Lucky Romance Episode 1 Recap



We open the series with Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) arriving at the casino where Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) works. He sits down at a blackjack table. Meanwhile, Soo Ho earns big on at the table, while apparently counting cards. Once Soo Ho wins a lot of chips, and everyone is wondering if he’s a con man, he stands up and tells everyone at the table that they can split the winnings among themselves, before leaving.

Bo Nui is on bathroom duty and when she walks into the men’s bathroom looking for someone, but they aren’t there. After she finishes cleaning the bathroom Bo Nui rereads her fortune telling her that she will meet an enemy from the east, and she seems to get mad that she couldn’t find who she was looking for. She pushes her cleaning cart to the Casino floor and see a bald man following Soo Ho, and notices that it’s the president. Bo Nui runs up to catch up with the 2 men but can stop her cart. Though Soo Ho steps aside her cart swerves and still hits him, and dumps her cleaning water on him. He gets up, grabs his sunglasses and when Bo Nui offers to pay for his dry cleaning bill he tells her to forget it.

Soo Ho arrives at his company, and only them he realises how bad he smells. He gets brought upstairs because there is a presentation in 10 minutes but the team found a bug in the game they’re developing. Soo Ho sits down at the computer and typed out a  few lines of code to fix the bug that the 2 developers were just saying would take 30 minutes to find. Soo Ho tells them as he leaves to no just work hard but to do it right, he also calls them worthless. Let’s just say that the condescending way that he says it gets under the programmer’s skin.  One of the programmers tells the other that they should just let Soo Ho do everything himself.

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Soo Ho tells Lee Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) check the program again. She agrees and starts telling him how big of a hit she think their game, Genius 2 is going to be, and how many people showed after they heard that he was going to be doing the demonstration. He asks her to go and buy some clothes for him and hands her his card.

Bo Nui is finishing up, and when her colleague asks if she had any luck she tells them no. They find it unfair that he previous boss took her salary and came to a casino. Bo Nui comes to his defence and says that he’s not normally a bad person.

Soo Ho is changing when he replays the conversation with Dal Nim in his head about the reporters. He starts to have auditory hallucinations of clicking cameras. He suddenly remembers being on a television show and feeling overwhelmed. He starts to have a panic attack and needs to take some medication to calm down.

Dal Nim comes back with a bunch of clothing to find Soo Ho missing. She freaks out and calls Han Ryang Ha (Jung  Sang Hoon) and tells him that Soo Ho is missing, right before the presentation. Ryang Ha mentions that he went to the casino before bed. Dal Nim begs him to come to the company, and since he won a ton of cash he should be on a high.

Bo Nui is looking for Won Dae Hae (Kim Sang Ho) in a park filled with gamblers when, she comes across Soo Ho who’s doing the 19 multiplication table aloud. She breaks his trance and makes him jump, and his sudden movement scares her. They recognize each other instantly and she apologizes again about their previous meeting. She assumes he’s lost a lot of money so she gives him a gold attracting talisman and tells him that he should try to work with his body, instead of trying to win his money. She wishes him luck before leaving, however it throws him that she doesn’t know who he is.

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Dae Hae is trying to sell his car, and though he wants the appraiser to raise his price, he agrees to sign. Bo Nui meets up with him, and though he tries to run she catches him. The owner of the car dealer comes out with the cash in chips, and Bo Nui tells them that he’s not selling, and she takes his car.

Dal Nim is setting up everything, and she gets a text from the guys in the situation room that they’ve quit. She runs up stairs and when Soo Ho asks her, she says everything is fine. He goes down stairs and she proceeds to freak out.

Bo Nui is lecturing Dae Hae when she gets a call from Dal Nim asking her to help her. She tells her that the project manager quite after changing the password. Bo Nui asks if the genius isn’t with her and she mentions that he’s sensitive because of the presentation and she needs someone to run the situation room. She gets with her because she doesn’t know how to fix it. Dal Nim tells her that she knows Bo Nui has a bad history with ZeZe but she wouldn’t be calling if she wasn’t in such a bind. Bo Nui refuses until Dal Nim promises to pay her 4x the part-time fee.

Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) and Choi Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) arrive at the same hotel where the presentation is happening. Gun Wook tells Seol Hee to go easy on his fans and she reminds him that Chris had a naked girl cooking in his house. Gun Wook admits that he felt envious after the situation. They enter their press conference.

Bo Nui arrives, and tells Dae Hae to go straight to Seoul, but she takes the car registration. She heads to meet with Dal Nim. She gets into a bunny suit and is given instructions to find the password and play the program. Bo Nui stresses that she’s only doing it for the money.

