Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 8 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Gong Shim (Minah) needed some money so she rents out a room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who she initially thinks is a thug but turns out to be a nice guy pro-bono lawyer. She gets hired as the president’s secretary at Suk Joon Soo’s (On Joo Wan) company. Due to an assault case that she got Gong Shim to drop, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim) gets given a case involving Joon Soo’s company. Gong Mi does everything to try and cross paths with Joon Soo because she’s infatuated with him. Meanwhile, President Suk (Kim Il Woo) orders gong Shim to look into Dan Tae’s past because he’s getting close with Grandmother Suk (Jeong Hye Seon). Grandmother Suk asks Dan Tae to look into Joon Pyo’s disappearance, which he agrees to. While he’s looking into the past, Joon Soo and Gong Shim keep getting closer.

Re-watches the scene on the roof, and or heart breaks for Gong Shim all over again. Joon Soo arrives to see the touching scene and leaves before either of them notice him.

The next day Dan Tae transplants the sunflower seeds into a bigger pot for Gong Shim. When he hears the door open he runs down thinking it’s Gong Shim. He meets with her father to discover she went to work. He wonders where she went, however when he calls her he finds out that her phone is off. Gong Shim went hiking but Dan Tae is still worried about her and tries to call again. When he finds her phone still turned off he sends her a funny picture to cheer her up. She sees the photo and laughs to herself.

Dan Tae is looking for Gong Shim, however, because she’s wearing a long wig he doesn’t recognise her right away. She comes back and teases him for not recognising her. He admits that he was looking for a girl with short hair. She tells him that she switched wigs at the sub way. She tells him to wait while she goes back to her normal wig.

They sit to have a drink, and she asks if he’s going to ask about last night. He admits that he assumed that she wasn’t crying because she was happy, and he won’t ask about misfortune. She teases him for sounding like an adult though he looks like a thoughtless child. She knows that he already knows that she quit her job but she won’t tell him her reason. He tells her that that they should go home, and she tells him that she didn’t reply to his text because it wasn’t funny. Dan Tae knowns other wise but he pesters her so she’ll admit it.

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Gong Shim finally tells her parents that she quit, and Gong Mi is happy about it. When Gong Mi asks why she quit, she tells her that it’s because she didn’t think it was a good match. Gong Mi offers to help her find a job, and Gong Shim tells her that she should also go and get a job at a law firm to stop their parents from worrying. When Gong Mi leaves, Gong Shim wonders why she’s so worried about her. Joon Soo text Gong Shim to come meet him outside her house, and though she is uncertain she goes to see him.

Joon Soo apologises for his mother. Gong Shim tells him that it’s ok, and he retorts that his mother shouldn’t have made her resign just because they were close. Gong Shim admits she never thought that she deserved that job, but she’ll find a job better suited for her. He admits that it’ll be hard to forget, but she tells him to not worry about her. She tells him that he needs to smile more because it’ll worry her if he doesn’t. She promises that with her first paycheck she’ll take him out to eat, and she tells her he’ll hold her to it. She excuses herself because she was in the middle of something, and he tells her that she can go. Dan Tae overhears the entire conversation from the stairwell.

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When Gong Shim gets upstairs she gets a message from Jin Soo, a highschool classmate. He was wondering if she had a job because he knows of a good job opening and asks her to call him. Dan Tae bumps into her when she’s heading to the interview, she tells him that she’s in the rush and leaves.

Dan Tae is worried that Gong Shim might be caught up in a pyramid scheme, and of course, the ‘interview’ is in fact just that. Dan Tae goes to check up on Gong Shim, and when he calls her phone is off. Dan Tae meets up with someone running away, and Dan Tae helps him hide from an organiser. He confirms Dan Tae suspicions about the scheme and tells him that it’s a complete fraud. Dan Tae comes in claiming that come one reported a pyramid scheme and tells everyone in attendance that if they were scammed into coming they can leave. When the owners tried to stop them Dan Tae beats them up and takes Gong Sim out of the meeting.

