Vampire Detective Episode 12 Recap -FINALE-



Here’s a not so quick recap of the story so far! While looking into Han Gyo Min (Jae Hee) disappearance, San (Lee Joon),Gyeo Wool (Lee Se-young) and Goo Hyung (Oh Jung-Se) stumble across a vampire bar. After a shootout, San got inject with a blood serum that heals him no matter what and turns him into something similar to a vampire. Later the trio was hired to protect the newscaster Seo Seung-Hee (Choi Song-Hyun), and while figuring out that case San uncovers more information out about the vampire bar and how they obtain their food supply. The more that San looks into the case there are more links there are to Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon-Hye) being part of an illegal organisation. San later gets a call from an old cop acquaintance, Choi Seon Yeong, and he help her get into her father’s safe where they find pictures of Yoo Jin and Kang Tae-Woo (Jo Bok Rae) that her father, Jang Tae Shik (Choi Gwi Hwa), would have used to make fake ID’s. The trio is hired to clear Moon Gyeong Ho of murder charges, which they do, however, their client isn’t who they say they were but in fact a woman by the name of Yo Na (Lee Chung Ah) who seems to have a connection to Yoo Jin. Yo Na calls San after a case and asks for a meeting to which he agrees to and ends up helping her find her ex-lover, Young Kwang. Yoo Jin calls San to tell him to be careful, which only pushes San to try and find Yoo Jin even more.  San succeeds in rescuing Yoo Jin from Tae Woo, which has only made Tae Woo gun for him even more. Now on to this episode!

San stands next to the river and throws a torn up piece of paper in. Yoo Jin comes up next to him and asks since their past is erased if they die would anyone remember them. San promises to remember her, before pulling her into a hug. We re-watch San and Yoo Jin arriving at the hideout.

Tae Woo’s subordinate tells him that if they are to be the head of the organisation, then they must follow the rules. One of which is to kill any fugitives and Yoo Jin can’t be an exception. Tae Woo tells him to never tell him what he thinks again before leaving.

Gyeo Wool is at home and tries to call Goo Hyung to find him not answering. She starts to get worried. Goo Hyung has been beaten severely before Tae Woo comes to see him, asking if he’s ready to talk. When Goo Hyung asks him what he’s looking for, Tae Woo explains that he doesn’t have time to talk about it and ask him where San is. Goo Hyung mentions his friendship with San and Yoo Jin, but he simply tells him that no one can be friends with someone as selfish as San. Goo Hyung comments that his inferiority complex with San is still intact, and when he asks if he’s still obsessed with Yoo Jin, Tae Woo punches him in response.

San makes a call Choi Seon Yeong to get 2 fake Ids and passports with the promise that he’ll explain everything at a later time. When he goes back, Yoo Jin asks who was on the phone and he tells her it was their senior for the police. Yoo Jin assumes that the sun doesn’t affect him, Though he admits that he doesn’t know why he’s the way he is. She had hoped that she could be in the sun again, and be normal however that isn’t a possibility.

Screenshot 2016-06-13 23.07.52.png


Tae Woo’s subordinate comes and hands him Goo Hyung’s cell containing a text from Seon Yeong containing San’s location. He sends his subordinate to get San and Yoo Jin.

Yoo Jin is starting to feel ill from the lack of blood, and San is worried so he leaves her with his inhaler before stepping outside. She tries to stop him but he assures her that he’ll be back. Yoo Jin picks up the inhaler and thinks back to when she was turned into a vampire. San waits outside as she takes her pumps and while he does Tae Woo’s people arrive. San hears them and in Vampire Detective fashion, a huge San verses 10 people fight starts. Once he beats everyone up, he goes and checks on Yoo Jin and she confirms that she’s ok. He leads her to the car while she can’t see.

Seon Yeong arrives at the hideout to find San and everybody else gone, and all of the signs of a struggle in the hideout.

Gyeo Wool is still at home worrying about the two men when Yo Na and all of her men arrive. Yo Na asks for the helper list, and Gyeo Wool isn’t happy to see her. Yo Na tells her that she doesn’t have much time left before everybody is killed. When Yo Na asks for the helper list again, Gyeo Wool asks about her brother. Yo Na tells her that she can tell her about him, however, she believes San is more important. When she Yo Na asks about the USB one more time and Gyeo Wool looks towards Goo Hyung’s computer.

Screenshot 2016-06-13 23.22.38.png

San calls Seon Yeong on the pay phone, then returns to the can. Yoo Jin asks if she’s making things difficult and he tells her she isn’t. Yoo Jin tries to drive home that even if they get away, they will never be safe but San tells her to not lose faith in him. San tells Yoo Jin to close her eyes, and he describes a perfect summer’s day to her. San places her necklace back on and tells her not to lose it again.

Tae Woo’s subordinate comes to him and tell him that they have located Yoo Jin. Tae Woo sends his men to get Goo Hyung.

