Lucky Romance Episode 11 Recap



We rewatch Soo Ho’s (Ryu Jun Yeol) confession and Bo Nui’s (Hwang Jung Eum) refusal. We also get to see their first kisses, again. Bo Nui pushes him away and they have a little back and forth. Soo Ho walks Bo Nui through his reasoning as to why he believes her to be lying. about not love him. She admits that her heart has come to love him without her consent. She tells him that she wants him to forget that day because she wants to  on her own and then let her feelings fade. Even though Soo Ho promise to do anything for her to prove his love, she simply asks him to forget about his confession and their kiss. She promises to see him at the office the next day and leaves.

Soo Ho goes home and is confused. He wonders what’s so hard about their relationship and he wonders if it really is that hard.

Bo Nui dreams about them in a park next to the river. Soo Ho is standing under a tree holding flowers and  Bo Nui runs to him and they twirl around being really happy.  Her little voice over asks if she ever ran towards her open happiness before. At the end of the dream, she sees the shaman who tells her that happiness isn’t hers, and she wakes up. The words replay in her head and she is saddened.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 10.25.09.png

Mr Je wakes up the next morning to find Mrs Je really made at him telling him not to cross the line. She accuses him of not only going to the company to makes a show for security but running rampage in a store where their son’s company frequents and embarrass him. Mr Je remembers the night before. He accused her about the rumours that would be spread going to the restaurant. They have a back and forth about things that they’ve done wrong in the past.

A Nurse goes to open the window in Bo Ra’s room to find her eyes are open.

Soo Ho gets to the office and Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hun) congratulates him. He starts asking about the date and Soo Ho informs him that they didn’t go. He tells him that he didn’t attempt formally so he wasn’t rejected formally. As he walks away Ryang Ha knows that he’s been rejected.

Bo Nui runs into the office and B-lines straight to Soo Ho. She tells him that she needs to talk to him. He closes the blinds and asks if she reconsidered. She tells him she hasn’t but she needs him to be her talisman. She tells her that Bo Ra opened her eyes, and Soo Ho breaks out into a huge smile.

They get to the hospital and Bo Nui explains that when she got the call, the only person she thought of was him. He lends her a land but she asks if they can use the red string because she thinks it’s better. He just smiles slightly and asks her to give it to him, and asks if he only has to wrap it around his pinky.

They go in and Bo Nui starts talking with her sister telling her that she did well. She introduces him as the CEO and someone she’s grateful too. Soo Ho tells her that she introduced him wrong. He tells Bo Ra that he’s the man that her sister likes, and Bo Ra needs to get better to tells Bo Nui to be happy in his place of him. He promises to see her often.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 10.39.56.png

Then as the leave the hospital, their pinky fingers still attached by the red string (Of fate!!!!), Bo Nui looks thoughtfully at the string. She goes to untie the string and Soo Ho tells her to stop resisting and to come to him. He mentions that after their first kiss, Bo Ra opened her eyes and it must be a sign. She accuses of not believing that. He admits that he doesn’t, but he’s starting to understand keeping someone by your side while bringing in senseless things. Soo Ho pulls out the necklace from the day before, he tells her that math class was always boring for him because he already knew the answer but had to wait for the other kids to solve it. He suggests that she needs that time, and hands her the necklace. He tells her that she simply doesn’t know that the answer is already chosen, but when she finds the answer in her heart she should come to him on her own two feet and with her own free will. He turns to walk away pulling her by her pinky.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 10.47.39

Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) is at the salon to get her hair cut when Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) calls about which ring is better. This saves her hair from going short. She goes to see him and asks what’s going on. He tells her that he didn’t confess right and wants to do it right. She pulls him out of the store and asks him what he’s planning on going after he leaves in 3 weeks. He tells her that he could ask the same. Seol He admits that he can look away while she’s gone because she’ll be back soon, and Gun Wook praises her for her confidence. Seol Hee assures him that she will support him and offers to pick for him.

Young Il(Jung In Gi) comes to deliver meals to the company. One of the guys asked him if it was him who bought the smartwatch 2 weeks prior. He mentions that he got a full bow from the CEO of coconut. He pulls up the information that he’s the genius of the first generation, and shows a news article about him. They ask him to look over the program and he tells him to look at the parameters.

Soo Ho and Young Il go to have coffee while Ryang Ha watches. Soo Ho tries to pay him for the damage and Young Il refuses the money, he tells him to simply buy plenty of chicken. Soo Ho asks how he knew his mother. He tells him about volunteering to help with computers back in university, and his mother grew fond. Soo Ho and Young Il both wondered why Mr Je acted the way he did. Soo Ho asks him why he ran a chicken shop, and he admits that when he was Soo Ho’s age he was at his peak. However all he did was work and when he finally looked around he was alone. He tells Soo Ho that before he becomes like him to grab on to what something precious before losing it. They part ways and Ryang Ha comes over holding a cat pillow and starts teasing him.

Mr Je looks at the photo album and wondered if he felt drained, and wonders why because he only had to solve equations. She mutters to the picture to smile because it brings luck.

Bo Nui is in the bathroom and pulls out the tiger necklace. She replays Soo Ho’s words in her mind, and then holds the necklace up. Seol Hee comes in and she hides it. She compliments Amy and Seol Hee wonders if Soo Ho will like what she’s wearing, before heading in to see him. Bo Nui has to recenter herself after the conversation.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 11.15.41.png

Seol Hee looks at the video game and tells them to remove the girls from the party. She tells Bo Nui that she thought that she knew him better. Dal Nim tells her that Gary has already said yes, and she mentions that he’ll say yes to anything Bo Nui asks.

After the meeting, Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) pulls Bo Nui aside and asks if she’s trying to provoke her. Bo Nui tells her not to speak back about a meticulous person because the bad aura will come back around. Soo Ho pops in and asks if there is a lot to adjust, and Bo Nui tells him that there isn’t and it should be done by the end of the day. Dal Nim puts on her cool look and heads off. Bo Nui and Soo Ho head back to the office though he walks backwards at first, and Boo Nui chastises him and tells him to turn around. He walks a bit and then tells her that she did great and he’s proud of her before leaving.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 11.19.46.png

Gun Wook arrives home with the requirements for a romantic night. (Though is the lazy song by Bruno Mars really a mood song…)

Bo Nui is at work when Gun Wook texts her, she tells him that she can’t meet him and postpones the meeting. So he calls her and she tells him that she really can’t go. When Soo Ho walks out he tells her that it’s taking a long time for her to come to the right answer, even though the answer is yes. Bo Nui tells him she’s already told him know, and he tells her ii’s the wrong answer but he’ll wait.

