Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 4 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Gong Shim (Minah) needed some money so she rents out a room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who she initially thinks is a thug but turns out to be a nice guy pro-bono lawyer. She gets hired as the president’s secretary at Suk Joon Soo’s (On Joo Wan) company. Due to an assault case that she got Gong Shim to drop, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) gets given a case involving Joon Soo’s company. Gong Mi does everything to try and cross paths with Joon Soo because she’s infatuated with him. Meanwhile, President Suk (Kim Il Woo) orders gong Shim to look into Dan Tae’s past because he’s getting close with Grandmother Suk (Jeong Hye Seon).

Gong Shim and Dan Tae stop at a convenience store to buy band-aids to patch up their wounds. Dan Tae apologises for that about what happened and then asks if she wasn’t supposed to go to Joon Soo’s furniture studio. She lies and says that she decided not to go. Dan Tae can tell something is off. He asks suddenly if she’s hungry. He then goes into the convenience store to get some food. Dan Tae comes out with a large bowl of instant noodles for them to share. He asks why she came by the office. After a long moment, she admits that she wanted to find out more about him. She starts stumbling over her words realising that it sounds like she’s interested in him. He then proceeds to dig himself in a hole admitting that he was also curious about her. Needless to say, he pisses her off and she leaves.

Gong Mi is standing in the rain while trying to flag down a taxi when Joon Soo sees her. He pulls over and offers her a lift to the subway. While driving Joon Soo realises that Gong Mi is cold and put on the heat, though she protests. Their conversation turns light and they talk about carpentry.

Gong Shim and Dan Tae end up walking home together when she asks him why his office’s names are called Step. He explains that it’s named for the musical Andante pace, like his name. She mentions that he is a really good fighter but he deflects it and says that he’s actually only really good at dodging. Gong Shim is confused and asks if that isn’t what makes a good fighter. Dan Tae tells her that he shouldn’t tell her something because it’s a secret but asks her to keep it for him. She agrees and he proceeds to ask her to hit him, but she misses multiple times. He tells he that he can see fast moving objects slowly and can move out of their way. He admits that as soon as he turned 15 he started having a dream of a young boy, who couldn’t have been older than 5. There was a truck coming at the boy but he couldn’t move, suddenly the truck seems to slow and he was able to move out of its way. Ever since then he started seeing fast moving objects in slow motion. While he was looking away Gong Shim hit him and tells him that people don’t always hit you when you’re looking.

Screenshot 2016-06-05 23.26.02.png

They arrive home and Dan Tae tells her that he will be moving out the following day because his aunt found a set of rooms. She asks if he isn’t happy to be living with his father, and though he says he is, it really doesn’t seem to be the case. He notices the time and runs into the convenience store to by a box lunch. Gong Shim walks in after him and sees Goo Nam behind the counter. Gong Shim is surprised that he works there because his house is more than 1 hour away. Goo Nam blurts out it’s because of her and then backtracks to cover his slip up. While he’s ringing up Dan Tae’s orders Dan Tae asks Gong Shim why her sister uses up 2 rooms and forces her to live in the roof top room. He notices her sister is outside watching them so they head out. Gong Mi interrogates Gong Shim about what she’s doing with him, and Gong Shim tells her that it just happened that way and there is nothing going on.

When the sisters get into Gong Shim’s room, Gong Shim asks her sister where she went because she thought she was going to the department store with their mother. Gong Mi tells her that he friend was leaving the country and they went out for dinner. Gong Mi starts asking Gong Shim questions about Joon Soo again and Gong Shim reminds her that she is not allowed to talk about the owner’s family outside of work. Gong Mi suddenly tells her to stop hanging out with the attic guy because the neighbours might think something is up. She then sees the band-aid on her sister’s wrist and remembers seeing the same design on Dan Tae’s band-aid. She asks if she’s dating him and Gong Shim denies it quite explosively. Gong Shim tells her sister to no longer ask her to do errands for her because she’s busy at work. When Gong Mi tries to point out that she only runs errands at work, Gong Shim tells her that she has no idea what she’s missing out because of her. He sister tries to push her into telling her what she missed but Gong Shim refuses to tell her.

Dan Tae finishes his shower and notices that he still has his band-aid on. He removes it and remembers Gong Shim fondly while smiling to himself. The next morning Dan Tae’s father goes to a tree and says he’s sorry. (probably to his lover)

Joon Soo goes to pick up his paternal grandmother at the airport with his family. They all have a happy reunion in the airport while Grandmother Suk is eating alone at home. Dan Tae’s father goes to the Suk residence and leaves an envelope in the mail slot before running (well walking quickly) away. The envelope is brought to Grandmother Suk and inside is a smaller envelope with Joon Pyo’s name on  it. She finds a clear plastic box containing Joon Pyo’s necklace, that she gave him. Dan Tae’s father calls Grandmother Suk and tells her to just listen. They agree to meet the following day in the One Citizen Park at 2pm. He also tells her to bring the envelope with her.

