Lucky Romance Episode 5 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is desperate to save her little sister Bo Ra. When she consulted a shaman, he tells her that she must sleep with a man born in the year of the tiger. While she’s trying to find one, her project for virtual reality was bought by Zeze factory, whose CEO, Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) is born in the year of the tiger. Through a stipulation in the copyright contract, Bo Nui is hired into the company and she gets him to agree to date her for 3 weeks if she signs his contract. Though Bo Nui is nervous about everything, Soo Ho has a trust issue due to his upbringing and broken relationship with Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) in college. We finished the episode with Bo Nui asking to sleep with Soo Ho.

We’re back at Bo Nui’s apartment when she asks to spend some extra time with Soo Ho and asks him to sleep with her. He asks her why she couldn’t have just said so at the start. Though he insinuates she’s crazy for me, she simply agrees and to make it easier. She asks him to just treat her like someone he picked up at a bar. He tells her that he has no right to judge her because it’s common to hook up with people, but he’s not the type of person to sleep with someone he isn’t emotionally attached to. She begs him and drops to her knees telling him she’ll do anything, and he blows her off stating there are plenty of men that will sleep with someone they first meet. She tells him that it must be him, and he turns back towards her before leaving.  He leans on the wall next to her door to recenter himself before leaving the building.

Soo Ho goes to met Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) at a club and pulls him away from 2 women he was chatting with. Ryang Ha asks him what’s wrong. He tries to pretend it’s nothing, but Ryang Ha tells him that the signs that something is bothering him are there, and he’s even drinking alcohol. He finally  asks Ryang Ha what he would do if a woman asked to sleep with him. He automatically realises that he’s refused a chance to sleep with a woman. Soo Ho tells him that it’s wrong to do it with someone he doesn’t like. Ryang Ha tells him that it’s almost impossible for a sober woman to say it, and Soo Ho confirms that she was sober and said it easily.

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Bo Nui goes to the roof and thinks over what he said, and she confirms that she also wants to live a normal life, dating the one she loves. She overlooking the city when Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) comes out. Gun Wook is worried that Soo Ho said something mean after he left. She assures him that he didn’t. She tells him that she has to sleep with him so Bo Ra will wake up, but Gun Wook doesn’t understand the correlation. He finally pieces together that the Shaman told her that and they both think she’s crazy, but she can’t worry about it with Bo Ra’s life on the line. Gun Wook grabs her hand and promises to take her to the best place.

Soo Ho is at the club washing his hands when he sees her charm, and then his imagination reminds him of Bo Nui’s words. He reminds himself that she made if very clear that she didn’t like him.

Gun Wook takes Bo Nui to as tennis court and teaches her the basics. She trips while running after Gun Wook. When he checks on her, she promises she’s ok but she starts to cry. Gun Wook tells her that it’s good to cry it out, and encourages her to scream. When she’s done she gives Gun Wook as a sad smile.

When Soo Ho gets home, the security guard brings him a case of carp juice that has arrived for him, which he gives to him. Since he can’t sleep due to Bo Nui’s words running through his mind he decides to watch some of Gary Choi’s games. He suddenly matches him to Gun Wook from Bo Nui’s apartment. He thinks about his interactions with Gun Wook.

Gun Wook and Bo Nui talk about the instances when they want to go back in time. When she’s talking about going back to the day of Bo Ra’s accident, Gun Wook reaches out to touch her hand. However, right before he can the girls of the security guard comes to see him and asks for an autograph. This is when Bo Nui finds out he’s Gary Choi.

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Bo Nui chastises him about not telling her, but he did warn her he was famous. He also points out that she never asked him what he was doing with his life. She assumed he was unemployed with how he dressed, and he admits that it’s to hide his identity. She is super proud that he grew up well. Gun Wook tells her that he’s made a lot of money so he could be her support system and to tell him if she needs anything.

The following day Soo Ho avoids Bo Nui on his way in and pat himself on the back for being smooth. Bo Nui pulls out her resignation letter from her bag, and Soo Ho falls over everything he can to make himself look busy. (Nervous much) Needless to say, that day is filled with a very awkward Soo Ho trying to avoid Bo Nui, while she’s trying to talk with him to resign.

Finally, Soo Ho asks her to come to his office, though he is still uncomfortable. When she pulls out her resignation letter he gets on the defensive. She admits that after the night before she doesn’t know how she can look at him anymore, she admits that she was dispirited so she made a mistake. He takes the resignation letter and tears into her about keeping the fact that her next door neighbour was Gary Choi. He asks if she’s running away, and she tells him that she’s takes responsibility. He tells her that she can take responsibility by getting Gary Choi to be their model. Bo Nui asks him if he’s really of with seeing her, and he tells her that he will respect her personal life. She tells him that she’s trying her hardest to get Gun Wook to agree to be the model, before taking her leave. Joo Ho smiles to himself right after Bo Nui leaves before putting back on his neutral mask.