Soo Ho goes out to find Seol Hee at his bike, and she admits to wanting to see him. She complains that he wasn’t at the meeting, and he asks that if there is an issue he should know about because Bo Nui was there. She tells him that she’s hungry and he should buy her food.

They go to the sushi place, and he remembers Bo Nui. Seol Hee asks if he remembered the day he threw up the sushi she bought him. He admits that he doesn’t remember and she’s hurt. She tells him that it was the first time that he showed himself to her and told her about his father however it was all in her head. She asks if the plate was for Ryang Ha, and he tells her that it’s for Bo Nui because she’s working through the night. Seol Hee tells him that it’s good he’s looking after his subordinates and he tells her that it’s not how he sees Bo Nui. Seol Hee tries to convince him that he’s only momentarily attracted to her because of her oddity. Soo Ho inquires as to why Bo Nui became his friends and he asks if that isn’t loved because he curiosity and protectiveness she felt towards him is how he feels towards Bo Nui. Seol Hee realises that she lost Soo Ho’s love to Bo Nui,

Gun Wook is at home making a sandwich with the aid of his smart fridge. (Really dude a sandwich is difficult for you. I know it’s just product placement but still) He packs the sandwich for, who can assume to be, Bo Nui.

Ryang Ha meets with Dal Nim and she complains that she hasn’t had any progress since the first day. She came up with a plan, and as she explains it to him he sighs and tells himself that she doesn’t know that bus is already gone. Ryang Ha tells Dal Nim to takes off her braces, glasses and a little wait and she agrees.

Bo Nui is coming out of the bathroom when she hears whistling, and she follows it to the roof to find Soo Ho with food. They sit down and she eats it, He starts telling he to come to him but when she puts down her food he promises to wait. She tells him not to whistle and he tells her he did it on purpose so she’d follow. He tells her that he will rewrite all the painful memories for good ones. She tells him that he still can’t whistle at night even if there is only a chance. She asks if he’s trying to contact his father and he goes to the roof’s edge. They discuss his father, and how the communication between them is strained, and wonders if she ever thought ill of her parents. She tells him that he should tell him, but he reminds her that he’s like him and doesn’t know how to apologise. He’s scared that if they fight they’ll never see each other again. She tries to get him to talk with him but he refuses and they go downstairs.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 11.45.57.png

Gun Wook comes to give Bo Nui the lunch he packed. Soo Ho is staring at Bo Nui as she works and she tries to get him to focus on the screen. He stands and bends right next to her to look at the screen. Just then Gun Wook comes and sees them and decides against giving it to her.

After they talk about work Soo Ho tries to kiss hr. She pushes him away and tells him that she wants to ban physical contact. He doesn’t understand why they bother between 2 people who have kissed. She tells him that he dreamt it, but he reminds her about the kiss she gave him while she was drunk. He mentions that people say you hear bells at your first kiss but he didn’t hear anything. Bo Nui is shocked and asked if Amy wasn’t his first love. He tells her that she wasn’t and all of his first were with Bo Nui. He goes into his office and beats himself up a little.

Gun Wook and Seol Hee are both sad and thinking about their prospects. Seol Hee wonders what her feelings towards Soo Ho are and why they still ache.

Soo Ho calls Bo Nui to make sure she arrived home, and when he tells her that he misses her she fakes a bad connection and hangs up. Soo Ho gets annoyed with Bo Nui and wonders how long it’ll take her to figure out the problem. Bo Nui prays to the spirits to help her with her heart.

The next day Gun Wook tells her that the reporters are back and tells her to wear the sunglasses. She asked what he ate and he lied about eating tteokbokki. He does off for a run and she goes to work.

Mr Je comes to see Soo Ho but Dae Hae refuses him entry. When Bo Nui  comes in she says  hello and he tells them to not bother calling him. Just as he leaves Soo Ho comes in and catches the elevator with Bo Nui. When the silence was too much Soo Ho starts hammering out questions for her to answer. The last question was about their relationship which she said would be done by that night.

Soo Ho is at the office when he gets a test from his mother that she’s at his house and he runs out. HE asks if Ryang Ha gave her his passcode and he confirmed tat he did. Soo Ho gets mad but heads home. He tries to get to his bike but he forgot his key so he grabs a taxi. His mother asked why he came since she was just going to clean. He tells him that she doesn’t need to and she promises to barge in from time to time because it’s good to see his face.

Mrs Je and Bo Nui meets for coffee. Mrs Je tells her that she doesn’t know much about her and so she asks about her parents and siblings. She then asks about her schooling before finally asking about her dating Soo Ho. Mrs Je asks why she  refused him. and she confuses Bo Nui.

She takes Bo Nui shopping and buys her some makeup and an outfit. She tells her that she should hurry and go on a date with Soo Ho. Bo Nui tries to tell her it’s not like that, and Mrs Je tells her about the pictures in his room. She reminds Bo Nui that she calls Soo Ho cool. She agrees she can’t force her, but insists on giving her the gift anyways.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 12.19.32.png

Soo Ho tells Ryang  ha about the pictures in his room and Ryang Ha can’t believe it. Soo Ho explains how he feels to Ryang Ha and he asks what he’s done with Soo Ho. While they’re talking Bo Nui calls and Ryang Ha assumes that he was rejected. However, he tells him that Bo Nui wants to go for lunch the next day.

Bo Nui prays that night for Soo Ho.

Mrs Je tells Mr Je that she’s coming with her and doesn’t have the right to complain.

Soo Ho has difficulty picking out an outfit that day and plays around with each outfit. This scene is really cute and a good watch. finally arrived at the meeting spot to meet with Both Nui. She starts to tell him that he’s actually meeting with his parents when they arrive. Bo Nui goes to leave however Ms Je stops her and they all go in together.

