Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 11 Recap



What’s happened so far? Gong Shim (Minah) rents out the rooftop room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who is a pro-bono lawyer. Through him, she meets Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) whom she falls in love with but her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim), is also in love with him. Dan Tae gets brought into searching for Joon Pyo by Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) as a favour. All the while Director Yeom (Kim Kyung Ok) is trying to figure out how much Dan Tae knows because he’s the one who kidnapped Joon Pyo. Slowly he starts piecing together his past and what could have happened. This leads Dan Tae to believe that his father murdered Joon Pyo. However, it turned out that Dan Tae has been living a lie his entire life and when his father tries to tell him what happened he’s attacked. Now Dan Tae must find out the truth and all the only clue he has is the Star Group executive badge. On with today’s episode.

Gong Shim is at home preparing breakfast for Dan Tae. She brings it up to him and he’s surprised, but they sit down and he eats it and thanks her for the good food. She tells him that if he thinks that it’s a luxury she hopes he can eat it for the next 100 years. He’s a little shocked but tries to tease her by taking off her wig. When they do Dan Tae tells her that his bald spot is gone, and they dance around. In the excitement, she professes her love to him. Dan Tae leans into her to kiss her, but just then she wakes up from her nap. She really brings up the food to his apartment to find him gone to work.

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Dan Tae is sitting on a bench looking at the star group pin that he found in his father’s hand. He meets up with one of the men he helped out for a favour. He asks him to drop off a package for him at the star group information desk for him. The man assures him that he will not tell anyone it’s from him and he agrees.

Dan Tae is in the lobby cleaning the floors while Grandmother Suk, Mr Suk and Director Yeom watch. The President gets the package and pulls out the pin. The note it’s pinned to says that it was found at the arboretum and it hopes they can find it’s owner. Director Yeom notices only now that his pin is missing. The chairwoman is mad that the person has lost their badge, and she chastises both the men for not wearing them. They go back to the chairwoman’s office and Dan Tae gets called in to find out who lost their badge. When Dan Tae suggests it might be a retired employee, the president tells him that they changed the company logo a year prior. Dan Tae is tasked with finding out who lost their badge.

He checks everyone and when he gets to the president he doesn’t have his badge but he swears that he had it earlier that day. Dan Tae tells him to contact him as soon as he finds it. President Suk retraces his steps and finally find it with his dog. Dan Tae goes through everyone before ending with Director Yeom who borrowed his badge from a chairman who left on a business trip. Dan Tae asks him if everything is alright because he doesn’t look ok. Director Yeom snaps at him before he takes his leave.

Gong Shim is walking and notices a drawing contest. Gong Shim gets home, and her parents leave for a funeral and her sister is away on a business trip, so she has the house to herself. Gong Shim’s father tries to scare her with ghost stories, but her mother stops him. Gong Shim is drawing when the power cuts and she freak out. Dan Tae is coming home when he hears her screaming and starts to worry. They meet outside and she tells him that the electricity suddenly went out and Dan Tae was shocked by how minor that is. She asks if Dan Tae knows how to fix the electricity and he admits that he doesn’t but he uses his education as a reason, little does he know Gong shim’s father studied the same thing. She goes to look it up on the internet but the when she does the light makes her look like a ghost. He screams she screams (They all scream for ice cream. I’m sorry but that needed to happen.) and she drops her phone. they both go to pick it up but Gong Shim nearly topples over, but that’s ok because Dan Tae catches her and hold her close until they hear her parents arrive and the scramble to make sure he’s hidden.

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Her parents come in to find the lights off and they ask her why the lights were off. She tells them that they only just went off. She excuses herself to her room and asks Dan Tae to wait until her parents go to bed before leaving. However, her parents decide to have pork belly and soju. When she asks if her parents will take a while they say that they’ll take their time eating. Gong Shim brings back one, he asks for more and she does it for him. He parents follow her back to her bedroom after the second round. He mother tells her that her sister will be made if her clothes smell like pork, but Gong Shim and Dan Tae squish themselves behind the door.

He father comes to say that the family member really did just pass away. Gong Shim tells him that she’s going to get caught, so he needs to be patient. Once Dan Tae is left alone he starts looking through Gong Shim’s drawing pad. He stumbles across her confession in the pad. He puts it away right before she catches him, and he leaves for the evening. Dan Tae goes to the roof and looks at the sunflower, thinks of when he sent her off to Jeju island. Meanwhile Gong Shim is thinking about how cozy they got while the lights were off.

The next morning Gong Shim is waiting for Dan Tae to leave for work. Dan Tae is on the roof looking down at her waiting. He finally heads down, and she runs over to him. She proceeds to do everything that he did to her in the first few episodes. She sends him off like he uses to.

