One for the Money (Stephanie Plum Series Book #1)


I’ll be honest, due to the final stretch of My Amazing Boyfriend I didn’t have time to finish a book. So I went onto my extensive read book list and pulled off, One for the money.


One for the Money

Quick Summary:

This wacky comedy book follows Stephanie Plum, who is down on her luck having just lost her job, and is in need of some cash. She black mails her sleazy cousin Vinnie into giving her a job. So this lingerie buyer turn bounty hunter is in way over her head when she tries to go after her cop ex-classmate. Thankfully, due to Connie using one of her favors, she’s got the best bounty hunter in the city, and arguably the state as her teacher. I only have one hints for you. Imagine Dwayne ‘the rock’ Johnson when reading about Ranger, and you’re welcome.


This book is an oldy but a goody. Originally published in 1994, this is the first book in a series featuring Stephanie Plum. If you start with this book and work your way through, you get to see that characters flesh out and Janet Evanovich finding her stride with his series. Now I have both read and listened to these books. Lorelei King has been narrating the books since the first one, and she really has the character’s voices down. It’s a really fun listen to, but be warned you might start laughing out loud at the recording.

All of the Stephanie Plum novels are funny but they do tend to follow a formula, so if you’re not into formulaic novels move on. I enjoy them for their light antics. There is a love triangle later in the series but at the beginning it’s really just about  a plain Jane who isn’t exactly good at her new job. Thankfully Ranger is there to try and teach her. Try be the operative word.

This book also introduces us to most of the major characters of the series and gives us the basis for all of them to expand on as the series moves along.

This series is a hit or a miss with people. Don’t walk into it thinking it’s going to be a cerebral experience, or a serious mystery. This is a silly light hearted story about Stephanie Plum, who is a really  bad bounty hunter, who is surrounded by a group of misfits and get’s into a lot of hyjinx due to her ineptitude. I enjoy it, but tread with caution.

Movie review:

I really have only one contraction for it : Don’t

I didn’t like the casting or how they portrayed Stephanie Plum or her rag tag friend groups. Mind you they got Lula and Vinnie down, but no one else. It’s a bad movie and I would suggest you just read the book.


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