Vampire Detective Episode 11 Recap



Here’s a not so quick recap of the story so far! While looking into Han Gyo Min (Jae Hee) disappearance, San (Lee Joon),Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-se) stumble across a vampire bar. After a shootout San got inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what, and turns him into something similar to a vampire. Later the trio were hired to protect the newscaster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-hyun), and while figuring out that case San uncovers more information out about the vampire bar and how they obtain their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-hye) being part of an illegal organization. San later gets a call from an old cop acquaintance, Choi Seon Yeong, and he help her get into her father’s safe where they find pictures of Yoo Jin and Kang Tae-Woo (Jo Bok Rae) that her father, Jang Tae Shik (Choi Gwi Hwa), would have used to make fake ID’s. The trio is hired to clear Moon Gyeong Ho of murder charges, which they do, however their client isn’t who they say they were but in fact a woman by the name of Yo Na (Lee Chung Ah) who seems to have a connection to Yoo Jin. Yo Na calls San after a case and asks for a meeting to which he agrees to and ends up helping her find her ex-lover, Young Kwang. Yoo Jin calls San to tell him to be careful, which only pushes san to try and find Yoo Jin even more.  Now on to this episode!

We re-watch the scene where Yo Na turns Tae Woo into a vampire after he shot himself in the head. Yo Na gives Tae Woo a glass of blood and warn him that it won’t be as easy as he thought. She asks him if he’s not already regretting his decision, which he denies. Yo Na tells him that since she’s done what he wants, she wants to discuss Jo Myung Guen, but he tells her that they still needed to discuss Yoo Jin.

Tae Woo goes to see Yoo Jin, who is struggling against her bounds. When Tae Woo unties her, Yoo Jin tells him that we have to leave. Tae Woo tells her that they can’t turn back anymore. Yoo Jin doesn’t seem to understand and she tells him that he’s acting odd. He cuts his hand and shows her it healing, he tells her that this is the secret Challenger has been hiding. He promises to try and save her.

San is at the police station when Goo Hyung comes out. The Police chief won’t issue a warrant yet and they have to wait. San starts freaking out and start asking Goo Hyung about the possibility of Tae Woo and Yoo Jin dying but this causes Goo Hyung to tell him to stop. Tae Woo calls Goo Hyung and San takes the phone. Tae Woo tells him that he knows where Myung Guen is but they also have Yoo Jin. He promises that he will save Yoo Jin and tells San that he will send him Myung Guen’s location so he can apprehend him. San freaks out a little after hearing the news.

Once Tae Woo hangs up Yoo Jin asks him what he’s trying to prove. He admits that it’s all up to San now, if he goes to catch Myung Guen he will die honourably, and if he comes to save her San will die by his hand. Tae Woo tells her that she’s all his now, and Yoo Jin asks to kill San herself because if he kills San she won’t be able to look him in the eye. He tells her that he will allow it so long as she becomes a vampire just like him.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 10.27.23.png

Some police officers get ready to go capture Myung Guen, and San breaks from the group. Goo Hyung calls after him and tells him that he needs to follow his orders. San tells him that he promised Yoo Jin to protect her, and after much begging, Goo Hyung lets San go. He gets into the car to  lead the police to Myung Guen’s location, but he has a bad feeling about it.

The police arrive at the location provided in the text and they search for Myung Guen. After a while of searching Park notices a piece of bloodied blanket sticking out of a discarded locker. When Park opens the locker they find Myug Guen dead inside. However, when opening the locker it primed a bomb. Goo Hyung hears the click and sees the bomb timer and pull Park to safety.

San gets to the Challenger building after driving a tad like a maniac. San is running looking for Yoo Jin when he meets with Tae Woo. Tae Woo tells him to look for Yoo Jin down one corridor while he searches another. When San finally finds Yoo Jin and unties her she asks him why did he come. San meets up with Tae Woo again right as they get to the elevator, and San hugs Yoo Jin tight. However, there are men waiting for them in the garage. San goes to fight them head on and Tae Woo and Yoo Jin go around the group.

