Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 2 Recap


I’m trying a new way of typing my recaps, so they may be a little choppy for the time being and I’m really sorry. I am trying to edit but after a while, you can’t see your mistakes.


Quick recap! Gong Shim(Minah) rents out her room to Ahn Dan Tae (Min Namgung), whom she perceives as a thug. She then get’s beat you by Attorney Song’s Wife, and her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) can’t defend her because he’s her boss. So she goes to look for another attorney just to find out that Dan Tae is a lawyer.

We re-watch the scene where they meet outside the law office. She asks if he’s a perv-lawyer and he says he’s never heard of that before. She admits to have said it wrong but be continues on with his jokes. She tells him that it’s not fun and he admits that it really isn’t. He sees some bird poop falling (somehow this man has like crazy eyesight) and pulls her out of the way. It takes Gong Shim a second to get her bearings but when she does she pushes him away. He shows her where the bird poop fell and tells her that it would have fallen on her head had he not moved her. He sighs and says he will forgo his black bean soup and tells her they’ll go inside. He admits that he knows that she needs a free lawyer, due to her finances. He goes in and she wonders if she can really trust that guy.

Screenshot 2016-06-03 19.32.22.png

Gong Mi went to the gas station to get Gong Shim’s manager to delete the video of the assault. He tells her that even if she is a lawyer he can’t delete it without Gong Shim approval. Gong Mi lies and tells him that they settled out of court. Gong Shim’s manager doesn’t believe it since she was so mad. Gong Mi reveals that she’s Gong Shim’s sister, and produces proof so that he will believe her. She asks if anyone other than her law firm requested a copy of the video. The manager confirms that he didn’t make any other copies but Gong Shim does have a copy on her cell phone.

Gong Shim tells Dan Tae about the female customer assaulted her. Dan Tae asks if she’s sure it wasn’t because she was part of a fight. Dan Tae admits that he doesn’t feel like she’s the type to get assaulted, Gong Shim stands to leave but Dan Tae tells her that he was joking.  Dan Tae’s secretary, Chun Ji Yeon, asks her write down the information about the incident. Dan Tae asks if she has any proof of the assault, and she tells him she had made a copy of the gas station camera’s video file. She opens up the file on her phone and passes it over. She goes to step away because she doesn’t want to look at it. While Dan Tae is watching the video (which I might add his eyes look very sad) she gets a call from her sister. She pick up her purse and leave the office. Ji Yeon asks Dan Tae if he knows her, and he admits they live in the same building. Jin Yeon is taken aback by this revelation. He jokes and tells her to not worry because he won’t marry until she is married off.

The two sisters meet at a cafe and Gong Mi tells Gong Shim that she will leave home. Gong Shim asks why she’s threatening her into not suing. Gong Mi tells her that she will need to resign from her current firm if she sues Attorney Song’s Wife and she will not be able to find a job as a lawyer anywhere in Korea. She has decided that she will go to America and take her law degree there, but she won’t have the money to bring the family. Gong Shim tells her that OK and she will do whatever it takes to take care of their parents. Gong Mi breaks down crying and kneels in front of her sister. She apologizes to her in Mrs Song’s place. Gong Shim tells her sister to get off her knees and eventually manhandles her into sitting at the table. Gong Mi tells her that she knows she hasn’t been the best to her but Gong Shim saw how hard it was for her to become a lawyer. Their parents are upset about the incident, and everyone understands why she wants to sue her. She begs her to drop the case. She tells her that she wasn’t ok after watching the video of her being assaulted. She tells her that there is nothing she can do, she apologizes and tells her that this is the only thing that she can say.

Dan Tae wonders where she went, and Ji Yeon tells him to call her. Dan Tae doesn’t want to and he tells her that it’s hurting his pride. He even gave up black bean soup for her. Gong Shim allows Gong Mi to delete the video from her phone and she thanks her for making the right decision. Gong Shim tells her that just because she let her delete the video doesn’t mean she forgiven the woman. Gong Mi excuses herself to go to work, and from right outside she calls attorney Song that the gas station attendant won’t be filing a lawsuit.

