Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation



The series follows Tatewaki Shoutarou, a high school student, who is good friends with Kujō Sakurako, an osteologist who finds bones beautiful. The pair of them end up wrapped up in many murder cases and mysteries due to Sakurako’s affinity to bones. Shoutarou learns a lot about bones while trying to keep Sakurako in check and calling the police when they discover human remains.

This is very similar to an animated version of the american TV series Bones, but better and with a lot less romance. It’s very good, but has an open ending so I’m really hoping for a season 2. I love this anime’s style and visual effects. *thumbs up*




One thought on “Beautiful Bones: Sakurako’s Investigation

  1. I like your comparison to Bones and you are right, it is like Bones just stuck to what it was good at and didn’t worry about all the inter-office romance. Thanks for sharing.

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