Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 1 Recap



The show opens with Ahn Dan Tae (Min Nam Gung) in court making his closing statement. He likens a dieing person’s doctor being their last hope of surviving to the defendant of his case. He tells the judges that he hopes that they make the right decision as now his client is the one who’s looking to them.(I know this is phrases awkwardly) A Young boy drops a cookie to the floor during his closing speech. He walks over to the child and mother (I’m assuming they are related to his client) and bows. He then picks up the cookie and eats it before walking out of the court

Dan Tae is walking down a street looking for an address that he’s written on scrap of paper. Once there he purchases a popsicle from the convenience store, and ends up sharing it with a dog. Meanwhile, Gong Shim (Minah) is staring intently at a potted plant when she suddenly picks up and brings outside. Her inner monologue tells us that she made the plant herself for some one’s housewarming gift. Though she had gone to their wedding, they didn’t invite her to their housewarming. She stretches and decides the weather is really nice and perfect for a selfie. She starts posing in front of the plants, when she accidentally knocks one down. He sees the pot coming and manages to kick it away before it hits the dog. He calls up to her but she ducks down out of embarrassment.

He starts running up the stairs as she is running down. He accuses her of running away but she tells him that she was actually going to see if he was ok. He either doesn’t believe her or listen because he than claims that she was going to run away if he hadn’t come up to see her. She tells him she really wasn’t and finally asks if he’s ok. He rudely points out that she should have asked sooner, and then pushes past her to make his way to the roof. He sees the plants and asks her if she did it on purpose. She retorts to the contrary, asking him why she would do that, and he admits that she looks angry. She admits that she was taking a selfie when one of the plants fell accidently. He looks around the roof and tells her that it’s dangerous to be playing alone up there and she should be at a cafe with her friends. He then scoffs at her hair.

Screenshot 2016-06-03 09.01.23.png

Dan Tae walks back towards the landing and knocks on the door leading to the rooftop apartment, she stands beside him and asks why he’s standing in front of her door. He reminds her that she put up an ad on the internet and he’s come to check out the room. Keeping with his manners thus far he simply walks right in. Gong Shim runs in and hides his bras before chastising him for simply walking into her room. He tells her that he thought it was moving in ready, as it said in her ad. She assures him that she can move out quickly and asks him when was he planning on moving in. He admits that he had thought about moving in the next day.

He mentions that the room is small and she tells him that it’s fine for 1 person. He mentions that there is no sink and no room for a stove, and she reminds him that she had mentioned in the ad that there was no kitchen. He’s not worried about it anyways as he doesn’t cook at home. He tries to haggle the price of the room down from 250, 000 won to 200,000 won but she won’t budge. They finally agree and as he about to leave she tells him that she needs a deposit, however, he doesn’t carry cash only his metro card. He asks if she absolutely needs the deposit and she confirms that she does. She tells him that she needs to get changed to go out and kicks him out.

We flip to the Suk household where the phone is ringing. The grandmother complains about someone calling that late at night, but answers anyways. After a couple of seconds an older man asks if that is Suk Joon Pyo’s home. She confirms that it is and begs that if he knows where he is to tell her.  The caller hangs up and her family goes down stairs. She tells them about the phone call and they remind her that they had calls similar to that 8 years prior where they had said they knew where Joon Pyo was but that disappeared with the money. The grandmother tells them that it’s different this time, because they didn’t tell her that they knew where he was simply hung up. Her children try to get her to stop focusing on Joon Pyo, after all he’s been missing for 25 years. Her daughter pulls forward her grandson tells her she has a capable grandson right there. Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Won) tells his grandmother that he will find out who is behind the phone call the following day. She tells him to report back to her his finds before going to her room. She grabs Joon Pyo’s picture and cries for her missing grandchild.

The next morning Gong Shim helps her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) , do her morning exercises. Gong Shim looks bashful as she asks if Gong Mi could lend her some money for the academy. Gong Mi thought that Gong Shim was renting the room to pay for it, and Gong Shim admits that she wants to change her mind. Gong Mi tells her that she can’t give her any money because between living expenses, giving their parents allowances and paying off their father’s debt she has no money left. She is sorry that she couldn’t help but she does ask what academy she wanted to attend. Gong Shim tells her that she wants to learn Italian and Gong Mi starts laughing. She asks if it’s because there is a cute Italian guy comes to get gas. Gong Shim is noticeably hurt by her sister’s words and excuses herself to make breakfast.

