Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 6 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Gong Shim (Minah) needed some money so she rents out a room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who she initially thinks is a thug but turns out to be a nice guy pro-bono lawyer. She gets hired as the president’s secretary at Suk Joon Soo’s (On Joo Wan) company. Due to an assault case that she got Gong Shim to drop, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) gets given a case involving Joon Soo’s company. Gong Mi does everything to try and cross paths with Joon Soo because she’s infatuated with him. Meanwhile, President Suk (Kim Il Woo) orders gong Shim to look into Dan Tae’s past because he’s getting close with Grandmother Suk (Jeong Hye Seon). Grandmother Suk asks Dan Tae to look into Joon Pyo’s disappearance, which he agrees to.

We re-watch the scene where Gong Shim freaks out about Dan Tae broken arm and Dan Tae telling her that he doesn’t want her to hang out with any other men. He leans in for a kiss while she starts freaks out and pushes him away. He explains that everything that happened to him happened because she went out with another man. He reminds her that she told him to pretend like he doesn’t know her. He turns away and she tells him that she was actually the one to buy the dumplings she gave him. He smiles to himself but doesn’t let her see. He tries to bring in a large box but Gong Shim helps him because she feels guilty about his broken arm. When she’s gone he thinks over the fact that she bought the dumplings and admits that he wouldn’t have faked a broken arm had she told him earlier.

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Gong Shim goes home and makes some food for Dan Tae. He’s in the middle of drying his heir so as soon as he hears her knock he scrambles to put his cast back on. He tells her he’s fine but she asks if there is anything she can help with. Dan Tae asks her to blow dry his hair and dress him. She takes her leave but then comes back to offer to cut his noodles. He tells her it’s fine, but he’s making a big mess. She offers to feed him instead, which makes for a very cute scene. (These are the scenes that make me unsure as to who I want her to get with)

Dan Tae brings Gong shim to the station where Joon Pyo was kidnapped and tells her the story. He asks her to take pictures, he means of the station but she takes pictures of him. They go to the building where Joon Pyo was abducted and Gong Shim talks to a boy to find out how easy it is to abduct a child. In total it would have only taken 32 seconds for the culprit to get outside with Joon Pyo.

Gong Shim and Dan Tae go to a shoe polishing store, and ask about the accident 26 years prior. However, the owner says he’s busy and Gong Shim offers to polish the shoes while he talks with Dan Tae. He tells him that he had run over to the mother when he heard breaking noises. She had still been alive at the time, and right before she died she said ‘My Joon pyo’ and ‘Butterfly’. Dan Tae tells him that he read that in the police report, and that they assumed she said butterfly because he was wearing a bow tie. When they are done talking the owner is amazed at the shin, and asks if Gong Shim wants to work for him. She tells him that she currently has a job but will come work for him when she loses it. She also inadvertently smears a mustache of police on her face.

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While Dan Tae and Gong Shim are walking he spots that slush truck and wants one, so Gong Shim goes to buy it. While he’s waiting a boy gets pulled away from his game with one round left, so Dan Tae being a perpetual kid takes off his cast and plays it. As expected Gong Shim comes back to find his arm just fine and gets mad. They have a minor brawl on the sidewalk before Dan Tae runs away.

Gong Shim’s mother meets with Mrs Suk and tells her about her troubles marrying off Gong Mi. Mrs Suk tells her that she knows a man who is the son of one of their vendors and will inherit the company. This perks Gong Shim’s mother right up.

Dan Tae is at his office trying to figure out Joon Pyo’s mother’s dying words but is still relating the butterfly to Joon Pyo’s bow tie.

The next day Dan Tae goes to see Joon Soo to have lunch together. Joon Soo agrees and they head to the cafeteria, where they meet Gong Shim. They say hello, but Gong Shim gives Dan Tae the cold shoulder. Dan Tae wants to eat american food, and Gong Shim does too. However, Joon Soo tells her that she should have korean food and brings her to the other side of the canteen leaving Dan Tae alone. When Dan Tae comes to the table he goes to sit next to Gong shim but she gets in the way to force him to sit next to Joon Soo. Gong Shim is still salty about his fake arm, and asks if he can eat with that arm. Joon Soo is temporarily worried that he hurt his arm which he tells him not to worry about. Joon Soo goes back to talking solely with Gong shim leaving Dan Tae out of it. Joon Soo apologizes about leaving him out, and Dan Tae tells him not to worry about it. He offers to buy Joon Soo ice coffee and a power struggle happens between them so they decide to decide it on the court.

While they are preparing to see who will pay for the ice coffee, Gong Shim asks if she could pay so they can go back inside, but both men disagree. They can’t agree to who starts, so they leave the decision up to gong shim. All I have to say is that this is less about the Ice coffee and more about the girl. Gong Shim gives the ball to Joon Soo. In the end it ending in a tie, but the games was very funny and I suggest watching it.

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They are walking down the street with their iced coffees, and Joon Soo suggests that they should have a race while skiing. Dan Tae mentions that they should play hacky sack because he’s good and they could buy one. Gong Shim tells them that it’s too hot for those games. Just then a black van comes and takes Dan Tae away, Leaving a freaking out Joon Soo and Gong Shim. A police officer comes and they report the abduction.

Dan Tae comes back and thanks the men who abducted him. The police officer tells him what they reported and left. Dan Tae goes off into his little world thinking about the Joon Pyo case and Joon Soo and Gong Shim just up and leave. It takes a while but finally notices that he got left behind again.

