Lucky Romance Episode 6 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is desperate to save her little sister Bo Ra. When she consulted a shaman, he tells her that she must sleep with a man born in the year of the tiger. While she’s trying to find one, her project for virtual reality was bought by Zeze factory, whose CEO, Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) is born in the year of the tiger. Through a stipulation in the copyright contract Bo Nui is hired into the company and she gets him to agree to date her for 3 weeks if she signs his contract. Though Bo Nui is nervous about everything, Soo Ho has trust issue due to his upbringing and broken relationship with Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) in college. Soo Ho figures out that it has something to do with her superstitions, and accuses her of using him, which she denies but he won’t listen to her side.

Gun Wook hears Soo Ho’s call to meet Bo Nui at the park. He follows her and overhears Soo Ho screaming at her. We rewatch the verbal altercation between the two of them before he drags Bo Nui away. We also see her run back to Soo Ho who’s in his car. Soo Ho drives away rather than listen to what she has to say.

Bo Nui goes back home and tries to text Soo Ho multiple times without successfully finding the words. Soo Ho sits in his apartment looking and Bo Nui’s contact information, thinking about contacting her. When he finally decides to go to bed his phone goes off much to his despise it’s not her. After a little flailing on his bed, he gets under the covers.

The next day before heading into work Bo Nui practices what she’s going to tell Soo Ho, about her predicament. She realises that he won’t forgive her but he’ll at least hear her out.

Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) goes for a run that morning, and when he returns he finds Seol Hee waiting for him. She tells him off about not answering her calls or texts. they go upstairs and she tells him that he should reconsider the game, so he could earn the company money. He refuses and when she asks why he tells her that he doesn’t have time, doesn’t know the company’s name and doesn’t like the CEO. Seol Hee is stunned that he met him without telling him. Soo Ho knocks on the door wanting to talk about the night before but Seol Hee is there, and reminds him that he wasn’t suppose to be meeting with her player unofficially. Gun Wook tells them that he doesn’t want to do it there and suggests that they go somewhere else

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They go to a coffee shop, and Soo Ho and Gun Wook goes true the formalities in front Seol Hee. Gun Wook is fairly aggressive towards Soo Ho as they talk business. Soo Ho offers to accommodate him, and Gun Wook tells him that up to date his attitude hasn’t been very trust worthy and he doesn’t work with people like that. Gun Wook leaves, and Seol Hee inquires to what happened between them. She tells him that he should have let her handle it, and Soo Ho gives her until the following day to give him an answer.

Everyone is working hard in the office when Soo Ho comes in. He tells them that Gary Choi has until the following day for a definite answer and informs them to also create a graphic not containing Gary Choi. Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) tries to calm everyone down after the announcement.

Bo Nui goes to answer a call and tells the person to stop sending her weird photos. She is heading back to the office when Soo Ho appears out of nowhere (Well really he was just standing in the hall) which shocked Bo Nui. So much so that she drops her phone. Soo Ho picks it up to see dick pics in the in section (Sexy am I right ladies *retches off screen*) He tells her that he didn’t see anything and doesn’t care because it doesn’t have to do with him anymore. He tells her that whatever happens in her personal life has nothing to do with him, and he tells her that they’re going to continue to get Gary Choi so she’ll be busy.

Soo Ho comes out of his office to see Bo Nui leaving, she tells everyone that she has an appointment. Soo Ho follows her out, and when she turns his way he hides behind the Zeze sign. He chastises himself for hiding and he should just look on confidently. He tells himself to go back in but he ends up following her appointment. When Gun Wook shows up and he hears her talk about wanting him to be the main character of her game he leaves.

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Bo Nui promises Gun Wook to help him look for his father and take up as little time as possible. When Gun Wook asks if Soo Ho to her to persuade him, she tells him that it’s like fate. She explains how she had made the game thinking of Bo Ra, and to help people in difficult situations have a better life, even if it’s only within a game. She feels like him coming back to Korea and her game design being selected must have been fate. He asks if she’ll be fired if he refuses, and she assures him it’s nothing like that, she just thought that she’d ask one more time.

Seol Hee is pacing her office praying for Gary to agree when she gets a call from Soo Ho. He tells her that he needs to come to his office right away, she tries to comes up with an excuse but he isn’t listening and tells her to come. When she arrives she sees Gun Wook and Soo Ho both coming out of the office. Bo Nui comes out saying that the presentation is ready, and Seol Hee recognizes her right away. Gun Wook introduces Seol Hee as his agent, and her colleagues can’t believe that she knows Gary Choi. She gets dragged into the meeting with them after Gun Wook asking.

They are watching it, and Soo Ho explains the basics. Gun Wook agrees to do it, and he tells him that it’s only possible because of Bo Nui. Soo Ho admits that he’s fully aware of that. When outside Bo Nui thanks him, and he reminds her that he promised to do whatever he can for her.

Seol Hee and Gun Wook go upstairs and Seol Hee asks if something is going on between them. He tells her they have friendship, memories and happy moments between them. He then turns the question on to her and asks what’s between Soo Ho and her. He asks if she couldn’t say goodbye and just left him, and she mentions that he’s smart. He asks what happened to make her suffer and she tells him about Soo Ho’s past and why he’s sensitive about being used. She admits that he thinks that she did that to him, but she admits that she did the same thing. She thanks Gun Wook for helping her have another bridge to get close to Soo Ho.

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Soo ho’s mother looks up Ahn Young Il (Jung In Gi) to find that he runs the chicken place. He husband sees and asks if she say their son, he then side tracks and says not to be out too late, and she tells him that it’s a get together. She goes to to the restaurant to see Young Il, however she bumps into Bo Nui. She tells her that the company is having dinner there but Soo Ho doesn’t comes to the dinners and offers to call him for her. She tells her that she has friends waiting and thanks her. She leaves but only after she see Young Il’s face.

