Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 12 Recap



What’s happened so far? Gong Shim (Minah) rents out the rooftop room to Ahn Dan Tae (Namgung Min), who is a pro-bono lawyer. Through him she meets Suk Joon Soo (On Joo Wan) whom she becomes infatuated with but her sister, Gong Mi (Seo Hyo Rim), is also in love with him. Dan Tae gets brought into searching for Joon Pyo by Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye Sun) as a favour. All the while Director Yeom (Kim Kyung Ok) is trying to figure out how much Dan Tae knows because he’s the one who kidnapped Joon Pyo. Slowly he starts piecing together his past and what could have happened. This leads Dan Tae to believing that his father murdered Joon Pyo. However it turned out that Dan Tae has been living a lie his entire life and when his father tries to tell him what happened he’s attacked. Now Dan Tae must find out the truth and all the only clue he has is the Star Group executive badge. Dan Tae is getting close to finding who attacked his father. However on Gong Shim’s front her affections have turned toward Dan Tae, and at the end  of last episode she confesses her feeling for him. On with today’s episode.

We have to rewatch Gong Shim’s very touching confession to Dan Tae, and her heart being broken all over again. Sadly we also have to watch Dan Tae’s heart break while rejecting her. Joon Soo goes to see Dan Tae on the roof while he’s still trying to regroup from rejecting her. Dan Tae apologises to Joon Soo ad asks to meet another day, because he suddenly feels under the weather. Joon Soo agrees and leaves looking sad and confused.

Both Gong Shim and Dan Tae look horrible the next day, having not really slept. Gong Shim goes shopping at the market and even the shop keepers can tell that something is up. When she’s walking back she bumps into Dan Tae, he tries to help her with the bags, but she walks past him. (It’s almost painful watching these two) She gets home and sits in a chair at the convenience store.

Joon Soo thinks about Dan Tae words when he rejected Gong Shim. He seems sad not only because Gong Shim confesses to Dan Tae, but also because he broke her heart. Dan Tae tries to call Gong Shim to no avail. He starts talking with the cleaning crew and puts on his happy demeanour for them, though he rejects their offer to go out that night. Sadly for him Joon Soo sees him right then and thinks that he’s just fine after rejecting Gong Shim.

Joon Soo comes up to him and tells him that it’s surprising. When he asks what, Joon Soo mentions how close he is to the cleaning crew. (But we know what it’s really about) Joon Soo leaves and Dan Tae asks him about his bag. He blows up at Dan Tae (as much as Joon Soo does) when he asks if he’s really inquiring the badge or the bag, Dan Tae admits it’s the badge that he’s interested in. Joon Soo pushes him to find out why and agrees that it must be because of something that he can’t talk about, before leaving.

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Gong Shim vents all of her frustration into cooking. He mother tells her that she’s made to many side dishes, and she tells her not to worry because she’ll eat it. She continues to ignore Dan Tae’s calls. Shes starts moving out some of Gong Mi’s clothes and starts to make her room fit for someone to live in. When her father asks about  how much she’s moving she tells him that she’s expecting a bed to come the following day, and asks him to put it together for her, like he did for Gong Mi. She works hard to empty out her room that day. She gets notifications reminding her that there is a reunion that evening. While she’s looking at her phone Joon Soo calls her. They agree to meet up the following evening for supper.

Gong Shim goes to her reunion, and all her classmates wonder why she came since she’s never come in the past. She gets really drunk and interrupts her classmate’s proposal. Dan Tae is walking home when he sees a little boy looking for something. The kid tells him that he’s looking for an older sister who’s wearing a wig, and Dan Tae recognises it as Gong Shim. He hands the kid a lollipop and tells him to go home because it’s late, and he’ll find Gong Shim. He finds her almost right away, and she asks how he found her.

They sit down on on a bench, and he tries to get her to go home. She tells him that she thought of all of his flaws the day before because she was mad. She starts listing them, but when she gets to the 4th one she stops and puts her list away. He tries to get her to go home. She stops him and asks why he doesn’t like her. She lists a bunch of reasons, and he tells her that that’s not why. She keeps giving him really good reasons as to why he shouldn’t like her, and starts apologizing for everything. She asks him for his reason for rejecting her and when he goes to tell her she kisses him and requests that he never tells her the reason. She runs away while Dan Tae is still in shock over the kiss. She runs away without looking back and Dan Tae watches her.

