This Boy is a Professional Wizard



This Boy is a Professional Wizard

This is another short anime, because apparently there were a few last season and I really like them. This Boy is a Professional Wizard, also known as Kono Danshi, Mahō ga Oshigoto Desu in japanese, is a shonen-ai between a wizard and a traveller. There are only 4 episodes each running about 8 minutes a piece.

This series follows Toyohi, a freeter (someone who spends time in one place getting money and then moving on to another place), Kashima, a wizard, and their budding relationship. a wizard in this society is a high ranking government officer who comes from a certain bloodlines, because they can perform magic. Wizards are kind of like an emergency service in this society. Kashima, is the best of the best, but still struggles with anxiety of being good at nothing else except for magic. Throughout the short series Toyohi is trying to show Kashima that he loves him no matter what.

It’s a really cute boy love anime, and it’s something enjoyable to watch in a short period of time.


One thought on “This Boy is a Professional Wizard

  1. This was really adorable but I found myself wanting a little bit more than the short run time it was given. Not a whole series, because there really wasn’t enough substance for that, but just a little bit more to really flesh out the characters.
    Thanks for sharing.

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