Gong Shim goes to the park and contemplates whether or not she did the right thing.  She tells herself that she just needs to be patient. She’s getting ready for her Italian class when she noticed that she left her bicycle bell in Dan Tae’s room. Dan Tae comes homes just in time to catch Gong Shim breaking into his rooms, so he takes a picture. The noise of the flash scares her, he tells her that he caught her breaking in. He admits that he was wondering where she went that afternoon He asks if she was actually after his belongings. She asks him why he still hasn’t changed his pass code, and he tells her it’s his business, not hers. She admits that she’s come to look for something that belong to her and he wonders what it is. He asks her why she left halfway through their consult and she tells him that finally she’s not suing Mrs Song. He asks if she settled, and she tells him settling means that she forgives her and she will never forgive that woman. Dan Tae tells her that she should be suing her and she’s not making any sense. He’s seen people change their minds halfway through a case. He asks her to send him the video so that he can save it as evidence in case she changes her mind. She tells him she’s deleted it, and tells him to not bring it up again. She apologizes for trying to go into his rooms when he wasn’t present but she needs to find her item, and leave. He agrees and goes to find her bicycle bell so she can go to her classes.

Screenshot 2016-06-03 20.02.53.png

Dan Tae goes to the gas station and asks if they have a girl who works there with a certain hair cut. The manager connects it to Gong Shim right away. The manager asks why he’s looking for her. He admits that he was curious as to why she gave up her lawsuit so suddenly. The manager is suspicious of him and he tells the manager that he’s close with Gong Shim, he even shows him a photo to prove it. The manager tells him that her sister came and said they had settled. Since that story didn’t match what Gong Shim told him so he asks to see the video. The manager admits that he deleted it because Gong Mi told him that they settled. He thanks him and looks for another camera who might have gotten the incident on camera. Dan Tae goes into a convenience store and takes a look at their cameras, the clerk notices and turns the screen away from him.

Gong Shim comes to work and her manager asks her why she dropped the lawsuit because he was mad at her. She tells him it just turned out that way. Her manager tells her about Dan Tae’s visit, and she wonders why he’s butting into her business.

Dan Tae gets caught looking at the cameras again and admits that he’s just trying to see where they are pointed. He asks if he’s trying to figure out if there is one that points towards the gas station. Dan Tae asks how he knows. The clerk tells him that a female lawyer came that afternoon asking him the same thing. When he comes out and Gong Shim walks right to him. She asks him why he’s asking around, and he asks if it’s wrong for him to ask while passing by. She tells him she’s going to make it very clear, it’s over, and he should butt out of  her business.

Gong Mi goes out to eat with Attorney Song and he asks if she knows the TV show Big Match, she confirms that she does He tells her that she should go on the program’s panel to get some publicity. She asks about the previous person doing the show and he tells her that he’s talked with everyone and she can start next episode. They all toast to Gong Mi’s success.

Gong Shim goes out with her guy friend, Goo Nam, to drink and tells him she’s really mad. He tells her that she should stop drinking and go home since it’s already her 3rd round. She asks him for one favour, and that’s to shut up and just sit there. When he goes to drink he spots Dan Tae, and asks if she feels like she’s being watched. Goo Nam points out Dan Tae who waves. She hides her face and he asks who he is, she tells him that it’s the pervert lawyer he introduced her to. She suddenly doesn’t want to drink anymore. Goo Nam tells her to have a good night sleep because it makes everything better. They part ways and Goo Nam goes into the convenience store.

Goo Nam introduces himself to Dan Tae, who remembers his friend because of the case he worked for him. He admits that he’s the one that introduced Gong Shim to him. Dan Tae asks him if he knows why Gong Shim gave up the lawsuit so suddenly. Goo Nam tells him that Gong Shim really wanted to sue the woman, but she’s married to the president of her sister’s law firm. She dropped it because she was afraid that her sister would pay the price.

Dan Tae goes home to find Gong Shim asleep in his futon. He goes to wake her to find that his wig is covering her feet. He rips off the covers and cleans up the things that she’s holding. He runs outside and screams that she’s a nut case. He finally decided to change his passcode. However, once he does he temporarily forgets it and sleeps in a chair at the convenience store. She wakes up and runs out of his room chastising herself for coming back. She kicks a pipe that tells him that she’s awake and he goes back in. Once he’s asleep he has the same dream about the child crying in front of the store again. He wakes up and wonders who the child was and why he keeps appearing in his dreams.

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At the Suk household Joon Soo’s family want to celebrate his birthday but his grandmother tells them it’s the anniversary of her son’s death and will not be celebrating his birthday. Her son asks if she’s going down to Chenon and she tells them that it’s where she goes every April 22 to pray and beg for Joon Pyo to come back. His Grandmother tells her daughter-in-law that she heard that she’s started celebrating Joon Soo’s birthday a few years back, and she tells her that it’s a charity bazaar to help poor people. Joon Soo’s mother wonders how long she will be this way because Joon Soo didn’t do anything wrong. Grandmother tells her that if Joon Pyo was alive they wouldn’t step foot in that house. His mother finally breaks and tells her she doesn’t know even know if Joon Pyo is alive, and asks if it makes her happy to punish Joon Soo and herself so.  She tells her that even if she meet him right now she wouldn’t recognize him because it’s been nearly 30 years. Joon Soo breaks up the fight by getting his mother out of the room.

