Beautiful Gong Shim Episode 13 Recap



We rewatch Dan Tae (Namgung Min) in the office. Director Yeom (Kim Byung-Ok) was on his way however due to an accident he was running late, so Mrs Suk (Kyeon Mi-Ri) took his place at the meeting. We rewatch Joon Soo (On Joo-Wan) seeing his mother waiting at the drop off site. Dan Tae arrives at the drop off site to find no one there. Mrs Suk received a note cancelling the drop off, from who we can assume is Joon Soo. Joon Soo comes across Dan Tae on his way out, and hides before he can see him.

Joon Soo goes back to his office to think things over, and finally be goes to see his mother. She tells him that she has to cancel their plans before she has a headache and chills. She promises to make plans with him again soon and he tells her to rest. Joon Soo goes out drinking alone.

Dan Tae wonders why Joon Soo’s mother didn’t appear at the arboretum because he was sure she would.

Gong Shim (Minah) is at home when she gets a call from Joon Soo. As soon as she answers he apologises for calling him and tells her it’s rude because he called so late. He hangs up with her and she calls him right back to find out where he was.

Gong Shim goes to pick him up at the cab and waves down a taxi for him. She tries to get him in, but he is insistent to bringing her back home. She is resistant but they come to an agreement and she gets in the car. The get off in her neighbourhood and when she comes back with some water she finds him fast asleep. He slumps against her and she tries to figure out what to do.

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She calls Dan Tae to come and help her with Joon Soo. She tells him that she’s at the park with Joon Soo and he drank too much, and now she can’t move him. He tells her that he’ll be there right away. Dan Tae arrives too see Joon Soo leaning on Gong Shim. She calls him over and he inquires to what happened. She tells him that she doesn’t know what’s wrong, but Joon Soo when out drinking alone and called her when he was already drunk. She got worried so she went to pick her up. She wanted to send him home in a taxi but he was insistent on taking her home.

Dan Tae helps Gong Shim bring Joon Soo back to his apartment, where they laid him out of the Futon. They look at him and they don’t know what was wrong. Dan Tae watches Joon Soo thoughtfully.

the next morning Joon Soo wakes up and doesn’t recognise his surroundings. He finally notices Dan Tae’s name plaque from his office and puts the pieces together.

Dan Tae is on the roof when Gong Shim came up with some hangover juice. They’re talking when Joon Soo comes out. She offered him the juice and mentions she also made hangover soup. She tells him to stay and talk a little while having the food. He thanks, Gong Shim and apologises to Dan Tae before leaving. Dan Tae admits that his attitude is worrying.

Grandmother Suk heads out to the Columbarium for Joon Pyo’s father’s death memorial. They are discussing how sad it is she’s going alone when Joon Soo arrives home. His mother chastises him for not coming home the night before. He tells her not to worry that it’s fine. His father reminds him that he needed to visit his uncles grave that day as it’s his anniversary. He double checks that it’s the Hyuan Columbarium. He remembers seeing the same note on Dan Tae’s calendar for the same day. His mother notices something but he tells her he’s fine.

Joon Soo goes into his room and starts putting the pieces together. After thinking about all of his interactions with Dan Tae he figures out that he’s Joon Pyo.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 09.21.58.png

Dan Tae goes visit his biological father’s resting place. They play ominous music while Joon Soo walks toward their place. Grandmother Suk (Jung Hye-Sun) notices him and calls to him. Dan Tae hears her and notices Joon soo as he turns away. Grandmother Suk feins having chest pain and collapsing in order for him to not see Dan Tae. Joon Soo brings his grandmother to her car, and she promises that she feels better. He makes her promise to see a doctor and to rest. When Joon Soo returns to his uncles hall, Dan Tae’s already gone.

Dan Tae meets up with Grandmother Suk for tea, but she calls him Joon Pyo so she already knows in real identity. She sits and asks him how much longer they will have to meet in secret. She worries that Joon Soo might have caught on. He tells her not to worry, he thinks they just came at the same time. He also reminds her that she should call him Dan Tae until they can tell everyone he’s Joon Pyo.

We get a flashback to the first meeting when he met with Grandmother 15 days earlier. He tells her that he thinks he found Joon Pyo. She doesn’t believe him at first but he pulls out the DNA tests. She had Joon Pyo’s DNA ran so they could match a candidate, so Dan Tae ran his blood against it, and it came back 99.9997% match. They both break down crying, and she makes him promise not to go anywhere again. They agree that until he can find the culprit than it should remain a secret, so she moved her Secretary into another position to make an opening for him to work with her.

He apologizes about not finding the culprit at the arboretum. She tells him that it’s ok, because she’s happy to have found him. She more afraid of him getting hurt while find the culprit. She tells him that she really just wants to be able to tell people that he’s her grandson. He apologizes and asks her to wait a little longer. Because of the culprit, his mother dies in a traffic accident and his father is in a comatose state so he must find them.

Grandmother asks if there is no good news and Dan Tae admits that he has a bit of a dilemma. He tells her that he really likes a girl but because he doesn’t want to bring her into the kerfuffle that is his life he can’t tell her. He doesn’t know if he can accept her heart when he can’t talk freely about his life to her he doesn’t feel like he has the right to accept her feelings. He also admits that he has a hard time figuring out if he’s Dan Tae or Joon Pyo those days. Grandmother asks what he will do if she leave due to the misunderstanding, and he admits that he is worried about that too.

