My Amazing Boyfriend Episode 27 Recap



Quick recap. Thanks to Tian Jing Zhi (Wu Qian) getting into a car accident and her blood brings Xue Ling Qiao (Kim Tae Hwan) back from the dead. Li Yan Zhi (Fu Jia) and Ye Chen are looking into the mystery behind the dorman body but also the recent crimes around Jing Zhi. Chen figures out that Ling Qiao is the dormant body but promised Jing Zhi not to tell anyone. We find out that Shi Guang is Ling Qiao’s enemy and he’s using his blood to keep young. Ling Qiao left a laptop with Dong Dong to decrypt, while he and Jing Zhi go to the woods on a little vacation which is cut short because Xuan Xuan is kidnapped. Everyone figures out that Shi Guang is the one behind everything, and probably the person who kidnapped Xuan Xuan.

Ling Qiao arrives back at the house while Yan Zhi and Chen are still there. He sits down and an awkward silence falls on the group of them. Jing Zhi breaks the silence and asks where Ling Qiao had gone. He glances over at Yan Zhi before telling them that he had gone to visit Shi Guang’s apartment, and stipulates that he’s gone into hiding. Chen asks Yan Zhi if he still doesn’t believe him and he doesn’t understand why he wants him to believe him so badly. Yan Zhi thanks Ling Qiao for saving him, and Ling Qiao simply nods. The awkward silence gets unbearable and Jing Zhi breaks it again. She tells the 2 men that since they are all her ex-boyfriends they should get along. She turns to Ling Qiao and tells him since he’s her most recent ex-boyfriend she likes him that most and they other 2 should stop treating him like a monster. Jing Zhi notices that Chen is leaning on Yan Zhi and tells him that he has Xuan Xuan and should quell any romantic feeling he has for Yan Zhi and this makes the two men spring apart.

Chen chastises Jing Zhi for making a joke at a time like this. She tells them that she’s not worried because Ling Qiao has promised to save Xuan Xuan already. Yan Zhi tells them that the abductors will probably call the next day to give them instructions and he will need Ling Qiao help. Ling Qiao tells him he’ll help him as much as he can. Jing Zhi is more scared of how Xuan Xuan is feeling, and is certain she’s scared.

Shi Guang shows up with wine and set the table in front of Xuan Xuan before removing her blindfold and untying her. He mentions that she doesn’t look surprised to see him. Xuan Xuan tells him that since she figured out his secret it wasn’t hard to guess that he was behind it. Shi Guang tells her that he’s always liked her arrogant attitude. Xuan Xuan questions him as to why he’s comes, and he promises to tell her after they have a drink. So Xuan Xuan gulps down the glass of wine. Shi Guang explains that the following day he will getting the ransom and they won’t be seeing each other anymore. Since they had a relationship he  felt like he needed to say goodbye. He had planned everything differently, and how he would sacrifice himself to save her before taking the money with him to his new life. Sadly her friends discovered his secret and now he needs to change plans.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 14.42.26

He reveals to her that though he is uncertain if it’s because he’s getting older or because he’s gotten so use to his current life, but not being with people leaves him feeling lonely. He tells her that he’s used many names over the years, that he’s forgotten most of them. He reveals however that the one that he can still remember because he’s used it the most since his mother gave it to him more than 100 years ago is Lai Bao.

Jing Zhi asks Ling Qiao if he remembers everything. He admits that he does, and though it’s not pleasant it’s better that he remembers rather than forget. Jing Zhi asks if Lai Bao was a bad kid growing up, and he admits that he wasn’t. He tells her how he gave the photo of Lai Bao and his mother to his mother who asked him a favour. She asks Ling Qiao to take care of Lai Bao after she dies; shortly there after he dies and they morn.

We hear his internal monologue that no matter who he meets, whether they are good or bad, they will always end up being a memory. As he places the photo of the son and mother pair in a box, with his jade plaque, Lai Bao storms in and crashes to the ground with a sever knife wound to his abdomen. Lai Bao’s mother’s words replay in his ears as he picks up a glass of water. He bites his tongue and drops some blood into the water before feeding it to Lai Bao. Lai Boa freaks out when he looks down and he is completely healed, and asks him what type of monster he is. Ling Qiao assures him that soon he will be leaving so he must remember to live well when he’s gone.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 15.00.46

Ling Qiao internal monologue kicked in again, saying that he would have made a different decision had he known that it would doom him to show pity to the boy. A while later Boss Sun, the man who ran the store, comes to see Ling Qiao to tell him the Lai Bao hasn’t shown up for work in a while and if he doesn’t show up the following day he will have to look for a replacement. He also mentions to Ling Qiao that there are rumors that Lai Bao has been returning home drunk almost every night. Ling Qiao goes looking for the boy because he still cares, and finds him drunk outside a bar.