Dan Tae walks Gong Shim home and when they get there Dan Tae asks her how she could have just gone. She admits to being ashamed of herself, and he tries to cheer her up telling her that he was once tricked into one himself.

Dan Tae goes to see Grandmother Suk and he goes over the phone call with her. She’s certain that the phone calls were by the same man even though one was from the Philippines and one was from Korea. (come on Dan Tae can we make this any clearer for you.) He decided that it must have been someone who travelled from the Philippines to Korea between April 18 and April 26. Grandmother Suk tells him that she is more interested in finding Joon Pyo than the man who called her.

As Dan Tae is leaving he meets up with Director Yeom and Mrs Suk. They have a brief conversation, and she asks Yeom if he’s the one looking into Joon Pyo. They return to his office and listen to the recording that he took from the other meeting. Mrs Suk is worried about the possibility of Dan Tae actually finding Joon Pyo, and Yeom tells her that he won’t be able to find the boy they abandoned 26 years earlier. He mentions that since he witnessed his mother be killed right in front of him he lost his memories. Since he hasn’t returned that can assume that he is either dead or still has regained his memories.

Director Yeom goes to see Dan Tae’s office to find out that he’s out. He tells Ji Yeon about wanting to asks some questions about real estate fraud. She asks him to fill out a form but he starts to wander the office after she takes a call. He notices a picture of Ahn Joong Seo, Dan Tae’s father.

Yeom remembers the day 26 years prior when he dropped off Joon Pyo with Joong Seo, claiming it was only for a day. The next day, Joong Seo overhears Yeom’s conversation about getting rid of the boy and comes up with the excuse of losing him. It clicks that Dan Tae is Joong Seo’s son and it shocks him. Once Ji Yeon is off of the phone she asks if he’s ok, and he promises to come back.

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Gong Shim’s mother goes to see Mrs Suk and she tells her she didn’t know that she sold the makeup sets. Gong Shim asked if her husband would be joining, but she tells her that since they had to retire the secretary he can’t. When Mrs Suk reveals that she fired the secretary, Gong Shim’s mother asks why, and she tells her how she had tried to seduce her son. Mrs Suk orders 50 units of the makeup kit for the bazaar before Gong Shim’s mother takes her leave.

She goes back home and tells Gong Shim’s father what happened. She admits that Gong Shim must have been hurt for being fired unfairly. Both of her parents are hurt because of Mrs Suk’s words and her mother dislikes that she couldn’t talk back to her. When she goes to the get-together, she put on her normal clothes and throws Mrs Suk to the ground. She tells her that she’s Gong Shim’s mother, and she appalled at how she fired Gong Shim. She warns her to return the makeup because she refuses to sell to her.

Gong Mi goes to see Mr and Mrs Suk at the company and gets offered a job in their law department. She accepts the offer.

Gong Shim is working at a restaurant when Joon Soo comes to see her. She starts to ask him how he knew and he admits Dan Tae told him. She gets pulled away though while they were talking. He admits that he’s taking his food to go and she directs him to the counter. Joon Soo watches her sadly.

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Joon Soo comes home and gives the meat to the maid. His mother informs him that Gong Mi will be joining their legal team, and he should call her to invite her to the restaurant opening. He calls her and asks her to come, and she’s super happy about being invited. When she’s about to leave Dan Tae bumps into her and stains her top. Though Dan Tae is calm about the entire incident Gong Mi yells at him.

The entire family is at the grand opening and talking about how great Joon Soo’s restaurant is. Grandmother Suk, however, looks really bored. Mrs Suk asks Joon Soo if Gong Mi is coming and he tells her that she promised to come. Gong Mi arrives to see Dan Tae talking with Joon Soo, and runs out before she can be seen. She wonders how come they have such a close relationship.

Dan Tae goes to see Grandmother Suk and Mrs Suk watches them intently. Mrs Suk asks Joon Soo if he invited Dan Tae which he confirms that he did. She asks if he invited Gong Mi and against he confirms. She finds it odd that she didn’t come.

