Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 3 Recap



So here’s the story so far. Gong Shim (Minah) has decided to take Italian courses but to do that she must rent out  her rooftop room. She posts an ad and Ahn Dan Tae (Min Namgung) rents the room. Initials she sees Dan Tae as a thug but slowly finds out that he’s not as bad as first he appears. Gong Shim gets assaulted at work and, though she really wants to, decides not to press charges as to not effect her sister’s career. She goes to and interview which she bombs but later that evening Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) tells her she actually got the job.

We replay the scene on the roof up too where Dan Tae seeing his father on the landing. Dan Tae takes him out to eat some ramen, and inquires to how he found out where he lived. He mentions that he could have called him over the last 5 years and he currently feels like he only came for the food because he hasn’t made eye contact with him.  His father looks up and tells him that he feels so back that he can’t meet his eyes.

Gong Shim comes up the stairs and finds Joon Soo fixing her chair. After a while of staring, she comes over and asks him what he’s doing. He turns to her and smiles telling her he found some tools so he fixed the chair’s leg. She offers him a popsicle and though it’s melted (because she’s been staring so long) he thanks her. He tells her to sit and she finds the chair to be very sturdy.  She admits that she’s surprised that he’s so handy . He tells her that he’s been attending classes and offers to find her a school to learn. She tells him it’s ok she’ll do it herself. Joon Soo tells her that they will be meeting at the company for then on, and she suddenly gets very self-conscientious and tells him that he can ignore her at the company and even treat her poorly since he holds a high position. He admits that he can’t do that since they’re friends and tells her to just treat him as a work senior rather than someone in a higher position.

Once they part ways Gong Shim goes down stairs and tells her parents she got hired. They tell her to be careful because of scam companies since they don’t believe she got the job. She assures them that it wasn’t a scam and instead of it being a sale clerk position she’s going to be the president’s secretary. Gong Mi comes out and asks what she’s talking about. She warns her that the women who tend to become the president’s secretary are pretty and intelligent and she best check to makes sure. She tells her that she checked with the hiring manager and its accurate information. Her mother turns out to be ecstatic for her, her father faints and her sister can’t believe what she’s hearing.

Gong Shim goes up on the roof to water her plants and is suddenly imagining herself marrying Joon Soo. She snaps out of it and tells herself she must be crazy. She’s hitting her head when Dan Tae calls to her. She turns around to find him sitting on her chair and she pushes him off. He tells her that she’s curled her wig and is having girly thoughts so she must really like Joon Soo. Gong Shim tries to deny it and he reveals that it’s obvious. He tells her that he’s planning on telling Joon Soo about and she tells him that he’s not allowed. He tells her that he will be looking for a larger place so he’ll need a refund. Though she is reluctant she agrees if only to make him keep his mouth shut.

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The next morning at the Suk household Grandmother tells Mr Suk to meet with the chinese visitor and show they around since she needs to go to Cheonan. He agrees and jokes about going to the Chinese restaurant in front of the company but no one finds it funny. Grandmother tells him to keep those kind of jokes to himself. She turns to Joon Soo and tells him to call the chauffeur from the last time. Joon Soo goes to explain that he can’t because it was a favour that last time, but his father cuts him off telling her to use Chauffer Park but she wants Dan Tae to drive her.

Gong Shim arrives at work and she’s preparing herself for her first day at work and she is determined not to mess up. She gets shown to the workstation and the other secretary asks who her connection is. She admits that she doesn’t have one, The secretary takes it that she just doesn’t want to tell her and  she tells her it’s fine. She’s messing around when Mr and Mrs Suk walk in. She greets them and is brought into the office to talk.

Mrs Suk introduces herself, but Mr Suk cuts her off. He tells her that same joke about taking the Chinese visitors to have black bean noodles at the Chinese restaurant and asks if it’s a good idea. He starts laughing but she remains stoic and tells him it’s a fine idea. This allows Mrs Suk to laugh at her husband telling he she picked the perfect secretary. He leaves for a meeting, and rs Suk and Gong Shim talk about what she needs to do as the president’s secretary. In short, she is to be Mrs Suk’s spy.