Mrs Je and Bo Nui try to keep the conversation going, however, the two men are silent and don’t look at each other. Finally, Mr Je snaps at Soo Ho and his disapproving look and asks if he’s his father. Soo Ho moves to leave but Mrs Je mentions that it’s been 20 years and Mr Je asks how long he’ll have to grovel for. Soo Ho turns to him and asks him why he threw a 7-year-old in the seas, and Mr Je defended himself saying all seamen learn to swim that way. He tells his parents that since then he is unable to be near water or smell the sea, and since their house is surrounded by water they wonder why he doesn’t come home. Mr Je tells him that even when he was puny he believed he knew everything. Soo Ho mentions to them that he was a child, he was scared of the sea, of the night and of strangers touching him and watching him. The only people who didn’t seem to notice he was a child was his parents. He leaves and Bo Nui follows.

Screenshot 2016-06-30 12.38.44.png

Bo Nui apologises for not telling him soon and he asks he that if she’s thought she could manipulate him because he liked her. She tells him that she wanted him to heal and take the first step to extending his hand to his parents. He understands that he’s the problem yet again and apologises for bothering her so much over the last while and leaves. Bo Nui just watches him leave while a tear rolls down her cheek.

The truth of dare of this episode was Bo Nui’s reaction to finding out that she was Soo Ho’s first kiss, and how happy she was.

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Death Note (Drama)



Death Note. A story that is so close to my heart, so I might be looking at this drama with rose coloured glasses, however I love it. This drama came out at the end of 2015 and had I had a blog to do recaps I would have done this show. This drama is based off of the manga series that was written in 2004. (I’ll be honest I had to look that up because I thought that it’s been ot for longer that 12 years)

This series blew up and has an anime series, movie series, korean movie and this drama. Later this year there is be a 4th movie coming out in the japanese movie saga. This series is still staying strong even after all these years, and I can say I absolutely love it.

A quick recap of the story is the following. Yagami Light (Kubota Masataka) is the oldest son of the local police chief. He is studying to be a lawyer, because he believes that the world needs to have people to in force justice. However, he refuses to be a police officer because he saw how that profession can tear a family apart. One day be comes into the possession of a Death Note. A death not is a book that allows the owner to kill a person by simply writing their name on one of it’s pages. Overwhelmed with the power, Light initial doesn’t use it but he finally gives in to save his father, which leads to the birth of Kira. Light starts killing criminals that he sees we not punished with the full extent of the law, and this draws the attention of L (Yamazaki Kento).

This drama is a perpetual game of cat and mouse but it’s fantastics. Thought Yamazaki doesn’t play my favourite version of L he really did him justice. Kubota is my favourite version of Light and he nails him. This was my first introduction to Kubota and I have loved all of the other works that I’ve seen him in.

Overall it’s a very good watch and I absolutely love this drama and it’s take on Death Note. If you can read the manga, and watch the anime. If not just take that time to watch this drama because it’s an enjoyable time.





Also known as Working!!, this anime is adapted from a manga of the same name. There are 13 volumes of manga, and 40 episodes of the anime spanning 3 season. Both the anime and manga series are complete so you can easily binge watch/read them if you would like.

This series follows a group of employees who work at a family restaurant. This group all have their own quirks and odd personalities that allow a lot of odd situations to happen. From Inami being terrified of men, to Takanashi’s obsession with small things, there are always some laughs to have.

This comedic slice-of-life, has something to offer for anyone who likes the genre without taking anything to seriously. It a great watch for a laugh, and you might find yourself falling in love with the characters a long the way.

Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 14 Recap



Gong Shim (Minah) and Dan Tae (Namgung Min) are driving back when he suddenly feels tired. Gong Shim puts on some music and thinks back to that morning. She woke to find Dan Tae asleep against the platforms. Though she tries to wake him, he doesn’t stir so she gets him into bed. While he was still sleeping she held his hand for a bit until he shifted. Dan Tae thinks about the same encounter.

They arrive home, and they start taking jabs at each other for their singing and dancing skills. Dan Tae drops Gong Shim at home before heading to his apartment. He finds Joon Soo waiting for him, he invites him in. Dan Tae goes to offer him a drink but he’s out, so he tells him that he will go buy some.

As soon as Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) is alone he started looking around the apartment trying to put the pieces together. Dan Tae returns to find Joon Soo sitting where he was minus his jacket. Joon Soo starts asking Dan Tae about his family and when he tells him that his father is in the Philippines Joon Soo stares at the calendar. Dan Tae just remembers that the notes are there. Dan Tae turns the topic to Joon Soo’s night of alcohol, he asks if there is anything going on. Joon Soo assures him that it’s nothing, and Dan Tae assumes it has to do with setting up his own business and offers to help in any way he can. Joon Soo transitions to talking about Joon Pyo and mentions the spam email. Dan Tae acts like he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Joon Soo drops his drink and Dan Tae sends him to the bathroom to wash up. He contemplates stealing his toothbrush to check his DNA against Joon Pyo’s, however, Dan Tae comes in a midway to give him a towel.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 10.38.03.png

Mrs Suk goes to see Director Yeom with the note and asks who sent it. Director Yeom assumes that the person pulled out because they thought they might have gotten the police involved. Mrs Suk is wondering if Soo Yong might be involved, but Yeom doesn’t believe it. She worried that Dan Tae would know something, but Director Yeom mentions that if he did not something he would have acted already, and he plots to get rid of Dan Tae.

Joon Soo is at home thinking about what Dan Tae said and what he saw at the arboretum.

Dan Tae leaves his apartment to head to work to see Gong Shim water her plants. She’s trying to stretch and messaging her shoulder. Dan Tae asks what’s wrong, and she tells him that she must have painted for too long the day before because he body is aching. Dan Tae tells her to take the day off, but she tells him that it doesn’t feel right when she takes a day off.

Dan Tae goes to the convenience store and tells Goo Nam that Gong Shim will come down for a muscle pain patch and he’s to give her the package. Goo Nam asks what in it and is informed that it’s a few medicines for muscle pain.

Dan Tae is at the bus stop when he notices an ad for an art exhibit that he thinks Gong Shim would like, and looks for how long it’s going on for.

