Lucky Romance Episode 9 Recap



We rewatch the very touching scene where Soo Ho(Ryu Jun Yeol) brings Bo Nui (Hwang Jung Eum) to the hospital and promises to come with her when ever she wanted to see Bo Ra. Bo Nui asks if it’s a dreams and then tells Soo Ho that she must be dreaming because she never got to see Bo Ra’s face. Soo Ho tells her that they should come see Bo Ra many more times. She thanks him for the day and though he suggests going in the car she doesn’t want to keep bothering him. He runs after him and tells her that he wants to have lunch with her.

He drags her into a restaurant that primarily serves fish, and though she wants to leave he orders. He tells her that there were things that he could eat. When they started eating Bo Nui asks about his disdain for fish because it goes against what his mother had told her. She tells him never mind and he tells her that he nearly died after falling into the ocean. Due to his vivid memory, it left some side effects.

After they finished the meal, Bo Nui bring Soo Ho a cup of coffee. She finds him relaxing on the bench with his eyes closed. She tries to scare him to no avail. She sits next to him and apologizes for causing him so much trouble, so she gives him more room. He asks her about her parents and her belief that it was her fault they died. She admits to have not known back then but she which she had so she could have sent Bo Ra to be adopted. Soo Ho chastises her about saying that after all she gave up for Bo Ra. She admits that she could always earn money or skip food, but she was terrified that they would take Bo Ra away from her. Soo Ho goes silent while just staring at her. She guesses that he’s thinking that she’s pathetic, but he finally states that she must have had a hard time. This shocks her, and he goes on to saying that a child raising an even younger child must have been hard. Bo Nui states that she’s already taken up enough of his time and they leave.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 18.05.21.png

Bo Nui goes home and while she’s praying she thinks of Soo Ho pulling her into a hug at the hospital. She chastises herself a little before going back to praying for Bo Ra.

Soo Ho is at him thinking about Bo Nui trying to scare him in the park. He sits up smiling before looking at his hands and thinking about holding her at the hospital.

Bo Nui has a hard time falling asleep which mimics Soo Ho, but they both finally manage to drift off.

The next morning Soo Ho wakes up and sits on his little pods like seat and wonders if Bo Nui slept well. He then tries to find the words so that he can call her but she doesn’t know what to say.

Bo Nui goes to the hospital and brings the nurses food. They tell her that Bo Ra is busy meeting with the man she brought last time. When she checks up on Bo Ra she finds Gun Wook (Lee Su Hyuk) coming out of the room. She inquires about Bo Ra and he admits that she must be sleeping so he only popped in. He asks if she wanted to see Bo Ra and she admits that she did the day before thanks to Soo Ho. She explains what happened and tells him that Soo Ho will come with her when ever she wants to see Bo Ra.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 18.14.06

They drive home and when they arrive they see a man faced away from there who has a similar appearance to Soo Ho from behind. Gun Wook asks her about Soo Ho still coming at all hours, she tells him that it’s not the case and that he tends to drop by when he’s in the neighbourhood. He decides to teach him about boundaries to find out that it’s a reporter asks about the truth about him looking for his father.

The next he has a meting with Soo Ho and Seol Ha (Lee Chung Ah) about the leak. Seol Ha tells him no to worry about anything since they have all of the original copies of the photos. She wonders if they should sue, and Soo Ho tells her that there is no reason to fight, it’ll only increase the gossip. Gun Wook suggests that they do a broadcast, because since they managed to stop it this time, next time the news will come out like wildfire. Soo Ho tells him that they won’t force him, but Zeze will support his choice. Seol Hee tries to stop him, but Gun Wook tells her that as long as he finds his dad he’s fine with that. She agrees, and tells Soo Ho that she’ll plan it.

Soo Ho pushes up the beta release date. When the employees complain about not being able to go have the company dinner, he tells them to go. He puts it under the guise of wanting them to be in top shape, however, he smiles when he sees how happy Bo Nui is.

Bo Nui takes a call in the hall and Soo Ho walks by trying to listen in. After he walks past Bo Nui thanks him for being so considerate towards Gun Wook. Soo Ho asks why she’s thankful for him doing something for Gun Wook, and she tells him that she cherishes him as a little brother. He asks if she wants to eat but she has an appointment and can’t go. He asks with who but then back tracks and tells her to go.

When Soo Ho comes back into the office he notices the woman looking at the 3d rendering of Gun Wook. He scoffs at it and when Dal Nim notices him, she mutters that Gun Wook doesn’t hold up to the heavenly level.

