Lucky Romance Episode 8 Recap



So what’s the story so far? Sim Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) is desperate to save her little sister Bo Ra. When she consulted a shaman, he tells her that she must sleep with a man born in the year of the tiger. While she’s trying to find one, her project for virtual reality was bought by Zeze factory, whose CEO, Je Soo Ho (Ryoo Joon Yeol) is born in the year of the tiger. Through a stipulation in the copyright contract, Bo Nui is hired into the company and she gets him to agree to date her for 3 weeks if she signs his contract. Though Bo Nui is nervous about everything, Soo Ho has a trust issue due to his upbringing and broken relationship with Han Seol Hee (Lee Chung Ah) in college. Soo Ho figures out that it has something to do with her superstitions, and accuses her of using him, which she denies but he won’t listen to her side. Finally, Soo Ho finds out about Bo Ra, and his heart is moved. Soo Ho finally spends the night following Bo Nui around, after another failed attempt to sleep with a tiger. She goes through all of the steps to quit but makes it seem more like a suicide. Meanwhile, Gun Wook (Lee Soo Hyuk) is looking for his father and secretly in love with Bo Nui.

The two men get out of the hospital, and Gun Wook tells Soo Ho that he trust Bo Nui not to make a rash decision. Soo Ho tells him that he’s a coward, and  thought Gun Wook tries to claim that Bo Nui tried to save Bo Ra she reminds him that it’s exactly those superstitions that brought this about. After some harsh words, they  split up.

We see Bo Nui at the river bank. Soo Ho starts running around that location looking for her. Gun Wook tries calling her but her phone is off. Soo Ho re-reads her letter in his car (Which I’m pretty sure he left on his desk in his office.) and mutters about how she wasn’t going to give up.

Bo Nui is kneeling by the river the next morning. She sets sail a paper boat with Bo Ra’s name on it. She prays that her parents look after Bo Ra and promises to follow after.

The men meet up outside the apartment building when Bo Nui passes. Though Gun Wook wants to go talk with her Soo Ho stops him. He tells him that she’s back so that’s enough and they should let her rest.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 14.36.54.png

Bo Nui gets back home and finally turns on her phone. She sees missed calls, but the only she care about is the nurse. She’s told to come to the hospital right away. She inquires about Bo Ra and is told that her finger moved. She runs to the hospital and gets given the news that her sisters started to regain reactions. She is thrilled about the news and leaves.

Gun Wook is working out and staring at his phone. He tells her to just come back because he won’t stay still. She calls him and tells him that Bo Ra woke up and she’ll tell him that details when she gets home. Gun Wook offer to go right then but Bo Nui hung up on him.

Soo Ho is in his office pacing and contemplates calling her. He decided not to but when he throws his phone it calls by accident. He tries to cancel the call before it goes through but fails. When he hears someone arrive he believes in Bo Nui but it’s just the delivery guy. He tries to save face but fails and everyone ask Dal Nim if things with Bo Nui didn’t end well.

Bo Nui goes to see the shaman and thanks him. When she confesses that she didn’t catch a tiger she recounts what happened the night of the full moon. She realises that she actually did spend a night with a tiger. She thanks him and promises to bring Bo Ra with her when she’s awake. After she leaves the Shaman prays for her to be protected.

Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) comes to see Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) and asks if Soo Ho has come by. He starts teasing her and finally she leaves after calling him a bunch of hateful things. She finally finds Soo Ho outside going over some documents. Dal Nim asks Soo Ho to try and convince Bo Nui to stay. She tells him that the day of the final interview 2 years prior is when her sister had the accident. She tells him that she changed after the accident, and once she started working at Zeze she seemed to calm down. Dal Nim is worried about what will happen if she doesn’t work at Zeze.

Dal Nim and Soo Ho meet up with Bo Nui in the hall and Soo Ho tells her to come in. She tells Dal Nim the good news before meeting with Soo Ho. He inquires to where she was the night before when she tells him the Han river, he starts asking how far she’ll continue being a fool. HE admits that he keeps thinking about her and it’s driving him crazy. She tells him that Bo Ra woke up. She thanks him because that she did.

The employees are talking about Bo Nui and wonders what is going on. Someone admits that she wants her to be reprimanded just once. However, one person bets that she’ll be back.

Bo Nui explains that since she spent the night at his house, Bo Ra woke up and is getting better. She tells him that she’ll disappear from his sight, and he tells her that she can’t do that. He explains that there will be a lot of expenses that will start piling up not that she’s awake. He tells her to stop trying to quit, and that it’s a bad habit. She asks is she heard right that he thinks about her, and he tells her it’s true so she should stay in his line of sight. He admits that he wastes time thinking about what she could be doing when she’s out of his sight.  He tells her that he’s banning resignation letters, absences and not being able to contact her. He sends her home to rest, and she thanks him again before she leaves. He is thrilled that Bo Ra is awake.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 15.01.06.png

Bo Nui gives Dal Nim the background. Dal Nim asks if anything happened between Bo Nui and Soo Ho and she tells her that nothing did they just slept because she was drunk. Dal Nim admits to having thought that they were secretly dating, and Bo Nui tells her that wasn’t the case. Dal Nim hugs Bo Nui against her protests.