Gong Shim parents are reading the newspaper in the living room, Gong Mi is getting ready for work and Gong Shim is making breakfast. Her mother comes in and she asks about her about the job application and why there is no talk of an interview. Gong Shim reminds her that they will needs to like her resume before calling her for an interview. Gong Shim’s father tells her mother that she must have been knocked out in the first round. Gong Mi comes in and asks if going to the academy would help her get a job. Her mother asks how she plans on paying for the academy then proceeds to chastise her about asking Gong Mi for money again without waiting for the answer. She tells them that she’s planning on renting the rooftop room. Her mother admits not understanding why she went up there to begin with. Her father reminds her that Gong Mi took over Gong Shim’s room, and turned it into a dressing room. Her mother tells him that she could have slept in the dressing room. She calls her a weirdo but Gong Shim tells her that Gong Mi is the weird one for taking up 2 rooms. Though her mother just to Gong Mi’s defense, and Gong Mi finally tells her to stop.

Screenshot 2016-06-03 13.44.44.png

Gong Mi goes to her room and takes off her wig, she inspects her bald patch in the mirror. She thinks back to when her doctor told her she’s losing her hair due to stress. She wonders out loud that if she gets a job will her hair grow back.  While she’s putting back on her wig she gets a text message from someone willing to rent her room and pay the rent that same day. She goes to meet up with the renter and sees Dan Tae playing basket ball. She sees him celebrating his win and finds him a show off. She notices 3 men on motorcycles come over to see Dan Tae. They give him money reluctantly before being sent away, and to be fair it’s presented to look like straight out extortion. She doesn’t want to deal with him but he calls her over. He goes to hand her the money and though she doesn’t want to deal with him she accepts the money. He takes a picture with her as proof that he gave her the money. Right then he gets a phone call, and answers it rudely. She leaves and deems him a low class person.

Gong Shim walks through downtown to her Italian course uses a bike bell to break people apart. While in the class she is a little overzealous, but enjoys learning.

We cut to Joon Soo drinking at a bar and thinking back to his earlier conversation with his grandmother. He had traced the call to Manila, Philippines and it was made on a pay phone. He tells her that due to it being very common to receive voice phishing calls it would be better to ignore it.  She flips out on him telling him that it was his 1st birthday’s fault that her son and daughter-in-law were killed and grandson kidnapped. She wouldn’t have been his grandmother if Yoon Pyo was alive. She tells him that he shouldn’t be telling her to ignore it without knowing that it was his fault. He gets up from his spot and motions to leave the bar when he accidently bumps into a man. He doesn’t apologise verbally, only by raising his hand and this makes the man gets mad but his friends tell him to just drink quietly.

That same evening, Dan Tae is in the convenience store eating a meal when he gets a message. He calls and asks if the person requested a driver to Hannam. (Oh so he works as a driver) We are then cut to Gong Shim eating some instant noodles outside the gas station. A car pulls up to a full tank of gas, the driver however refuses to turn off her engine; even after explaining that it’s against the law. Gong Shim mutters that she’s really not allowed to pump gas with the engine on and the driver throws her trash at her and accuses her for cursing at her. Gong Shim denies cursing and tells her to stop talking condescendingly to her like. The woman continues behave poorly, to the point of even slapping her across the face, shoving her and even hitting her multiple times. The owner comes and apologizes for Gong Shim and tells her to go inside. The woman screams at the owner that he should train his employees better. Gong Shim goes to a quiet place in the gas station to cries it out.

Joon Soo is walking to his car when the people from the bar come after him and grabs him by the arms. The man claims that he is there to teach him some manners, he tells him he’s suppose to apologizes when bumping into people instead of just raising his hand. Joon Soo tries shrugs the lackies off. This angers the man and he punches him in the stomach. (man people have such short fuses in this show) Dan Tae comes to pick up his customer, and notices the group. He asks if anyone of them called for a driver and the Head man tells him to get going. He calls his customer and confirms it his suspicion. The man tells him to leave while he’s being nice. He tells him that he can’t leave his customer and 4 men big men shouldn’t be beating up one drunk man. Dan Tae suggest that they are the ones who should be leaving. The man throws a punch and misses Dan Tae. A fight scene then follows, and the entire time Dan Tae seems bored. Once he is finished, he goes to check on Joon Soo, who seems to be fine. The main man throws a knife at him, but Joon Soo warns him. Dan Tae spins them around, protects both, and catches the knife. Once again he makes sure the Joon Soo is ok before being caught up in another fight. Finally he drives Joon Soo home, drops off the car and it only charges him 20,000 won. (No bad for saving his life and also driving him home. 2-for-1 deal)

Screenshot 2016-06-03 14.19.11.png

Gong Mi is out with a client and he wants to go an have a drink with her alone. She apologises but she has a midnight memorial service at her home that evening, and the man gets put off by the idea that some people still perform memorial services at home. This gets her a dirty look from her boss. The man tells her boss that they will finish their discussion at another time, however, he thinks he will be busy for a while. Attorney Song tells Gong Mi that since she got hired for her looks she should learn how to act, and before he leaves he adds on that a lot of people are waiting to work at his firm.

