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Here’s the story so far. Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol), the CEO of Zeze software is having a press conference launching his new game Genius II. However, 2 of his employees steal his game and changes the password on the computer. Lee Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) calls her best friend Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) to help. Bo Nui who has a bad experience around Zeze is hesitant, but she agrees to help due to her money trouble. Bo Nui’s boss is a gambling addict and runs away with her salary making her unable to pay anything, including paying her sister’s medical bills. Her sister Bo Ra is in a coma and has been for 2 years, a mystic Guru tells her that the only way that she can save her sister is by sleeping with a person born in the year of the tiger. So let the hunt begin.

Bo Nui wakes up in bed, she starts freaking out but then remembers a day before when she was told to sleep with a man from the year of the tiger. She had gone out drinking to gain some confidence. She remembers meeting up with her senior, and after she confirms that he is a tiger she asks to sleep with him in her head, but instead takes another shot. In the end, she didn’t sleep with him but did buy insurance. She gets a call from Dal  Nim who asks her since the night before and she admits to blacking out.

Soo Ho wakes up and goes through a ton of toothbrushes scrubbing his teeth. He also throws up all of the clothes that  Bo Nui threw up on the night before.

Dal Nim tells Bo Nui that she needs to give her her account number and 2 ids. Though since they need to give her so much money she needs a higher up to sign off on it, but it may take up to 2 weeks. Though she’s shocked she thanks her. Her landlady comes to see her, and Bo Nui tells her she still has a day. The Landlady apologises for the outburst and tells her that if she had a younger sibling like that she should have said so sooner. Her landlady tells her to take her time with the rent payment.

Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) went in for some examination for his physical form, though he says that he doesn’t need to. Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) reminds him that he has Wimbledon to prepare for and he tells her he’s not participation. He asks for 2 months off and she asks if he’s heard of tennis players getting vacations. He tells her that she needs to take some time off as well. She asks if he’s going to be running off again, and he mentions that he was at the hotel and it’s his first time going out. She tells him off for using all of his money that he exchanged. He promises that it went to someone in need.

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Gun Wook leaves and remembers the day before when he brought in Bo Nui’s things. He used his money to pay for Bo Nui’s rent payment, and the landlady didn’t know she had such a nice younger brother like him. Gun Wook goes back to her house and waits fro her to come. Bo Nui makes eye contact with him and walks right past. Gun Wook can’t believe that she didn’t recognise him.

Bo Nui is on the bus when she notices a foreigner playing Genus 2. Zeze has a meeting to figure out their action plan. The game was released the day before in Russia, and it seems like the 2 programmers had pre-planned the stealing of the software. The prepared to sue them, and just then Ryang Ha (Jung Dong Hoon) steps in to let them know that Attorney Park has arrived. Attorney Park tells them that there is nothing that they can do about it within Russia. Dal Nim pokes in and tells Soo Ho that the press is calling, asking what’s going on. Soo Ho comes out and tells them that they’re giving up on Genius 2, because there is no guarantee that they’ll get anywhere with using, and there is no point putting a knock off on the market. With Del Nim points out that they have the original, he reminds her that original is given to the product that’s first. Soo Ho doesn’t want his staff to resign but rather to make a new game take responsibility for the leak. He gives his staff 2 days to come up with an idea.

Bo Nui drops off some repairs at a job she does on the side and tells them she’ll be taking just a little time off due to some personal reasons. She goes to work at the convenience store (Being from Quebec I keep wanting to write Dep.) but she can’t find a single tiger.

Soo Ho stays up for 2 days straight playing the game they designed. He finally emerges from his office and doubles checks the time of the meeting before getting some coffee. Ryang Ha takes his coffee and then asks him how long he’s been awake, worried that he’ll work himself to the ground. He manages to fall asleep at the counter and Ryang Ha tries to make him comfortable.Soo Ho goes to the meeting and is shown the new concepts. Soo Ho nixes both of the ideas. He tells them not to work hard, but he trusts that they will do it right, before leaving.

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Soo Ho and Ryang Ha go out for fried chicken at the restaurant Bo Nui used to work. Ryang Ha tears into him for giving his staff attitude. He tries to get Soo Ho to understand that not everyone is like him and they have a hard time giving up on something that they’ve worked hard on. He notices Ahn Young Il (Jung In Gi), the shop owner, taking down a poster and he suggests that they go to the novice game presentations for some ideas.

