Lucky Romance Episode 3 Recap



The story so far. Zeze, Je Soo Ho’s (Ryoo Joon Yeol) company, just had their idea stolen by some of their programmers so they need to come up with a new idea. He goes to some novices compete and he get’s intrigued by Sim Bo Nui’s (Hwang Jung Eum) company’s idea for VR sports games. He links Bo Nui to a bunch of incidents that happened over the last little while, including to the presentation when Lee Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) called her friend. Soo Ho comes to her apartment while she’s getting ready for a date with Choi Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) when he arrives. She drags him in when she hears Gun Wook coming and that is where we left the story.

Gun Wook comes to pick Bo Nui up, and Soo Ho is still in her apartment. Bo Nui pleads with Soo Ho to stay in the apartment, thought Soo Ho being a completely logical person doesn’t understand her worry. However when they get outside of the apartment Gun Wook isn’t there, but his flowers are. She goes to see at his apartment but he doesn’t answer. She blames Soo Jo, saying that had he stayed still for 5 minutes this wouldn’t have happened. he’s unaffected by everything and tells her to call Won Dae Hae (Kim Song Ho) but she tells him to forget about logic.

Gun Wook goes to meet with someone. Bo Nui finishes getting dressed and goes outside but Gun Wook is nowhere to be found. She curses Hoo So to be struck by lightning, and just then out of nowhere a lightning bolt streaks across the sky.

Soo Ho gets to the company to find everyone in the conference room. They are looking for the basic graphics of the new game. He starts rattling off about VR being the future and leaves his staff to work on it. Dal Nim follows Soo Ho out of the conference room and into his office. She thanks her for doing something good for the company as well as for her friend. He tells her that right now the important thing is to get the copyright transferred, and Dal Nim goes to draught the papers.

Soo Ho is in the coffee shop when Ryang Ha meets him. Ryang Ha starts complaining about the shareholders freaking out over a little drop. He asks Soo Ho if he’s managed to reach the CEO but he confirms that he hasn’t and when he asks about the person in charge he tells him that her logic is completely paralysed. Ryang Ha automatically realises that he shut her down after explaining everything logically. He tells him that he should have at least brought Dal Nim.

Screenshot 2016-06-18 20.39.26.png

Gun Wook sits with an older man and tells him that he found out he came back to Korea. There is a flashback sequence from a game, where he meets his birth father’s friend. He tells Gun Wook that he hasn’t been able to contact his father for the last 3 months, and Gun Wook admits he’s the wrong person because he lost contact with his father 13 years earlier. The man hands him the envelope and tells him to take a look into it.  He proceeds to throw out the package in front of the man. When Gun Wook gets home he pulls out the envelope (which I’m assuming that he pulled from the trash) and looks inside. He finds the recordings of his games on some DVDs. His friend admits that  when he was sent to the Canadian branch, he requested that he send him the recordings. He tells Gun Wook that his father was let go on early retirement in 2003 and when he tries to contest it, his friend admits that he probably couldn’t tell him. He explains that a lot of fathers who sent their families overseas faced financial issues.

Soo Ho is working late in the office when he hallucinates about the kiss again. Soo Ho gets a call to come downstairs. His father is in the lobby, quite intoxicated. He starts tearing into Soo Ho about his manners and him being the reason for the decline of society. Soo Ho just stands there and takes it, emotionless it seems until we focus on his clenching fist. We get a glimpse into just how emotionally and physically abusive his father was towards him.Soo Ho goes to calm himself down by doing his multiplication tables aloud.

Bo Nui is still waiting for Gun Wook outside when he shows up. He apologises and tells her that he had to leave because of an important phone call. He notices how lightly she’s dressed and places his coat across her shoulders. They agree to go even though it’s late. While they’re walking together he finally reveals that he’s Choi Gun Wook, and though it takes a few beats she remembers him. He tells her that it was destiny that she was still living in the same apartment. She inquires as to why he didn’t just tell her at the beginning and he admits it hurt him that she didn’t recognise him. When he asks about her family and Bo Nui falls sombre telling him that her parents passed away 10 years prior and Bo Ra is in the hospital. She excuses herself and leaves.

Screenshot 2016-06-18 21.05.34.png

Soo Ho rides his bike to work and thinks over the path that he’s currently on. When he parks it, Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) speaks behind him. Soo Ho doesn’t remember her, and when Seol Hee tries to jog his memory he tells her that they must not have had anything of importance or something really bad happened and he blocked it out. He leaves and Seol Hee can’t believe that Soo Ho is just leaving that.

Screenshot 2016-06-18 22.01.48.png

Won Dae Tae comes and sees Soo Ho. He is willing to transfer the copyright over to him, however, his one condition is that he incorporates Bo Nui into the project. Soo Ho remembers only the bad things that happened between himself and Bo Nui and asks Dae Tae what he will do if he refuses. He admits that he will not sell the project. This irritates Soo Ho but he realises he must agree.

Bo Nui goes to see her sister at the hospital and was told her examination was pushed up a day. She doesn’t look at Bo Ra or even touches her. The volunteer hands her the invoice for the hospital room.

Soo Ho is walking around his office thinking about the contract when he knocks over his figurine bicycle. He remembers Seol Hee teaching him how to bike when he was 17. Then there was a day when he went to her dorm and she had left. He throws the bike figuring in the drawer and tells himself to work. He finally tells Dal Nim to come see him.