Dan Tae is waiting for grandmother to come because he will be her driver for the day. While he’s driving grandmother keeps staring at him. He asks if there is something wrong and if he should drive slower which makes her laugh. She finds that he has a friendly demeanour and tells him that they don’t have to get there in a rush.

Gong Mi goes to see her boss, and he tells her that his wife wants to treat her well. He tells her that his wife wants to take her to a charity bazaar ran but millionaire’s wives. She declines thinking that she will be out of place. He tells her that it would be good for her to find out how the upper class work. He tells her to get ready because his wife is coming to pick her up. Gong Mi goes to the bathroom and wonders why she dressed the way she did.

Gong Shim is at home, practicing her Italian, when her mother comes in to get an outfit for Gong Mi. She tells Gong Shim to bring it to Gong Mi’s office right away. Gong Shim tells her that she has to go to class, which he response is she can drop it off on the way. Gong Mi calls her mother and asks where she is because she’s going to be running late. She tells her that she sent Gong Shim and Gong Mi tells her that she’s crazy. Frantically Gong Mi tries to get a hold over Gong Shim and goes to the elevator to meet up with her downstairs. She happens to meets up with Attorney Song who tells her that his wife has arrived early and wants her to come down right away. Gong Mi is shocked that she has arrived and quickly text Gong Shim to pretend she doesn’t know her. The text confuses her; until she sees the woman who assaulted her. She runs off to the side as to not be seen. Song’s wife thanks Gong Mi for everything and she tells her that it was not a problem. Seeing the interaction hurt Gong Shim to see her sister acting like that. She always thought that she was so big but she needs to bow down to a woman like Song’s Wife.

Gong Mi gets given an apron so that she can attend since it’s the invitation. Gong Mi meets Mrs Song at the bazaar to find that Mrs Song’s daughter arrived unexpectedly and needs the apron back. Gong Mi understands and hands it over to her and Mrs Song tells her she’ll call another time. Before she leaves she takes a good look at Joon Soo who is handsome, especially laughing as he is.

Screenshot 2016-06-03 21.10.03.png

Dan Tae drops Grandmother home and she thanks him for his hard work. He tells her it’s nothing and to stay healthy. He leaves and walks a short way before turning back and bowing again. Grandmother keeps looking after him sadly.

As Gong Shim is walking home when Joon Soo pops out and says hello. She seems a little lost and he reminds her when they met. He admits he recognised her right away, and Dan Tae tells him it’s hard not to recognise her unique style. (He’s referring to her wig) Dan Tae does the introductions and mispronounces her name on purpose. Since Joon Soo has heard her say her name, he says it correctly and tells her that he finds her hairstyle very cute. She seems shocked and Dan Tae giggles. She excuses herself abruptly due to nerves, and they both men mention that she’s very fast. She gets to the road and smile but the chastises herself for it.

The men are playing a one-on-one game of basketball when Joon Soo tries to hand Dan Tae an envelope with money. He admits that he doesn’t really want to take it,. Joon Soo tells him it was work and he should be paid. Dan Tae tells him to buy him a drink next time they see each other. Joon Soo asks if driving his grandmother was hard, and he told him that it wasn’t and she told him stories about the Korean war. This shocked Joon Soo but he thanks him for driving during the day since he only drives at night normally. He offers Dan Tae a position in his company and he reminds Joon Soo that driving is a side job, not his profession. He tells him that he’s a lawyer, and Joon Soo laughs a little. He tells him to  come work for him because it would be better than his current company. Dan Tae stops playing and pulls out a business card. He presents it to Joon Soo who recognizes his mistake right away and apologizes. Dan Tae jokes about inviting him to his pent house one day. When he sinks a basket with nothing but net he remembers the video that Gong Shim showed him., and that there was a truck in the background.

Gong Shim quits her job and thanks her manager. He tells her to stop buy when she’s in the neighbourhood. Dan Tae goes to the food truck that is parked just next to the gas station and asks if he’s ever there during the day. The owner admits that he’s not because he’s normally at the academy selling to students. Gong Shim notices him and comes by to tell him to stop asking around by the assault since she is not going to press charges. Dan Tae tells her that he’s not doing anything except eating oden. She tells him to not look around as she made herself clear.