Bo Nui works hard, and still can’t find a tiger. She gets called out by her Won Dae Hae (Kim Sang Ho). He gets coffee and asks about the registration of his car. She tells him that she’ll give it to him after he pays her. He tells her how their game made it past the preliminary round of the contest and they could win the contract. Bo Nui is super excited and tells him that they should get ready for the presentation when she asks when it is he tells her it’s to following day.

They go to the office, and Bo Nui doesn’t believe that she could prepare the presentation in a day. Dae Hae tells her that they worked so hard on it together, so she finally agrees. They manage to prepare it in time. However when Bo Nui gets to the venue Dae Hae isn’t anywhere to be found. Bo Nui goes up in Dae Hae’s stead wearing a racoon’s head on. He presentation really spikes Soo Ho’s interest as she talks about 1st person sports games. When she introduces herself at the end Soo Ho contacts all of the pieces together, of who she is.

At the end of the presentation, Soo Ho goes to see her and tells her that’s he’s linked her to being the bunny. He mentions that she has an odd obsession with animals and asked if she found her tiger yet. She pretends to not remember the incident. As she leaves sh-she meets up with the president and he apologises for falling asleep. He tells her that he’s certain that she did well. She tells him to come find her when he has her money.

When Bo Nui comes home Gun Wook is moving in. She walks right past her and even though he stops her she still doesn’t recognise him. He finds it funny, especially after she gives him a candle.

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Soo Ho is at the office thinking about Bo Nui’s presentation. Dal Nim comes in because he called for her and asks if Bo Nui works for Jackpot Software. Dal Nim ends up telling him about her financial problems. He mentions that Bo Nui doesn’t look like a person who would be able to turn on a computer. Dal Nim tells him that though she didn’t graduate Bo Nui was a computer engineering major. Dal Nim tells him that she was almost part of the Zeze family, and was part of the 1st round of open recruitments. She had actually found the bug first. This revelation shocks Soo Ho.

We get a flashback of the final interview. We see Bo Nui working hard while the other candidates leave. In the background, Soo Ho is watching and complaining that anyone could find the bug. He then remembers the candidate that left after finding the bug. He pulls her application file.

Bo Nui is on the roof and misses a phone call. She’s praying and agrees to never see Bo Ra anymore if she only wakes up. She hears someone knocking on her door, so she comes downstairs to find Gun Wook leaning on her doorbell. He asks for a hammer but she slams her door. moments later she passes out a hammer and tells him to use it carefully. While he’s hanging a photo of his family he wonders why she can’t recognise him, when he hits his finger. He gets a great idea and goes to ask for a bandaid. So comes out with one and puts it on for him. Gun Wook tries to convince her that she should have a dinner with him, and she tells him that she only will if he’s a tiger, he says that he is, she tells him that she will do more than eat dinner. They agree to meet for dinner the following day.

Gun Wook goes to a press event where he helps teach kids tennis and help them with their form. Meanwhile, Seol Hee is mediating the press and watching Gun Wook. Once a class is finished Seol Hee asks him where he’s staying. He asks her to let him have some fun while he’s there. She tells him that he use to date when anyone brought up Korea and she wonders why he agreed to the sponsorship so easily. She figures out that he’s moved into his childhood home. He asks her for 2 months and promises not to get into any trouble.

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Dae Hae makes the calls, and she tells them that Gun Wook needs 2 months but she doesn’t think it’ll take that long. She tells them that everyone has agreed and she’ll just wait.

Bo Nui is getting ready and is freaking out over what to wear. When she’s trying to get her lucky colour people keep calling her. She hears the door, and when she opens it she finds Soo Ho. He tells her that he was trying to reach her, and she goes off on a tangent. He finally tells her that he knows her information from the job application she gave in 2 years prior. He asks her about If and starts pounding her with questions about the game. He wants to know if he could by IF and offers her 300 million won and 1% incentive. She asks why and he asks if they can move into a different location to talk business. She tells him that she needs to finish getting ready and will call her boss. He wants to finish the conversation that day.

Gun Wook is driving home and stop off for some flowers for Bo Nui. He arrives at the apartment and they are still talking, so Bo Nui pulls Soo Hoo inside and covers his mouth. Gun Wook knocks on the door and Bo Nui looks to Soo Jo in terror.

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After the ending, we get a little clip about what actually happened the night that Bo Nui got drunk. Soo Ho walks her home, and when she goes to sleep on her building’s front steps he brings her upstairs and as he goes to leave she kisses him.

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