Soo Ho shows up at the restaurant while some of his employees are talking smack and they don’t notice him until it’s too late. He tells sits down and tells them not to come in the following day because it’s Saturday. Soo Ho and Bo Nui end up leaving last, and she tells him that she’s wanted to tell her something since that morning. He admits that he had something too, and he wants to continue their contract to uphold his word. She tries to push it off until after  her time limit but he tells her that he’ll see her the following day.

He takes her to a shaman and though the shaman gets it right about his personailty she said that he picked the worst time for the presentation. Soo Ho starts ratteling off what he learned from the books. He goes to multiple mediums and pisses them all off. Bo Nui tells him that there are a lot of swindlers and she admits that she knows that what she’s going doesn’t make sense. She thanks him for the tour and leave because she has to meet someone.

She waits and a man pulls up, who passes her id as a proof of his tiger status. Soo Ho comes up and grabs his id. The man leaves, and  Bo Nui rips into him. She tells him she’s already asked him to stop and she tells him that it ends at the full moon. She tells him that if he’s not going to sleep with her then to mind his own business. It might seem foolish to him but to her it’s important.

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Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) and Soo Ho are at his house, and Ryang Ha complains about winning 5 games in a row. He asks if the shamans told him that he’s incompatible with Seol Hee. Soo Ho asks him why people out believe in them since it so barbaric, and Ryang Ha tells him that sometime people need hope. Ryang Ha asks what he did with the list, and Soo Ho tells him that he thinks that Bo Nui lives immersed in it. Though it throws him for just a second Ryang Ha agrees. He tries to compare Bo Nui to his mother but Soo Ho tells him she’s much worst. He admits that he’s worried what she’ll do is he leaves her alone. Ryang Ha is shocked, because this is the first time that he’s seen Soo Ho worried about someone. He tries to spin it to make it sound like he’s worried about the company, and not about her as a person

Bo Nui is on the roof praying for a tiger when Gun Wook offers her a beer. After telling him what the shaman told her, he feels like he’s asking for too much. She tells him that she’s stopped receiving phone calls lately as if someone is blocking them. Gun Wook tells her that he’s not sure if he should root for her or not. When she asks if Seol Hee knows anyone, she apologizes for it right away. Gun Wook tells her that he’s not sure about the one night stand of the tiger but he knows that she puts Bo Ra first, and that heart with give Bo Ra strength. Bo Nui comments that he’s grown up, and he asks if she fallen in love.

The next day everyone is prepping to stay up 24 hrs and when they ask about Bo Nui because she’s a contract worker, he tells them that she’s included.

Seol Ha asks Ryang Ha to make time for her to talk with Soo Ho because she would like to clear up the misunderstandings between them. Ryang Ha mentions that he’s soft, and Seol Ha braggs that she was special. They try and compare their effect in Soo Ho’s life when Dal Nim comes for some coffee. She lets Seol Ha knows that no one can some into the office until the demonstration. She calls Seol Ha strangely hateful, but Ryang Ha finds her strangely charming.

They are all working hard at the office to prepare for the demonstration. Dal Nim and Bo Nui take some turns in the massage chairs and Bo Nui admits that it’s nice.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 10.54.41.png

Bo Nui gets brought downstair by Dae Hae, and she realises that he’s be swindled, again. He leaves the bottles of water for her and leaves. When she gets back upstairs she gets a picture of someone’s id and she calls them. They agree to meet the following night after the presentation.

Gun Wook comes in for the presentation. He offers to take her out to eat and she tells him that they should go the following day. He starts to say it’s the full moon and then looks to Soo Ho.

Soo Ho takes his pills and Dal Nim comes into to tell him that he has 5 minutes. She tells him that Bo Nui gave her something which is a talisman for a steady heart. He tells her that she knows what to do with it. He explains the plan to the press, and Gun Wook gets introduced as the model and everyone is excited.

The crew decides to go for a company dinner, and she tells Dal Nim she can’t go and to tell the crew they did good. While she’s having the conversation Soo Ho removes his earplugs and overhears the tail end. He follows Bo Nui but gets caught off by Seol Hee, and he’s so distracted that he agrees to have tea with her the next day.

He watches her go into the hotel with the other man and replays Bo Nui’s words in his head. He goes to leave but he sees something that makes his suspicious so he goes in to check it out.

Gun Wook has a press conference about being part of the game and not competing for the time he’s Korea. He tells Seol Hee to have it wrapped in 5 minutes or he’s quitting.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 11.22.05.png

Bo Nui is putting up the talismans when the man returns. Right, when he’s forcing himself on her the police knock on the door. The man tries to run but is arrested for hidden cameras. The officer tells Bo Nui that it could have been dangerous. Soo Ho is watching from his car when the man gets arrested. He drives off so that she never knows he was there. The police tell her that they need her testimony at the station, and she asks what time it was.

Gun Wook and Seol Hee arrive at the company dinner and he doesn’t see Bo Nui. Gun Wook asks Dal Nim where she is and Dal Nim tells him that something came up and she had to go home. Gun Wook runs home to find her apartment empty. He calls Seol Hee to find out where Soo Ho is, and is told that he went home. Gun Wook assumes they are together. Gun Wook is worried about Bo Nui and goes searching for her.

Bo Nui goes to visit Bo Ra in the hospital and finds Joo So outside her door. They make eye contact.

We see that Soo Ho actually did hear what she wanted to tell him from the other side of the pillar while she was practising. Soo Ho goes to check on Bo Ra after hearing Bo Nui’s story.

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