That morning, Gong Shim bakes some cookies to bring to work and won’t let her family touch them. Her mother tells her father that she used to bake cookies every day in high school because she had a crush on her gym teachers. He father turns to her and asks if she has a crush on someone in the office and Gong Shim deflects and asks what’s wrong with everyone that morning.

Screenshot 2016-06-05 23.31.40.png

Dan Tae comes into the convenience store singing when he notices Gong Shim. He taps her shoulder and when Gong Shim turns around her poorly applied lashes scare him. She asks if she looks weird and he admits that it’s weirder that she doesn’t know she looks weird. He tells her she can’t leave looking the way she does, so she removes her eyelashes and lid glue. Once she leaves Dan Tae follows to try and figure out who she’s trying to impress at work by dolling up. Though he asks multiple times this just seems to get on her nerves. Dan Tae tells her that when she does nothing to her face is when she’s the most dolled up. (OOOOO 3 men seem to be really into her how interesting) She gets really annoyed with him, and he tries to switch the topic to having a farewell party, which she wants none of.

Grandmother Suk is still sitting in the living room holding Joon Pyo’s necklace when the family arrives, so she quickly hides it. Though the parental grandmother tries to be nice Grandmother Suk wants none of it, and leaves without a word.

Gong Mi is getting ready at home and she thinks to herself that she’s certain that Gong Shim and Joon Soo knew each other before they started working together. When she comes out her mother is trying on a dress that she had bought with Gong Mi’s credit card. She tells her that she’s doing this for her because all of her fellow pageant mates married well and there will be a lot of good suitors that she can get for her. Mother starts telling of one candidate and Gong Mi isn’t interested. Her mother asks if she’s dating someone because she might turn out like herself if she dates just anyone.

Dan Tae is reeling up a bunch of bananas on a fishing line. (I’ve decided not to ask) It hits Gong Mi in the head, which pisses her off. Naturally, she comes stomping upstairs, which leads to him apologising to her. She asks him if he has no shame, but she doesn’t suspect that he does. He offers to pay if her phone is broken, and she tells him she wouldn’t take his money. She grabs his fishing rod and throws it knocking the bunch of bananas off. He is sadder of the fact that his bananas were thrown but is happy that they are still edible.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 09.53.11.png

Gong Shim is on the bus reading the secretary manual when she starts daydreaming about her and Joon Soo tells his parents they are in a relationship. She wakes up, after having slumped against a stranger’s shoulder, having missed her stop. She runs to the office and goes to sit on her chair, where President Suk was sitting. She’s relieved that she made it but he tells her she’s late. She apologises and says that her father was sick. President Suk warns her that if she ever comes to work after him again she’ll be on death row.

Gong Shim meets up with Joon Soo in front of the elevators a little while later. He asks if she’s worried about something because of the sigh she just let out. She asks to talk to him in private. Once alone she asks him to delete the picture Dan Tae sent him. He asks innocently what he gets if he deletes it. She offers to give him cookies in return and he agrees. He pretends to delete it but she doesn’t believe him and wants to check. He plays keep away from her with the phone and some other secretaries see them. (Oh no) She jumps back quickly and Joon Soo notices why. She asks him again and he does delete it. She also asks that he treats her like an inferior even though they are friends. He automatically notices what it’s about and tells her that he will take her position into consideration. Right before he leaves he tells Gong Shim that she should go eat the Bean noodles at the restaurant in front of the company and send him a picture as proof, or else.

While cleaning the president’s office she breaks one of his tumblers. She bends down to clean and while she’s behind the desk she hears Mrs Suk and Joon Soo come in. Mrs Suk asks Joon Soo about the nature of his relationship with Gong Shim. She tells him that he needs to be careful because a lot of people are watching him and he shouldn’t be joking around with a secretary. She also tells him that he should stop being nice to lower rank girls out of pity. He tells her that she’s right. They leave to meet President Suk in the lobby and Joon Soo lets out a sigh before leaving. The words cut Gong Shim deeply, that she tries to hold in tears.