When Dal Nim comes back upstairs she tells them that Bo Nui is back at work the following day. They find it odd that it’s the first time the Soo Ho stopped someone from resigning, and it’s out of character.

Soo Ho is going over some documents when he thinks back over Bo Nui’s words. (Also I want his keyboard) He smiles to himself before re-centring and opening a cat scan on his computer

Screenshot 2016-06-22 15.10.43.png

He goes to get coffee and he’s still smiling, Ryang ha asks if something is wrong with him because of the smile. Finally, Seol Hee comes and it doesn’t dampen his mood. He tells Ryang Ha he’s leaving and Seol Hee follows. They go to the bike rack and she forgot her extra shoes up in the office. He tells her that she should go get them before leaving. She catches up with him, wearing her heels. She reminisces and he corrects her date again. She topples over. He stops and has this aspirated look on his face.

He comes back with medicine and she asks him to do it. He tells her that her bull-headedness hasn’t changed, and she mentions that he use to like that about her. She tells him that thinking about someone and worrying about them is liking them. He finishes treating her hand and tells her not to ride the bike before leaving. He links all of the pieces of information together and it adds up to him liking her.

Without thinking he bikes to her apartment, and after a mild freak out wonders if she ate. He buys her some porridge and follows her back home smiling because she’s so happy. He sees her meet with Gun Wook who hugs her and decides against giving her the porridge.

Gun Wook brings out a cake and they make a wish that Bo Ra fully wakes up and they find Gun Wook’s father. They blow out the candle and Gun Wook offeres for them to go see Bo Ra the following day. When he asks she confirms that she is done with the tiger business and should be nothing more that a nuisance for Soo Ho.

Screenshot 2016-06-22 15.23.26.png

The next day at the office everyone is inquiring if Bo Nui is dating, which she promises she’s not. Soo Ho asks suddenly who’s going to the motion capture with Gary that afternoon, and gets informed the Bo Nui is. He asks if she’s going alone, and they confirm it since she and Gun Wook are friends. Bo Nui hands Soo Ho a jar of salt silently and though he tells her off about the charm he still takes it.

Soo Ho sits at his desk and mutters about Bo Nui smiling at anyone and frustrating him. All the while he’s arranging the jar of salt and cactus on his desk to look just right.

Bo Nui and Gun Wook are at the motion capture facility and is having a hard time so Seol Hee comes up with an idea and has Bo Nui stand in front of him. When he has a question Bo Nui tells him that it’s a dating scene and tells him to look at the camera and say the words sweetly. He directs the words to Bo Nui and they find it perfect.

Seol Hee is talking about fortunes with Bo Nui and she finds out that in the olden days having a flower, peach tree and the sign of death in her four pillars was a mark of a bad woman. When Gun Wook inquiries and Seol Hee tells him what she discovered, he confirms that it’s accurate.  Bo Nui consoles her by telling her that now they’re related to pretty charming and popular women. Seol Hee starts going off about how Soo Ho didn’t recognise what he had before she stops and confirms that Bo Nui new about their past. She is certain that she is fated with him since they met up so many years later. Gun Wook asks if they made up because he was pissed for 10 years and he assumes they did because she’s smiling.

After Gun Wook has finished changing into the motion sensor suit they head back out to find Soo Ho there. Seol Hee makes a comment about him coming to see her but plays it off as a joke. She shows him her hand and when he asks if it’s gotten better she admits to having not taken off the band-aid.

They flip the filming to a date seen and the director asks Bo Nui to play the part as his girlfriend. Seol Hee puts up a fuss even though Gun Wook is happy. Soo Ho comes up with a reason about how Bo Nui can’t model so he steps in. They start teasing them about matching so well and while walking around the set Gun Wook ask if he has to go so far. They do a back hug and Bo Nui finds Soo-ho so cute that she snaps a couple of pictures.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 12.44.31.png

After the shot, Bo Nui suggests that all of them go out to eat, however, Gun Wook wants to the group to split so he and eat alone. Soo Ho tells Bo Nui to have the date ready for tomorrow, which forces her to have to decline Gun Wook’s dinner plans. Soo Ho leaves even when Gun Wook tries to stop him, and Seol Hee follows.

Bo Nui goes home  to work on the files for the next morning.

Soo Ho is at home and he smiles to himself thinking about Bo Nui. He suddenly starts to wonder what is wrong with him. He pulls up an article about how to know if a man like a woman. He ticks off everything on the list and gets frustrated.

The next day Soo Ho and Bo Nui meet up at the elevator, and though she was calling to keep the door open he was pressing the close door button. When they get upstairs, they find out the Se Young is being brought to the hospital. They believe it’s because of the water that she was drinking. They go to the lounge and find the cases of the miracle water. She calls Dae Hae right away and tells him to come meet her, she apologises and Soo Ho tells her to stop apologising.