Bo Nui meets up with Mrs Je in front of the shaman’s place. Mrs Je offers to pay for her and tells her to come in. Mrs Je  introduces her, and Bo Nui reveals that she comes there often. Mrs Je is overjoyed to hear that, and she asks him to check out everyone’s fortunes, starting with Soo Ho’s.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 18.36.39

Soo Ho is at the office watching the 3d rendering of Gun Wook when notices Bo Nui’s gift on his desk. He puts them away and then takes them back out. Through this entire scene, we have the shaman’s reading of his fortune.

Mrs Je and Bo Nui go out to eat and Mrs Je inquires about anything a miss in the office. Mrs Je tells her that Soo Ho can never be near water because he nearly drowned. She hints to Mr Je dropping Soo Ho into the water thinking that it would help him swim. When Bo Nui probes, Mrs Je reveals her husband dropped him in and wonders if he’s the racoon.

When they get back to the office Mrs Je hands Bo Nui a talisman for Soo Ho. She tells him to give it to him herself, and she admits she can’t stand seeing him throw it out. Young Il (Jung In Gi) shows up to deliver some chicken and Bo Nui runs over to say hi. Mrs Je recognising his voice never turns around until Bo Nui introduces her. She never makes eye contact and excuses herself.

Dal Nim (Lee Cho Hee) comes back to discover that someone messed with Gun Wook’s rendering. She asks who was so childish and no one admits to it.

We see Soo Ho hiding in the dining area playing with Gun Wook’s programming, when Bo Nui and Dal Rim show up. Dal Nim asks her why she isn’t coming to the company outing She tells her that she doesn’t want to jinx the group with her misfortune. She tells her that she doesn’t want to be selfish, because the last time she was Bo Ra’s surgery got delayed.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 18.56.35.png

That evening Bo Nui meets with Dae Hae (Kim Sang Ho) to help him hand out flyers. After a person rudely knocked her flyers out of her hand, Soo Ho shows up to help her pick them up. She explains that she’s helping Dae Hae and he tells her that not one asks her, and takes a paper.  Dae Hae asks Bo Nui if there is anything between then when she says there isn’t, he mentions that there is a good atmosphere around them.

Mrs Je calls Young Il  and apologises for earlier. He tells her that it’s ok that she didn’t want to admit to knowing him in front of an employee. She admits that since Bo Nui works right under Soo Ho she was scared that she would tell him. Mr Je overhears the conversation and that she took a box of carp juice.

When Young il hangs up, he finds Soo Ho standing there. Soo Ho orders a coke and a beer, and when Soo Ho swigs the beer Young Il asks if something is wrong. He mentions Bo Nui and asks if she did odd things while working there. Young Il points to a talisman she put up and tells him that she use to do all the dangerous things for him. When Ryang Ha shows up Soo Ho suddenly stands and tell him that he has somewhere to be.

The next days Bo Nui finds Dae Tae working at Zeze as a security guard. He admits that Soo Ho came to ask him for some help.

Soo Ho and Bo Nui take the elevator up, and Soo Ho is the first to break the silence. He tells her that it’s odd that Dae Tae got a job at a nice place. He says that she says she’s bad luck, but good things keep happening and it’s weird.

That evening Gun Wook calls her over and tells her to stop watching Bo Ra. She tells him that she just wants to keep watching her face. He asks if she’s uneasy about the workshop, but she tells him she’s not going to look over Bo Ra. She tells Gun Wook not to be nervous about the broadcast. He asks her if she could come with him. She declines worried that he bad luck will transfer.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 19.19.00

Seo Hee gets a phone call from Gun Wook tells her that he wants to cancel training the following day. She tells him that it’s a good idea not to overwork himself before the broadcast. She tells him to take care of his heart. She goes back to packing some food.

Both of the men prepare to ask Bo Nui to spend the day together, we see an overlapping scene of them both climbing the stairs. Who will get there first?

Bo Nui tells Dal nim to lie to the other workers that she’s sick. Dal Nim promises to send Bo Nui plenty of pictures so she’s jealous. She hangs up Dal Nim and her doorbell rings, she’s shocked to see who’s there. (WHo could it be?)

Dal Nim risks at Bo Nui and complains that she already got the salt and red beans ready. Seol Hee shows up right before they leave to join them on the workshop.

Bo Nui is sitting in Soo Ho’s car when she gets a phone call from Gun Wook. She tells him that she’s on her way to the workshop. So Hoo has given himself to her as her talisman all over again. She starts to feel paranoids and put red beans and salt around her. He promises her that no matter how long they are in the car for nothing will happen.

