Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 10 Recap



What’s happened so far? Gong Shim (Minah) rents out the rooftop room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who is a pro-bono lawyer. Through him she meets Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) whom she falls in love with but her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim), is also in love with him. Dan Tae gets brought into searching for Joon Pyo by Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) as a favour. All the while Director Yeom (Kim Kyung Ok) is trying to figure out how much Dan Tae knows because he’s the one who kidnapped Joon Pyo. Slowly he starts piecing together his past and what could have happened. This leads Dan Tae to believing that his father murdered Joon Pyo. On with today’s episode.

We re-watch Gong Shim make supper for Dan Tae, and Dan Tae coming home to find the food. The next scene we see Dan Tae telling Director Yeom and President Suk that he’ll be working as Grandmother Suk’s secretary.

We get transported to a week prior so that we find out what happened. Dan Tae is having a phone conversation with his father telling him that he wasn’t the one who kidnapped Dan Tae but rather took him away from the man that was going to kill him. Dan Tae asks who kidnapped him, and Soo Young promises to tell him everything when they meet.

Director Yeom finds out that Soo Young works at an arboretum, and goes to see him. When Soo Young sees Yeom he’s in shock and tries to back away. Soo Young asks why he came, and Yeom tells him that he simply wants to talk. Soo Young assures him that he never spoke of that day, but Yeom goes off on a tangent and mentions that Dan Tae is a lawyer. Soo Young is shocked that he met with Dan Tae. Dan Tae arrives at the arboretum and checks his phone. Soo Young tells him that he hasn’t seen his son in 10 years. Dan Tae calls him but he hangs up and drops the phone. Yeom picks it up first and sees the call. Yeom accuses Soo Young of hiding something from him, and though he denies it, Yeom pushes him causing him to hit his head. He runs away before Dan Tae finds his father on the ground. When he fails to wake Soo Young so he calls the ambulance. While in the ambulance he notices that his father was holding on to a star group pin.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 13.37.52.png

At the hospital the doctor tells Dan Tae that his father is suffering from a cerebral hemorrhage, and that’s the reason he’s unconscious. He asks if Soo Young was assaulted because of the scratches on him. The doctor also mentions Soo Young’s brain tumor and tells him that it’s far along. The doctor warns San to prepare for the worse.

Dan Tae goes to think by the river, piecing together that the person who kidnapped him tried to kill his father. He knows that the person is with in star group and he vows to find them.

Dan Tae goes to star group and acts like his happy-go-lucky self. He hands a bottle of energy tonic to the janitor before heading up to see Grandmother Suk. However while he was talking with the janitor, Yeom sees him. Yeom wonders why Dan Tae is there, and believes that he’s still his normal self because he doesn’t know what happened to his father. Mind You Yeom doesn’t know that happened to him either, which is killing him.

President Suk is finish up a meeting with Grandmother Suk about Joon Soo’s restaurant when Dan Tae knocks. Grandmother Suk asks him what brings him there unannounced, though she is thrilled to see him. Right in front of President Suk, Dan Tae asks for a job.

Dan Tae calls after Gong Mi who tries to run away. She trips and falls but Dan Tae helps her up. She tells him that since Gong Shim left on bad terms she hasn’t told anyone she was her sister. She requests that he doesn’t tell anyone that she’s Gong Shim’s sister, though Dan Tae promises that he won’t tell anyone that they’re sisters, he isn’t sure how long it will remain a secret. He tells her that he and Joon Soo are really good friends and that’s why he’s at the company.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 14.04.51.png

Joon Soo sees Gong Mi at the elevator and greets her. He apologizes for not being able to greet her into the company probably because he’s been really busy. (So busy that he takes the time to go see Gong Shim in Jeju… :P) Joon Soo asks if she has time the next day so that he can thank her properly. She’s super excited for the next day.