Soo Ho and Bo Nui continue with the meeting with Gary anyways. When Soo Ho is asked about his parents he asks for a private audience with Seol Hee and walks out of the room. Bo Nui asks what’s wrong with Soo Ho because he was mean. She leaves the room and he follows asking what was so mean. He tells her to follow him to the roof, and she wonders why.

Seol Hee goes over the contract and tells Gun Wook that there are no specific clauses and they should be able to negotiate. Gun Wook finally tells her that he came to Korea to find his father, and he doesn’t want his father or how bad of a son he is to be in the game. Seol Hee calls Soo Ho and tells him that they should stop the meeting for the day and that they will contact him in a few days. She offers Gun Wook to take the day to just talk.

Soo Ho and Bo Nui are on the roof. Soo Ho tells her that Seol Hee has put the scenario on hold for a bit. He tells her that he doesn’t understand, and if he can’t then the players can’t. The game was to take a look at Gary’s life what is always hidden. Bo Nui tells him that there is always a reason to hide things. Soo Ho tells her to convince him. Bo Nui tells him that he doesn’t answer his mother’s calls, and though she has him in mind when she calls all he ever does is hit the reject button. She admits that his mother is the one who asked her to put the talisman in his book. She mentions that when someone becomes too comfortable they don’t know how to be grateful, and she admits to thinking about her parents every day and wishing they were alive. She asks if he knew that his father got hurt, she tells him that it’s sad that a stranger knows but not his son.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 13.22.31.png

Mrs JE brings carp juice and herbs to Il Young (Jung In Gi). Soo Ho pacing his office thinking about calling his mother, which he finally does. Mrs Je is shocked and asks what’s going on. He asks to speak with his father, who she claims if out. Soo Ho asks that she not send his employees to do errands. Mrs Je tells him that she was just being nice with Bo Nui. She hangs up saying that she has something on the stove.

Soo Ho watches Bo Nui pray and reminds himself she’s a bug. He tells her that she needs to redo the analysis of the motion caption data. The other employees come back and she asks about Se Hyung. They tell her that she’ll be fine and she apologises that it happened because of her.

Soo Ho is at the cafe tearing up a straw covering. He tries to rationalise his feeling for Bo Nui by telling himself that he wants to catch her to fix her. Ryang Ha hands Soo Ho 2 drinks calling one the femme fatale and them other the bundle of luck and asks him which he will choose. Soo Ho sees Bo Nui leaving and he follows her out. He happens to subconsciously stab his straw into the bundle of luck drink. Soo Ho tells Bo Nui that she shouldn’t be meeting with Dae Hae, and then asks how she can be so forgiving towards everyone else except him. She explains herself and leaves but the entire time Soo Ho is wondering why his heart is beating so fast. While he’s leaving up against a pillar he notices his mother getting on a bus.

Bo Nui meets Dae Tae at the chicken restaurant. She orders lunch and asks how long he’s starved himself. He tells her about how the con men took his money right after he gave them a payment.

Dal Nim comes to the cafe and Ryang Ha hands her Soo Ho’s drink. He tells her that he ordered it and put the straw in it himself but walked away. Ryang Ha teases her about her crush on Soo Ho when he notices him walking by while very distracted.

Soo Ho goes to the chicken place to find it closed. When he’s at home he can’t sleep and imagines Bo Nui on his floor again. He walks over and looks down at her while sipping some water. The next day he wakes up on the floor certain that he went to bed. He wonders if he as sleepwalking.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 13.37.47.png

Bo Nui leaves early the next day to see her parents. Soo Ho is waiting in is the car and stops her to chat. He finally takes her to the mausoleum. He watches over her as she talks to them. Driving back he asks about the song she’s humming and she reveals that it’s a song her parents liked called sad fate. Soo Ho asks about the lack of family photos are her house. She admits that her 4 pillars are very evil and can destroy people around her so she tries to avoid her family. She tells him that if he sister can wake up that she fine not seeing her. This seems to hurt Soo Ho and he brings her to rehab to see  Bo Ra. She doesn’t want to give Bo Ra bad influences just to see her. Soo Ho turns to her and lays his hands on her shoulders. He reminds her that he’s her talisman, and when she mentions that he doesn’t believe,  he mentions that she does. He uses her words against her and tells her that it’s an effect for the person who believes. He walks her in never losing contact with her allowing her to finally visit with her sister for the first time since the accident.

When they get outside she finally thanks him and breaks down crying. He pulls her into a hug to give her support. He tells her that whenever she wants to see Bo Ra to tell him and he’ll come with her.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 13.51.06.png

The truth or dare this episode is Soo Ho continuing to looking down the article till the end where the writer leaves a little blurb.  The passage reminds the readers not to be happy because none of the categories apply, because if they thought of someone while reading the article then they are already in love.

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