From this point on we’re re-watching the scene from episode 1 where San fights with a bunch of people and Tae Woo comes back for him in the car. While they’re driving away Yoo Jin asks for the car to be pulled over so she can get some air. Finally, we witness San being shot and the car exploding.

San is in the hospital recuperating and Goo Hyung refuses to leave his side. When San finally wakes up he refuses to eat even though Goo Hyung keep trying to get him too. San keeps replaying Yoo Jin’s last works in his head over, and over again.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 10.53.42.png

Tae Woo comes into Yoo Jin’s room and asks her if she’s ok. She tells him to stop pretending like he cares. Tae Woo leaves her a bottle of blood and tells her to drink it slowly. She insisted that she doesn’t need it and he admits that it’s hard at first. Right before Tae Woo leaves Yoo Jin tells him that she is relieved that she didn’t let San die by his hand. Tae Woo tells her that it doesn’t matter because he dead, but let’s be honest San has only shot closer to his shoulder.

Both San and Yoo Jin sit in their respective bedrooms crying, thinking about their past together.

Goo Hyung packs up his things, and Park asks if he’s really leaving. Goo Hyung tells him that someone needs to take responsibility for the death of 2 colleagues.

Yoo Jin is looking out the small opening in her curtains when Yo Na comes and closes them. She asks if she still misses the sun and if she still has lingering feelings about her past. Yo Na notices San’s necklace and takes it off her. She tells Yoo Jin that thinks like that don’t suit her anymore.

Goo Hyung goes to see San who’s sitting next to the river. San asks how he got there, and he tells him by walking. This bad joke makes San choke back a laugh, and Goo Hyung says it’s good to see him laugh even a little after so many years. He tells him to be worried and hands him his business card, and asks if he wants to join him. San laughs at the idea because one of the investigators was kicked off the police force and the other was shot in the chest. Goo Hyung tells him that even if they can’t solve the case they should at least try and help them.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.12.01.png

We’re back to the present and the cab drops San off at a seemingly abandoned warehouse. He looks around and finally comes face to face with Tae Woo. When San recognises him he moves closer but Tae Woo tells him to stop. Tae Woo asks San to never see himself or Yoo Jin ever again.

The next morning Goo Hyung sees San on the stairs and asks him what he did all night. San tells Goo Hyung that Tae Woo and Yoo Jin are alive. Goo Hyung asks if he’s meet with them and San falls silent. Gyeo Wool comes to them and tells them that she made juice, however, the two men are quite solem. San walks by her, and Goo Hyung goes up stairs and she’s left standing there with 3 glasses of juice awkwardly.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 11.17.28.png

Gyeo Wool goes to see Se Ra and starts complaining about the two men and their secrets. Se Ra asks Gyeo Wool why she’s drinking wine in the morning if she made juice, and Gyeo Wool proceeds to offer her a glass. Gyeo Wool asks if she comes off as rude and though Sera says she doesn’t Gyeo Wool believes that no one wants to get close to her since she has a bad personality. Se Ra tells her that San and Goo Hyung cherish her a lot and she seems to be the only person who can’t see it. Se Ra also tells her that San appears to be looking for someone.

Yo Na comes to see Tae Woo and asks where Joo Young Kwang is, and Tae Woo tells her that he hasn’t killed him yet. She warns him not to lay a finger on him, and Tae Woo tells her that once he has what he wants he will let him go unharmed. He pushes the tablet over so she can see what’s going on. Tae Woo tells her that he’s becoming impatient. He tells her to bring him the list of helpers and he won’t drain Young Kwang’s blood. Yo Na tells him that if something happens to him before she returns she promises to kill Yoo Jin in front of him.

San sits in his room thinking about all of the events that have happened between him and his 2 friends. He also thinks about how much Yoo Jin has tried to help him since she was ‘dead’.

