Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 9 Recap



What’s happened so far? Gong Shim (Minah) rents out the rooftop room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who is a pro-bono lawyer. Through him, she meets Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) whom she falls in love with but her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim), is also in love with him. Dan Tae gets brought into searching for Joon Pyo by Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) as a favour. All the while Director Yeom (Kim Kyung Ok) is trying to figure out how much Dan Tae knows because he’s the one who kidnapped Joon Pyo. Slowly he starts piecing together his past and what could have happened. This leads Dan Tae to believe that his father murdered Joon Pyo. On with today’s episode.

We re-watch the scene of Gong Shim checking her sunflower plant and Dan Tae watching his father dig at the bottom of the tree. Gong Shim is thinking about Dan Tae and their conversation of her not leaving while she waits for him. Gong Shim gives up waiting and returns home to her parents making supper. She reminds her parents that her flight is at 3 pm the following day before going to her room. She checks the time and starts to worry about Dan Tae.

Dan Tae is standing by the river thinking about his father and wondering if he killed Joon Pyo.

The next day Gong Shim goes to see Dan Tae, to find him looking out over the city. She notices something is off, but she asks him about the day before. He remains silent for a while before telling her to go to Jeju because he’s been thinking too much of himself. She asks why he’s so wishy washy and asks if she’s that easy that he can do what he wishes with her. She asks one more time if she should go or not, and Dan Tae tells her to go. She gets mad at him and shoves him before walking off.

We cut to the airport to Gong Shim leaving, where she meets with Joon Soo, He tells her that he’s there to say goodbye. He apologises for not understanding her feeling earlier but confirms that he will cheer her on until she’s confident. He tells her that with her first pay they’ll go out to eat, and with that, he sends her off to Jeju.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 08.47.57.png

Gong Shim arrives at the greenhouses and is greeted by the manager. They give her a quick rundown of what she will be doing, but overall they seem like nice people.

Grandmother Suk is in her off when her assistant brings in a letter from Dan Tae. He has written a short letter about not continuing the case and apologises for multiple times about not being able to find Joon Pyo. She wonders why he apologised so many times in such a small letter.

Dan Tae is packing up the Joon Pyo missing child case when Ji Yeon comes in. He asks if she’s heard from his father because he hasn’t contacted him since leaving to the Philippines. She simply tells him that his father is like that. Dan Tae meets with a friend, who tells him that there is no record of his father leaving the country.

Director Yeom calls around trying to track down Soo Young. Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi Ri) is in the office asking if it’s Soo Young who’s trying to find Joon Pyo. Mrs Suk is worried that if something goes wrong they could both lose their lives, and Director Yeom tells her not to worry.

Grandmother Suk shows up at Dan Tae’s office. She inquires if something bad happened because he looks so haggard. She mentions that she didn’t think that they could find Joon Pyo either, so he doesn’t have to worry so much. She tells him that her door is always open to him even though he’s not looking for her grandson anymore.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 09.03.01.png

President Suk hallucinates about seeing Gong Shim and then asks Secretary Yoon to make him a hangover tea.

Gong Shim is working in the greenhouses when she finds out that they’re having spicy noodles for lunch and that reminds her of Dan Tae. Suddenly in Kdrama fashion the song andante starts to play everywhere. Then she starts hearing his name everywhere. When she gets home she pulls the sunflower to her that she brought from Seoul, and starts to talk to it.

Joon Soo goes to see Dan Tae’s apartment find it covered in fast food flyers, and that the mail is piling up. When he sees that Dan Tae isn’t there he calls Gong Shim. (Like she knows what’s going on in Seoul) He tells her that he went to see Dan Tae because he wasn’t able to get in contact with him for a week, but it doesn’t look like he was there. Given the confusion in Gong Shim’s voice he assumes that he didn’t call her. When she confirms that she knows nothing about what’s going on, she suggests that he goes to the office, but he mentions that he also tries that. When they hang up, Gong Shim starts to worry. She remembers all of the time she spent with Dan Tae while caring for the sunflower. As soon as the sunflower blooms she takes a picture and sends it to Dan Tae.

Dan Tae is in a seaside village when he has the same dream again about Joon Pyo. For the first time when he puts his hand on Joon Pyo’s head, it makes contact and Joon Pyo turns towards him. He looks around the scene in his dream and finally gets to see the full picture. Dan Tae finally realises that the Boy in his dream is Joon Pyo.

Gong Shim finds out that the president of the company ran off with all the companies money, and now the works, who haven’t been paid in 2 months, won’t get paid. Joon Soo arrives just in time to see the havoc. They talk and Joon Soo tells her that she should really think about what makes her happy, and do that in her life. He asks what she’s doing the following day, and she tells him that she’s going back to Seoul for her father’s birthday. Joon Soo wonders aloud what Dan Tae is doing. They are both worried because it was a month since Dan Tae disappeared.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 09.33.16.png

Dan Tae is looking around Bukseong for clues about Joon Pyo. He asks a shop owner about the photo studio to find out that it’s still there. The man gives him the address of the studio and realises that it’s the same address as his family home back then. He meets with the owner of the studio and asks to talk with his father, who was the owner 26 years prior. While waiting he finds out that they rent out the set of rooms next door, so Dan Tae believes that this is where he grew up. Dan Tae asks the owner about the boy, which he confirms that he doesn’t know the boy. When he tells him his name, he finds out the Dan Tae died in an accident when she was 5 years old, so he can’t be Dan Tae.

