Lucky Romance Episode 7 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is desperate to save her little sister Bo Ra. When she consulted a shaman, he tells her that she must sleep with a man born in the year of the tiger. While she’s trying to find one, her project for virtual reality was bought by Zeze factory, whose CEO, Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) is born in the year of the tiger. Through a stipulation in the copyright contract Bo Nui is hired into the company and she gets him to agree to date her for 3 weeks if she signs his contract. Though Bo Nui is nervous about everything, Soo Ho has trust issue due to his upbringing and broken relationship with Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) in college. Soo Ho figures out that it has something to do with her superstitions, and accuses her of using him, which she denies but he won’t listen to her side. Finally Soo Ho finds out about Bo Ra, and his heart is moved.

We watch Bo Nui walk away from Soo Ho and asks the nurse to tell her if there is any change. He follows her outside, and she doesn’t look back at him. She starts walking in the rain back home, and Soo Ho runs back into the hospital to get an umbrella. He catches up and tells her to just think of him as a utility pole. He follows her to the bar and wonders what’s wrong.

Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) is still waiting for Bo Nui at the bus stop, while still trying to reach her. He thinks back to Bo Nui telling him that she needs to sleep with Soo Ho. He imagines them, having sex, and he tells himself he’s crazy.

Soo Ho watches over Bo Nui while she drinks, and when a very drunk man asks her to hang with him, she warns him of her terrible luck. She agrees to a one night stand with the man if he was a tiger. Soo Ho stops them man and send him home. Soo Ho asks that she stop what she’s doing. He tells her that her sister is fine, and she tells him that she could have woken her up. He asks what she would have done if the men had filmed her. She tells him that she could have save her sister. and he tells her that the sun hasn’t risen yet and he’ll make her wish come true because he’s a tiger.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 13.43.32.png

Seol Hee finds Gun Wook asleep in the hall, in front of Bo Nui’s apartment. They get into his apartment and she chastises him for not changing her clothes. She asks him if like Bo Nui and he mentions that she still doesn’t know his type. Seol Hee tells him that she’s certain that Bo Nui is with a boyfriend.

Soo Ho begs her to come back to reality and lists why her superstitions are wrong. She tells him about having to give her parents their funeral at 16 and that Bo Ra is all she has left in the world and she’d rather die than to see her pass away. She tells him that her reality is bleak, and she’s always stepping on eggshells never knowing if Bo Ra will survive. She screams at him to  stop following her, and she leaves. He swears he’s out of patience but he follows her anyways, but loses sight of her, until he hears her singing to herself. When Soo Ho asks Bo nui to go home, she tells him that she can’t look at Bo Ra’s things right then. He picks her up and carries her.

Gun Wook looks at the owl and tells him it’s disqualified. He tells him that if he can’t find his father and Bo Nui he’s useless. He tells the owl that he will still leave them in their care, and he points the owl to the window.

Soo Ho bring Bo Nui to his home. He tries to put her on the couch but she rolls off to the floor. He runs around bringing her a blanket and towel when he gets a call. Ryang Ha tells him that his staff really want him to come out, and he tells him that he can’t come out. He tells him he’ll leave it up to him to make sure that his staff doesn’t come, and calls him brother before hanging up. He dries her off  a little with the towel before resting her head on a pillow. He stares at her trying to figure out what type of life that she lived before they met.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 14.10.41

The next morning they wake up next to each other and freak a little. She asks where she is and he tells her she’s at his house. When inquiring more he mentions that she sure black out a lot when she drinks. She suddenly remembers everything the night before, and asks him about the hospital. He asks if it matters when he found out. She apologizes for making him worry, and he mentions that thought she’s delusional she is aware of her actions. She tells him that she’s grateful and asks that he stay healthy before leaving.

While Soo Ho is cleaning he can’t make sense of her actions. He mentions that she’s a weird woman, but while thinking he piled everything in his living room into one area.

Bo Nui goes to see the guru to find that he’s out to pray. She tries to call him to find that his phone is off. So she heads home.  Gun Wook is waiting for her, and even tried at her door earlier. He spots her on the street, and verifies that Bo Ra is ok. He asks if she was at the hospital all night, and she says that she wasn’t. He wants to ask where but he sends her in because she looks tired.

