut short because Xuan Xuan is kidnapped.

Jing Zhi is sitting on the couch worrying when Ling Qiao comes out of his bedroom. Ling Qiao tells her to at least eat something, he even ordered pizza. Jing Zhi tells him that she doesn’t have an appetite. Ling Qiao reminds her that he promised Xuan Xuan would be ok, Ling Zhi tells him she trusts him but she’s worried it’s because of her that Xuan Xuan is in danger. She is worried that she may be cursed, and Ling Qiao tells her that it’s not because of her, and she wonders if it’s because of him, and he admits it could be a possibility. Jing Zhi tells Ling Qiao that she will call Dong Dong to tell him he needs to finish the decryption tomorrow.

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Yan Zhi is at Xuan Xuan’s house waiting for the phone call. He tries to get Xuan Xuan’s mother to go to bed since the abductor will only call the last day.

While Shi Guang is driving he looks down at his arm at a scar. He complains that even while drinking Ling Qiao’s blood, it can’t take away his scar. He is determined to kill him and can’t wait for his next chance.

Dong Dong is working on the laptop at Jing Zhi’s house , when Ling Qiao asks how much longer it will take him. Dong Dong tells him to relax because the 1st document is almost complete. He admits that it’s harder than he initially thought it would be. The 1st document is finished and they are looking at the fake photo. Jing Zhi mentions that the original photo must be on the computer and Ling Qiao tells him to continue working on it.

Shi Guang is sitting at home when Detective Zhang comes in, he offers him a beer and tells him to sit. Shi Guang tells him he must be suffering. Zhang tells him that he’s come for his  money and then he’s leaving. Shi Guang gets up and tells him that he still needs his money to save Xuan Xuan, and he turns around holding a gun. He tells him that he messed up the  job and he expects payment. Zhang tells him that he should have seen Shi Guang betraying him. He tells him that if he dies he has some files that will be sent to the cops and Ling Qiao. Zhang reminds him that killing someone and framing another are both death sentences.

We get to see the entire progression of Zhang finding that Shi Long hired the assisine, then hiring the same one to kill Jing Zhi. We see the assassin setting the storage room on fire, Zhang switching the car freshner, and finally the car chase where the car explodes. We then see Zhang tampering with the assassin’s files with the fake photo.

Shi Guang tells him that his confession will mean nothing since the cops need evidence to solve cases. Zhang asks him if he remembers how he found the assassin in the first place.

Dong Dong decrypts the 2nd file and it’s the dash cam from the Shi Guang’s car from the day of the accident. Jing Zhi doesn’t understand why he didn’t give the video to the police, and is really confused about everything. Ling Qiao tells Dong Dong to get the last file decrypted.

Shi Guang realizes that he kept the video. Zhang tells him that the police will be curious as to why he didn’t hand it over after the accident. Shi Guang tells him that it’s simple, he stole his event tracker and planted evidence to frame Shi Long, it still has nothing to do with him. Shi Guang tells him that he shouldn’t have come back, Zhang tells him it was only for his reward. Shi Guang offers either his bullet or police cuffs. Zhang tells him that if he believes the video won’t do anything, then how about the picture. Shi Guang tells him that the picture was destroyed there, and Zhang asks him if he’s sure.

We get walked through the villa murders and Zhang looking for the photo.When he finds it he messes up the house. Before he goes to see Shi Guang he takes a photo of the original photograph as a record. Shi Guang isn’t happy about the news.

Jing Zhi complains that it’s taking Dong Dong too much time, he tells her that if she doesn’t like it she could do it herself. Jing Zhi wines to Ling Qiao that Dong Dong is bullying her and he should say something. He tells her that Dong Dong is her assistant so why would he say anything. She winds up to hit him when he announces that he’s finished. He pulls up the original picture and they all stare in confusion when the see Shi Guang in the photo.