Dan Tae’s father is standing outside the Suk family home when Grandmother comes out. Once he sees her he quickly leaves. 30 seconds later Dan Tae comes sprinting around the corner. She scolds him for being late, and he admits he didn’t realise he was 3 minutes late but tries to make her feel better with a compliment how ever that doesn’t make her feel better this time.

Dan Tae is taking a business call while grandmother is praying. He tells his customer that Ji Yeon is there and will have all of the paperwork for him. When grandmother arrives back Dan Tae apologizes about scratching the car which makes her mad. He excuses himself to the bathroom when an older lady comes to the car and talks with Grandmother. She admits to scratching the car. Grandmother seems very confused and the woman thought her grandson would have told her. She tells her what happened and how Dan Tae just sent her on her way after a mild freak out.

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While Dan Tae is driving back grandmother is ‘glaring’ at him. (or watching him intently) He apologises and offers to pay in 12-month instalments. She tells him that she’s not sure if she can trust him. He admits that it’s a problem and then offers 3-month instalments. She turns away and smiles to herself.

Gong Mi is with Song in his office is requesting to take charge of the Star group lawsuit. He tells her that it’s not small matter trying to take over a senior’s lawsuit. She admits she didn’t want to tell him but she is sure that Choi Seo Jin is planning on moving to another law firm. This revelation shocks Song, and she gets control.

Gong Shim meets up with Director Yeom, whom she called a Dogster the last time they saw each other, and he’s still mad over the incident. Yeom asks if President Suk is really going to bee keeping her as his secretary, but he has no choice since it was Mrs Suk’s choice. When they go to enter the office she offers to make tea and Yeom tells her that dogs don’t drink tea. Yeom’s constant pushing makes her very nervous. President Suk tells her that she has 20 minutes to prepare everything. (Notice how vague it is)

Gong Mi is waiting in the Star group meeting room thinking of Joon Soo when Manager Jung Eun Chul from the law department comes in. She admits that she thought that she was having an interview with Joon Soo and he tells her to direct all questions to him. She tries to insist on talking with him directly but it falls on deaf ears.

Joon Soo sees Gong Shim in the hallway and calls to her. He asks how her first day is going and she admits that she still doesn’t know what she’s doing. She turns to leave and Joon Soo tells her that the president isn’t in so there is no need to rush. She tells him that the president told her to get everything ready in 20 minutes so she got tea ready and got yelled at for not getting the car ready and this makes Joon Soo laugh. Gong Mi is leaving and spots Joon Soo talking with Gong Shim. She notices that they have a light atmosphere around them. Gong Shim notices her sister but doesn’t call out and Joon Soo notices her distraction and tries to see what is causing it.

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Mr Suk goes to see grandmother but she is in her office with Dan Tae. They seemed to be finishing up and conversation when Mr Suk enters, and Dan Tae takes his leave. When Mr Suk asks about it Grandmother tells him it’s none of his business. Dan Tae misses the elevator and decides to take the stairs to the main floor.

Gong Shim gets corners in the stairwell by 2 other secretaries who start bullying her because she knows Joon Soo. They tell her that the only reason that she got the job is because she’s unattractive, unpleasant and Mrs Suk wanted to control the president’s woman problem. Dan Tae walks in on it and sees Joon Soo cry because of the mean words. He runs back up the stairs and pretends he didn’t see anything.

He calls to her when she arrives and she asks what he’s doing there. He admits that he got into some trouble and he came to tide it over. She chastises him and tells him to do something productive. He says that he will and leaves on the elevator.

President Suk asks her what her relationship to Dan Tae is and what she knows about him. She admits that she doesn’t know much. President Suk tells her to tell him everything, and she does ending on the fact that he’s a lawyer. Suk can’t believe it, but Gong Shim tells him that she was at his office and he is definitely a lawyer. Suk wants Gong Shim to dig into Dan Tae past, and any money problems he’s had. Though she is uncertain about it, she agrees anyways.

She calls him and asks if he’s free that evening, he tells her that he’s not and is actually meeting with someone. He inquires as to why, and she admits that she just wants to go drinking. Dan Tae thinks that it’s because of her job and he agrees to go drinking. She tries to pump him for information by getting him drunk but it doesn’t work. When she tries to get him drunk by giving him the wrong proportion of Soju to the beer they get mixed up when changing tables. Dan Tae notices the difference when he sits down after returning from the bathroom, get she only notices once she starts drinking.