Gong Shim is at home when she gets the phone call from another worker from the greenhouse about President Ji heading to Seoul. Gong Shim is heading to the airport when she runs into Dan Tae. When she tells him what’s going on he runs next to her while she explains everything. He asks how she’s going to hold him at the airport for 30 minutes, and she inquires to him helping because they’re already heading to the airport. He only then notices that he’s in a car, and asks the driver to get them there as quickly as possible.

When they get there Gong Shim recognizes a sign with President Ji’s fake name on it. Dan Ta pretends to be an undercover cop and forces the man to give him the sign, and the fake passport. President Ji’s fake passport and ticket to china. When they get the sign Gong Shim points out president Ji. Dan Tae fakes forgetting the passport in the car as soon as President Ji is there so they go to the parking garage, Gong Shim texts the worker that they have President Ji and to text her when they arrive. Dan Tae texts Gong Shim and she leads the other employees to them. Dan Tae checks to make sure Gong Shim is ok, she kicks him a thumbs up and he winks at her.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 14.23.00.png

While Gong Shim waits for Dan Tae in front of the craft store she gets a call from Joon Soo. He mentions that he has no one to each with, and she offers from him to join Dan Tae and her for supper, on her of course. Dan Tae comes out and asks her who she was speaking with, she tells him that she’s made plans for them and Joon Soo to have dinner. He tells her that he needs to go into the office, and can’t join but he tells her to go anyways. Gong Shim wonders what to do, but Dan Tae tells her to go out to eat with Joon Soo. He hands her a bag of drawing equipment as a present. He tells her that he felt really happy seeing her drawing and wants her to keep drawing. He calls himself her fan and she promises to use them well.

They meet up with Joon Soo and Dan Tae apologizes for not being able to join because he was work at the office. Joon Soo offers to wait but Dan Tae promises to come next time. Thought Joon Soo tells him that it’s Gong Shim’s treat and he was going to have her take him somewhere expensive, Dan Tae just excuses himself.

At the office, Dan Tae is watching as everything is being removed. He tells Ji Yeon to take care of his father, and apologizes that she had to go through so much because he couldn’t make any money. She promises to take care of his father and asks how he got a job at star group, and he tells her that he has a friend who works there.

Gong Shim is at the restaurant and she finds it quite expensive. While waiting for Joon Soo an old highschool classmate comes over to chat. Gong Shim reveals that she’s unemployed and her classmates tells her it’s not a sin but she should keep in contact. The boyfriend comes over and they start chatting. Joon soo see’s the conversation from the door, and sees her getting uncomfortable. Eun Jin asks if she came with anyone, and Joon Soo takes that as his queue, asking if they’re friends of Gong Shim. Her boyfriend straightens and introduces himself to the director of his company, which shocks Eun Jin. She asks if Joon Soo is Gong Shim’s boyfriend and she denies it, but Joon Soo tells Eun Jin that he likes Gong shim.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 14.45.34.png

Joon Soo apologizes if his interruption caused her any burdens. She tells him about her history with Eun Jin, and he mentions that he should have acted cooler. She tells him not to worry because he acted plenty cool.

Dan Tae goes into the convenience store, and Goo Nam prepared his bento for him. Goo Nam asks if h doesn’t get tired of eating the same thing everyday, and Dan Tae tells him that he doesn’t. Dan Tea notices Joon Soo and Gong Shim returning. He watches their close and loving closure for the night.

Gong Shim goes to see Dan Tae to find him not there. while she’s knocking Dan Tae comes up the stairs. She tells him that she wished he had come with them to eat, and promises to take him out again on her. She goes to let him rest when Dan Tae grabs her arm. He steps closer to her and pauses for a second before letting go her wrist and tells her to make sure that she buys him a meal.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 14.51.13.png

She gets into her room and asks herself why she just stood there, and tries to calm herself down.