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The following day, Dan Tae meets with Gong Mi in front of the elevator, and she silently tells him not to say anything. The elevator opens and they find Joon Soo inside. He tells them to get in and make the introductions since they don’t know each other. Dan Tae gets off first and Joon Soo moves Gong Mi out of the way of the trolley. He thanks her for helping out hismotherr with the con-artist, and she admits she likes spending time with them. Joon Soo tells her to come over when ever she’d like  and she agrees.

President Suk, as well as everyone else on the commit, got a spam message about a video. they all believe it to be a spam mail, and when Director Yeom receives it he gets nervous. Joon Soo notices that something is off with him. They are all silenced when the chairwoman comes in.

Dan Tae is making some tea when he gets a call confirming that the spam text was sent to everyone like he asked. Dan Tae opens the text and has planned to meet with the person who wants to stop the video from going live. Ji Yeon gives Dan Tae his father’s clothes. She asks what’s going on and is worried that it might be dangerous. He tells her that he’ll be ok, and it’s nothing dangerous. He gets Ho Joong to help him make the fake video that they sent in the text.

Director Yeom opens the video and freaks thinking someone took a video of the day. He shows the video to his sister. She asks if he’s going to pay the dee, and he tells her he has too because if the video is given to the police then they’ll need to investigate his relationship. Mrs Suk wonders if it’s Dan Tae’s doing, and Director Yeom tells her that Soo Hyun didn’t tell his son. Mrs Suk tells him that she’ll prepare the cash.

Dan Tae meets up with Joon Soo in front of the elevators.Dan Tae asks if they can talk. He mentions that something has changed between them, and Joon Soo confirms that something must have if he’s feeling it too. Joon Soo suggests that had they been honest there would have had a misunderstanding or suspicions. Dan Tae offers to each ask 1 question and the other person can answer truthfully. He starts off by asking Joon Soo about the seminar and him loosing his bag, though the confirms he lied about the seminar he didn’t lie about the bag. Joon Soo asks about his reason for looking into the badge. He admits that the person who kidnapped Joon Pyo is there person who lost the pin, as is insinuated in the letter that was left with the pin. Joon Soo reveals he’s been looking at starting his own business and Gong Shim knows. They both tell each other about their feelings for Gong Shim, and only time will tell if they’ve become more comfortable with each other.

Gong Shim and Joon Soo go out for dinner at the place that she won the contest at. Joon Soo reveals that he can’t handle spicy food. She say that when people are irritated or stressed the eat spicy food, and when she tells him that he probably doesn’t that feel that way he admits that he has been feeling like that lately. Before they can continue the conversation the owner comes over because a customer asked for her number to do a character for him. When Joon Soo asks about it, the owner tells him she won his contest. He’s supper happy about it for her, and asks for a fresh paper to keep.When he gets the place mate he gets Gong Shim to sign it for him. He promises to keep it safe. They part ways reluctantly because Gong Shim’s bed is being delivered.

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Gong Shim plates the octopus for her family and they find it’s too much. Gong Shim’s father goes to get Dan Tae to help them eat. Though he keeps refusing, her father drags him in. Gong Shim comes out of her room to find him sitting there apologetically. She tries to run away but her mother tells her to sit at the table with them. Dan Tae tries to leave quickly seeing that Gong Shim is uncomfortable, and they asks if he can assemble a bed. He agree but it ends up leaving them alone in her room. She tells him that the kiss the night before was an accident. He agrees and tells her that since no one was hurt they’ll just say both parties are at fault. He tells her that if she continues looking at him the way she is another accident will happen. She tells him that no matter what, she’s not going to care about how he feels about her and she’ll just do things that she wants to do. She then chastises him about how he’s assembling the bed.

The next day Joon Soo and his mother agree to go out for dinner and a movie together. When he’s at the office, his father calls him due to no being able to find the document he gave him the day before. He goes all the way up to be told her found it. When he returns to his car he remembers the Director Yeom asked him about his car the day he lost his bag. He links it his uncle to what Dan Tae told him. He meets up with Dan Tae in the elevator, and he asks if Joon Soo remembers anything from the day his bag was stolen. He lies and tells him he didn’t. He going through his grandmother desk to find the note, links everything together. He starts to have a large suspicion about his uncle.

Joon Soo goes to see his uncle to find him leaving. and though he puts on his happy face when talking with him. Claiming he came up for coffee. Joon Soo, Dan Tae and Director Yeom all leave the company to head to the arboretum. Dan the needs to pull off for gas so he;s delayed a little, so Joon Soo arrives before him to see his mother waiting for Dan Tae. He walks away, and steps on a branch and Dan Tae sees him.

I’m sorry guys for the lack of photos, I just couldn’t find many. If you have any suggestion leave a comment and I’ll try to find them.

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