Bong Soon – a Cyborg in Love



This drama is another short one with only 12 episodes running about 12 minutes a piece. Before getting into the summary I will warn you that this is a hit or miss drama. I liked it, but my best friend couldn’t get it. The pacing is a little strange, the acting isn’t great, but there are a lot of charming aspects and dialogue that saves it for me.

The drama follows¬†Bong Soon (Yoon So Hee) a cyborg, who doesn’t know she’s a cyborg, who falls in for with her team leader,¬†Kim Joo Sung (Cho Kyu Hyun), who designed her. This follows the issues that normal people have in relationships, as well as the fact she keeps malfunctioning.¬†Kim Joo Sung is determined to get her to function properly, but at what cost?

Overall it’s a cute Drama I like the 2 main actors, while equally despising the CEO of the company. It’s not for everyone, and it does take a few episodes to hit its stride. I will say however the CGI is on point in this drama.



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