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Soo Ho is mentally prepping for the presentation, and he hears laughing from the reporters. He peaks his head out and hallucinates everyone laughing at him. He has another panic attack but he can’t find his medication. He realises that he threw them out when he threw out the talisman.

Bo Nui gets into the computer easy enough and goes to find the files needed for the presentation. Dal Nim continues to freak out while Soo Ho is being introduced. She calms a little when she sees that Soo Ho is there, Bo Nui takes up to the last second to load the program, but it runs smoothly. This is the first time that she looks to the screen and finally recognises Soo Ho. The program crashes, and due to the flashing camera lights Soo Ho faints.

When he comes too Bo Nui is leaning over him, still wearing her bunny suit. She tells him to stay resting for a bit longer since he fainted and he thinks she’s a spy who switched out the game for a fake one. He keeps trying to remove her head but she doesn’t let him. Finally, her foot makes contact with his family jewels, and she runs away. Dal Nim finds Soo Ho bent over and telling her that the bunny is the culprit. Let’s all admit that sounds a little weird.

The reporters from the demonstration come out, and some reporters from the sports press conference asks what’s going on. They get told that Soo Ho just passed out in the middle of the presentation, and they have to go write an article. Seol Hee goes to check it out, but everyone is already leaving.

Bo Nui is waiting for the bus to Seoul, but though the bus stops it doesn’t wait for Bo Nui. Thankfully, luck is on her side because Ahn Young Il (Jung In Gi) sees her and stops. They start to remines, and Young Il asks if she was there on a business trip, which she confirms she was. Young Il compliments her on being a hard worker but she mentions that she and Young Il always worked well together. Just then she gets 3 texts back to back about being 3 months behind on rent payments, the electricity being cut and her credit cards being placed on hold due to non-payment.

Dal Nim and Soo Ho were talking about how the programmers stole the program because today was the only day that the information could be leaked. He questions Dal Nim about Bo Nui being part of the plan, and Dal Nim Confirms that she’s her friend. When Bo Nui calls Soo Ho insists that she puts the call on speaker phone. They confirm that she’s not the spy, she starts going on and on about her observations even though Dal Nim tries to get her to stop. Finally, Soo Ho tells her to come to the company later. She tells her she’s not coming and then hangs up. When she picks up the phone again it’s her landlady, but since she didn’t check the caller id she tells her she not coming and the landlady tells her she’s putting her room up for rent.

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Gun Wook goes back to the location where his old house was. Seol Hee mentions that she was curious after getting an address from someone who hasn’t been in the country for 15 years. He goes to the roof and notices that a lot has changed. He watches Bo Nui arrive and try to talk her land lady into letting her stay. She asks for 10 days, but they finally agree on 4. She thanks her and brings her stuff back in. She mentions that she can’t leave because someone she’s waiting for will be coming back to that address. Gun Wook hears her name and comes running down the stairs, but Bo Nui gets called away so she’s gone by the time he gets to the ground level.

Soo Ho’s staff finds out about the demonstration and asks him what happens. He tells them that the programmers ran away, and gives them a whole list of what to do. Dal Nim tells them the cliff’s note version of the situation. Soo Ho goes to his office for a quick nap.

Bo Nui runs to the hospital remembering another day in the past where she did the exact same thing. The doctor talks with her, and he suggests that she takes her home. Since it’s been 2 years, there is little hope that she’ll wake up. Bo Nui still believes that Bo Ra will wake up. After composing herself she leaves the hospital. She remembers when her entire family went out to sing Karaoke. Bo Nui then slips into the memory of when Bo Ra got her injuries which left her in the vegetative state. This was the night that Bo Nui became superstitious, because she did a complex ritual to  protect her sister, and right when the doctor tells her that they lost her sister a nurse runs out to tell him that they have a pulse.

Bo Nui goes to see the guru again, and he tells her to sleep with a guy who is born in the year of the tiger in order to save her sister. When she leaves she starts questioning the guru’s advice and wonders how it will help. But she’s determined to follow through.

Soo Ho goes for a ride while all the negative press is going through his head. Bo Nui gets really drunk and starts asking inanimate object about their signs. When Soo Ho crosses paths with her she points to a bear and goes to cuddle it. She starts talking nonsense, and Soo Ho recognizes her from the parc and casino. He tries to help her up but it doesn’t work. She finally realizes that he’s a person and asks him what year he was born in. Mind you this is after a lot of clothes grabbing. Finally he tells her that he was born in the year of the tiger, which settles her down.

Screenshot 2016-06-17 22.52.43.png

Ok, this show is quirky and ridiculous. Though it somehow also manages to be very cute at the same time.

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