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Dan Tae is sitting at home when Gong Shim arrives. She shows him some movie tickets that the octopus store gave her because they’re expiring. He tells her that he won’t be able to go and she should give it to someone else. She tells him that it’s fine that he just throws it out then and leaves with a ticket leaving the other with him. He remembers her promising that she’ll act however she wants not matter what, and that even if he doesn’t accept she will head to him. He thinks about going to the movies, but then chastises himself knowing that if he goes he won’t be able to hold back anymore. He stuff the movie ticket in a book so it doesn’t tempt him, but when he hears Gong Shim come up the stairs he frantically looks for it again.

Dan Tae goes outside to talk with Gong Shim and she tells him she’s planning on giving a plant to the octopus store owner. He helps her pick it out and she thanks him. He tries to talk to her about the movie tickets and she tells him that it’s ok and he doesn’t have to apologise. She tells him that she’s just going to stock it up to being a failure.

The next day Gong Shim is waiting for him when he comes down. He tells her that he’s getting his haircut, but when she tries to go with he tells her that he’s going to a salon for men. When he sits down Gong Shim’s father gets sat next to him and and he tells him that he got dragged there because Gong shim keeps telling him to treat his hair. Gong Shim watches over them. When Dan Tae is away getting his haircut Gong Shim gets a call from her mother. She tells her father that she has to go because she forgot she was going to buy blankets with her mother.

When Dan Tae arrives back Father tells him that Gong shim was going on a business trip to draw. He tells her that she was hired to paint a mural for a sashimi shop and she’s really excited to be being paid for her drawing. He admits that he’s worried about no being able to bring Gong shim there because of an appointment, and he’s sure she’ll have a lot of luggage. He offers to go and father admits that he was going to ask him but Gong Shim told him that he was so busy that he wouldn’t go. He tells him that’s it’s a happy coincidence that he’s free the following day.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 10.08.18.png

Gong Shim is at home planing the mural when she wonders if it’s ok that she’s going alone. She wonders if she should ask Dan Tae to join her but she knows he’ll say he’s busy.

The next morning Dan Tae waits for Gong Shim and tells her that he’s coming with her. She is a little shocked but he assures her that her father asked for him to go with her. She promises to give him lots of sashimi. She tells him that they’ll miss the bus and he tells her that he borrowed a car from work. She starts to yawn and he tells her that she can sleep if she wants too. She tells him the it’s impolite to sleep next to someone who’s driving and starts chewing gum to stay awake. She struggles to stay awake, but when she she finally does sleep she gets woken up by smashing her head into the window. Dan Tae offers to stop for a break.

While stopped Dan Tae helps an older couple who start asking him about meeting their daughters. Gong Shim comes up and calls him honey so that they can leave the situation. She explains it to Dan Tae and he tells her he understands.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 10.48.12.png

Gong Mi is working a the firm and she thinks back to her conversation with Joon Soo. She tells her mother that the Suk family all like her. She asks what’s she going to go since she beat Mrs Suk up. She promises to beg forgiveness if means helping her out. Gong Mi tells her that it’s not at the point that the parents are meeting, she tells her that it’s not at that point yet and gets yelled at.

When Gong Shim arrives they find that the owner asked 3 different people to help with the mural, and the owner apologises to Gong Shim. Dan Tae plays the apologetic husband with no talent or capabilities that end up forcing her to work nights. He plays up the sob story so that the owner goes for her.

Dan Tae sits and watches her draw, he starts talking with Dan Tae about Gong Shim. He asks how they met and Dan Tae tells him that he liked her and pursued her. He then goes and helps Gong Shim a bit. The owner informs her that there is going to be an alumni gathering so she’ll have to continue after that.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 11.08.11.png

They get set up in a separate room but soon get pulled into the meeting. They try to get the to drink but they both can’t due to work. They get them to sing a song, with the promise of more work if they do. They start telling them that they should have a kid. They keep chanting for them to make children, much to Gong Shim’s dismay.

When they get back to the room they stand as far away from each other as they can. The owner tells them to stay the night since the reunion keeps getting longer. He hands them a blanket, and went Gong Shim asks if there is another room she’s informed there isn’t. Dan Tae tries to calm her down but everything that he says has a slight sexual undertone to it, so he keeps having to apologise. He decides to get some air and she tells him that she won’t be able to sleep anyways.

When he comes back he finds Gong Shim asleep against the wall. He tries to wake her but fails so he lays out the bed and lays her down. Dan Tae apologises to Gong Shim in her sleep. He thanks her for loving him and asks her to wait for him.

Screenshot 2016-06-26 11.13.01.png

When he wakes up they managed to have switched places and he was on the bed. When he notices that she’s not there he goes out to the main room. He asks if there is anything he can do, and she asks him to fill in the lines around the octopus’s eyes. They work together to finish it. The owner and his wife love the picture and pays Gong shim. Dan Tae insists on taking a picture of Gong Shim in front of the mural. The owner tells Dan Tae that he should be in it and so Dan Tae puts his arm around her and pulls her close.

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