Once Gong Shim gets really drunk she asks if Dan Tae has seen her sister, when he admits that he had, she asks if he likes her. She doesn’t wait for his answer, she tells him that all men like her sister as soon as they lay eyes on her. She starts telling Dan Tae about her insecurities. She calls her being ugly her biggest fault in life, and tells him all about how her parents only ever cared about her sister. While walking home she keeps trying to get him to go drinking with her some more, but he thinks she’s nuts. She finally agrees to go home if they play 1 games of hide and seek. 1 game turns into 2 and the 2nd time he finds her asleep.

Dan Tae carries her home on his back and she sleeps talks and calls him driver. She asks him if he’s ever heard of someone being hired just because they are ugly. She tells him that since everything else about her is trash it’s a good thing that she was ugly just to get hired. Dan Tae is visibly hurt by her admissions.

Screenshot 2016-06-04 15.53.48.png

The next day Gong Mi asks Gong Shim if she knows Joon Soo well. She tells her that she’s not allowed to talk about him outside of the company, and she asks why. Gong Mi admits that he is part of a lawsuit. Just then Gong Shim gets a text from Joon Soo that tells him that the furniture studio has an opening and she should go register. She gets pulled away from her phone, to season the stew with her mother, allowing Gong Mi to see the text.

Gong Shim meets up with Dan Tae and asks if they can just pretend like nothing happened the night before. He agrees and he goes to send her the picture he took, telling her she can decide about whether or not to save it and send it to Joon Soo. However he accidently (on purpose?) sent it to Joon Soo.

Gong Shim tells president Suk that she hasn’t found out anything about Dan Tae and he gives her 2 more days to find out some information, or else. At lunch hour, Gong Shim decides to go register for the furniture class but her sister calls so she can look for something at home when it was real with her. When Gong Shim arrives at the studio she finds out that the course is filled already.

Dan Tae and Joon Soo meet up for coffee and he asks him to delete the picture he sent him. He admits that Gong Shim nearly pulled out his hair because he sent it. He asks why she got into the trash, to begin with. Dan Tae tells him it’s because they drank in excess. He admits that he would love to do something similar, but he’s never had the chance. Dan Tae jokes and tells him to go drinking with Gong Shim some time. Joon Soo tells him that he’ll be seeing her later and hopes to not burst out laughing. He tells him that he told Gong Shim that there was an opening at his furniture studio and she should have register, so they would be taking courses together .

Gong Mi is introduced to the class and Joon Soo seems sad about it. Gong Shim goes to Dan Tae’s office to find it empty. She looks at his desk to see photos of an assault, when suddenly a gang comes in and starts breaking things. They asks her where Dan Tae is and she admits that she doesn’t know. One of the men goes to hit Gong Shim with a pipe and Dan Tae grabs his wrist. After checking to make sure that she’s okay Dan Tae turns back around to face the men. They tell him that they’ve warned him to stay quiet. He asks if they want to solve this legally or violently, and obviously at this point a fight happens. Though, they take it outside as to not further destroy the office.

Right after the fight is over he checks on Gong Shim who seems to be in shock. The police come, along with Ji Yeon. Ji Yeon tells him that he should take care of the police first. A police officer and he have a conversation that seems very familiar like they have it several times before. Gong Shim watches the police take him away.

Ji Yeon admits that Dan Tae has a juvenile record because in highschool he got into a fight with a rich man’s son who was bullying his classmates. Because he was poor, he got sentenced to jail time unfairly. Ji Yeon admits that while he was in jail his mother passed away and he’s trying to make up for it by helping the needy.

As Ji Yeon and Gong Shim go to leave Dan Tae arrives back at the office. Ji Yeon tells them to go home together since they live in the same building. While walking Gong Shim admits that she really thought that the men were going to kill her. Dan Tae asks why she talked back to them, she admits that she couldn’t just watch them destroy everything without saying anything. She suddenly notices that her wrist is bleed and Dan Tae chastises her for not saying anything. While he’s dragging her to the hospital she notices that his forehead is bleeding once she realizes that she’s really close to Dan Tae she jumps away.

Still loving this show but I don’t understand Dan Tae at all. Regardless I can’t wait for the next episode.

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