Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Book #1)



Quick Summary:

What happens when Cinderella, meets cyborgs, aliens, and a futuristic society? This book. We follow Ling Mai Cinder, a mechanic and cyborg, living in New Beijing with her step mother who hates her for being cyborg. Throughout the book we see Cinder, get heartbroken, deal with a lost, and find something out about herself that she’d rather  not know. This entire book is happening in the middle an epidemic, peace talks between the Lunar population and Earth, and a budding romance between the crowned prince of the Eastern Commonwealth and Cinder. What’s more to say? It’s a fun read, so you should pick it up.


Like I said above this is Cinderella meets Sci-fi fantasy. Throughout the book Cinder has to fight against a lot of stigmas around simply being cyborg, and not only that but also being the reason why her stepfather died in her stepmother’s eyes. She is the best mechanic in all of new Beijing, which leads to the meeting with the crowned prince of the Commonwealth Prince Kaito.

Though I’m giving this novel 3/5, I’ll admit I struggled to find anything to say about it. The story is ok, that character development was sufficient enough to say it was there, and the ending is that of a book in a series. The characters were well fleshed out, and the coupling was cute enough. I’m not terrible invested in the series, but it’s a good stepping stone into Sci-fi fantasy but not something that I’d be passing around a lot.



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