Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 5 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Gong Shim (Minah) needed some money so she rents out a room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who she initially thinks is a thug but turns out to be a nice guy pro-bono lawyer. She gets hired as the president’s secretary at Suk Joon Soo’s (On Joo Wan) company. Due to an assault case that she got Gong Shim to drop, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) gets given a case involving Joon Soo’s company. Gong Mi does everything to try and cross paths with Joon Soo because she’s infatuated with him. Meanwhile, President Suk (Kim Il Woo) orders gong Shim to look into Dan Tae’s past because he’s getting close with Grandmother Suk (Jeong Hye Seon).

We re-watch Dan Tae’s and Gong Shim conversation in front of the restaurant and Gong Mi noticing them there. Gong Shim see’s the menu and finds everything too expensive, Dan Tae just tells her to order something good. Gong Shim uses a stomach ache to get out of eating at a place like that. Gong Mi watches them leave as Joon Soo comes back from parking the car. Joon Soo and Gong Mi goes inside and order. Joon Soo tells her that he saw her on TV, and she confirms that it was her. She mentions that he works near the studio, and he says that he does and is thinking of opening a restaurant near there. Gong Mi plays clueless and asks if he’s a chef, and he admits he just runs restaurants and can’t cook. She apologises that she threw him off with her confessions but she admits that she couldn’t stop thinking about him after he gave her a lift. He asks her to think of him as a new friend and she recognises that she was just turned down and turns their conversation to the food.

Once Gong Shim is far enough away from the restaurant she tells Dan Tae that he’s insane, it was a minimum of 100,000 won per person. He tells her that he can afford it but she doesn’t want to go back to the restaurant. She blames him for her sore back and while she’s complaining she trips, but thanks to his ability he catches her. Gong Shim looks down to see her shoe is undone, she tries to bend down but she back hurts too much so Dan Tae does it for her, after her protesting of course.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 13.58.00.png

Finally, they decide to have pig feet for dinner, and he takes care of her into the restaurant. Even though she keeps yelling at him, he tells her that he will take her crankiness because she’s hurt. She finally asks why he’s overreacting, and he tells her that since she got hurt because of him that it’s only right that he takes care of her. She finally starts eating to find out that the food is really good. Dan Tae is distracted because hair falls into the food so she gets some elastics to tie up her hair into pigtails. Dan Tae mentions that he wishes he could share the moment with Joon Soo because he would love to see her like this. She tells him to no link her with Director Suk and he knows something is off.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 14.06.12.png

Gong Mi sits at home and thinks about her dinner with Joon Soo.

The next morning Dan Tae is sitting in front of the convenience store when Gong Shim comes out. He starts asking if she’s ok, and she tells him it’s fine so he doesn’t have to take care of her. She tells him he can go back home but he admits that he’s also going to the company. He finally tells her that he scratched up the chairwoman’s car and Gong Shim can’t believe what she’s hearing. She realises that she is late and tells him to stop following her.  She trips wen she goes to catch the bus and she is so embarrassed.

The next scene is really funny and should be watched but I will try my best to describe it. *bows* Dan Tae lifts her up in the superman pose and then places her on the bus. All of the other passengers are cheering and laughing which doesn’t bother Dan Tae at all but Gong Shim is so embarrassed that she gets off the bus and grabs a taxi right away and Dan Tae follows. Gong Shim reams into him about being embarrassed and to keep his distance from her. Once they arrive at the company Dan Tae admits that he is 2 hours early for his appointment and she tells him to get himself together.

Dan Tae watches and Gong Shim meets with Joon Soo. She bows and walks right by even though Joon Soo tries to engage him in conversation. Dan Tae remembers what she told him about a conversation Joon Soo had.

Gong Mi gets brought into Attorney Song’s office and is confronted with the fabrication of evidence by Attorney Choi. Gong Mi asks Choi as to why she is lying about it but Choi won’t budge. Song asks if they are trying to get his firm closed down, Choi offers her letter of resignation to him and leaves. Gong Mi refuses to resign so Song fires her. She asks Choi if she’s happy and Choi tells her that she promised to show her a lesson.

Joon Soo is trying to convince Grandmother Suk to go to his restaurant’s grand opening. Dan Tae waits outside while Grandmother Suk tears into Joon Soo. She calls him a bastard and tells him he’s no better than his family. She tells him that she doesn’t see him as a grandson while hurting him, but he takes his leave. Dan Tae meets Joon Soo’s eye and bows, but he could see the unshed tears in his eyes. Joon Soo goes outside for some fresh air and to regroup.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 14.29.03.png

Grandmother Suk asks what his decision is about taking the case and he admits he’s not confident about finding Joon Pyo. He tells her that she should be looking to someone with more experience. She admits that she’s tried everything to find him. She tells him that the last time that she Joon Pyo was when his mother took her to Joon Soo’s birthday party and from there he was abducted. Joon Pyo also had to watch his mother get hit by a truck in front of him, killing her on contact. Grandmother Suk tells him that she’s thought of him every day for the last 26 years because time doesn’t heal everything. She asks him to please re-think his answer and to keep it a secret that she’s asked him to search for Joon Pyo.

Dan Tae goes to see Joon Soo in his office and sneaks up on him. They sit to have a conversation and Dan Tae asks Joon Soo if Gong Shim ignored him. He confirms that she did and then Dan Tae asks if he ever told her to her face that he was only being nice to her because he pitied her. This surprises Joon Soo, but he denies that he did. He suddenly remembers the conversation he had with his mother the day before. They bother to understand that it’s a misunderstanding and now Joon Soo is hell bent on fixing. Dan Tae asks him what his feelings are towards Gong Shim and Joon Soo admits that he finds her cute and makes him feel good. He flips the question back to Dan Tae and he tells him that he sees her as a bratty kid sister.