Gong Shim comes down to the convenience store, and Goo Nam mutters how it’s true. He hands her Dan Tae’s package, and though she’s irked by the items being used she thanks him and goes back home.

Joon Soo is sitting in his office looking at tickets for the same art installation that Dan Tae noticed on the way to the office and thinks of Gong Shim.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 11.00.58.png

Gong Shim brought home food for her family to eat, and he mother mentions she’s in a good mood. Gong Mi even came home to share in the meal. Joon Soo calls Gong Shim, and Gong Mi passes her the phone. Joon Soo asks if she has time that evening, but regretfully informs him that she has her part time job that day. When she asks what’s wrong, he tells her that it’s nothing just something that he wanted to give her. She wonders what to do, and he tells her that he’ll call again some other time.

Gong Mi asks Gong Shim about still meeting with Joon Soo. Gong Shim tells her that it’s mainly before he calls her to meet up. Gong Mi asks Gong Shim why Joon Soo called and if it was to meet up. Gong Shim tells her that he just called but she told him she had a part time job and then leaves.

Dan Tae is at the office when Grandmother calls him to come to the house. She hopes that being at the house would bring back some memories. As soon as Dan Tae walks into the front yard he remembers Joon Pyo’s memory of playing with his mother in the yard.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 11.15.10.png

He meets with Grandmother in her room and tells her he might have remembered a little. He tells her about playing in the yard with his mother. She tells him that it was accurate and asks if he remembers anything else. He admits that he doesn’t even when he tries to. She tells him not to worry because it will eventually come back to him.

Dan Tae meets President Suk’s mother and introduces himself. He flatters her by saying he now understands where excellent gentlemen such as Joon Soon and President Suk come from. Mrs Suk arrives and asks him what bring him to the house. He tells her that the chairwoman needs him to get together some papers, so he can by to get them.

Dan Tae gets home with the tickets and asks Goo Nam to give it to Gong Shim. Goo Nam asks why he doesn’t do it himself but then after Dan Tae hits the counter he says he’ll do it. He imagines a completely off the wall situation in his head which would make him look really cool. (Let’s be honest though this is Dan Tae, cool isn’t an adjective we can describe him with.) When Gong Shim gets the tickets she assumed that they’re from Joon Soo after the phone call they had.

Joon Soo is at the office thinking how his uncle fits perfectly into the string of events that happened recently.

Director Yeom goes through the bad that he took from Joon Soo and notices the documentation for a new business venture. Just as he was putting things back away a knock comes from the door. Director Yeom stuffs the bag in the trash when President Suk comes in. He reminds him that he promised to eat buckwheat noodles together, and they leave. On the way out they meet up with Joon Soo and invite him to come. He tells them he still has a few more things to do and excuses himself with the promise to go next time.

Joon Soo goes into director Yeom’s office looking for his bag, however, he can’t find it. (Because people never check the garbage, except for Dan Tae.) He meets up with Dan Tae in the restroom while Dan Tae is brushing his teeth. Joon Soo looks at the toothbrush with the thought of stealing it. They go back to Dan Tae’s office and he chastises Joon Soo about not taking care of himself when he’s busy. Dan Tae finally asks why he walked him all the way back, and Joon Soo puts it up to them talking and it just kinda happened.

Dan Tae gets called to the cleaning staff back room and is given the bag. It was in the garbage, but they don’t think it’s meant to be thrown out, so they ask him to bring it back to Director Yeom. He assures them that it’s not difficult.

Dan Tae meets up with Joon Soo in the hall. He notices the bag and wonders why Dan Tae has it. Dan Tae confirms that the bag was found in Director Yeom’s garbage and he was bringing it back. Joon Soo tells him that he needs to see him anyways and will bring it to him. Dan Tae smiles knowingly as Joon Soo walks away.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 11.48.11.png

Director Yeom arrives back at the office to find the garbage was taken out. He’s on the phone to find out who cleaned when Joon Soo arrives holding the bag.

Dan Tae is sitting at the desk when he receives a fine for speeding. President Suk arrives asking him what he was given. He advises him that it’s only a speeding ticket, and then President Suk goes to the office Dan Tae reminds him that the Chairwoman is at home. He suddenly remembers and he excuses himself. Dan Tae looks at the fine and assumes that this was the day he went to the Arboretum.

Joon Soo tells his uncle to sit once he puts his bag down. Joon Soo tells him that he was the one to send his mother the note, and had she been there longer Dan Tea would have found her. He tells him that Dan Tae has been helping Grandmother find Joon Pyo, and had his mother been caught then they would have been found out as the kidnappers. Joon Soo asks about the kidnapping and Director Yeom confirms it. The confession hit Joon Soo hard and he asks for what happened. Director Yeom tells him about his gambling debt and how he had planned on taking the money and giving Joon Pyo back but his friend lost him. He swore that it’s the truth.

Dan Tae goes to see Manager Kim about the fines on June 24 and she gives him the rundown. He calls her cool and asks to help hand out fines the next time he’s all in black. She smiles and tells him to work hard before leaving. Dan Tae notices hat there are not executives that were speeding that day.

Joon Soo asks if Director Yeom knows where Joon Pyo is, which he confirms that he doesn’t. When Joon Soo asks how is a mother is involved he tells him that the only fault she has was seeing him take Joon Pyo and not telling anyone. Joon Soo tells him that he will protect his mother but he won’t forgive them. He also asks that he doesn’t tell his mother that he knows.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 12.04.55.png

Dan Tae goes to the house again, and grandmother showed him a box of toys he once played with as a child. He tells her that it doesn’t jog his memory but he is touched by how devoted she’s been to him all those years. He is grateful that he met his grandmother again. She asks him about his father, thought Dan Tae informs her that he has yet to wake up. She tells him that she would like to visit him in the hospital.

As Dan Tae is leaving, Mrs Suk tells grandmother to eat and in turn, she tells Dan Tae to eat before leaving. Just as everyone goes into the kitchen the other grandmother comes in complaining about Joon Soo getting a speeding ticket going to arboretum that same day. President Suk tells his mother to come eat but she just wants to take a Sikhye in her room. Dan Tae offers to bring it to her.

Get brings her the drink while she’s playing her game. Dan Tae asks why she’s playing the game in secret and she tells him that the family calls it inelegant so to hid from the other woman she’s playing in Joon Soo’s room. Dan Tae offers to play with her, and when she goes to get the cards e looks at the speeding ticket.