Ling Qiao confronts Lai Bao and asks him when did he become a drunk, Lai Bao lashes out at him telling him it’s none of his business. Ling Qiao pushes him, and then kicks him, while telling him that he didn’t save his life so he can ruin it. Lai Bao cries to him and tells him that he believed him when he said there was nothing they could do to save his mother, but obviously there was. Ling Qiao tells him that he has his own principles to adhere to, like not messing with nature. Lai Bao blames it on the fact that he can’t die, and Ling Qiao tells him that it’s not always a good thing.

Ling Qiao starts begging Ling Qiao to turn him into the same thing that he is. He tells him that he will do anything he says just to be like him, and be able to live forever. Ling Qiao asks him what would he do if he asks him to kill someone. After a short pause Lai Bao says that he will do it. (Wrong Answer.) Ling Qiao pushes him to the ground and tells him that be can’t believe that would be his answer. He then tells him to leave his sights because if he sees him again he will kill him. Ling Qiao’s inner monologue tells us that  after 100 years of living with humans that the greed of a human’s heart is still a sharp knife for him, and he really must learn to hide.

After an unspecified amount of time, a worker from the shop comes in search of Ling Qiao telling him that Lai Bao has turned crazy. He was muttering the night before say how he could bring his mother back and dug up her grave, and brought it to the docks. Ling Qiao runs to the doc and when he finds Lai Bao he asks him where his mother’s remains are. He points to in a cold storage and then lock him in there. Again with the internal monologue, that before he notices, Lai Bao’s heart was consumed with with desire. After a while Lai Bao comes in to talk with Ling Qiao. He mentions that he should be surprised that he knows his weakness but he tells him that he told him himself. He always wanted to take Ling Qiao to see the snow in his hometown but Ling Qiao would never go because he was scared of the cold. Lai Bao told him not to blame him after his death because he brought it on himself, and then he cuts his throat.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 15.18.12

Jing Zhi was shocked that Lai Bao returned Ling Qiao’s kindness by slitting his throat and mentioned that he shouldn’t have saved him. Ling Qiao tells her that the Lai bao that he first met, the Lai Bao that slit his throat, and the Lai Bao that she knows are all different people. Ling Qiao tells her that by living a certain way, changes who you are as a person. Jing Zhi agrees with him because had they not met Ling Qiao would still be a dormant body, and had he not fallen in love with her he would have left already. Ling Qiao reminds her that he has been lying in a coffin for  years and he doesn’t knows Lai Bao has been up to.

Lai Bao asks if Xuan Xuan isn’t curious about his statement. He tells her that he’s not there to hurt her, just to talk, so she can ask whatever questions she wants. Xuan Xuan pours herself another glass of wine before chugging it. She asks if he has really been alive for 100 years. He confirms that he had, but he mentions that it’s no wonder that she’s confused since Jing Zhi never told her that he boyfriend has been alive for over 500. Xuan Xuan ask if they will never grow old, he shakes his head and tells her that Ling Qiao won’t because he’s selfish and narrow minded person so he won’t share the ability. Lai Bao tells her that he drains Ling Qiao’s blood 100 years ago and has been using it to stay young while Ling Qiao has been passed around museums. He mentions that the blood should have lasted him for 200 years but the lately he’s been needing it more and more. If he doesn’t take the blood right away be starts reverting back into an old man, and there are no symptoms before the occurrence. He’s been running out, so he wanted to get Ling Qiao out of storage to see if he could figure something out. He hadn’t planned on his his transport vehicle crashing into her unlucky girlfriend and reviving him. Xuan Xuan warns him that Jing Zhi is so unlucky that it throws people off guard a lot of the time.

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Xuan Xuan admits that she doesn’t understand something, if Lai Bao has lived such a long important life, Ling Qiao’s blood is losing it’s effectiveness, then it might be God’s way of warning him to stop. She admits that if she was him at this point she would just let it go. Lai Bar tells her that someone born with a silver spoon in her mouth wouldn’t understand. He asks her why did she get born with everything given to her while other children have to starve. He then asks why Ling Qiao gets to live forever while he has to die. Lai Bao tells her that his life has been hard trying to stay in the shadows living like a rat. She reminds him that he chose that life. She gets up and Lai Bao moves and she tells him to calm down because it’s not like she can hurt him.