Gong Shim is sitting at home and her mother is taking photographs of her wounds. He mother is venting and telling her how she can’t let this go easily. He mother wants to sue the woman for her assault and send her to jail. Her father comes in with the first aid kit and tells her mother they need put medicine on her wounds. Her mother tells him that they need to go to the hospital in the morning to have her treated there. Gong Mi comes home and her mother tells her what happened. Gong Mi tells her that they can’t just listen to her side of the story, but instead they need to hear both. She tells them that she’s tired and going to bed. Gong Shim is really hurt by Gong Mi’s reaction but Gong Mi is still reeling after what he boss told her.

Though Gong Mi doesn’t want to talk with anyone she’s texting Gong Shim. She tells her to take pictures of her wounds, go to the hospital for a doctor’s note, to get a copy of the gas station video and talk with any witnesses if there are any. Her father tells Gong Shim that lawyers are always cold right before a case, and her mother asks if that’s what he learned after studying for the bar for 13 years. He mother tells her to not bad mouth her sister as she is still looking out for her. Her father asks if she has moved out her things her. She admits she still has to do that and her mother tell her to do it quietly, as to not wake her sister.

Dan Tae dreams about a boy crying in front of a shop front. (the child looks a lot like the photo of Joon Pyo) He wakes up with a start and asks himself again who the crying boy is. Dan Tae is eating a microwaved grilled cheese sandwich at the convenience store, (Man he eats a lot of crap food) while looking at his phone. He remembers the customer from the night before and goes to sip his coffee. He burns his mouth but gets a phone call from Joon Soo, explaining that their phones were swapped since they have the same model. They agree to meet to switch back their phone.

Gong Mi’s mother is driving Gong Mi to work when she asks if something happened at the firm. Gong Mi admits that she believes that she’s gotten on her boss’ bad side, however, she refuses to tell her mother about what happened. To change topic her mother tells her to make sure that she wins a lot of money from the lawsuit. Gong Mi tells her that after listening to Shim’s story she believes it’s an easy win.

Gong Shim goes to the hospital and runs into Joon Soo at the door. After a brief pause Joon Soo holds the door open for her, she bows and goes in. Since they are both going to the emergency room he follows her to the elevator. When he asks what floor she’s going to, she asks why and he just presses 4. He smiles to himself. He tells her to go before him at the counter and laughs a little at how she enunciates her family name. He sits beside her, so she scootches over a little. She is telling herself that she has to be careful because he’s being nice. She gets called in and Joon Soo watches her leave, smiling to himself. (love at first sight maybe?)

Screenshot 2016-06-03 14.50.34.png

Gong Mi gets to work to find her colleagues are watching the security camera feed of Gong Shim’s assault. It turns out that Attorney Song’s wife was the one who assaulted Gong Shim. They have all tried to convince her otherwise but Gong Shim won’t budge. She also tells them that she’ll be filing a lawsuit later that same day. Attorney Song tells them to give Gong Shim whatever she wants to stop the lawsuit because if they get sued the video will air on TV and ruin his wife. Gong Mi barges into the room and tells her boss that she will stop the lawsuit no matter what and to trust her.

Gong Shim is on the bus to Gong Mi’s office when she gets a call from her. She tells her that she just finished with the doctor and she’s on the way to her law firm. She gets told to meet her at home, and though she is confused she agrees.

Dan Tae finishes moving his stuff in and steps outside for a stretch. When he looks on his door he finds a sticky that Gong Shim left there with the door’s passcode on it. He meets with Joon Soo at the park and apologizes for making him come all the way there. He tells him it’s not a problem and asks how his move went. The switch phones while Dan Tae tells him that it was fine, he asks about his body. Joon Soo tells him that he went for an x-ray and there is only a slight fracture on his ribs. Dan Tae tells him to rest and it’ll heal. The interaction is followed by an awkward silence before Dan Tae tells him he will be going. Joon Soo asks him to wait and pulls out and envelope. He explains that he didn’t thank him properly for the previous day’s service and offers him the envelope that’s filled with money. He tells him that it’s too much and he can’t take it. He assures him that he didn’t do anything and has already been paid for his services. Joon Soo tells him he could have been in some serious trouble if not for him.However Dan Tae keeps refusing to take the money.

