Lucky Romance Episode 4 Recap



The story so far. Zeze, Je Soo Ho’s (Ryoo Joon Yeol) company, just had their idea stolen by some of their programmers so they need to come up with a new idea. He goes to some novices compete and he get’s intrigued by Sim Bo Nui’s (Hwang Jung Eum) company’s idea for VR sports games. He links Bo Nui to a bunch of incidents that happened over the last little while, including to the presentation when Lee Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) called her friend. Soo Ho does end up purchasing the copyright from Won Dae Hae (Kim Sang Ho) with the clause that they must grant Bo Nui employment. She tells Soo Ho that she’ll sign the contract if he agrees to go out with her. That is where we left the story.

We get to ask Bo Nui ask Soo Ho out awkwardly all over again. There is a beat of silence before his mother calls again. We get brought a picnic where he’s family is waiting for him to celebrate his birthday. His father suggests breaking all ties with him, and his mother mentions that if he had a wife she could at least meet up with her. She tells him about the psychic and gets torn into. She tells him that her husband and son are always busy and she needs someone to lean on.

We’re back at the office, and Soo Ho asks for clarification. She confirms that dating is her condition, and he asks if she like him too which she instantly goes back by saying no. She tells him that it would be a contractual dating, and then relates it to the beta version of a game. They go back and forth until he finally asks what her objective is. She tells him that someone’s life is on the line, and he tells her that she’s crazy. She tells him that it’s off she’ll tear up the contract and quit. He calls after her and asks he to give him a day to think about it. She agrees and proceeds to leave the office.

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Gun Wook and Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) go swimming and Gun Wook asks why she’s trying so hard if they’re supposed to be taking it is. She tells him it’s a competition because she can’t beat him at tennis. Right after, when they’re done Seol Hee gets a phone call but manages to catch Gun Wook before he leaves. He tells her that he has an appointment, and she assumes it’s with Bo Nui. He tells her that he doesn’t want to lie to her so she has to stop asking, and tells her to continue doing business before he leaves.

Gun Wook meets with his private investigator, and he tells him that he thought that he had found his father, but when he told him he was coming he left. The detective tells him that he has so little to go on. Gun Wook tells him that he only has 2 months to find his father.

Soo Ho tells Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Ho) about Bo Nui’s condition. He says that she’s a genius, but he does remember her asking him how to make a good impression. He asks him what a person’s life being on the line could mean, and Ryang Ha automatically assumes she’s terminally ill. Soo Ho retorts that she doesn’t have the complexion of a sick person. Ryang Ha keeps going on about her potential sickness and that she must find him easy. He grabs something from the fridge and says that it tastes sour. Soo Ho realises that it’s been in the fridge for over a year. Soo Jo takes Ryang Ha to the hospital and he tells him that as long as it’s not too bad he should just do as Bo Nui asks.

Bo Nui goes to the hospital and hands the nurses some food. She tells the nurses that she got a job so she’ll be able to pay the medical bills. Outside the hospital, Soo Ho is thinking about what Bo Nui said. They just miss each other at the hospital when the ambulance shows up.

When Bo Nui gets home she finds that Gun Wook had been waiting for her. He asks if they could talk since he had a tough day. Bo Nui tells Gun Wook on how his father had come to her middle school graduation. His father had belatedly heard about the accident and he was sorry, but he wanted to make sure that she had he graduation picture. Gun Wook confides in Bo Nui that he resented him for so many years thinking he abandoned them but now he wonders if he might be too late. Bo Nui hands him an owl that will guard him until he reunites with his father again. Gun Wook asks about her obsession with a tiger, and she tells him it’ll help Bo Ra. He tells her to be careful because all men except him are wolves. She teases him about his girlfriend, and he assures her that Seol Hee is strictly a business partner, though she doesn’t believe him.

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The next day, Bo Nui and Soo Ho keep just missing each other. Soo Ho hears Bo Nui talking on the phone to the hospital about Bo Ra’s medication and assumes it’s hers. Finally, they meet at the end of the day and he agrees, and they negotiate to seeing each other 5 hrs every weekend day.

Gun work is with Seol Hee looking over the game idea, and she tries to see it because he likes games. He asks about a broadcast aimed towards  50-60-year-olds. She asks him to reconsider the game because she knows it’s Soo Ho’s company. Outside Seol Hee starts checking his shoulder again, and Bo Nui assumes that it’s them being lovey Dovey.

The next day Bo Nui goes out to eat with her colleagues and finds out that Soo Ho doesn’t eat, drink or sleep very often. They start tearing him down, and Dal Nim comes to his defence.