She goes to get her purse and pulls out a deck of Tarot cards. She asks him again that he should be being reborn the following day, and he confirms it. She asks him if she could read his fortune. He tells her that he doesn’t believe in fortunes, he only believes in himself. She tells him that it couldn’t hurt, so be picks a card and tells her to take as much time as she likes to read it, because he leave. He tells her goodbye and it was a pleasure to meet her. She turns over the card and I couldn’t tell what the card was, it almost looked like birth but sometimes those hards can be misleading.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 16.14.56

Jing Zhi gets a call from Xuan Xuan’s mother asking her for some company the next day. Ling Qiao tells her to go and keep her company. Jing Zhi tells Ling Qao that she’ll leave the next day to him to get Xuan Xuan back, and she going to bed. As she gets to the door she stops and calls to him. She tells him that she’ll keep that bedroom for him forever and the goes inside.

Yan Zhi’s team is in place when Jing Zhi’s father gets the call. The abductor tells him to get into his car and drive and he will call him again later. The call was over to quickly to be traced. They prepare to follow Xuan Xuan’s father, his car, as well has his clothing had trackers being placed in them. They leave while Jing Zhi is taking care of Xuan Xuan’s mother.

Right as Yan Zhi gets out of the house Chen tells him that he wasn’t to go with him, and he tells him absolutely not because he’s not trained. Chen grabs him by his arm and gives him that look that tells Yan Zhi he’s going, and he caves telling him he can go in the communication van. The team goes out, and everyone follows the car, the police on the ground and Ling Qiao from the rooftops.

Xuan Xuan’s mother thanks Jing Zhi for being with her, and she tells her not to worry about it. Xuan Xuan’s mother tells her that she’ll go and get Jing Zhi a glass of water, though she protests her Godmother tells her that she needs to feel useful. While she walks away she looks and Jing Zhi sadly like she’s about to do something bad.

Xuan Xuan gets directed to go to an abandoned storefront and change clothes, which he did and when he switched clothes her remembered to take the tracker. Xuan Xuan’s father’s van suddenly turns left and speeds up, and their suddenly worried that they lose him since the car is get outside of their receiving range. When they finally turn they find that the van had stopped moving.

Chen tells Yan zhi that he believes they were tricked and Yan Zhi stops the car abruptly. Yan Zhi tells the communication van to track the tracker under the name monster in the woods. He also instructs someone to send someone to check the store where Xuan Xuan’s father entered, and is just coming to after being knocked out. They speed up and stop the truck to find another driver who turns out to just be a hired driver.

The driver from the van arrives and his boss tells him that he did a good job, and now they didn’t have to trade the hostage for the money. They tell them to check the money when the car door suddenly closes. They are all confused and don’t understand what happened. Ling Qiao calls to them from behind next to Xuan Xuan. He proceeds to beat them up nicely.

The communication van tells them that Monster in the forest tracking had stopped moving, and he tells them that that’s where the abductors are going to be.

When Ling Qiao comes back after beating up the bad guys, she hands him back her phone telling him that she called her mom and told her that she is fine. Jing Zhi was in the bathroom so she couldn’t talk with her. Ling Qiao mentions that she doesn’t seem surprised and asked if Jing Zhi had told her. Xuan Xuan tells him that it wasn’t Jing zhi but actually Shi Guang . She believes that he didn’t think that she would survive so he told her everything. She also mentions that after hearing his story that she can live without doubts.  Xuan Xuan believes that Jing Zhi would bug him until he saved her. Ling Qiao agrees that Jing Zhi is really nice to her friends. Xuan Xuan asks Ling Qiao that if he’s lived for 500 years how can he put up with Jing Zhi’s nonsense. This simply triggers Ling Qiao into thinking about all the times that he had with Jing Zhi, and Xuan Xuan asks if he has duct tape at home.

Screenshot 2016-05-26 16.42.36

One more episode lets hope the finale is great.

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  1. Actually, for me it doesn’t look like an open ending but rather more like just another episode hangcliffer, that’s why people feel unsatisfied i think.. I’m happy they making the season 2 or not i will really dissapointed.. I wait happily for OTP cute story without crazy blood thirst.

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