Goo Hyung starts drinking soju across from San. San tells him that he met with Tae Woo. Goo Hyung asks that even if they are both alive that he has no idea where to start, and he confirms that he does. Just then Yo Na walks in looking quite sullen. Goo Hyung is confused about the current events and Yo Na tells them that Yoo Jin was killed then brought back to life. She turns to San and tells him that he should understand that better than anyone else. She tells them that they have 1 hours to bring her the helper list, and then she will help San reunite with Yoo Jin.

Just as Gyeo Wool comes home she spots Yo Na leaving. She runs down the stairs and chases the car a little.

Inside San is going through Goo Hyung’s computer and asks him where the list is. Goo Hyung tells him that he doesn’t have it. San tells him that he needs to meet up with Yoo Jin to find out what happened to her. Gyeo Wool comes in demanding answers about Yo Na but Goo Hyung keeps deflecting and San stay quiet. Goo Hyung finally tells her that she’s a client and she wants they to look into her cheating lover. Goo Hyung asks Gyeo Wool to look for a USB so he can send some information to a client.

Yo Na’s car stops and she thinks back to when she and Young Kwang first met and lived together as humans. San and Goo Hyung are about to leave but San reminds him about their equipment. Goo Hyung agrees that it might be dangerous and tells him he’ll be right back but San leaves without him. San meets up with Yo Na can give her the list, and Yo Na hands over an address on a piece of paper telling him that this will be their last time. In the folded paper is Yoo Jin’s necklace. San leaves upon seeing it, and Yo Na calls Tae Woo.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.02.08.png

Tae Woo meets Yo Na at the same place San did and he tells her that she called much sooner than he thought. Yo Na asks if Young Kwang is alive and where he’s being held. Tae Woo tells her that he is alive, but as too his location it will have to wait until they check the list. When they check there seems to be a computer virus that is let loose on the computer. Tae Woo asks what’s going on but by the look on her face she didn’t know either, then Tae Woo gets news that the men guarding Yoo Jin were attacked.

Meanwhile, San gets to the building and fights his way to Yoo Jin’s rooms. After fighting god knows how many men, San nonchalantly gets into an elevator. San gets to Yoo Jin’s floor and walks with purpose to her door.

Gyeo Wool comes into the living room to find Goo Hyung pacing the room. Gyeo Wool tells him that she put a tracker on the USB. After Goo Hyung asks her, she admits that she did a few other things to the USB and he explodes at her about the USB being important. She asks why they left her out of everything. She asks if it was Yo Na again and he just tuts her.

San enters the room (that isn’t locked?) and comes face-to-face with Yoo Jin. Yoo Jin starts to cry in front of San with out saying a word San walks over to her and hugs her tight. She pushed him away telling him that he can’t be there with her. She tells him that he saw her die, so just pretend that she is dead. She accidently scratches San with a pen and she watches his wound heal. She knows right away what he is, though he doesn’t. San tries to get her to leave but she tells him that either way they can’t run.

Screenshot 2016-06-08 12.10.12.png

Tae Woo comes back to the building to find all of his men laying prone on the floor. Tae Woo heads to Yoo Jin’s room. Tae Woo arrives to find the room empty.

San gets Yoo Jin into his car and starts driving. He asks her after a moment if she’s okay. She mentions that Tae Woo will chase them, and San tells her that he can’t be apart from her again, so they’ll find a way.

Goo Hyung asks Gyeo Wool to trace the USB again. Gyeo Wool tells him that she’s coming with and he begs her to stay at the house. He promises to tell her everything when he comes back. When Goo Hyung get to the building he meets up with Tae Woo. He admits that he didn’t think he was still alive. Goo Hyung asks Tae Woo where San is, and Tae Woo admits that he wanted to asks him the same question. Tae Woo decides that he will use Goo Hyung as bait to find San.

While driving, Yoo Jin asks why San isn’t asking her about how she became a vampire. He tells her that she probably doesn’t want to talk about it. They arrive at an abandoned building right before sunrise. He covers her with a blanket and walks her to the building, after check it was empty. He covers the windows for her.

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