Joon Soo meets up with Gong Shim and she apologises for being late. He goes to grab the tickets he bought for her, but she starts thanking him for them already and offers for them to go together. Though he’s uncertain he agrees to go to make her happy.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 12.20.36.png

They go to the exhibition, and Gong Shim gets excited about seeing the artwork. Throughout the show, he feels uncomfortable because she keeps thanking him. She brings Joon Soo to subways to have a sandwich. Gong Shim asks if there is something bothering him, and he makes a joke about the sandwich but she’s completely serious. He tells her to eat and tries to not seem down.

On the way home they spot Dan Tae, and Joon Soo’s conscience comes out to play again. He tells her that he wasn’t the one to buy those tickets, and pulls out his set. He admits that he thinks the tickets were from Dan Tae. He goes to talk with Dan Tae alone and he apologises about going to see the exhibition with his tickets. He tells him that he was mad that he got to it first and he’s scared of losing Gong Shim. He tells him that he’s embarrassed by his actions but doesn’t regret it. Dan Tae excuses himself and leaves.

Gong Shim is waiting for Dan Tae on the way home. She tells him that she went to see the exhibition with Joo Soo and he tells her he heard. She chastises him and tells him that if he gave it to her in person there wouldn’t have been an issue. She tells him that if he’s going to be sneaky that he might as well no pay attention to her. She tells him that just because she’s smiling like a fool that it isn’t hard. He pulls her into a hug and apologises for making it hard for her, and for not being able to say anything.

Screenshot 2016-06-27 12.33.58.png

The next day Gong Shim is waiting for Dan Tae. She requests to ask him 3 questions.

1- Does he have a terminal illness? No
2- Did his first love return? No
3- Did he get a personal loan? No

She tells him that she was worried, but decided that if it wasn’t one of the 3 she mentioned that it would be fine. She promises to wait for him until his issue is resolved. She assures him that she’s not an easy woman. While walked away she trips and falls. She reacts so negatively that it makes him laugh.

Dan Tae goes to visit his father and asks Ji Yeon if he’ll wake up. Ji Yeon tells him that the doctors told them to keep hope. She also tells him that the arboretum wants them to pick up his father’s things.

Dan Tae goes there and shows Joon Soo’s picture. One of the groundskeepers saw him . He tells him that Joon Soo gave him a tip to hand a woman a note. He remembers him because he gave him such a large tip.

Joon Soo is at the office and steals Dan Tae’s work Toothbrush case to get the DNA profile tested. The episode ends with a stare off between Joon Soo and Dan Tae.

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Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store



I’m going on a little live action drama tangent for the last few dramas, and the next few. Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store is a drama that is based off of a manga of the same name. The season contains 10 episodes with a run time on 23 minutes. There are currently 5 manga volumes out, but they are still being written.

This is a slice-of-life drama about Nii Tomoharu (Mamiya Shotaro) who is a stoic college student, who’s studying buddhism and takes a night job at a convenience store. His sempai, Matsukoma (Urai Kenji), is a happy-go-lucky 24 year old who is struggling to start his career, but simply can’t find a job. Matsukoma is always trying to teach Nii-kun how to work, but it always seems to fall on deaf ears. The drama is mostly about the high jinx of the night shift, and the interactions between every body, as well as Nii-kun’s anti-social tendencies.

This drama uses the standard jdrama overly exaggerated facial expressions to their full potential. It is bang on to the manga and  really funny. The writers and the actors managed to bring this over the top manga to the real world, and it’s fantastic. It’s definitely a great watch.


Lucky Romance Episode 10 Recap



We rewatch Bo Nui’s (Kwang Jung Eum) confession to Soo Ho (Ryu Jun Yeol) while she thinks that he’s sleeping. When she goes to leave he grabs her arm and asks her to stay.

The next morning Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) wakes up in Ryang Ha’s (Jung Sang Hun) arms and freaks out. She asks what happened and he tells her that he should be asking her that because it’s the men’s room. Seung Hyun comes looking for her. Ryang Ha suggests that she went to take a walk with Bo Nui and they find out that Bo Nui went back to the city with Soo Ho the night before. She tells him how the men dunked Soo Ho into the water which shocks Ryan Ha and she tells her that she thinks he’s furious. When Dal Nim finally comes out she asks Ryang Ha what’s wrong because of his shocked expression.

Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) is going over the broadcast questions last minute and reminds them that they’re not to ask about love. When they ask about his first love she tells them to make it beautiful. She then thinks back to her conversation with Soo Ho. They discuss that their memories are special back then, but he wasn’t sure it was love,  however she was everything to him. She realises that it’s all past tense.

Gun Wook (Lee Su Hyuk) is waiting for Bo Nui to arrive when he calls Dal Nim to find out that she and Soo Ho left the night before.

Bo Nui falls asleep next to Soo Ho the night before and when she wakes up she notices the time. She stands to go to Gun Wook’s broadcast when she notices Soo Ho still holding her hand. She tries to reach her phone when Gun Wook calls without waking Soo Ho but fails.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 13.47.14.png

Gun Wook continues with his broadcast, which his father sees it. When it’s over Bo Nui finally shows up and apologises for being late. Gun Wook asks her where she’s coming from and when she sidesteps the answer he asks to speak with her outside. She tells him that Soo Ho was sick and she had to stay with him. He doesn’t understand and he asks what Soo Ho is to her that she keeps pushing him away. She asks why he’s getting angry and he admits that it bothers him because he likes her. She stops him from talking because he’ll regret it. She’s saved by Seol Hee who comes to tell him that the director is looking for him.

Ryang Ha comes running into Soo ho’s house looking for him. As Soo Ho is coming down the stairs he tells him that he’s told him to call before coming. He tells him how scared he was driving back when he heard about his fall into the water and wondered why he was so normal. He looks to see he’s eaten and when he looks into the fridge he sees 3 other bowls and a jar of rice and red beans. He asks if he spent the night with Bo Nui and he doesn’t answer.

Bo Nui is walking away from the TV station with Gun Wook’s words replaying in her mind.