Bo Nui leans out the window to enjoy the sun, so Soo Ho hands her his sunglasses. He tells her that she should wear sunglasses to get in the right mood, and mentions that Ryan gHa said it, it must be true. She asks him if he likes her, and he tells her that he doesn’t. She knew it, but she mentions that Dae Tae keeps telling her that. When Soo Ho asks her if she likes or hates her she just stares. He assumes that she hates him.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 19.36.05.png

When the crew arrives at hotel Ryang Ha (Jung Sang Hoon) is there to greet them. When Seol Hee asks about Soo Ho, Ryang ha tells her that he’ll show sooner or later. Gun Wook arrives, followed closely by Bo Nui and Soo Ho. Dal Nim is super happy that she came. Gun Wook and Seol Hee, however, are not happen that they came together.

Bo Nui chastises Gun Wook for coming when he has his broadcast the next day. He admits that he came to asks her one more time. He tells her that she’s not something that brings him bad luck but rather his good luck charm. When she refuses, he walks away hurt.

They all decided to go off roading and Gun Wook makes a bet with Soo Ho and whoever wins gets a wish. Though Soo Ho scoffs it off he gives it his all even if it’s his first time on a 4 wheeler.  does, however, manage to drive his 4wheeler into the ditch, but thankfully Bo Nui is there to drive him back. They have a little ‘fight’ but Soo Ho is happy. When Gun Wook comes in, he asks Seol Hee if she saw Bo Nui to see her laughing with Soo Ho standing behind her.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 20.11.14.png

All of the employees are contemplating trying to get Soo Ho drunk while they are at the workshop. They start playing the truth game and Bo Nui gets asked a bunch of questions about her love life, which she tells them nothing is going on. Soo Ho listens intently to her telling them that she doesn’t like anyone nor does she have a crush.

Later that evening Seol Hee catches up with Soo Ho while he was walking. She asks if he’s ok being by the water and he reminds her that he’s grown up. She asks why he’s never dated, but he declines to answer.

Bo Nui sits down next to Gun Wook after he finishes his conversation with his mother. She asks if she’s mad, and Gun Wook tells her that she’s just nervous. She asks when she’s needs to be at the broadcast for, and promises to leave the next morning. She tells him she would feel better if they went separately.

Soo Ho and Seol Hee are walking when she spots a moth. She starts running around and screaming. Soo Ho bets the moths away. As she’s explaining how much she hates moths, one lands on her head.

Screenshot 2016-06-24 20.24.14.png

Gun Wook and Bo Nui stumble across Soo Ho and Seol Hee. Bo Nui looks on hurt while Soo Ho teases her. She excuses herself and promises to call him.

On the way in Bo Nui notices Dal Nim passed out drunk. She gets her in when she finds out that the guys are going to dunk Soo Ho into some water. Bo Nui freaks knowing his aversion to water and runs to the pool. She chastises the men and Soo Ho tells her to no over react. She follows after him anyways. He tells her to leave him be, he just needs to sleep. She ignores him and tells him that they should check him out. He tells her that he doesn’t want his employees to know about his issues. This makes Bo Nui blow up at him, asking him why he always has to carry everything on his own. She tells him that she wants to support him like he supports her.

They head back, and Soo Ho reminds her that what’s happening is his trauma and not something she caused. She asks if he still holds a grudge against his father. He tells her that he only ever lived with his parents for 10 years so there isn’t much to look back on. He tells her that while studying abroad, he was always tret like a monkey and it caused him to hate dealing with people who smile in front of him and talked trash behind his back. She tells him that he must have been lonely. She admits that she once thought that he lived with a golden spoon in his mouth but she was wrong.

He suddenly feels sick and she comes to his side. He whines about showing her a side of him she wasn’t supposed to see, and she tells him that they’re even now. This makes him smile.

She ends up bringing him back home and taking care of him. She writes a charm on his hand, and while she does she admits that her heart hurts. He’s done so much for her but all she can do is write a charm for him. She answer his question from in the car and tells him that she could never hate such a kind person. She tells him that she’s always found him affectionate, kind and warm hearted, and she wishes she could be that type of person to him. She asks that he not be in pain and she stands to leave but he catchers her hands and asks her to stay.

This week’s truth or dare we get to see Soo Ho’s 4 wheeler get stuck in the ditch. He looks to the sky and says out loud that if destiny exists then to save him. He starts chastising himself about catching it from Bo Nui but as soon as he pulls his phone out Bo Nui turns around the corner and asks if he’s ok.

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