Dal Nim goes to see Bo Nui who refuses to work for Zeze. Dal Nim tells her that she should think about the money and just close her eyes for 3 months. She reminds her what happened the last time she was involved with Zeze. We get the flashback walking us through what actually happened to Bo Ra. The night before the interview, Bo Ra had an ominous dream warning her about something bad happening. Bo Nui tells her that it’s because she’s more nervous than she is, so she goes to the interview despite Bo Ra’s warning. Bo Ra was waiting for Bo Nui at the meeting point but decides to go to the company. While not paying attention to her surroundings (Like most accidents in Kdramas) Bo Ra is struck by a car.

Bo Nui goes to her Guru and asks if her going to  the interview is actually what causes the accident, and the guru tells her that it’s her fault. No one else’s. She goes to Zeze and does as the guru tells her to do as to protect the company from her bad luck. When she goes into his office she doesn’t know that he’s there sleeping. He sees her and starts muttering about ghosts not being real. They scare each other, and Bo Nui tells him who she is. He doesn’t understand why she’s there at 5 am in the morning. She apologises for startling him, and she leaves. Soo Ho introduces Bo Nui to the rest of his staff  the next morning as the person who developed IF.

Screenshot 2016-06-18 22.06.17.png

She set up her desk and when Dal Nim and her go to get coffee she tells her that she should try and stop because it’s a little much. She tells her that she’ll try and get rid of the salt after she asks the shaman. When Ryang Ha comes over to say hello Dal Nim wants to head out. Dal Nim tells her to not mind him because he’s like that with all the women. When Ryang Ha mentions not all of the women, Bo Nui does ask him what his age is but nicks him off the potential tiger list.

During the meeting, they are working on the concept of which famous athlete to base the game on, and someone suggests Gary Choi because no one knows about his personal life. Soo Ho gives the go ahead to try and get him.

Soo Ho goes back to his office to watch some of Gun Wook’s games, and he starts typing out some states, and then when he looks at the notes he sees that he actually was typing about Bo Nui.

Bo Nui comes home and meets Gun Wook on the stairs, she gets dragged into his apartment. The first thing that she notices, however, is that the bed is in the wrong spot, and help him move it to under the window. Gun Wook tries to get her to stay for supper, but she excuses herself. Seol Hee tells Gun Wook to be careful because she might bring up money knowing he’s Gary Choi. He tells her that she doesn’t even know what he does and requests that she doesn’t say things like that.

The next day when Bo Nui comes to the office, she settles at her desk just as Soo Ho’s mother arrives. She gets told that right after his mother comes he’s always a little worst to handle. Soo Ho asks his mother not to come to the office, and she tells him that if he would meet her outside of the office then she wouldn’t have to. She starts talking about the news when he hands her some money to go shopping. She leaves him a talisman telling him that this is her heart and he can decide to throw it out or not. She leaves and he throws it out.

Bo Nui goes around trying to find a tiger in the office and fails. When she comes back up she runs into a reporter claiming to have an appointment with Soo Ho. He tells her that he knew that he judgment as messed up but he hadn’t realised how much so. Soo Ho tears into her about doing her work properly.

She goes back to the Shaman and tells him that there isn’t a single tiger in the company, and he tells her that there is. The shaman tells him that there is a tiger very close, and she only has until the last day of the next moon cycle to find him. As she leaves she crosses path with Soo Ho’s mother and believes that Zeze is only a success thanks to his mother’s efforts. She eavesdrops on their conversation, and she hears his mother complain about him being single. The shaman tells her that he has a racoon clung to his side and it won’t let go, and she asks the shaman to see how to get rid of it. Bo Nui overhears Soo Ho’s birth date and is shocked to discover that he’s a tiger.

Soo Ho is the last to leave the office and he wanders over to Bo Nui’s desk and looks at the assorted good luck statues. When he glances into the waste bin, he sees the torn up employee contract.

The next day in the meeting her colleagues are all betting on her fate, and she is trying to tell herself to only think of Soo Ho as a tiger, not a person. When they finish the meeting Dal Nim takes her downstairs for coffee.

Screenshot 2016-06-18 22.44.21.png


They are sitting across from each other when Bo Nui asks Dal Nim what Soo Ho likes. She explains that there are a lot of misunderstandings between them and she wants to apologise with a gift. Ryang Ha pops in asks who likes who and takes a seat. Bo Nui asks if Ryang Ha is close to Soo Ho and he tells her that he’s more like a guardian angel. He tells her that he only ever gets excited about codes and is essentially asexual. When she’s wondering how she’s going to spend a night with someone who hates everything Soo Ho comes by and hands her a new employee contract under the guise of there being a typo in the original.

Dae Hae comes and takes Bo Nui out to have supper. He’s ecstatic and she warns him to be careful. He promises that if she waits for 3 months he’ll bring her something big. She asks how he knows that she’s on contract for 3 months and Dae Hae asks if Soo Ho didn’t tell her. Dae Tae tells her that he put it into the contract that they must pay her.

Bo Nui goes to hand in her contract and she confirms with Soo Ho that she is a part of the contract. He starts telling her that he hates wasting time. She tells him that she can essentially make the contract null and void if she doesn’t sign the contract, and he asks her what his point is. She tells him that her one condition to sign the contract is for them to date for 3 weeks while the develop IF.

Screenshot 2016-06-18 22.58.40.png


We get to see a little of outside of the shaman’s house when she tries to convince herself that she heard wrong. She suddenly remembers her telling her he was a tiger when she was drunk.

If any of you look at my twitter (@otaku_confesses) I admitted my love for Ryoo Joon Yeol in glasses. I feel like my screenshots for this show may contain a few of picture of him in them. Please don’t mind me.

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