While Gun Wook is working out he wonders where she slept and with who. He knows that Bo Nui is reckless but he assumes that Soo Ho wouldn’t sleep with her. He reminds himself that Bo nui is pretty and Soo Ho is still a man. He lets himself fall to the ground and then gets frustrated.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 14.37.03.png

Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) and Seung Hyeon go to get coffee from Ryang Ha’s shop. Ryang Ha asks if she lost anything the night before, and he shows her her notebook that she dropped the night before. She tries to get it back but he starts reading from it. She manages to steal it back, and he wonders why everyone wants to get with Soo Ho.

Everyone is in the office talking about the fact they only have 100 days until the beta, and they’re going to need to sprint to make it. Someone brings up that he thinks something is going on between Bo Nui and Soo Ho since neither of them were at the dinner party, and they’re both late. Someone chimes in that Soo Ho is already there.

Soo Ho is checking, and waiting for Bo Nui to arrive, and he’s tempted to give her a good talking to when she arrives. He goes to grab the elevator to the 8th floor when he meets with Gun Wook who came to speak with him. He asks Soo Ho where he was the previous night, and with who and Soo Ho asks why he’s curious about it. He asks if he was with Bo Nui the night before and he tells him to ask Bo Nui herself. Gun Wook tells him that since something happened she clings to superstitions and Soo Ho tells him he knows it’s because of her sister. Soo Ho assures him that they’ll handle their affairs, and he’s disappointed that he’s meddling in Bo Nui’s affairs.

Soo Ho’s mother goes to see Yong Il (Jung In Gi).

Ryang Ha pops in to see Soo Ho who’s pacing around his office. He asks Ryang Ha what stay healthy means, and he asks if a hot woman told him that because if so he was dumped. He pushes him out of the room, and Ryang Ha wishes him a good meeting. Bo nui arrives right when Ryang Ha is leaving, everyone tells her she looks horrible, She inquires about Soo Ho and is told he’s thinking. Soo Ho notices she seems fine, he steps out of his office and asks to see her, and everyone assumes she’s in trouble about being late.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 15.00.05.png

When they’re outside, Seol Hee shows up for the tea he’s agreed to the day before without thinking. Seol Hee asks about her date, and tells her that Gun Wook waited up for her. Bo Nui confirms that she saw him that morning, and before Seol Hee can asks anymore questions, Soo Ho asks if she’s there for the meeting. This is when she reminds him of the promise of tea. Ryang He gets pushed right in the middle of the conversation and calls Seol Hee Soo Ho’s first love and Bo Nui Soo Ho’s bundle of luck. Soo Ho denies it, but Ryang Ha confirms it true through his interpretation. Soo Ho pushes him towards the elevation.

Young Il asks Mrs Je (we’ll call Soo ho’s mother that) if she lives in the neighbourhood, and she tells him she doesn’t but Soo Ho’s company is. Young Il tells her that his son’s company is regulars at his restaurant. She tells him that her son’s the CEO, and she inquires about his children, and he tells her that he’s alone since his business failed, and he regrets not having children.

Seol Hee decides to start, and Soo Ho asks about the time because people will think something happened between them. She tells him that she didn’t run away from him, but rather from herself, because she was scared that she might continue to use him. She admits she didn’t approach him because of her thesis but rather to see who her father chose to replace his son. She tells him that there was an accident and her brother was killed, out of guilty she went into physics. She tells him that she never submitted his thesis. She tells him that she knows it’s shameless but she wanted him to understand the 2004 her, even if it won’t lead to forgiveness. He corrects her and tells her it was actually 2005 before leaving.

Seol Hee is thrilled that she managed to have the chance to start again with Soo Ho. Dal Nim comes to give her the pass, and tells her that it’s only a temporary pass for the project. Seol Hee thanks her, before Dal Nim leaves.