Ryang Ha tells him that it’s love, and Soo Ho just holds in a smile. Ryang Ha tells him that he’s not even denying it. He tells him that he needs to contact her again.

Bo Nui is at home when Soo Ho texts her. Ryang Ha is trying to walk him through texting a girl. He mentions that he seems oddly entertained before taking his phone back. She tells him that she’ll see him on Monday.

Gun Wook and Seol Hee are discussing the follow-up to the broadcast and she tells him not to worry. He thanks her and pulls out the owl plushie. Seol He asks about when it first started and he admits that he doesn’t know. She asks if he’s going to date her, and he asks if he should go for it. She tells him that he has one month to play around with the past before he goes back to his real life.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 14.07.20.png

Bo Nui meets up with Seol Hee outside the apartment. She explains that the ddeokbokki is to apologise for being late, and Seol Hee asks if it’s not to apologise after running away after his confession. She explains why she was late and Seol Hee asks why she didn’t take Soo Ho to the hospital saying she doesn’t know anything. Bo Nui admits to knowing about the past and confirms that Soo Ho told her himself after questioned about it. She chastises herself for fighting back.

Soo Ho is sitting at home thinking about the night before. He texts Bo Nui to try and go out with her. She tells him that she has an appointment, and he complains that she’s always busy. He wonders if he should just go but then wonders what to say before looking at his camera.

Seol Hee calls Ryang Hee to inquire about Soo Ho. Ryang Ha tells her that Soo Ho is fine and she should just go home. Dal Nim assumes that she slept with Ryang Ha and asks him to wipe all memories of the night before from his mind. She complains that it should have been her next to Soo Ho, not Bo Nui. She walks away and Ryang Ha offers to give her tips about Soo Ho.

Bo Nui walks up to the roof to do prayers when she spots Gun Wook. She tries to slink away but her notices her. He asks if he should leave and she tells him that’s ok before lighting her candle.

Soo Ho bikes to Bo Nui’s apartment to find the lights out and wonders if she’s not home. He calls him and she doesn’t answer.

Gun Wook tells sneaks a picture of her, and when she asks what he tells her that you tend to miss the people you love when they’re not around. She tries to dissuade him, but he tells her that he’ll put his all into dating her and she should only answer after she’s received it all. He asks if they could go on a date the following day, she smiles and chastises him and he tells her that all he needs in her smile. He leaves her to think.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 14.34.56.png

Soo Ho waits for Bo Nui in the park near her house to give her pictures, but she won’t pick up her phone. When she finally hears her phone vibrate she notices he texts and runs to meet him, but he’s already gone. She tries to make herself believe that it turned out for the best. While she lies in bed someone starts knocking on her door. She opens it to find Soo Ho.

She asks him what brings him there and he admits that he couldn’t sleep a wink. He shows her his hands and asks what can he do with that because he feels like if he erases it, it’ll erase the night they spent together. He tells her that he’s aware mentally one has nothing to do with the other, but that’s what his heart feel. He asks her what’s going on. He admits that she doesn’t make sense in his head, and no matter what he does there is no way that he can understand her. He admits that she’s a bug that keeps flying around his head, but she’s a bug he doesn’t want to fix. (A bug as in an error) He asks her what he should do with the bug if he should fix it or not. Bo Nui asks him what he’s talking about coming at dawn, and then closes the door. She watches him leave from the roof.

Bo Nui tells Dal Nim about 2 men confessing to her. She asks about if one was Gun Wook. She shakes her head and tells her that it will fade once he returns to Canada. When she inquires about the other man she won’t tell claiming it’s someone she doesn’t know. She assumes it Ryang Ha, and Dal Nim tells Bo Nui to ride with the wind. She reminds her that she’s asked her how to reject someone.

Soo Ho is at home staring, and he calls Ryang Ha to check if his phone is working. Ryang Ha tells him to call BoNui and he tells him that he doesn’t want to. The doorbell rings and he runs to the door. He, however, finds that it’s Seol Hee at the door.

Seol Hee comes in with some things for him, and he tells her that it’s fine. When she opens the fridge she sees the jar of salt and red beans. She tells him that she’s an expert with food, and he tells her to take care of Gary since he’s fine. She says that he probably needs Bo Nui more than her. When Soo Ho silences her on the topic, she remembers that he doesn’t like to talk about other people, but he informs her that he like Bo Nui. She tries to tell him that he’s delusional because he said it himself that he doesn’t know what love is.

Bo Nui heads to Soo Ho’s house to see Seol Hee and Soo Ho step out. She witnesses Seol Hee put a hand on his face but turns away before seeing him push it away. Seol Hee tells him to not get hurt before leaving. He watches as the car leaves.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 16.26.16.png

The next day Soo Ho waits to Bo Nui in front of the elevators when he runs into an employee. He tells him that they’ll continue the conversation when they’re upstairs. When he had Bo Nui are finally alone in the elevator he asks if she has anything to say to him which she claims that she doesn’t.

When Bo Nui comes into the office everyone asks if Soo Ho was really offended that night. Soo Ho comes in and asks why everyone thinks he’s mad. When they offer his resignation letters he reminds him that there are 4 weeks left to go and instead of working hard, they should do it right because he has high hopes for them.

Dal Nim comes up to Bo Nui later that day and asks what she’s doing about the guys. She tells her that she hasn’t rejected them yet but she will. She states that dating isn’t a luxury that she can afford. Dal Nim asks if she can really give it up because she can’t. Dal Nim tries to implement Ryang Ha’s advice. It ends up making him thinks she’s hot and he gives her a bottle of water. She runs to tell Ryang Ha the good news and he admit that he sent her to be rejected.

Seol Ha is in her office talking with the news station about acquiring the calls when Bo Nui arrives. They go out to eat and Seol Hee apologises for snapping at Bo Nui after finding out that Soo Ho was sick. She asks Bo Nui to try and make it work between her and Gun Wook because she understands her feelings. She tells Bo Nui that she wants to make things work with Soo Ho, and asks her to keep it to herself.

