My Amazing Boyfriend Recap is Almost over


After this post there is only 2 more recaps going live for My Amazing Boyfriend. During the course of this recap I have: written 221 5×8 pages, finished 3 pens, used 56 staples, typed 85,000+ words, spent a month worth of time working on it and had so much fun writing. I am so honored that you guys love it. Now we get to the issue, what to recap next!

I haven’t watched Descendants of the Sun which is still trending hard so I might do that one, Or even the entertainer, but I want to hear from you guys, my reader. Is there anything you want me to review for you? Anything you would like a recap for? Or anything you just want to tell me like how much I Suck. XP

I’ve enabled even anonymous comments so you don’t have to have a wordpress account to comment on my posts. You can also tweet me at @otaku_confesses and I will reply! Thank you again for reading, and I’ll see you in my next post!

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4 thoughts on “My Amazing Boyfriend Recap is Almost over

  1. It’s been my honor and I had a blast doing them. If you ever what me to recap anything else cause you can’t find out feel free to comment and I’ll take a look at the show. Thank you for reading.


  2. SelusLolita

    I searched for “My Amazing Boyfriend” recap, but i couldn’t find one. When i found i really grateful to you. You did amazing job, Thank you 🙂

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  3. MissyLovesDrama

    Hi. I’m currently watching and loving Beautiful Gong Shim. It’s ongoing and only 5 episodes have aired until now. Check it out to see if it’s something you’ll enjoy recapping. I think you should recap an ongoing show.

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