The Perfect Insider – すべて”F”になる



The Perfect Insider is a drama that is based on a novel. There is also a light novel, manga, and anime spin offs. This drama really just makes me want to read the books, however they aren’t translated into English. *signs up for japanese courses*

This series is a mystery show containing only locked-room mysteries, and Saikawa Sohei (Ayano Gou) always figures out the answers behind them. He is constantly being dragged into murder investigations by his student (and daughter of is mentor) Nishinosono Moe (Takei Emi). Nishinosono uses her family ties so get in contact with Magata Shiki (Hayami Akari) so she can maybe learn from the best mind in the world. However Saikawa and Nishinosono seems to get caught up with a lot more mystery and murders once Dr. Magata enters their life.

I absolutely love this drama, and I have been suggesting it life, right and center since I watched it. It’s an excellent watch.



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