Dan Tae is getting ready to leave and he looks fondly to the band-aid that he’s placed on his mirror. He goes to visit his mother’s urn and leaves a bouquet. Ji Yeon asks if Dan Tae’s father is going to tell him everything, which he confirms. She asks how will he live after he tells him. He admits to her that he has a brain tumour and only has 3 months maximum 6 months to live, so he has no more time for regret. Ji Yeon tells him that she won’t allow it, and he tells her that he’ll just have to meet with Joon Pyo. After their fight, he passes out and has to be taken to the hospital. Dan the is still waiting and believes that his father isn’t coming. He apologises for not being there when she passes and promises to come another day.

Gong Mi comes home to find Gong Shim’s cookies on the table. Her mother tells her that she must have given up on her crush because she brought them home. Gong Mi tells them that she’ll eat the cookies on her way out and goes to get changed. We cut to the furniture studio and Gong Mi passes out cookies to everyone. Joon Soo looks down and smile at the cookie and then over at Gong Mi. (Ok… I’m not liking this girl.)

Screenshot 2016-06-06 10.27.54.png

Gong Shim is sitting thinking about the conversation that she overheard earlier that day. She seems to agree with something because she starts bobbing her head. She goes to the office and finds all of Dan Tae’s things there. She mentions to Ji Yeon that she thought he had found a new set of rooms, she confirms that he had but his father never showed up. Dan Tae told Jin Yeon that his new set of rooms was too big to live in alone so he didn’t move in. She walks back home and finds Dan Tae drinking alone, so she sits down. He wonders why she stops and she tells him she wanted a drink. He warns her that he doesn’t want to play hide-and-seek that day so she couldn’t get drunk, and she tells him not to worry.

He asks if she’s going to start living in the attic, and she says she’s not and will be putting the room up for rent the next day. Dan Tae admits that he’s scared of living with his father because he’s so used to living alone. Dan Tae asks her why she tried to put makeup on that morning, and she admits her insecurities to him. He asks if she thinks her sister is pretty, to which she replies that she’s the prettiest. Dan Tae tells her that he finds Gong Shim the prettiest, right before passing out.

She tries to piggyback Dan Tae home but he is far too heavy. She complains about her back aching but admits to no one in particular that it hurt more to hear Joon Soo admit that he was only nice to her out of pity. She brings Dan Tae back to the rooftop room and lays out a blanket and gives him a pillow. Before leaving him for the night she places a bottle of water next to his bed.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 10.42.21.png

Joon Soo has the TV going in the background when he notices Gong Mi. He smiles to himself as he notices that she’s a lawyer. He gets called downstairs for work. The rest of the family is standing around Grandmother Suk because they received a letter from the court officially declaring Joon Pyo dead. Grandmother Suk tells President Suk that he needs to repeal the action, but Mrs Suk tells her that it makes no sense that Joon Pyo has full shares of the company and has been missing for 26 years. Grandmother Suk tells them that they are all crooks and she will appeal this and never forgive any of them and walks out.

the next morning Dan Tae is moving back in and Gong Shim is grilling him to find out that if he remembers what he did the night before. He admits that he doesn’t she pinches his cheek and tells him that he did that to her. He apologises because that really hurts. She also tells him that he begged her to let him back into the attic room, and to call the moving van. That was why he was moving back in.

While he’s setting things back up he gets a call from Grandmother Suk asking him to come to the company right away, with no other explanation. Dan Tae looks over the official appeal and tells her that it’s similar to a death certificate. She asks if there is no way to repeal it. He admits that there is but the person must come back alive. Grandmother Suk tells Dan Tae that she needs him to bring her somewhere, and they leave the company. He brings her to the park for the meetup, but Dan Tae’s father never shows because he’s in the hospital. When Grandmother Suk and he is about to leave she asks him to find Joon Pyo.

That evening Joon Soo is at the furniture studio and looks over at Gong Mi’s empty desk. When he leaves he happens to see Gong Mi waiting on the side of the road so he pulls over. He asks what she’s doing there and she admits that she was waiting for him. She tells him that she gave the cookies to everyone because she was too shy to give it just to him. She then blindsides him and asks if he wants to date her. He doesn’t know what to say, and she tells him not to burden himself by her request.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 11.06.37.png

Gong Shim is leaving the office when she bumps into Dan Tae. He pokes fun about her old lady walk and her smelling like a hot patch when she reminds him that it’s all his fault. He apologises and offers to take her out for dinner, and brings her to the high-end restaurant that Joon Soo brought him. She seems unsure because she knows his normal budget. Just as they go in Gong Mi and Joon Soo arrive at the same restaurant and Gong Mi spots them.

Still cute, Still like it, still wondering when everyone involved with find out Dan Tae is Joon Pyo.

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