Screenshot 2016-06-03 21.26.35.png

Dan Tae is having a phone consultation while on the roof and he tells the person that he won’t change him he will just need to pay some of the court fees. Gong Shim sees that the leaves from her plants are falling and notices it’s because of Dan Tae plucking them off. She gets made and storms up to see him just after he finishes his call. She asks him why he ripped the leaves off and he apologises and tells her that he has a habit of tearing things apart when he’s focused on something. She tells him that she has a habit of pulling people hair out when she mad and proceeds in pulling his. She tells him that she can’t stand him and leave.

Grandmother asks his son where he was because she couldn’t reach him. He tells her that they are in the middle of replacing the staff in the office, but they are hiring someone today. His wife will be interviewing the candidates because he had an affair with the last secretary.

Gong Shim goes to borrow some clothes from her sister for the interview. He sister tells her that it’s just a department store and she doesn’t need to dress up. Gong Shim tells her that they won’t care about her specs only about her passion. Gong Mi tells her that’s what they all say but she doesn’t think her clothes fit her. She tells Gong Shim just to just wear her normal clothes. Gong Mi is leaving and her parents ask if she’ll be on TV the following day. She admits that she’ll only know after the meeting at the station. Gong Shim comes out and her parents tell her she looks like a salesperson. She asks if she looks like a hard worker, and they tell her she does.

Dan Tae comes out of the convenience store and as he walks up the stairs he drops part of his baked potato in front of Gong Mi. He looks so sad and he kneels down to pick it up. He thinks after the fact that Gong Mi must be Gong Shim sister as he mourns the death of his baked potato.

Screenshot 2016-06-03 21.43.23.png

Dan Tae goes to see Miss Song and asks her to apologise to Gong Shim. She asks if he has any proof that she did it. He tells her that she has her conscience and he only wants an apology nothing more. She tells him that is he doesn’t have proof then she won’t do anything. He tells her if she knows the food truck that is right next to the gas station and tells her they have really good oden. He wonders aloud why he took out his phone.

Gong Shim is studying for her interview as to get the job. She falls asleep and notices she late for the interview. She runs into Joon Soo in the company’s lobby and tells him that she late for the interview. He tells the people at the desk to make sure she gets to the 15th floor, and since she doesn’t have time to put her in the officer elevator.  She shows up to the interview anyways way late and causes a touch of a commotion. She apologies and leaves, however, it looks like Mrs Suk found the one she likes.

Gong Shim chastises herself and wonders if she should have planted some poisonous plants for when she wants to kill herself. She gets a call from the gas station’s manager to tell her that Mrs Song is there. She goes to see her and asks her why she’s there. Mrs Song apologises for what she did the other day and starts to cry. Gong Shim tells her it’s ok. Mrs Song goes to tell Dan Tae that she apologises to Gong Shim. As promised he deletes the video from his phone. She asks where he got the video and he tells her it was from the food truck’s dash cam. He tells her not to worry as he has already deleted the original file.

Dan Tae comes home to find Gong Shim singing to herself on the roof. He asks if something good happened, and that scares her. (I’ve noticed that this chick is jumpy. She tells him that he could say that. She also tells him that the plant with the red ribbon is poisonous and should he eat it he will die. He asks why she would need poisonous plants and she doesn’t answer. Dan Tae tells her that Joon Soo is coming over and he wonders if he bought too much for 2. He tells her that he forgot vegetables and asks if she has some at home. When she says she does he tells her to go get some and come eat with them. She acts like she’s not happy but as soon as she’s out of sight she smiles widely.

Gong Mi is searching the web about Joon Soo.

Joon Soo arrives and he makes his way upstairs. He asks if someone else is coming as he notices that third chair, just a second later Gong Shim shows up. He figures out that she lives downstairs. He asks how her interview went and Dan Tae tells him that by her expression she bombed it. Joon Soo tells him that there is always a chance that she has the job, and she confidently tells him that she doesn’t. She even promises that if she gets the job she’ll burn her hand. Joon Soo tells her that he will check with the company and she tells him not to bother. While Joon Soo is on the call Dan Tae teases her about putting curls in her wig. She tells him that he best not mention that it’s a wig to Joon Soo.

Joon Soo congratulates her on getting the job as the president’s secretary. She doesn’t believe what he’s saying and Dan Tae is a little shocked when he asks that she’ll be his father’s secretary. This is one little tidbit of information that she didn’t know, and Dan Tae tells her that Joon Soo’s family is loaded. Dan Tae tells her that you can never judge a book by its cover and she must be talented to get in on the first try. She tells them that she is sure that she bombed the interview. Dan Tae tells everyone to sit down and cheers to Gong Shim’s new job. Right after Dan Tae notices his father standing on the landing.

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