Gong Mi gets ready to leave for a blind date, and her mother tells her to smile because she can get a better job. Her mother tells her not to worry, and her father tells her that if she doesn’t want to go to the blind date she doesn’t have too, but she goes. The man she meets tells her about the business and how his company makes all of the star market’s carts.

President Suk calls for Gong Shim to bring a package to Joon Soo, who is currently out. She goes to the restaurant that they’re opening, and finds Joon Soo talking with someone. Though, it doesn’t take long for him to notice her. He thanks her for the package and asks for her help. He tells her that at the grand opening he has to cook but he’s stressing out. He asks her to taste test and the food turns out to be terrible. She excuses herself leaving a very confuses Joon Soo in her wake.

Gong Shim is preparing cookies when her parents at talking about her potential crush. She tells them she doesn’t like anyone, but that doesn’t stop her father from warning her. Gong Mi comes home and gets bombarded with questions about the date, and she tells them she’s agreed to see him a few more times.

Dan Tae goes to see Grandmother Suk and asks her what she thinks of when she hear the word butterfly. He tells her that everyone was mistaken, he explains that she wasn’t describing Joon Pyo but rather his abductor. Grandmother Suk understands and Dan Tae promises to look into it further.

Gong Shim is waiting for Joon Soo, when he finally arrives she asks if he’s done for the day. He tells her that he still has to work at the restaurant a bit. Gong shim hands him her cookies and tells him to eat them if he gets hungry at the restaurant while working. This interaction fuels Joon Soo to work hard on his cooking. Part way through Joon Soo starts feeling light headed and eventually faints, which leaves the cooking unattended and a fire breaks out.

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Gong Shim goes to give Dan Tae a cookie and tells him that she used the best eggs. He tells her that he has an egg allergy and he could have died to eat that cookie. She calls him a liar but he tells her to check with Joon Soo if she doesn’t believe him because he has the same allergy but worse.

Gong Shim freaks out and calls Joon Soo because of the news and is worried he ate them already. She runs to get the car keys to find out that he sister has the car. She calls her sister and tells her to go to the address that she’ll text her because Joon Soo could be in danger. She tells Gong Mi to tell Joon Soo to not eat the cookies because they contain eggs. She finds the fire already raging in the kitchen and spots Joon Soo unconscious on the floor. She drag him out of the kitchen before calling the ambulance.

Joon Soo’s family come in and find out that he’s fine now but it could have been much worst. They tell him that they were so worried and he apologises for making them worried since he was so focused on opening the restaurant. They insisted on finding the person who brought him in

Gong Shim calls Gong mi, and she lies saying that Joon Soo wasn’t there, as to not worry her sister. Gong Mi asks her where she was and she admits that she got called into work. The older secretaries a bullying her again, having planned that she would put a confidential file in the restaurant pamphlet envelope. Gong Shim must now pull an all nighter to find it.

Dan Tae is sitting at the office when Ji Yeon leaves and he starts reviewing the case notes. He comes across a note saying that the case is triangular, and he’s curious so he decides to call her to find out why she wrote that. Gong Shim answers the phone but tells him that she will call him back. When she finds the document she goes to see the other secretaries and she hears that Joon Soo was hospitalised. She automatically assumes it’s because of her cookies.

Joon Soo calls Dan Tae and tells him that he needs to stay in the hospital until the next day so they’ll have to cancel their plans. Dan Tae tells him that he didn’t have to call from the hospital. Dan Tae decides to go to see him in the hospital to find Gong Shim already there. Joon Soo tells her that since he has the egg allergy he can’t eat cookies, and he simply fainted because of dizziness. This calms Gong Shim down.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 12.22.18.png

Dan Tae comes in and asks him what happened. Joon Soo tells him that it’s embarrassing because he only inhaled some smoke. Dan Tae asks how the fire started, but still no answer is given. Dan Tae takes his leave after seeing that he was fine. Gong Shim asks Joon Soo if there is anything else he needs. He tells her it’s fine and she should get going, but it takes a lot of convincing but eventually she leaves.

Going Shim is at the bus stop when she realises that she left her cardigan at the hospital. Dan Tae tells her that she can survive without it for a night. When Gong Shim asks why she mad, he asks if she was busy visiting Joon Soo. They have a fight where he accuses her of lying, but she tells him that he doesn’t know what she was doing. She tells him that she doesn’t need to report to him, so he can think what he’d like and she proceeds to get on the bus.

The next morning Dan Tae is sitting in front of the convenience store when Gong Shim comes out. Goo Nam tries to engage her in some small talk, but she doesn’t answer because Dan Tae is there. Goo Nam asks him is he knows if something bad happened at work the night before, and when Dan Tae asks Goo Nam tells him that she received an emergency phone call the night before.

Once Joon Soo is discharged, he goes to the cafe to watch the security cameras to find Gong Mi was the one who saved him. Joon Soo calls her while she’s having her nails done, and asks to meet with her. Gong Mi goes back to the cafe where Joon Soo is waiting. When Joon Soo asks her how she knew that he was there she came up with an elaborate lie about recognising the chair out front. He thanks her and she tells him that anyone would have done the same.

Dan tae goes to see Gong Shim at the company to apologize but she won’t talk with him. She isn’t paying attention when she bumps into a director spilling his coffee. He goes into the bathroom to clean up and rolls up his sleeve to reveal a butterfly tattoo. When he comes out he introduces himself to Dan Tae as Joon Soo’s uncle. Dan Tae tells him that he’s had business at the company and that he will be seeing him around.

Finally Gong Shim comes out and Dan Tae tells her that they need to talk. He drags her to the stairwell. She tells him that she has nothing to say, but he tells her that he has a lot to say.

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