Ryang Ha can’t believe that Soo Ho went to Bo Nui’s place at 4 am into the morning to confesses. Soo Ho confesses that that’s when his emotions became clear to him. He finally understands that that’s the reason why she’s mad.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 16.48.03.png

Mr Je follows his wife to the shaman before dropping by Soo Ho’s work. Soo Ho comes out and notices Young Il while he’s delivery chicken. Ryang Ha shows up and makes an offhanded comment that Young Il and Soo Ho look very similar and could almost mistake Young Il for his father. Mr Je overhears that and starts to think. He doesn’t pay attention and gets hit by Young Il.

Ryang Ha and Soo Ho go shopping and Soo Ho buys a suit with shorts. Ryang Ha makes a reservation for Soo Ho and tells him to call Bo Nui. He uses his rank to go on a date with her.

While Bo Nui is heading out she notices Mr Je causing havoc at Young Il’s place. Bo Nui calls Soo Ho while Mr Je is causing havoc. He arrives to find his father passed out on the floor, he apologises to Young Il and he tells him to just get him home safe. Soo Ho pulls him from the store when his mother shows up. She is shocked at the Havoc he caused and takes him home.

When Soo Ho comes back Young Il tells them to leave, but against his protest, Soo Ho stays to help him clean. Bo Nui helps him clean and she starts seeing him in a different light. As they leave, Soo Ho takes a stumble and lands on his behind. He asks her to forget everything that just happened. She tells him that she doesn’t want to because all she sees is him picking up the pieces. She tells him that it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. He asks her if she’ll look after him then. He admits that he wants to erase his parents and weaknesses because they’re embarrassing but he feels like they would be ok with her. She tells him that she’ll always put Bo Ra first, and he tells her that she can protect Bo Ra while he protects her. He goes to hand her a tiger pendant, but she refuses and tells him that she wanted to meet to tell him that she saw him only as a superior.

She leaves and he runs after her. She tries to tell him that she feels nothing for him, but she’s on the verge of tears. He tells her that if she leaves he’ll never ask about this again. She tells him that he’s always seen her as a bug so he  should fix it and let go. She walks away from him and but this time he turns her back around she’s crying. He pulls her into a kiss.

Screenshot 2016-06-25 17.15.55.png

This episodes truth or dare we get to see how excited she was to be texting with Soo Ho and how much it hurt her to decline his offer to go out to eat.

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Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 13 Recap



We rewatch Dan Tae (Namgung Min) in the office. Director Yeom (Kim Byung-Ok) was on his way however due to an accident he was running late, so Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi-Ri) took his place at the meeting. We rewatch Joon Soo (On Joo-Wan) seeing his mother waiting at the drop off site. Dan Tae arrives at the drop off site to find no one there. Mrs Suk received a note cancelling the drop off, from who we can assume is Joon Soo. Joon Soo comes across Dan Tae on his way out, and hides before he can see him.

Joon Soo goes back to his office to think things over, and finally be goes to see his mother. She tells him that she has to cancel their plans before she has a headache and chills. She promises to make plans with him again soon and he tells her to rest. Joon Soo goes out drinking alone.

Dan Tae wonders why Joon Soo’s mother didn’t appear at the arboretum because he was sure she would.

Gong Shim (Minah) is at home when she gets a call from Joon Soo. As soon as she answers he apologises for calling him and tells her it’s rude because he called so late. He hangs up with her and she calls him right back to find out where he was.

Gong Shim goes to pick him up at the cab and waves down a taxi for him. She tries to get him in, but he is insistent to bringing her back home. She is resistant but they come to an agreement and she gets in the car. The get off in her neighbourhood and when she comes back with some water she finds him fast asleep. He slumps against her and she tries to figure out what to do.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 08.59.01.png

She calls Dan Tae to come and help her with Joon Soo. She tells him that she’s at the park with Joon Soo and he drank too much, and now she can’t move him. He tells her that he’ll be there right away. Dan Tae arrives too see Joon Soo leaning on Gong Shim. She calls him over and he inquires to what happened. She tells him that she doesn’t know what’s wrong, but Joon Soo when out drinking alone and called her when he was already drunk. She got worried so she went to pick her up. She wanted to send him home in a taxi but he was insistent on taking her home.

Dan Tae helps Gong Shim bring Joon Soo back to his apartment, where they laid him out of the Futon. They look at him and they don’t know what was wrong. Dan Tae watches Joon Soo thoughtfully.

the next morning Joon Soo wakes up and doesn’t recognise his surroundings. He finally notices Dan Tae’s name plaque from his office and puts the pieces together.

Dan Tae is on the roof when Gong Shim came up with some hangover juice. They’re talking when Joon Soo comes out. She offered him the juice and mentions she also made hangover soup. She tells him to stay and talk a little while having the food. He thanks, Gong Shim and apologises to Dan Tae before leaving. Dan Tae admits that his attitude is worrying.

Grandmother Suk heads out to the Columbarium for Joon Pyo’s father’s death memorial. They are discussing how sad it is she’s going alone when Joon Soo arrives home. His mother chastises him for not coming home the night before. He tells her not to worry that it’s fine. His father reminds him that he needed to visit his uncles grave that day as it’s his anniversary. He double checks that it’s the Hyuan Columbarium. He remembers seeing the same note on Dan Tae’s calendar for the same day. His mother notices something but he tells her he’s fine.

Joon Soo goes into his room and starts putting the pieces together. After thinking about all of his interactions with Dan Tae he figures out that he’s Joon Pyo.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 09.21.58.png

Dan Tae goes visit his biological father’s resting place. They play ominous music while Joon Soo walks toward their place. Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye-Sun) notices him and calls to him. Dan Tae hears her and notices Joon soo as he turns away. Grandmother Suk feins having chest pain and collapsing in order for him to not see Dan Tae. Joon Soo brings his grandmother to her car, and she promises that she feels better. He makes her promise to see a doctor and to rest. When Joon Soo returns to his uncles hall, Dan Tae’s already gone.

Dan Tae meets up with Grandmother Suk for tea, but she calls him Joon Pyo so she already knows in real identity. She sits and asks him how much longer they will have to meet in secret. She worries that Joon Soo might have caught on. He tells her not to worry, he thinks they just came at the same time. He also reminds her that she should call him Dan Tae until they can tell everyone he’s Joon Pyo.