Dan Tae stumbles out of the shop and starts to wonder who he is. He starts piecing everything together. And when he figures out he’s Joon Pyo he passes out in the middle of the road.

Gong Shim gets home and finds out that Gong Mi works at star group, and though her mother isn’t happy about it, Gong Mi said she wanted to work there. Her parents ask her about Dan Tae because they haven’t heard from him in a month. When Gong Shim goes upstairs she wonders, aloud, what happened to him. Gong Shim is celebrating her father’s birthday when she gets a call from Dan Tae’s phone and she finds out that he’s in the hospital after fainting. She rushes to see him, but they have to run some tests. The doctor comes in to tell her that he fainted from shock, but he should be fine after some rest.

Dan Tae wakes up while Gong Shim is out of the room filling out some paperwork. Dan Tae realises that his father isn’t a murder after all. After finally looking around he spots Gong Shim’s purse, right as she comes in. He tells her that the doctors told him he will be fine and then asks why she’s there since she’s supposed to be in Jeju. She stresses that the important thing is that he was found unconscious after being MIA for a month. He tells her that something happened to his father but everything is found now. After he asks about Jeju, she starts telling him everything.

When Gong Shim brings him his food, he tells her that he won’t be eating the food she brings it back even after he tells her to eat it. She comes back with a rice grain on her cheek which he teases her for.

Joon Soo finishes up with a business meeting and his assistant is worried that he drank too much. He tells his assistant to go home, and he gets in the car to leave

Gong Shim falls asleep in the chair next to Dan Tae’s bed and it wakes (was he even asleep?) Dan Tae. He gets up to cover Gong Shim but she wakes up. Dan Tae tries to get Gong Shim to go home because it’s late, but she refuses. Joon Soo arrives at the hospital and asks Dan Tae what happened. He tells him that he was at a meeting so he couldn’t come quickly. Gong Shim tells Joon Soo to sit down, as he is very drunk. While Gong Shim is getting something for him to drink, Joon Soo suddenly tells Dan Tae that he hates him because he made him so worried. After his mild outburst, Gong Shim lays him down in a spare bed, and just as she turns Joon Soo tells her how much he hates her even more. Though she keeps refusing Dan Tae finally gets Gong Shim to leave, and he promises to call if anything happens.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 10.25.49.png

The next morning Joon Soo rolls out of bed and it takes a minute to remember where he was. He asks Dan Tae if everything was fine over the night and if the bed wasn’t too hard. Dan Tae retorts that he should be asking that because of the spare bed he slept on. Joon Soo tells him that he was really drunk, but when Dan Tae tells him that he didn’t do anything  that needs to be excused he’s relieved. He asks him to forget about what he said the night before and then hurries off to work. He meets Gong Shim outside, who also jokes about the night before. He asks if she knows any details about what Dan Tae’s been up to, she tells him that all she knows is that there was so trouble at home and everything is ok now. She sees him off to work.

Gong Shim tidies up the room before leaving and Dan Tae thanks her for being there, and he promises to pay her back. They part ways when dan Tae tells her that he needs to stop by the office. She tells him to come home early because he’s not fully recovered and they part ways.

He goes to see his aunt who freaks after he comes back telling him how worried she was. He tells her that he’s not Dan Tae, and she is shocked. He explains that he went to  Bukseong, where his family used to live. He tells her everything that he knows about the indecent 26 years prior. He asks if his father kidnapped him and she tells him that it wasn’t the case.

She tells him how after witnessing her son drowned, her sister lost her mind. In 3 days his mother tried to kill herself twice. When his father brought home the little boy she responded and called him Dan Tae. She tells him that he mother started to care for him, which turned from a day to years.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 10.41.00.png

Dan Tae asks about the kidnapping and Ji Yeon tells him that someone asked his father to take care of him for a day. When his father overheard the man’s conversation about either killing him or throwing him away, they ran. When Dan Tae asks who gave him to his father, Ji Yeon confirms that she doesn’t know. She admits to stopping his father from confessing recently. Dan Tae tells her that she will always be his aunt and thanked her for raising him well.

Gong Shim receives her packages from Jeju and unpacks her sunflower. She realises that Dan Tae still isn’t home, and she chastises him for no listening. She goes home and cooks a meal for him.

Dan Tae is wandering the streets until he gets home to find Gong Shim’s meal on the table. She also leaves him a note containing 3 drawings. He starts crying in front of the food.

So it’s only too Dan Tae 10 episodes to figure out what we viewers knew after the first meal he had with Joon Soo. Well, one step is complete, no to track down who kidnapped him.

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