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Bo Nui calls Gun Wook  while he’s ironing his lucky red underwear. Bo Nui asks if they can meet after she gets off work.

Seol Hee  moves into the 4th-floor office of the same building as Zeze factories. She ropes Ryang Ha into helping her bring rice cakes to Zeze. He doesn’t recognise her until he hears her name. Soo Ho tells her to come into his office, and Dal Nim pushes Ryang Ha out of the office. She tears into him about bringing her into the office. He warns her that she should be careful about her loyalty to Soo Ho and to get a hobby.

Seol Hee comes into Soo Ho’s office impressed by what she sees. She asks for her eye to be programmed into the lock, and he asks if she has Gary’s agreement. She promises that she’ll get it soon. He asks her why the floor and she give the complete logical answer. She tells him that she doesn’t believe that they were brought back together through Gary just by chance. He simply walks away. She asks about the past, and he tells her to bring the agreement with Gary first.

Gun Wook shows Bo Nui the missing person poster they made for his father. She likes it, and he’s confident that he’ll find him this time. Bo Nui broaches the topic of doing the game. She tells him that she works for the company and it’s actually her project. He apologises and tells him that he has no time to model, and his life isn’t something romantic.

Soo Ho’s mother leaves her house to see Soo Ho and she asks her husband if he’s supporting another family. She tells him that she’s noticed that he takes out a box of Carp juice from every batch. He tells her to stop spewing nonsense and asks her where she’s going. She tells him that she’s going to see their son, and he tells her to stop going to see him, but she leaves anyway.

Soo Ho’s mother tries to get in to see her son but gets frustrated that she can’t, and that’s when she meets up with Bo Nui again. Bo Nui sits and talks with her about Soo Ho’s fortune, and she links herself to the racoon in the fortune. When Bo Nui apologises and tells her she must leave, Soo Ho’s mother asks for her numbers so she can contact her. After Bo Nui leaves, Soo Ho’s mothers sees a man from her past.

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Bo Nui is looking so a tiger online when Soo Ho comes up to her. He states that he wants to ask her a question. He really wants to ask her about the time she asked him to sleep with him, but ends up asking her about the sandwich. Later when he has a meeting with Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee), he asks why Bo Nui is acting the way she is, and she asks if she did something weird to him. He switches back to the presentation and says it looks good and asks for the file to be sent to him. When he arrives back to his office Bo Nui had left the sandwich for him, with a note to tell him that he has to eat because he keeps skipping meals and collapsing. He drops his pen and finally notices the talisman under his desk.

Bo Nui is getting food when Dal Nim calls her and asks what she did to Soo Ho. Right after when Bo Nui gets home Gun Wook is running out of the apartments and she stops him. He tells her that someone found his dad in Cheal Nam. She says that it’s good because it’s not far. When he starts asking how to get there she tells him it’s not far via train. Bo Nui offers to go with him.

Soo Ho looks at the talisman and recalls the night that Bo Nui came into the office before her first shift. He then remembers how she was the one who put the talisman  in the book.

Bo Nui and Gun Wook arrives at the address to find out that his father left in January without even telling the owner or taking his belongings. Bo Nui tells Gun Wook that they’ll be outside. While outside Won Dae Tae (Kim Sang Ho) calls her and asks her for some money, to which she refuses. Gun Wook finds his father’s diary, which is filled with thoughts of his son and found out that he had come to Canada to see him without telling him. He breaks down crying and Bo Nui comes into the room to give him some support. On the way home, she tells Gun Wook of sleeping and promises to wake him when they arrive. She drops her mirror though shattering it, a bad omen.

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Soo Ho goes and buys some books on talismans, and goes through her desk. He finds her book that contains her notes about the signs of his employees, then he finds his name with his birth year. Right next to his name is written No Tiger, Fail. He tries to piece Bo Nui together. He realises that due to her superstitions she must spend a night with a tiger. Though after he links everything together it clicks that he was supposed to be a sacrificial offering.

Bo Nui and Gun Wook get home and he thanks her for coming with him. She sends him in to rest up. She gets a call from Soo Ho and goes to meet him. He makes a simple request that she answer him honestly about everything that he is about to ask. She confirms his suspicion and apologises for not telling him before, but she knew he’d treat her like a delusional person. Soo Ho starts yelling at her asking if she had fun using him when Gun Wook steps between them. He tells him that he doesn’t understand why he’s so mad since there is nothing between Soo Ho and Bo Nui and he pulls Bo Nui away.

Once out of sight Bo Nui tells Gun Wook that she has to explain to him. He doesn’t want her too because he’ll just say more hurtful things, but she wants to go back to hear those things. She tells Gun Wook that she’s used to being called crazy so she sends him back so that she can go make Soo Ho feel better and explain.

Soo Ho is replaying Gun Wook’s words in his mind, especially that part where he asks if he thought she loved him. He finally decides to leave when he sees Bo Nui come back, which stuns him.

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