Gyeo Wool is working on Goo Hyung’s computer to get the helper list, while Yo Na is pacing. She tells Yo Na to stop pacing because it’s distracting her. Yo Na notices that there is a tracking program open on Gyeo Wool’s computer, and she asks if she put a tracker on the USB that she messed with. Gyeo Wool steals back her laptop, and when Yo Na asks her for it, she refuses unless they take her with them.

San and Yoo Jin are coming back from a walk when 2a van and 2 cars pull up. Men come out of the 2 cars and in the van they show San a very beat up Goo Hyung. They threaten to kill Goo Hyung if San and Yoo Jin don’t come with them. This doesn’t leave San much choice when if he does want to protect Yoo Jin.

Screenshot 2016-06-13 23.39.47.png

Yo Na brings Gyeo Wool to the police station and tells her to get out. She warns her that the men that she’s going after aren’t the type of people that she can handle alone. Gyeo Wool asks Yo Na how she can trust her, and Yo Na tells her that she wants to protect the people she loves, just like Gyeo Wool. Gyeo Wool hands Yo Na the USB with the promise of killing her if something goes wrong.

Yoo Jin tells San that Goo Hyung is someone important to him, so she’ll go first and meet him there. Though San is worried, Yoo Jin tells him not to worry.

Gyeo Wool goes inside and gets Detective Park who is eating and physically drags him away.

Tae Woo goes to see Yoo Jin, who is bound to a chair. He promises to show her the price she’ll need to pay for breaking their promise. around the same time, Yo Na arrives at the base and is announced by throwing a person through the door.

Detective Park and Gyeo Wool are heading to the location, while Gyeo Wool remembers the past few days spent with Goo Hyung, San and Se Ra. Detective Park tries to lighten Gyeo Wool’s mood to no avail.

San is in a room when Tae Woo came to see him, and reminds him about what he’s hated about his certainty of his words. San apologises but when he doesn’t say why Tae Woo hits him. Tae Woo tells him that he will give him a gun with 1 bullet and he just has to shoot the 1 of the 2 people sitting there. One is Goo Hyung and the other is Young Kwang. Tae Woo gets men to open the other side of the room and Yoo Jin is sitting there in a room containing the same UV lights that they used on Yo Na. San asks Tae Woo what does he have to gain from this. Tae Woo tells him that regardless who he kills, he wins. San gets given the gun to use and he points it at Tae Woo. He tells him that if he were human, he would die, however, neither of them is human anymore. He tells him that he will shoot to 10 and then Yoo Jin will die.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 00.03.15.png

San fires and Tae Woo can’t believe that he did. He asks them to check who he hit, to discover Yo Na. She gets up and empties a clip into Tae Woo. She goes to him and tells him that he should have managed his hunting dog better if he was going to lay a finger on Young Kwang. When San was handed the gun. Tae Woo’s subordinate tells him that he should be a good hunting dog, which gives him a clue that Yo Na is actually one of the options. Yo Na tells the subordinate to take care of Tae Woo and unties Goo Hyung. Tae Woo attacks the subordinate after he gets shot multiple times to drink his blood.

While San is trying to finish freeing himself Tae Woo attacks him. While he has San pinned up against the wall, he mentions that it seems like he hasn’t had blood for a while. San’s Eyes turn yellow briefly and he suddenly gets much stronger, and an epic fight begins.

Yo Na goes to see Young Kwang, to find him passed out before she gets him outside. She sees the sun peek over the buildings. Young Kwang admits to Yo Na that every time he killed he was scared to the point of not being able to eat or sleep. He tells her that he’s looked forward to the day when he could look at her face as he passes away. Yo Na starts to cry and tells him that she can’t let it end the way it is and wants to turn him into a vampire to stay with her. They both notice the sun rising and Young Kwang hold pulls Yo Na into a hug.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 00.19.45.png

Yoo Jin asks Goo Hyung to bring more help, and he leaves Yoo Jin. San and Tae Woo are still fighting with no end in sight. They both end up in the room with the UV lights when Yoo Jin tells them to stop.

Goo Hyung stumbles outside when Gyeo Wool and Detective Park arrive. They shocked at his appearance. He tells them that they have to get San, and leads them back to him.

Yoo Jin turns on the lights around them after apologising to San. Their relationships flash across the screen as Yoo Jin and Tae Woo die. We step into the image that San created for Yoo Jin in the car.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 00.30.53.png

San is sitting in an empty room holding Yoo Jin’s necklace, and outside the subordinate comes to pick up the helper list from where Yo Na was once.

Goo Hyung, Gyeo Wool, and Detective Park arrive in the room and San is no longer there. One year later they are still looking for San. Detective Park comes to see them because someone made a complaint. Park asks why they’re always there, and they admit that someone saw San there, so that’s why they have their search in that location. Park tells them that if San’s been missing for a year then he might have left the country.

Gyeo Wool calls Goo Hyung and he asks her where she’s been. She reminds him that she promised to return once she’s found San. He asks where she is, and she tells him to do something about the chocolate and rice cakes. He looks up to see her right there. She asks if he wants to go find San, and he asks if she really knows where he is and she confirms that she does. They all leave to go find San.

That’s the end of the season. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in my next recap. If there is anything you want me to recap just let me know.

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