Shi Guang reminds Zhang that he hates when people threaten him and presses the gun into his jaw. Zhang tells him that he hates death even more and what does he think would happen to him if Ling Qiao finds out.

Ling Qiao calls Shi Guang under the pretense of seeing if there has been any leads in the case to find Xuan Xuan. Dong Dong then calls another number which allows Ling Qiao to hear the vibration while on the phone with Shi Guang. Dong Dong and Ling Qiao hang up at the same time. Jing Zhi asked him who did he asks Dong Dong to call and he admits that he asked him to call his enemy.

Screenshot 2016-05-25 15.20.16

Shi Guang checks his phone once he is off the phone and recognized Dong Dong’s phone number. Zhang promises to keep his secret, and Shi Guang tells him that Ling Qiao already knows and pulls the trigger.

Yan Zhi is at his desk when Calamari tells him that at the time the Xuan Xuan stepped off the elevator, someone on the 5th floor was receiving a courier package. Yan Zhi is confused that she got off because she saw a courier. Calamari assures him that he will be talking with the courier service that afternoon. He also tells him that they received a fax from the international police with the account number that paid the doctor. Yan Zhi looks at the paper and then pulls out the paper that has the account number of the person who paid the research lab, and it’s the same number. Yan Zhi asks call if he still can’t get through to Chen, and Calamari confirms that.

Chen finishes showering at the lab, and turns on the TV for some background noise. He hears about Xuan Xuan’s abduction and calls Yan Zhi right away. Yan Zhi chastises him for not answering his phone earlier. Chen asks if there are any leads, and Yan Zhi tells him no, since the abductor didn’t call. Yan Zhi confirms that he found out something unrelated. He tells him the Shi Guang is an imposter, and the same account that paid the doctor who faked the paternity test also funded the lab. Yan zhi tells him that the only logical conclusion is that Shi Guang is behind the abduction. Chen tells Yan Zhi that 2 days  ago he received blood from the dormant body and he had turned off his phone to continue his research. Yan Zhi tells Chen that Xuan Xuan had sent him the sample and Shi Guang probably found out that she took a vial and abducted her. Chen tells Yan Zhi that he has to call Jing Zhi, he asks why and Chen promises to tell him later, but for now he just needs to find evidence. Chen goes to his car, realizes he forgot his keys and hails a cab.

Jing Zhi is pacing while looking at the picture while Ling Qiao stares at his juice. Jing Zhi mentions that his enemy was someone so close and stipulates that it must hurt. Ling Qiao tells her that because he was Xuan Xuan’s fiancé he never suspected him. He also thought that the person who used his blood should be healthy, and since Shi guang was so sick it never crossed his mind. Ling Qiao wonders what he was researching if not for his illness. Ling Qiao feels ashamed that he was so easily manipulated, he thinks back to one of the many misleading conversations he had with Shi Guang. Jing Zhi tells him that Shi Long did fit better to the profile rather that a philanthropist like Shi Guang. Ling Qiao thanks her for trying to make him feel better. Jing Zhi did wonder why he hired someone to kill her in a burning building. Ling Qiao tells her the purpose wasn’t to kill her, but rather to distract him and think that she was the target for the car chase, and to lead him to the fake photo. Ling Qiao jokes and tells her that looking back the banquet was held in her honour. Jing Zhi reminds him that had he come 1 minute later should would have been able to smell her own burning flash. Jing Zhi suddenly asks Ling Qiao how he knew the person in the photo was Shi Long, and he tells her it was because of the press conference that she shared. Jing Zhi realizes that she was one of Shi Guang’s  chess pieces because he asked her to post it. Shi Guang goes to tell Ling Qiao to pluck off his head when he catches him but he finishes her sentence because Dong Dong already told him the same thing.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 12.20.43

Chen calls Jing Zhi and tells her that he’s coming over and about 15 minutes away. Jing Zhi tries to get Ling Qiao to leave and he refuses because he didn’t do anything wrong. She tells him that it’s because she’s afraid of a fight and Ling Qiao assures her that he can take him. She tells him that she is more afraid that he’ll kill him. Ling Qiao asks why Chen is coming over and she tells him she’s not sure but he said something about knowing who kidnapped Xuan Xuan and wants to talk. Ling Qiao wonders if Shi Guang actually abducted Xuan Xuan,  and he realizes that it’s a very bad thing. He then realizes that if Chen knows his identity than maybe he’s figured out Shi Guang’s as well.