They go to talk on his roof and Dan Tae apologises for what he heard while waiting for Grandmother Suk. He admits that the only reason he’s on bad terms with Grandmother is because she believes that Joon Pyo’s disappearance was his fault. He has always wished that Joon Pyo would come home so that they can be a family again.

Gong Shim goes to the roof to water her plants and she asks Dan Tae if he’s cleared up the issue with Grandmother suk. He tells her he hasn’t and she mentions that his life is unfortunate too. She screams at him about not taking him out to dinner and he turns so that she can see his blue tooth. He tells her that she shouldn’t believe everything that she hears because it may not be true and she should always confirm it first even is she’s hurt. Gong Shim tells him that he should be a cult leader with the words that he’s spewing. She does tell him that it does seem like he can look through her heart’s problems, and she leaves.

Joon Soo’s Maternal grandmother and mother are talking about getting Joon Soo to marry so that Grandmother Suk can have a great-grandchild to make her happy. His maternal grandmother tells his mother to go to the company and bug him about getting married.

Gong Mi goes to TV set and gets told that she’s no longer on the Panel. She tells him that had she known she wouldn’t have come all the way there but the director admits they only just got the message. Gong Mi goes to see a friend for a favour to find out that she’s blacklisted and they can’t help her at the current time. Gong Mi sees Dan Tae leave the courthouse with a client and they decide to go get some cold noodles.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 15.02.34.png

Mother goes to the Miss Korea dinner and shortly after Mrs Suk arrives. The woman next to her tells her that Mrs Suk is now the Star company’s president’s wife. After the dinner, Mother gets Father to return the dress up he fails too.

Gong Mi is feeling defeated. She turns off the recording that he parents were listening to. They start talking about the next show, Gong Mi obviously didn’t tell them. Gong Mi tells them that she’s going out but her mother wants autographs for the neighbours since this is the first time that she’s gotten to boost since she won the pageant.

Gong Shim is working when Joon Soo arrives for his meeting with President Suk. She tells him that he’s waiting but he wants to apologise to her first. Gong Shim seems confused to he asks if she heard the conversation he had with his mother a few days back. He admits that he was humouring his mother so he lied, but he realises that he shouldn’t have done that. As an apology, he offers to help. He tells her some tricks to make it easier for her to make his father happy.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 15.21.25.png

Gong Shim brings President Suk his schedule and he admits him like the larger font size. She tells him that since he was a lot to read so she didn’t want his eyes to get tired. This seems to warm her up to president Suk so he gives her some movie tickets to use which shocks her a little.

Joon Soo and Gong Shim meet on the roof  to have coffee. She thanks him for his advice because she got a compliment from the president. They decide to go to see the movie together.

Gong Shim tells the president goodbye and when she turns around Dan Tae jumps out from behind the corner. She tells him that thanks to Joon Soo’s advice she got a compliment and movie tickets. Dan Tae finds out that they’re going together. Dan Tae is a little shocked at the news.

Dan Tae talks with Grandmother and tells her that Joon Pyo’s case isn’t a simple missing person’s case anymore. He confirms that he will try to find Joon Pyo for her. Grandmother shows him the necklace that she received a few days ago. She tells him that she received a phone call and was suppose to meet the man at the park h brought her too but he never showed

Dan Tae calls Ji Yeon and finds out that his father got to the Philippines just fine. His father overhears the conversation as he leaves the hospital. Ji Yeon returns to find an envelope on his empty bed.

Gong Shim and Joon Soo go to the movies together after work. Dan Tae is pacing the roof imagining a SUPER romantic and cheesy date that he believes that Gong Shim and JoonSsoo are on. This irritates him and he starts strangling one of the correlations in front of him. He calls her and she ignores the call because she’s with Joon Soo. After many phone calls, she finally excuses herself to call Dan Tae back. Once she gets outside she tells him that he’s nuts and he tells her that he wants to watch a movie for free too, but she’s not happy.

Screenshot 2016-06-06 15.38.35.png

When Gong Shim gets back Joon Soo asks if she’s busy but she tells him she’s not. Afterward, she apologises for not allowing him to enjoy the movie. He tells her hat he still enjoyed the movie. He feels like he should take her out to meet but he has a meeting to attend in regards to the restaurant’s opening, and she tells him that it’s ok. Joon Soo buys supper for her family instead of taking her out. Gong Shim asks for one extra serving, and Joon Soo automatically connects it to Dan Tae, but she says it’s just in case they eat a lot.

Dan Tae is at the convenience store recreating Gong Shim on a rice ball, Goo Nam points it out and he denies it. Gong Shim comes in and asks him that he’s doing. He asks if she enjoyed the movie which she sarcastically says that she did. She gives him the dumplings and goes to move the rice ball away but to hide what he did on it, he takes a bite. She starts yelling at him about his manners and tells him that he’s not worth understanding. She tells him that if they ever cross paths to pretend like he doesn’t know her and she stomps away. He runs after her telling her that it’s not what she thinks and it’s a misunderstanding. He grabs her arm and she shakes him off but she loses balance. Dan Tae catches her and pushes her the other way but can’t catch his momentum and falls, hurting his arm. Gong Shim wants to check on his arm, but he won’t let her telling her that he’s fine and to go inside.

The next day she’s watering the plants when Dan Tae comes out with a cast on his arm. Dan Tae tells her that he has something to tell her and she tells him to go ahead. He walks towards her slowly and pins her to the wall. He tells her that he doesn’t want her hanging out with any other man, and leans in for a kiss while she freaks out.

And that’s it for this episode….. Cliffhanger I know

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