President Suk, Director Yeom and Grandmother Suk’s ex-secretary, meet for one last time before the secretary goes to work in China. President Suk and Director Yeom wonder what they should do about Grandmother Suk’s need for a secretary, and they go inside the office. They see Dan Tae sitting at her desk and he tells them that he’ll be working there as of that day. Neither of the men believe what they heard and tells Dan Tae to leave. Grandmother Suk comes in and asks them why they’re telling her secretary to leave? President Suk tries to explain that Dan Tae shouldn’t have such an important role because he doesn’t have the experience and Grandmother Suk reminds him that he didn’t have the experience to be the President.

Director Yeom tells Mrs Suk that Dan Tae is Soo Young’s son. The same man they left Joon pyo with 26 years prior. Mrs Suk is worried that Dan Tae knows something but Director Yeom tries to calm her. After she leave, Yeom wonders if Dan Tae came to the company knowing something.

Dan Tae is messing arround when President Suk sees him. He gets a phone call from secretary Gu about being reinsated, but she comes to the office. President Suk gets on the floor cleaner to hide, and tells Dan Tae that he shoulsn’t be riding it before getting off and leaving.

During break time for the cleaning staff, Dan Tae brings them coffee. He sits and talks with them, but they recognized him as the lawyer. He makes friends with the cleaners, well rather he’s making contacts.

When Dan Tae comes back to the office, Joon Soo see’s him and finds it weird that Dan Tae calls him director. He asks how he got into his company and Dan Tae admits that his aunt took out a bad loan so he needed some money. Joon Soo promises to take him out to celebrate.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 15.15.28.png

Dan Tae sits in on the meeting and finds out that some of the bottles of water were poisoned. He promises to investigate while keeping it under wraps. Dan Tae wonders if the culprit was targeting him.

Gong Shim’s parents asks Gong Shim to bring Gong Mi some food secretly because Gong mi can’t tell anyone Gong Shim is her sister. So Gong Shim calls Dan Tae to give it to her. Yeom sees them and believes that Gong Shim and Dan Tae are close because she was giving him a packed lunch.

At dinner Grandmother Suk finds out about the poison water. Joon soo tells her that the water contained cyanide in a low concentration. Not enough to kill, but it would have made someone sick. Grandmother doesn’t know who would do such a thing. Joon Soo admits to checking the CCTV and not outsiders where around the meeting room. Mrs Suk remembers the conversation with Director Yeom in his office. Grandmother Suk tells them to increase security in the company to find the culprit.

Dan Tae is at home thinking about the water, and wonders if the cyanide was injected in because it wasn’t a new bottle. The day, Dan Tae brings cherry tomatoes to the staff and ask them to tell him if they find a syringe or a medical kit.

President Suk holds a meeting to get Dan Tae resigned from the company. Dan Tae overhears the conversation. While president Suk is outside Gong Shim comes to the company with another boxed lunch. At first he thinks he’s hallucinating but realises that it’s the real thing. While they’re talking a motorcyclist comes by and throws a balloon at Gong Shim as a warning to Dan Tae.

Dan Tae is not happy that they attacked Gong shim. He goes to see her and asks her to recall the situation. She tells him that he met with the president, and realizes that the person that they were aiming for wasn’t him, but president Suk.

Screenshot 2016-06-14 15.33.48.png

Dan Tae arrives just in time to save president Suk from a beating. President Suk tells him that Secretary Gu was is secretary and has been harassing him because she thought that she was fired unfairly. Dan Tae pieces everything together in front of the president and Secretary Gu asks for forgiveness. When he checks with President Suk if he’s ok, he confirms he is.

Gong Shim is mad that Dan Tae hasn’t contacted her since leaving andis worried something happened to him. Gong Shim hears his footsteps on the stairs, and she runs out to see what happened. He tells her that they found the culprit so everything will be fine. She tells him to go rest, and she heads back to her house. She gets back to bed and falls right off to sleep.

The next day, President Suk tells everyone that the chairwoman’s secretary is Dan Tae, and that is all. The end of the episode is Yeom. President Suk and Grandmother Suk watching Dan Tae ride on the floor cleaner.

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