Life after Life



Quick Summary:

Imagine that you can relieve your life over and over again until you get it right. That’s the gift that Ursula Todd has. We the reader get to see how different her life can be depending on the choices that she makes through her life. I found it very hard to read, and there wasn’t a good flow. I’m sure that many people would love this book but it’s sadly not for me.


I’m kind of embarrassed how long it took me to read this book. I’m really struggled to get through it. This book follows Ursula Todd through her lives during world war 2. This wasn’t a book I particularly liked, as I didn’t find there wasn’t much cohesions between the regenerations.

I did like that this book shed light on the other aspects of the society that was happening in WW2, other than just being in concentration camps, and part of the Nazi’s. Tod lives so many lives, and each of them lead to different paths just because of one different decisions. We get to see many views of society. It’s also nice to see how different someones life becomes depending on the choices that they make.

There were some good aspects but, i felt like the writing was dry, there was no flow as the book progressed, and It was hard to follow. I’m not telling you that it’s a write off but it’s not one of my picks. It did win the goodreads choice read in 2013 so a lot of people must love it. I would say pick it up and try it yourself because you might like it.



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