Soo Ho comes back to the office, and places his miniature bike up on display with a smile. He notices the cactus and asks who put it there. He’s informed that Bo nui did. He finds Bo Nui in the conference room going over IF with Hyun Bin. He asks if she’s trying to give up her position and after a moment of silence he sends Hyun Bin out of the room. He asks if she’s going to pull the quitting card again. He tells her that he’s just gotten a call from the hospital and Bo Ra is fine, which she knows. He reminds her that all the superstitions are scams, and says that she must have a psychological error. She agrees that by his standard she’s full of errors. He tries to prove that there is nothing valid about her claims and writes his name down using a red pen. He’s fine, he begins to write his parent’s names. She tells him to stop and that living a life after causing your own parents to die isn’t a happy one. She tells him to never do any of those thoughtless things again.

Screenshot 2016-06-21 15.52.20.png

Soo Ho’s father was looking for a newspaper article that Soo Ho was supposed to be in when he tripped.

Bo Nui gets a call from Mrs Je. She finds out about Mr Je’s  accident, and meets up with Mrs Je. Bo Nui asks if she shouldn’t call Soo Ho, and Mrs Je admits that she tried to call him multiple times before calling her. While heading there Bo Nui remembers tearing the note bad out of Soo Ho’s hand. When she sees that Mr Je is ok she is relieved. They set her down to eat and Mrs Je talks about how she’s very night more than most young people. He first response is to be grateful that Soo Ho won’t have to worry since Mr Je is fine. They asks Bo Nui about how Soo Ho is at the company, and she admits that he’s very cool. She praises him for his work ethic, for helping his employees out, and to help fix things when they’re not working. His parents are shocked, and when Bo Nui tells her that she’ll be leaving the company Mrs Je says someone like her should stay next to Soo Ho.

Soo Ho is at home looking over the game when he imagines Bo Nui sleeping on the floor at his feet.

Bo Nui is sitting at home and imagines Bo Ra studying like she used to and vows to take care of her sister.

Soo Ho arrives at the company and sees that Bo Nui’s desk is empty. Some of the employees tell him that Bo Nui came and cleaned everything up. She thanked them for their time and told them to stay healthy. He is also told that Dal Nim helped her carry her things.

Dal Nim sits down for a meal with Bo Nui and asks if she’s really quitting. Bo Nui tells er that they’ll be fine without her. Dal Nim suggests staying because of Bo Ra’s hospital bills. She asks Dal Nim to hand an envelope to Soo Ho. We cut to a scene of her doing so, and tells Soo Ho that she wasn’t acting any differently. Though, she does confirm that she told her to stay healthy after he asks.

Bo Nui is at the hospital and meets up with Gun Wook, and she confirms that she’s not going in. She tells him to go in and see her before leaving. He talks to Bo Ra a bit before realizing how hard it actually is. Bo Nui decides to discharge Bo Ra, and Gun Wook comes by once she finishes up with the doctor. Gun Wook tells her that Bo Ra looks a lot like her, and tells her that she’s going to wake up soon. They talk positively, and she gives him a hug telling him that it was good meeting with him again. She reminds him to work well with Zeze on the IF game, and he promises that he will.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 12.53.18.png

Soo Ho opens Bo Nui’s letter and reads it. The letters reveals her thoughts about the time together and her apology for making him worry and bringing him evil spirits. She does thank him for allowing her to feel warm the night of the full moon and promises to treasure the memory. Soo Ho run out of the office, he blows past Dae Hae who’s asking for money. He drives to her house to find out from Gun Wook that she’s not there. Gun Wook asks why he’s over reacting. Soo Ho tears into him for letting him go, and Gun Wook tells him that she was just fine when they talked. Soo Ho reminds him that a person whose dying won’t tell you they are. He admits that nothing happened the night of the full moon so Bo Nui is certain that her sister is going to die. Both men run out  of the building together.

Bo Nui watches them transfer Bo Ra to a rehabilitation centre. When the men arrive to the hospital they won’t give them any information, and the nurse tells them that she’s heard from Bo Nui that it has a really nice view. Soo Ho runs out of the hospital room.

Bo Nui is standing on the bank of a river and walks slowly towards it. She drops her bag, and the episode ends there.

This episode’s truth of dare we see Soo Ho lies down next to Bo Nui, watching her while she sleeps. He eventually falls asleep and the arm falls limp causing their hands to touch. At that moment Bo Ra’s hand twitches.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 13.09.22.png

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