Gong Shim walks by as Joon Soo is trying to give Dan Tae the money and automatically assumes he beat him up and is trying to take his money. Gong Shim flags down a police officer.They ask to see his id and he tells them he doesn’t have it since he was walking the neighbourhood. He turns to Gong Shim and asks when did he ever steal someone else’s money and she tells him that he took 3 mens money the day before. Dan Tae asks if she has any evidence of that and asks her to produce it if she doe. The police want to bring him to the station for question but Joon Soo steps in. He explains that they’re friends and he’s been trying to pay back his debt but Dan Tae won’t take his money. He hands them his business card and they take their leave. Dan Tae asks her what wrong with her. She ignores him and asks Joon Soo if they’re really friends and he assures her that they are. Dan Tae tells her that she thinks that he’s a thief and should apologize to him. She screams he apology at him and leaves. He complains that there are women like her, and they realize they are still together and break apart.

Gong Shim gets home and sees that Gong Mi has already come home. She says that she’s thought it over and she can write the complaint at home and passes Gong Mi her the doctor’s note. Gong Mi asks her if she could be the better person and just let the lawsuit go. She assures her that she can get her plenty of money from the settlement bargain. Gong Shim tells her she’s not doing it for the money. Suddenly, her entire family tries to convince her that she should let it go. She asks what is with everyone and reminds her that they all wanted her to sue. She tells them she will sue the woman no matter what and her mother reveals that the woman who assaulted her was Attorney Song’s wife. Gong Shim suddenly understands and gets mad because they don’t want her to get in Gong Mi’s way at work or cause her to have an awkward work environment. Gong Mi tells her that she won’t be able to continue to work there is she’s suing Attorney Song’s wife, and no other firm will take her either. She asks her to think of the family. Gong Shim screams at them to stop pretending it’s for the family. She tells them that they only ever think of themselves. They never think about her, and never tell their friends about her only Gong Mi. She confesses that the reason she left to live on the rooftop was so she didn’t have to see them, and could leave the household. She tells Gong Mi that she laughed at her because she wanted to learn Italian, and then asks if she knew why. She tells them her dream is to go to Italy and paint. She tells them that she also has dreams, like them. She reminds them that she was beaten up and asks if they feel anything. She tells them that she’s going to sue her before then walks out to sit on the roof and cry.

Screenshot 2016-06-03 15.15.37.png

Joon Soo and Dan Tae goes out to eat and Dan Tae tells him that it’s really too high class. Joon Soo tells him to just enjoy and offers him a drink. Both Dan Tae and Joon Soo don’t eat the egg. Joon Soo asks him why not and he tells him his body doesn’t get along with egg, and Joon Soo tells him that he’s allergic like his father. Dan Tae finds it odd that they have so much in common. Joon Soo agrees with him. (Curious… Very Curious)

Gong Shim also goes out to eat with a friend and asks if he knows any lawyers, but he only knows her sister. He promises to look around for a good but cheap lawyer. She warns him that she’s going to get drunk, so he has to take care of her. Gong Shim and her friend switch bars and She rambles on about her family and even though their blood the doesn’t know how they can be so different. She’s confesses that she’s also confused as to how they can be so ashamed of her but she admits that she’s ashamed of herself. Her friend wants to go but she tells him to go if he wants and but she wants to drink some more. She walks home drunkenly clicking on her bike bell, screaming at non-existent people.

The next morning Dan Tae feels someone moving beside him and wakes up to Gong Shim in his bed. they both wake up screaming and she starts calling him a pervert and tells him to leave. He apologises but tells her that it’s his room. She stops and looks around. She suddenly asks why he didn’t change the pass code before gathering up all of her things and leaving. Dan Tae comes out wearing her wig and reminds her to take it with her. She grabs it and runs to her room. He calls to her and asks that she returns the blanket when she has the time. (All I have to say is Min NamGung… Nice body)

Screenshot 2016-06-03 15.25.46.png

Gong Shim goes to the bath house and is eating some kimbap when she gets a call from her friend. He tells her he found her a lawyer who is good and helps out people in need. She asks if his fees are low and tells him that she’ll go with him. She admits that she left home for a bit and her family isn’t even looking for her.

On her way to see the lawyer she sees the men from the park who paid Dan Tae talking about the suit they just won. The wonder how he survives by taking on all the cases for free. Dan Tae comes down the steps and tells them that he lives on black bean soup.  They bow to him and he comes into her line of sight. She can’t believe he’s a lawyer. He tells the trio to go ahead of him after he sees her on the stair. Gong Shim comes down the rest of the steps and he asks her if she’s a stalker, since she snuck into his room the night before and now she’s there. She still thinks that he’s a perv and goes to ask him is he’s a lawyer but it comes out Perv-lawyer.

This show is cute and quirky, and I’m loving it so far.

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