Vampire Detective – Review –



With the title like Vampire Detective you’d assume right way that this show is about a detective who happens to be a vampire, and you would be right… but also very wrong The series contains only 12 episodes.

Vampire Detective follows Joon San (Lee Joon) who is trying to figure out what happened to his girlfriend, Jung Yoo Jin (Kim Yoon Hye), and best friend, Kang Tae Woo (Jo Bok Rae) after their last mission where he was injured. He’s working with Young Goo Hyung (Oh Jung Se), as a private eye, when they get dragged into a series of Investigations connected to underground organization. At the end of the first investigation, San gets injected with a blood serum transforming him into something similar to a vampire. Throughout the entire series, San struggles with the side effects of his transformation while trying to piece together the clues leading him to the truth behind Yoo Jin and Tae Woo’s past.

I’ll be honest I liked the show, but I’m not sure how I feel about the ending. It wasn’t a bad ending in any way, and they could expand into a second season. Over all I would say it’s a good watch.


Vampire Detective Recap


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