The driver of the cab asks Chen if he’s done anything, and he tells him no and then asks him why. the cab driver tells him that the silver van has been following him. Chen tells him that he’s just scaring himself. Finally the cabby pulls over and asks him to leave because he’s worried about the van. He agrees and gets out. Sure enough the silver van stops and 2 men get out. Chen runs and uses his surroundings to get away for a bit, however he finally gets cornered. He’s preparing for his death when Ling Qiao comes in and saves him, and looks good while doing it. Chen thanks him for saving him.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 12.32.09

Chen arrives to Jing Zhi house with Yan zhi, which surprises her. She tells him that she sent Ling Qiao to pick him up, and asked if he passed him. Chen tells her he did meet with Ling Qiao but then met up with Yan Shi after. Yan Zhi asks Jing Zhi if what Chen is telling her is accurate, but she doesn’t speak up. Chen tells him that had he come earlier he would have seen a monster in person, he quickly back tracks and uses Ling Qiao’s name after Jing Zhi glares at him. Yan Zhi asks her to say something, but she tells him she has nothing to add. Chen explains that he knows who drained his blood 100 years ago and who also kidnapped Xuan Xuan. Jing Zhi tells them that they just found out about that.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 12.38.08

Ling Qiao goes to Shi Guang’s apartment and knocks, there is no answer. He gets into his apartment via the balcony. He looks around and finds the secret door and switch. He opens it and walks inside finding a fridge that once held his blood and an empty vial. He takes a little blood and his memories return to him.

He’s at home reading when he hear people running from the military huddled up against his door. The mother is telling the sun to go on without. Before the pair gets to a decision Ling Qiao opens the doors and brings them in before the solder see them. He show them to his backyard when 10+ families are already staying and a room is being cleared for them. He advises them that their rent will be taken out of their salary. They go to thank him but he tells him not to because Ling Qiao was the one to bring them and he has an excellent judge of character. Since the mother is excellent at embroidery and Lai Boa can help out at the shop as an errand boy. Lai Boa looks to where Ling Qiao had just been standing and he was already gone.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 12.42.25

Through the flashback we see that Ling Qiao, Lai Boa, and Lai Boa’s mother had a very good relationship for many years. When Lai Boa’s mother asks where Ling Qiao’s family is, he admits that they past away long ago. Lai Boa’s mother complains that family is very important, but thanks to him they are still alive. Lai Boa tells Ling Qiao that he will me his servant forever, and when he asks what will happen when he has a wife, he tells him he’ll ask her to also be his servant. Lia Boa’s mother tells Ling Qiao if there is ever anything that he needs in the future to just tell them.

For 10 years Ling Qiao watched Lai Boa grow up, and his mother grow older. They were all together when he bought his first camera. Lai Boa mentions that he had heard that cameras capture the soul, his mother tells him that Ling Qiao told them it only captures a picture, and he wouldn’t hurt them. Lai Boa asks how long a picture would last, and Ling Qiao tells him that if properly cared for it could lasts for more than a hundred years.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 13.00.35

Suddenly Lai Boa’s mother contracts tuberculosis and the doctor tells him there isn’t anything they can do. Lai Boa tries to beg him to get help from his American friends and he tells him that TB is very hard to cure. He tells him that it’s best just to make his mother comfortable.

Ling Qiao arrived back at Jing Zhi’s house while Yan Zhi and Chen are still there.

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