We get a flashback to the first meeting when he met with Grandmother 15 days earlier. He tells her that he thinks he found Joon Pyo. She doesn’t believe him at first but he pulls out the DNA tests. She had Joon Pyo’s DNA ran so they could match a candidate, so Dan Tae ran his blood against it, and it came back 99.9997% match. They both break down crying, and she makes him promise not to go anywhere again. They agree that until he can find the culprit than it should remain a secret, so she moved her Secretary into another position to make an opening for him to work with her.

He apologizes about not finding the culprit at the arboretum. She tells him that it’s ok, because she’s happy to have found him. She more afraid of him getting hurt while find the culprit. She tells him that she really just wants to be able to tell people that he’s her grandson. He apologizes and asks her to wait a little longer. Because of the culprit, his mother dies in a traffic accident and his father is in a comatose state so he must find them.

Grandmother asks if there is no good news and Dan Tae admits that he has a bit of a dilemma. He tells her that he really likes a girl but because he doesn’t want to bring her into the kerfuffle that is his life he can’t tell her. He doesn’t know if he can accept her heart when he can’t talk freely about his life to her he doesn’t feel like he has the right to accept her feelings. He also admits that he has a hard time figuring out if he’s Dan Tae or Joon Pyo those days. Grandmother asks what he will do if she leave due to the misunderstanding, and he admits that he is worried about that too.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 09.45.22.png

Dan Tae is sitting at home when Gong Shim arrives. She shows him some movie tickets that the octopus store gave her because they’re expiring. He tells her that he won’t be able to go and she should give it to someone else. She tells him that it’s fine that he just throws it out then and leaves with a ticket leaving the other with him. He remembers her promising that she’ll act however she wants not matter what, and that even if he doesn’t accept she will head to him. He thinks about going to the movies, but then chastises himself knowing that if he goes he won’t be able to hold back anymore. He stuff the movie ticket in a book so it doesn’t tempt him, but when he hears Gong Shim come up the stairs he frantically looks for it again.

Dan Tae goes outside to talk with Gong Shim and she tells him she’s planning on giving a plant to the octopus store owner. He helps her pick it out and she thanks him. He tries to talk to her about the movie tickets and she tells him that it’s ok and he doesn’t have to apologise. She tells him that she’s just going to stock it up to being a failure.

The next day Gong Shim is waiting for him when he comes down. He tells her that he’s getting his haircut, but when she tries to go with he tells her that he’s going to a salon for men. When he sits down Gong Shim’s father gets sat next to him and and he tells him that he got dragged there because Gong shim keeps telling him to treat his hair. Gong Shim watches over them. When Dan Tae is away getting his haircut Gong Shim gets a call from her mother. She tells her father that she has to go because she forgot she was going to buy blankets with her mother.

When Dan Tae arrives back Father tells him that Gong shim was going on a business trip to draw. He tells her that she was hired to paint a mural for a sashimi shop and she’s really excited to be being paid for her drawing. He admits that he’s worried about no being able to bring Gong shim there because of an appointment, and he’s sure she’ll have a lot of luggage. He offers to go and father admits that he was going to ask him but Gong Shim told him that he was so busy that he wouldn’t go. He tells him that’s it’s a happy coincidence that he’s free the following day.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 10.08.18.png

Gong Shim is at home planing the mural when she wonders if it’s ok that she’s going alone. She wonders if she should ask Dan Tae to join her but she knows he’ll say he’s busy.

The next morning Dan Tae waits for Gong Shim and tells her that he’s coming with her. She is a little shocked but he assures her that her father asked for him to go with her. She promises to give him lots of sashimi. She tells him that they’ll miss the bus and he tells her that he borrowed a car from work. She starts to yawn and he tells her that she can sleep if she wants too. She tells him the it’s impolite to sleep next to someone who’s driving and starts chewing gum to stay awake. She struggles to stay awake, but when she she finally does sleep she gets woken up by smashing her head into the window. Dan Tae offers to stop for a break.

While stopped Dan Tae helps an older couple who start asking him about meeting their daughters. Gong Shim comes up and calls him honey so that they can leave the situation. She explains it to Dan Tae and he tells her he understands.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 10.48.12.png

Gong Mi is working a the firm and she thinks back to her conversation with Joon Soo. She tells her mother that the Suk family all like her. She asks what’s she going to go since she beat Mrs Suk up. She promises to beg forgiveness if means helping her out. Gong Mi tells her that it’s not at the point that the parents are meeting, she tells her that it’s not at that point yet and gets yelled at.

When Gong Shim arrives they find that the owner asked 3 different people to help with the mural, and the owner apologises to Gong Shim. Dan Tae plays the apologetic husband with no talent or capabilities that end up forcing her to work nights. He plays up the sob story so that the owner goes for her.

Dan Tae sits and watches her draw, he starts talking with Dan Tae about Gong Shim. He asks how they met and Dan Tae tells him that he liked her and pursued her. He then goes and helps Gong Shim a bit. The owner informs her that there is going to be an alumni gathering so she’ll have to continue after that.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 11.08.11.png

They get set up in a separate room but soon get pulled into the meeting. They try to get the to drink but they both can’t due to work. They get them to sing a song, with the promise of more work if they do. They start telling them that they should have a kid. They keep chanting for them to make children, much to Gong Shim’s dismay.

When they get back to the room they stand as far away from each other as they can. The owner tells them to stay the night since the reunion keeps getting longer. He hands them a blanket, and went Gong Shim asks if there is another room she’s informed there isn’t. Dan Tae tries to calm her down but everything that he says has a slight sexual undertone to it, so he keeps having to apologise. He decides to get some air and she tells him that she won’t be able to sleep anyways.

When he comes back he finds Gong Shim asleep against the wall. He tries to wake her but fails so he lays out the bed and lays her down. Dan Tae apologises to Gong Shim in her sleep. He thanks her for loving him and asks her to wait for him.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 11.13.01.png

When he wakes up they managed to have switched places and he was on the bed. When he notices that she’s not there he goes out to the main room. He asks if there is anything he can do, and she asks him to fill in the lines around the octopus’s eyes. They work together to finish it. The owner and his wife love the picture and pays Gong shim. Dan Tae insists on taking a picture of Gong Shim in front of the mural. The owner tells Dan Tae that he should be in it and so Dan Tae puts his arm around her and pulls her close.

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