Dan Tae and Ji Yeon go to their favourite restaurant, and the server gives Dan Tae an envelope that Joong Seo forgot their last time. When Dan Tae opens it, he finds his father’s passport. Dan Tea starts wondering about his father, but he locks his passport in his drawer.

Gong Shim sits down to have a meal with Joon Soo after her shift. Though Joon Soo tries to tell her that he’ll pay, she insists on it being her treat. They start talking about part-time jobs, and he tells her that he had one while he worked abroad. When she asks what it was he fell silent. She does to eat another wrap and he tells her that he likes her and asks if that’s ok.

Screenshot 2016-06-12 17.14.33.png

We then cut to her on the roof looking at the chair that he fixed for her. She’s lost in thought when Dan Tae comes home. He was going to scare her but instead asks if something happened. Gong Shim doesn’t want to tell him what happened so he tells her that he’s going to go inside. That’s when he notices that his pipe burst again.

Dan Tae is brought to Gong Shim’s house for the night and is to sleep in the living room. He thanks them for the hospitality, but he doesn’t mind staying. Her mother tells her to call a professional, and she says that she will. Gong Shim can’t sleep so she goes to get a glass of water when she notices Dan Tae isn’t fully covered. She goes to tuck him in when he scares her. She tells him that he’s weird for pretending to be asleep, she thought that he had kicked off the blankets. He pushes them off and asks her to tuck him in so she pucks up the blanket and throws it at him.

The next morning Gong Mi came out and asks if Dan Tae left already. Her father admits that since his washing machine is broken he offered him theirs. Gong Mi puts his clothes in and apologises for the day before. He tells her that he should have paid attention. Gong Shim comes out to eat to find Dan Tae deboning the fish by hand. She sits down to eat.

Dan Tae notices that the sunflower sprouted and when Gong Shim comes outside he tells her. She doesn’t look happy, and she tells him that she got a job so she’s going to be moving to Jeju Island for the next 2 years for her new horticulture job. Dan Tae can’t believe what he’s hearing.

Joon Soo thinks about the conversation that he had with Gong Shim the day before where he told her he liked her. She tells him that she needs some time to work on herself because even when someone likes her she believes it’s out of pity. She asked him to support her as he is until she’s ready to be liked by someone. Joon Soo is torn by this conversation.

Dan Tae tells her that it’s best to pick jobs close to home and Jeju is too far. She tells him that she’s leaving in 3 days, she already has her plane ticket and is already assigned a dorm. She tells him that she’s ashamed of herself, she wants to work on herself so she’s going to Jeju. Dan Tae tries to talk her out of it, but it’s useless. She tells him that she’s going to tell her family that she’s leaving.

Dan Tae tries to figure out what to do next. That evening he couldn’t sleep while thinking about everything that has happened between him and Gong Shim. That evening Gong Shim comes up the stair and asks why he called him out so late since they could talk in the morning. He tells her that he understands why she wants to go to Jeju but he wants to be jealous and asks her to stay. He tells her that when she’s there he can see her, but if she goes to Jeju he doesn’t think that he’ll be ok. He tells her not to think about it too much and she can tell him the next day.

Dan Tae is at the office when he gets the CCTV video of the day Grandmother Suk got the call. He notices his father. He starts piecing together his father with the crime from 26 years prior. Ji Yeon texts Joong Seo before getting back into the office, telling him to take care of the issue before the tree was pulled. Ji Yeon asks if anything is the matter, and Dan Tae advises her that there isn’t. He connects Joon Pyo’s connection to his father, but he wonders where Joon Pyo is now, and wonders why his father is afraid of the tree being dug up.

The nest day Dan Tae watches his father dig something up at the foot of the tree, and it assumes it’s Joon Pyo’s body. When Joong Seo looks up Dan Tae is already gone. Gong Shim is up on the roof looking for Dan Tae and the episode ends with ominous music.

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