Dan Tae gets to the office and reports that he hasn’t checked 2 members of the board yet and they have both been out of the office. The chairwoman tells him to hurry but and double check who is missing it.

Joon Soo is in his office when his mother arrives for a meal. He apologises and tells her that he’s too busy to go. Gong Mi comes to the office and the plan was to all go out to eat, but Joon Soo apologises to Gong Mi. Joon Soo is about to leave went her gets a call from his uncle about a document, and he promises to get it before he leaves. This leaves his badge unprotected in his car. However, it turns out that his uncle found the document, and steals Joon Soo’s badge.

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When Dan Tae talks with Director Kwak Seung Jin to find out the Director Yeom borrowed his badge. Yeom hands him the badge over in front of Dan Tae while wearing Joon Soo’s stolen badge. Director Yeom took out the entire bag from Joon Soo’s back seat. When Joon Soo comes back from getting coffee he notices that his bag is missing and he assumes that it’s because he left his window open.

Gong Shim is working on the octopus design for the contest. She remembers Dan Tae’s encouraging words while she works. Gong Shim gets a call from Joon Soo about his missing bag and asks if she could come out to help him. She promises to be there soon and runs out.

Gong Shim meets with Joon Soo at the coffee shop, and when she asks why he didn’t call one of his employees, he tells her that he was actually setting up his own business in secret and he can’t call anyone from star group, but he thought of her.  They work together to get the presentation ready in time for his meeting. Joon Soo promises to call her later and thanks her for her hard work.

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Gong Shim runs to gets her application into the contest in. She finds out that 100 people applied and she realises that it isn’t so easy to make it as an artist.

Gong Mi and Mrs Suk finish eating and Mrs Suk tells her that it’s fun eating and shopping with her. Gong Mi compliments her and they leave. On the way, a scam artist gets ‘hit’ but Mrs Suk car, and tries to get her to give him some money. Gong Mi stops her and explains to him how he’s a scammer and offers him her card to show she’s a lawyer. She starts going on about the law and he ends up running away. Mrs Suk brings Gong Mi to the Suk home. The two women both believe Gong Mi should date Joon Soo, but Gong Mi tells them it’s not a decision she should make alone.

Joon Soo calls Gong Shim to share the good news that the investors loved his idea and agreed to invest. Joon Soo tells her that it’s because of her that it was a success, and thanks her. Joon Soo pardons himself if it sounds rude but he asks if she found employments, and he tells her she still has her part time job. Thought Joon Soo offers to introduce her to a job, she wants to find out herself.

Ji Yeon and Dan Tae are watching his father. She tries to get him to go home, but he says he’s fine. Dan Tae wonders if his father will ever wake up. He gets home to find that the convenience store had sold his empire meal. When he gets upstairs he finds Gong Shim waiting for him with it on the table. They settle into their food and Gong Shim starts firing questions at him. Dan Tae gets sadder the more she talks the more he wants to run away. Finally, he excuses himself to go in. He thinks about her drawing, and then just how messed up his life actually is.

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Dan Tae mentions that he’s confirmed the location of all of the badges except for Joon Soo because he was out the day before. Joon Soo comes to meet with them. Joon Soo apologises because his bag and jacket with the pin on it was stolen from his car the day before. Dan Tae contacts the hotel to find that there is no record of Joon Soo or star group having a seminar the day before.

Gong Shim takes a look at the winner of the contest, and she’s won.

Dan Tae comes to see Joon Soo who hides his paperwork. Dan Tae talks with him briefly about the seminar and they agree to meet for some beers later. When Dan Tae leaves he wonders why Joon Soo is lying, and he wonders if he’s also lying about losing his badge. He gets a call from Gong Shim who wants to share the news about winning the contest, but he doesn’t have time to talk.

Gong Shim wonders why Dan Tae seems so down, and she wonders why. She hears Dan Tae coming home, so she runs upstairs to see him. She brings the winner poster to go upstairs and shows him the poster. He gets happy for her and she tells him about the contest next door. He asks when she submitted the drawing without telling him. She tells him that she wanted to tell him but she decided to only tell him if she won. She tells him that she’s happy that she finally was able to win something using her own two hands. Gong Shim starts crying, and Dan Tae tells her not to cry.

Screenshot 2016-06-19 17.35.06.pngGong Shim thanks him because he’s always the one who gives her strength. Joon Soo shows up just in time to hear Gong Shim’s confession to Dan Tae because he was always with her. Dan Tae tells her that just because she’s grateful doesn’t mean she needs to confess. Dan Tae rejects her feelings and asks her to put her feeling away. He admits that their situation was changed since he’s told him about his feelings. Gong Shim leaves crying, and Joon Soo is at ground level after hearing Gong Shim’s confession.

Gong Shim goes to her room and cries while trying to accept her rejection. Joon Soo goes up to see Dan Tae, and they stand to look  at each other.

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