Seol Hee comes to Zeze factory to see Soo Ho about the game. When he finds out that she is part of Gary Choi’s management team it floors him. They go to the meeting and thought Gary has refused Seol Hee is certain that she can convince him otherwise. Soo Ho tells her that her speciality is manipulating young bring men, so he’ll leave it up to her. The conversation gets intense and his employees leave, the male Song Dae Kwon (Jung Young Ki) wonders what the history between Soo Ho and Seol Hee is. Dal Nim runs  downstairs to talk with Ryang Ha, and he asks where she is, and Dal Nim tells him she’s in the meeting with Soo Ho.

Seol Hee tells him about her switch of major, and how her major never fit her. Soo Ho tells her that had she stayed, past him would have written her papers for her. He tells her that all further communications can be made through the people in charge of the project and he tells her to never say his name (Soo Ha) like that ever again.

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Right, when Bo Nui comes back she gets swept away to dinner. She finds out about Seol Hee’s visit and hears everyone’s theories about her. They wonder what will happen to the contract between Gary Choi and the company with their history, and they don’t know.

Ryang Ha goes to see Soo Ho in his office to find that he’s not there. Soo Ho is outside remembering his past at university, and the bullying that was entailed. Seol Hee was the one to save him after some seniors threw him in the lake. He woke up right as she was beating them up. He remembers when they became friends with her. Bo Nui had come back to check on him, but sees Ryang Ha taking him out for beers, and she wonders if he’s ok.

The following day his mother comes by but can’t get into the company due to Soo Ho’s orders to the security. Ryang Ha tells her that it’s better if she doesn’t go inside. He tells her to wait and he’ll take her home when she spots Bo Nui. She asks her to put the talisman somewhere Soo Ho won’t find it. So she puts into a book in his office when she brings him a sandwich. He nearly catches her. She hands him the sandwich but throws it out. He explains that he can’t eat fish because of the smell. she tells him she’ll text him with the time and location of their date.

When she leaves for the date she meets up with Gun Wook. She asks him for a fighting, and when he gives it to her she smiles. She finally meets Soo Ho for supper and he shows up in sweatpants to the nice establishment. She offers that they could go eat in the room so they can see the view. She starts rambling on and she mentions death and he simply grabs the card key and leaves to the room to eat.

They have dinner and Bo Nui and she selects fish, which he previously tells her that he doesn’t eat. She spills wine on herself to get a chance to change. He decides to leave when she comes out in the dress. She tries to stop him, but slips and falls. He tells him to leave because she’s embarrassed and then follows him out. She complains about looking like a flasher and explains it to him since he doesn’t know what it is. She asks if he’s certain that he’s a genius.

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When they get to the lobby, Soo Ho is surrounded but reports and has a panic attack. Bo Nui notices his reactions and breaks into the crowd. She grabs his hand and when she notices that he’s really not ok, she pulls him aside. When she returns with some water she finds him reciting the 19 multiplication table. On the drive back he explains that it helps him clams down. When they arrive home she offers him some tea, which he refuses and asks if she isn’t getting out.

When he’s driving back home he starts talking to himself about being able to calm down even if she hadn’t been there. He tells himself that she has animal instincts. He remembers the feeling of her hand and puts music on to stop thinking.

Gun Wook calls Bo Nui and asks where she is because the ice cream is going to melt. She tells him she’s at home, and he tells her to wait for him. She’s sitting on the side of the road when Gun Wook comes up behind her with a mask on. And because this is a Drama, Soo Ho has turned around worried about the flasher and mistakes him as a molester.

When they all get inside to treat their wounds, Soo Ho is jealous that Bo Nui is treating Gun Wook’s wounds. Bo Nui turns to check on Soo Ho and he tells her that he’s fine, and though Bo Nui still wants to treat his wounds. She tells him to at least put a band-aid on. Gun Wook assumes that Soo Ho is sexually harassing Bo Nui at work because he’s there so late. Bo Nui gets him out of her apartment with the promise to tell him everything at a later time. Gun Wook wonders if Soo Ho is a tiger.

Bo Nui turns back to Soo Ho and finishes putting his band-aid on. She rights a mini talisman on his skin to help heal scars. He tells her that he doesn’t believe in that stuff, but she tells him that she does and asks him to keep it on if only for the night. He tells her that he would prefer if he didn’t touch him so casually. He hands her some medicine because she seemed to have indigestion. He implies that she’s more familiar with medication because she sick and when she asks for an explanation she floored to find out he thought she was dying. She tells him that he’s much nicer than she first thought. She suggesting being nicer with his words and he would be 100% cool. He tells her that they’ve gone over 1h30 minutes so they’ll cancel the following day and meet for longer the next week. Bo Nui asks if she can use the 1h30 minute now, and asks him to sleep with her.

We get to see that Joo Ho had actually seen her at the hospital helping the mother who fell. Could love be blossoming for out lovely genius?

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